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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril 


The man had a pair of long legs and walked very fast. Gu Yu stumbled behind him, very much in a sorry state.

He tried to pull his hand back with a slight effort, but it didn’t work. The man’s grip on his hand wasn’t too hard, but it was firm.

He pursed his lips and grabbed the man’s sleeve with his free left hand, pulling it slightly harder.

The man’s footsteps abruptly stopped. Gu Yu was too late to stop and fell straight forward. The man reacted extraordinarily quickly to reach out and scoop him up, , stopping him from falling forward.

Gu Yu’s heart was beating wildly. He took a few breaths to slow his heart down, and only when he tilted his head did he notice that his current position was a little off; he was almost being held in the man’s arms.

His face was facing the man’s chest. The strong breath came to him, the dizziness came to him violently, his heart beat faster, and his face could not help but redden. He reached out and gently pushed the man’s shoulder, looked up at the man with a friendly smile and withdrew his hand to gesture: thank you.

The man’s surprised eyes, stared at him for two seconds, then he raised his hand and poked him in the face, “Good job on the details- paying attention to the temperature change when blushing.”

Gu Yu’s eyes were round, his black eyes were full of shock and embarrassment. He turned his head away from the man’s hand.

The man was ready to continue poking, but then as he was about to withdraw his hand, because Gu Yu tilted his head, the action of his hand stopped. He turned his wrist, instead of retreating, his palm wrapped around Gu Yu’s neck, pulling him towards himself, while lowering his head to sniff at Gu Yu’s neck.

“Tsk, no wonder it’s so popular. Even the smell of female glandular hormone is so realistic.”

Gu Yu didn’t understand what he meant at all, and was so surprised by his action that he jumped back a little. But didn’t pull away because his right hand was grabbed and his neck was being held.

He had never been in such close contact with anyone before, and the breath of the man speaking was spraying down his neck, leaving him flustered and confused.

He covered his ear with his left hand and stared at the man.

The man sniffed and withdrew his hand, and the warm and soft touch seemed to remain on his palm, which was quite realistic, he thought. If he hadn’t known beforehand, he wouldn’t have been able to tell if it was a real person or an artificial female.

So what if it’s real? A fake is a fake.

He looked at Gu Yu, who was staring at him, and said nothing more, pulling Gu Yu to continue walking outside, slowing down a lot.

Gu Yu pursed his lips, slightly chagrined. He could not speak, so he could not ask to clarify the situation.

The man’s words just now, he understood each separate word, but together he did not know what they meant.

He surveyed his surroundings, after coming out of the storage room. They walked through a long corridor, passing several rooms along the way, and soon came to the living room.

The living room was large, comparable to a basketball court, with a sofa and coffee table on the left side, and an empty carpeted area on the right side.

“Marshal, would you like dinner now?” asked a robot, with a humanoid upper body and a cylindrical lower body. It turned its chassis toward the man, incidentally cleaning the floor during the movement.

Gu Yu’s mouth was slightly agape as he looked at the robot in surprise. This was too high-tech!

The man said, “In half an hour.”

“Okay, Marshal,” the robot turned its chassis and exited into the room on the left.

The man let go of Gu Yu and pointed to the sofa on the right hand side, “Sit there.”

When Gu Yu saw the robot he realized profoundly that, as 003 had said, the world he lived in had changed.

He sat down in silence, as the man asked, deciding to remain calm and observe the situation first. The man did not sit down, but casually leaned against the sofa while tapping his right hand on his left wrist.

In the next instant, a light screen of about twenty inches appeared in mid-air. Inside the screen was a gentle-looking man with a majestic aura.

“Cyno,” the man in the light screen frowned, “you are too rude. All those beast females were the most outstanding offspring of the families. Even if you are not willing to marry them, you should not just shrug them off and leave!”

Gu Yu’s face was full of doubts. Beast females? Marriage? From this entire sentence, the only thing he understood was the man’s name.

“Your Majesty,” Cyno shrugged, “you should be glad I left straight away and did not wait until later.”

“Cyno Bruce!” His Majesty bellowed, “Your 80th birthday is coming up in less than a month. Are you going to challenge the laws of Brilliant Splendor?”

Gu Yu looked at Cyno in surprise. Eighty years old?

As His Majesty finished questioning, his tone lowered a bit and he said in a serious tone, “Cyno, I know you don’t like beast females, but the Bruce family needs offspring. Do you like the artificial females Kevin sent you? After you get married, you can still stay with them and no one will care about you.”

Cyno raised an eyebrow and his lips gave a crooked smile, “Yes, of course I like it. I contacted you just to tell you the good news.” He widened the camera to bring Gu Yu into view of His Majesty.

“I am not prepared to challenge the laws of Brilliant Splendor. Tomorrow, I will marry and introduce everyone,” he pointed to Gu Yu. “This is my partner.”

Gu Yu stared at his hand and subconsciously tried to wiggle it, but before he could raise his hand, he was frozen in shock by the angry roar coming from the light screen.

“Cyno!” His Majesty’s face instantly turned extraordinarily ugly, “What did you say? You’re marrying an artificial female?”

“Marriage is free, and it is not illegal to marry before the age of eighty, no matter what the partner is,” Cyno’s smile was unruly and rebellious. “Bless me, my brother.”

His Majesty stared at Cyno for a while, made sure he was very serious and not joking, then rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Cyno, don’t gamble. Artificial females…it’s impossible to have offspring.”

“Doesn’t matter,” Cyno shrugged, “I’m not interested in beast females, much less expecting to breed offspring with them.”

