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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Gu Yu took the clothes to the guest room to change. As soon as he came out, he felt Cyno’s gaze and looked up.

Cyno propped up on the sofa with one hand and leaned back, his eyes fell on Gu Yu and could not be retracted. He raised his eyebrows and whistled, “It suits you.”

The black-haired, snow-skinned teenager, wearing a light-colored suit, was stylish but subtle, and his own temperament perfectly matched.

He looked like a white ball, soft and gentle, making people want to get close and take a bite out of his face.

Gu Yu blushed slightly as he pinched the hem of his shirt nervously, tilting his head down to avoid Cyno’s gaze.

Cyno stared at him for a few seconds and pressed down the impulse to get close. He had to restrain himself until he was sure of his identity.

He nodded his chin toward the door, “Let’s go.”

Cyno chose a black car this time. He didn’t ask for a driver and drove himself.

Gu Yu sat in the passenger seat and looked out the window. The tall buildings, the streets with people coming and going, the sound of cars honking, the strong atmosphere of life made him feel everything was real.

The car was going fast, the people and scenery outside the car were receding quickly and the details were not clear, but he was able to notice that the people on the street were tall.

Cyno parked the car at a luxury club, and the waiter respectfully guided them to a VIP booth on the second floor.

The door of the private room opened and a pleasant voice came from inside the room, while two lines of sight fell on the door.

Gu Yu stood beside Cyno and looked inward. There were four men inside, two were tall and one had a young boy of about one meter seventy-five beside him.

He recognized Guy, who was holding the dark-haired teenager. The youth was talking, and the pleasant voice was originating from him.

Two gazes came from Guy and another tall man.

“Cyno,” Guy beckoned and tapped the teenager in his arms on the shoulder, “Cee, say hello to Cyno.”

Only then did the teenager look toward the door, a very standard gentle smile on his lips, and said to Cyno, “Hello.”

His voice was gentle and sounded pleasant at first.

Gu Yu looked at the teenager in surprise; he had a good ear and was almost sure that it was a synthetic voice, unnatural.

He realized that this teenager was, most likely, an artificial female.

His heart thumped and he became a little excited. He had a chance to observe what a real artificial female looked like! At the same time, he couldn’t help but be nervous that he would be right next to an artificial female, which meant that he would probably reveal himself.

Not true!

He looked at Cyno with round eyes and pursed his lips heavily.

Did Cyno deliberately bring him here because his best friends had brought artificial females as companions. Was he testing him?

Cyno nodded to Cee and walked inside, taking two steps before he noticed that Gu Yu hadn’t moved and turned back, meeting Gu Yu’s anxious and panicked eyes.

The young man’s hair was quite dark, his skin appeared even more white, and he was wearing a set of light-colored clothes. He had a very weak temperament, and with this look, he was heartbreaking.

Cyno could not help but feel pain, and gentled his tone, “Follow me.”

Guy sat in the middle. The tall man to his right had short, light gray hair. His light brown eyes were sizing up Gu Yu and then twisted his head to look at Cee.

“Are you sure you got the same one?” He asked.

“Of course,” Guy looked at Cee, fascinated, “I asked Kevin for the model number before I bought it.”

The man folded his legs and leaned back on the couch, his eyes falling on Gu Yu. He felt that Cyno’s partner’s expression was too real. With the kind of deer-like panicked expression, he could feel pity when he looked at it.

The private room was not very large, with a semicircular sofa in the middle and a beautifully carved wooden screen behind the sofa.

Cyno sat on the left side of the sofa, Gu Yu sat down next to him, hands on his knees, eyes slightly downcast, not daring to look or move.

The light gray-haired man’s gaze fell on Gu Yu, “Hello, I’m Cyno’s friend Milton, what’s your name?”

Gu Yu looked up in surprise, saw the man looking at him, subconsciously returned a polite smile before looking at Cyno. He couldn’t speak, and couldn’t do anything more than smile in greeting. He knew sign language, but others might not understand or want to read it.

Cyno’s eyes narrowed slightly and he locked eyes with Milton, “He can’t talk, and I haven’t given him a name yet.”

“Can’t talk?” Guy’s attention shifted away from Cee and looked at Cyno in surprise, “He couldn’t talk the last time we met, could he? It’s been a few days, you didn’t take him for repairs?”

Gu Yu subconsciously squeezed his palm as his heart jerked. Cyno wouldn’t want to take him to be fixed again, would he?!

Cyno looked at Gu Yu, noticing his small movements, and averted his eyes almost immediately, “No need, I like the quiet.”

“No, you just haven’t heard the magic of language!” Guy swept Cee down towards him, “Cee, pamper me.”

Cee smiled and stretched out his arms, wrapping them around Guy’s neck, his mouth slightly puckered, his voice softly pitched, “Guy, give me a kiss, I want your kiss.”

“Good, good,” Guy was busy responding, kissing Cee on the mouth, wrapping him around him and saying to Cyno, “See!”

Cyno’s expression remained calm. Cee’s voice was indeed soft, but there was still a difference between false and real. His attention was all on Cee’s facial expression.

After examining him, he looked at Gu Yu, who had his head down, his face slightly red on the side, his right hand squeezing the fingertips of his left hand, seemingly a little nervous.

