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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Gu Yu became even more uncomfortable by Cyno’s stare. He pursed his lips, raised his eyes to Cyno, then tentatively pointed toward the door of his room.

The guest room downstairs had his used toiletries. He wanted to go downstairs to wash up and also to get away from Cyno. He would be uncomfortable staying in the same space with Cyno.

Cyno watched his movements, making sure his movements were smooth, without a hint of stagnation or artificiality.

He asked, “Want to go out?”

Gu Yu nodded, his eyes expectant.

Cyno got up and pulled his clothes from the closet while saying, “Yes, but you can’t leave the apartment, that’s the distance limit during the day. And after 9 o’clock in the evening, we can’t be more than three meters apart.”

Gu Yu nodded with a red face and quickly opened the door and leapt out.

Cyno studied his expression and movements, and saw a smile flash in his eyes, which was quickly hidden again with a pensive look.

He now had a very bold idea – his family’s artificial female, was not at all artificial!

The actions were sensitive and flawless, and he had physical needs. He really was not like a robot. If it wasn’t artificial, what could it be? Someone who was petite and released the scent of female glands?

Cyno’s face changed slightly, and even his breathing was subconsciously lightened. He hardly dared to think of that possibility, but he couldn’t help thinking about it.

Could it be a real, rare natural female?

He restrained his emotions, showered, dressed, and casually rubbed his hair with a towel. He did not bother to dry it with the hair dryer. He sent a message to Kevin and asked tentatively, [If you found a natural female, would you give it to me?]

The message failed to send, showing that the other party’s signal was unstable.

Cyno tried again, and the message was sent successfully.

Kevin replied quickly, [Give you a natural female? Pfft, that’s funny, why do you think I would?]

Cyno grunted lightly at the response he could have expected. He had still held out a sliver of hope. After all, his own artificial female was a gift from Kevin.

Kevin’s reply shattered that hope.

He laughed to himself. It was almost unbelievable to think that he would have such thoughts. It must be because of an overwhelming inner desire for natural females!

Natural females had a fatal attraction to all males. If he found a natural female, would he tell this group of hairy boys?

Of course not!

Only if the natural female made him annoyed with its personality and he didn’t like it, he would tell others.

Otherwise, he would just want to keep the female secretly and refuse to let anyone see them. In fact, any male would do that since males have an overpowering possessive nature.

He stared at the message, his brow knitted slightly. If he was not a natural female, why was his family’s artificial female so off? Was it because this one was a special order? Not the latest model?

He messaged Kevin again, asking for information on the artificial female, and Kevin didn’t reply for a moment. He frowned and checked Kevin’s whereabouts, only to learn that Kevin and his diplomatic staff had encountered a particle storm on their return trip from the Brilliant Star.

He contacted his military subordinates and sent someone to meet them, ready to rescue them.

After making the arrangements, he went downstairs. As he stepped on the last stair, Gu Yu came out of the guest room. His hair was slightly long and looked wet as if he had just towel dried it.

Gu Yu pinched the end of his hair at his bangs and wrung out the water droplets that were slowly gathering, a little depressed that he hadn’t found a hair dryer.

Cyno frowned, “Why don’t you dry it?”

Gu Yu heard his voice and raised his head, pointing to his hair and waving his hand. Thinking of something, he hurriedly looked down at the floor again. When he saw the water drops on the ground behind him, he blushed slightly and hurriedly returned to the guest room.

Cyno raised an eyebrow, and in a moment, he saw Gu Yu with a towel on his head and two sheets of paper towels in his hands, squatting down to wipe the water drops that had just fallen.

“No need to wipe, Da Yuan will clean it up,” Cyno commanded, “Follow me.”

Cyno stepped over to Gu Yu, and as he passed him, he bent down and grabbed his arm. Gu Yu hurriedly stood up and followed him to the guest room.

Cyno opened the last drawer on the right side of the vanity and pulled out the hair dryer inside, unfolding the folded front of the dryer to form a hollow hemisphere cover.

He put the cover over Gu Yu’s head, flipped the switch, and a strong warm breeze blew from all sides of his head.