Marrying a beast female, no way. As for artificial females? He looked at Gu Yu and thought to himself, just put it aside and ignore it.

His Majesty sighed, “Cyno, if Grandmother were still around, she would not approve of what you are doing.”

Cyno’s face changed slightly and he lowered his eyes, “She would definitely understand me.”

His Majesty pondered for a moment. “Cyno, I’ll give you time, but it’s not indefinite, the Bruce family needs offspring. It’s okay to marry artificial females. It will be easier to handle when you change your mind later.”

Gu Yu’s heart was shocked. He didn’t know what an ‘artificial female’ was, but he did understand that  when they said ‘artificial female’ now, they meant him, and it was him they would have to deal with!

The corner of Cyno’s mouth hooked upward for a moment, not prepared to explain to His Majesty that he would never remarry unless there was a natural female to his liking.

When he thought about it, helplessness flashed in his eyes. Now there were no natural females, and there was even less chance that there would be one to his liking.

After thinking about it, His Majesty did not stop Cyno from getting married, but only reminded him, “By law, both legal partners share the property and have all kinds of access to each other’s private sphere, so you’d better clear his shopping program, and such, to ensure that he is always within your control.”

“I know.”

After hanging up the communication, Cyno looked at Gu Yu, his eyes slightly narrowed as he surveyed him for a moment. Then he called for the cylinder robot and pointed at Gu Yu, “Da Yuan, test him. He hasn’t been talking. Is there a problem with the language system?”

Gu Yu squeezed his fingers, suppressing the urge to wiggle his hands.

He was almost certain that he was no longer a human being.

Where did a human get the shopping program?

The cylinder robot moved to Gu Yu, a beam of blue light emerged from its large eyes, scanning Gu Yu from top to bottom. The blue light retracted into its eyes and stated after two beeps, “No chip detected, unable to determine the problem.”

Cyno’s eyes flashed with surprise. 

The blue light in the cylinder robot’s eyes flashed in the shape of wavy lines, and then it continued to report, “According to the information, the latest model of artificial females are loaded with bio-chips which cannot be detected by instruments. They are desperately trying to be the same as natural females.”

Cyno raised an eyebrow and got up to walk towards the dining room, “Even if it’s like that, it’s still fake. It’s better if it doesn’t talk.”

He did not want to have an artificial female bickering in his ear.

Gu Yu sat frozen on the sofa, his heart full of doubts. What were ‘artificial females’? He didn’t understand the meaning of the words and could only guess from the surface.

The ‘artificial’ clearly was not natural, like robots. As for ‘female’, that’s the biological opposite of male, but he was a male. Even if it was a biological gender distinction, he should be male, ah!

Perhaps he misunderstood. The world transformed and the meaning of the same words may have changed.

“Goo…” Gu Yu covered his stomach and looked in Cyno’s direction.

The wall separating the dining room from the living room was transparent, and he could see the sumptuous dinner in front of Cyno at a glance.

Such a glance made him even hungrier; he hadn’t eaten for a long time.

Should he go to the dining room? Gu Yu was torn, but on second thought, he couldn’t go without eating all the time or he’d die of hunger before his dream was realized!

He moved his foot forward, and started to stand up, but  stopped, and he withdrew his foot.

He thought about it and decided he’d better hold back and look for food in the kitchen when Cyno wasn’t around or when he was sleeping.

Cyno finished eating and went out, passing by the living room without even looking at him, as if he had forgotten about him.

Cyno certainly didn’t forget Gu Yu. In Cyno’s opinion, Gu Yu was an android, not a human being, and he didn’t need to spend time on him.

It was just that while walking in the garden, Gu Yu’s reddened face floated through his mind, and he couldn’t help but tsk. It was worthy of Kevin’s choice of goods, very much to his taste.

Unfortunately, it was an artificial female.

Five minutes after Cyno left, Gu Yu got up from the couch. He looked through the doorway. Outside the door was a large area of green grass with many flowers and trees growing on both sides. He could not see through to the very back. On the left side, where the trees and the grass met, there was a path that disappeared into the trees.

He did not see Cyno, so he stood still for a moment, hesitated, then headed for the dining room.

The dining room had been cleaned up, leaving no food behind. Gu Yu went to the kitchen, and when he got there, a cylinder robot, a smaller one, was handling the remaining food on the plate.

Gu Yu rushed over and quickly took the plate of bread, then looked at the robot carefully.

The robot scanned the plate, made sure it was empty, put the plate in the sink, and continued to take another plate to clean it. After all the plate remnants were cleaned, it turned on the dishwasher and started mopping the floor.

Relieved, Gu Yu finished his bread in the kitchen and drank another glass of water, then left the kitchen and returned to the living room.

As he passed the front door, he glanced out and saw a huge white tiger facing the bushes to the right, lying on the grass by the door in the dim light.

Gu Yu took a step backward in shock, and the white tiger turned its head toward him, its light blue eyes seemingly filled with a faint fluorescent light.


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Gu Yu: QAQ scared~


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April 23, 2021 9:54 am

I wonder if Gu Yu is a “robot” or a “natrual female.”
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April 23, 2021 10:34 am

I hope its a good story, thanks for the chapter

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Sue R
May 4, 2021 4:02 pm

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May 23, 2021 1:13 pm

Why do I always read the name of the ML as Cryno and not cyno….Anyway! x’D Thanks for the chapter!

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hehe so thrilling to see their development. i guess all “artificial females” are biologically male.

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I’m already enjoying this novel and I just started reading it. I’m anxious to see what follows. Thank you for the translation.

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