Gu Yu lightly bit his lips. Although he knew that Cee was an artificial female, from the appearance, Cee was a teenager.

Looking at the intimate scene between Guy and Cee, he was embarrassed. Then, when he thought about it more, he became even more nervous.

If Cyno gave the same orders as Guy, what would he do? Should he follow Cee’s example?

He heard what Milton asked Guy, and in the eyes of the rest of them, ‘he’ and Cee were the same artificial female model, and should react the same way when faced with a command.

Just the thought of acting like Cee made his heart lose its rhythm and he wanted to escape. Noticing Cyno’s gaze, he grew more anxious, and his fingertips turned white as he squeezed them tightly.

Seeing this, Cyno pressed the temptation of ordering a kiss down and said to Guy, “One more time.”

Guy laughed heatedly and looked smug, “Aren’t you envious?” He hugged Cee, “Cee, pamper me.”

Cee followed his order and pampered him once again.

Cyno watched the whole thing very carefully and was pretty sure that both times he pouted, Cee’s movements were almost identical, right down to the curvature of his mouth pouting.

Guy was content after kissing Cee, he placed his chin on Cee’s shoulder, “I read the instructions. There are many different ways to pamper it, depending on the posture, different reactions, and I will try them all again when I get back.”

Cyno had little interest, and after reading Cee’s reaction, he wasn’t going to study it anymore, that was enough.

When he returned to try it, he would know the result.

“Cyno, your partner is the same as Cee. Ask him to pamper you and see if it’s the same.” Milton suggested.

Guy excitedly agreed, “Yeah, Cyno, you try it.”

Gu Yu pursed his lips tightly and subconsciously held his breath.

Cyno hummed softly, “I’m not interested in artificial females, so wouldn’t I be one who’s asking for trouble by asking him to pamper me?”

Gu Yu sighed in relief but restarted biting his lip. Cyno didn’t like artificial females, so those deliberate intimacies were actually testing him!

Milton smiled, “Since you’re not interested, let me try? I do like him. He looks soft and tasty.”

Gu Yu’s body instantly tensed up.

Cyno’s face sank, “No.”

Milton rubbed his chin as he gauged Cyno’s scowl. Cyno glared at him warningly, “He’s my mate. You want to take advantage of my mate?”

Guy pointed at Milton, “A friend’s wife can’t be bullied!”

Milton waved his hand and laughed, “I’m kidding.”

Cyno knew that Milton was not joking. Milton must have sensed something special about his artificial female. He had bought at least three artificial females, and had been a loyal participant in various parties for the sons of upper-class families, and had come into contact with many artificial females. Unlike him, Milton knew the artificial females like the back of his hand.

He looked at the time, it was already past eleven thirty, “When is Kevin coming?”

“Should be soon, he said he’d be here at 11:30.” Guy replied.

At that moment, the door of the private room was pushed open, and an unhurried voice came from the doorway, “I think I heard someone miss me.”

“Oh, Kevin, just waiting for you. You look like you’ve been on vacation, not like you’ve been in a particle storm.” Guy spat.

Kevin was 1.98 meters (6’6″), with light blond curls and a bookish, gentle look. His hair was meticulously tended, and he wore a white shirt and pants of the same color. He was clean and had a casual posture.

Indeed, he did not look like someone who encountered danger.

Kevin stretched out his index finger and lifted it into a one, “First point, the particle storm was two days ago, and we spent a day and a half recuperating in Sand Springs before returning to the city.”

He held up his middle finger and made it a two, “Second point, even in the middle of a particle storm, I still look like this.”

His eyes fell on Gu Yu, and then smiled at Cyno, “What, feeling the charm of artificial females? Bought another one?”

Cyno frowned.

Guy quickly interrupted, “Cyno said he was not interested in artificial females. How could he buy an artificial female himself? You gave it to him. You didn’t give it to Cyno without even looking at it, did you?”

Kevin shook his head, “No, I handpicked every one of them,” he asked Cyno, “Did you give him a facelift?”

Cyno paled and didn’t answer, but asked instead, “How many artificial females did you send?”

“Four, different hair colors, and all with different main personalities,” Kevin’s eyes flashed with suspicion as he surveyed Gu Yu, “Is this the brunette one?”

Gu Yu clenched his fists fiercely as he remembered very clearly that Da Yuan sent away exactly four artificial females at that time.

Then what was wrong with him? How did he end up with the artificial females that someone gave to Cyno?

Cyno was also thinking about this, the artificial females that were given back to Kevin were exactly four, which meant that he didn’t have any of the ones Kevin gave him.

He looked at Gu Yu, so who was he?

Once again, that impossible thought surfaced in his mind, Could Gu Yu be a natural female?

Why was he in his home?

He hid his emotions, even if there was only a hint of possibility, he couldn’t be careless.

He nodded towards Kevin, ” Hmm, this is more in line with my aesthetic.”

Kevin nodded understandingly, it was always better to look at it often, and it was always more comforting to the eye.

After some casual chit chat, they moved behind the screen and ate lunch together.

Gu Yu was distracted, secretly learning from Cee’s movements, and ate without knowing what he was actually eating. He knew very well that he did not have plastic surgery, and Cyno must have known that Da Yuan had sent away four artificial females.

Why would Cyno lie to Kevin?


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