Gu Yu watched the mirror, fascinated. Steam emanated through the hole at the top of the hood, and at first glance, it looked like smoke was coming out of his head.

He couldn’t help but smile at the thought, his eyebrows arched.

Cyno watched him with downcast eyes, not knowing why Gu Yu was smiling, but seeing it, his own eyes flashed with laughter.

Two minutes later, Cyno took off the cover and put the hair dryer back in the drawer.

Gu Yu touched his hair, it was already dry, just messy. He took a comb to straighten it and smiled gratefully at Cyno, who was standing aside, and made a gesture of thanks.

He gestured to Cyno’s slightly wet hair and then to the drawer where the hair dryer was kept, asking if he needed any help.

Cyno’s eyes twitched slightly. Now, because there was suspicion, Gu Yu’s behavior seemed unusual.

Could an artificial female be that smart? He hid his contemplation and shook his head, “No, it’ll be dry soon. Come on, let’s go eat.”

The breakfast was western style- bread, sandwiches, milk and roast meat. Gu Yu stopped after two pieces of bread and picked up the milk to drink.

Cyno cut into the roast meat, saw him sitting quietly after drinking the milk, and asked, “Are you full?”

Gu Yu smiled and nodded, pointing to the living room.

Cyno’s eyes lingered on his face for a second, “Want to go sit in the living room?”

Gu Yu nodded.

“Okay, you go, don’t go out.” Cyno reminded him.

Gu Yu walked out of the dining room with a slight sigh of relief. After last night, he didn’t feel good about staying with Cyno. There was something wrong with him last night. He bit his lip and blushed. He couldn’t have imagined that Cyno actually offered to give him a hand.

He began to wonder if he had some misconceptions about artificial females. If it really was just an android, Cyno’s offer to help was a bit odd, no matter how you thought about it, right?


Cyno finished his breakfast and let the home droid clear the table while he sat and opened his terminal to access Star Network.

He was ready to look up more information about artificial females, as well as natural females, but before he could enter the query, his eyes swept over a new hot news item.

[Green Source gives an official statement in response to the huge repercussions caused by the marriage of Marshal Bruce to an artificial female: Artificial females are great inventions that satisfy the male’s desire for natural females, and our company will continue to work hard to create even better finished products.

[In addition, in order to reduce the social impact, our company has developed two new programs: a marriage refusal program, and a marriage encouragement program for owners and beast females. Both programs will be sent to purchasers free of charge by mail, and the new product will come with both programs.]

Cyno’s eyes narrowed slightly, a new program?

Then what happened to the artificial female in his family who refused to get married before?

A new message came in and he opened it. It was Kevin’s reply, [I only bought the latest models of several main personalities you were most likely to like. What’s wrong? First contact, entering a new world, is it too new?]

Immediately after, the next message came: [Lord marshal, who is not interested in artificial females, has mistaken artificial females for natural females? Pfft, how funny.]

Cyno grunted lightly and started to consider transferring the military staff back.

For the next two days, Gu Yu stayed in the villa. He had never been so idle, but because of Cyno’s presence, he had no time to think about anything else.

Cyno was with him almost every moment of the day from breakfast the morning after the wedding, touching him every now and then, until he was red in the face.

Gu Yu was lying on his side in bed. It was the last day of the breeding period. It was after 10 o’clock at night. He and Cyno did not have to interlock their fingers anymore, but they were in the same bed with no contact.

Even so, he could not sleep.

He thought about Cyno’s behavior in the past two days and was vaguely disturbed.

Gu Yu originally suspected that he had misunderstood the artificial females, but now he had another suspicion: Cyno suspected his identity, and he was probing him.

He pursed his lips; what would Cyno do with him if he was sure he wasn’t an artificial female?

“Can’t sleep?” A warm touch was felt on his back, while a question came to his ear.

Gu Yu startled. He tilted his head, and Cyno was looking down at him from above with his hand propped up on his body.

Gu Yu shook his head and hurriedly closed his eyes, making an appearance of sleep.

Cyno looked at his slightly trembling eyelashes, laughed lightly and reached out to brush him gently.

Gu Yu opened his eyes at the touch, and his head shrank back.

Cyno’s fingers were tickled by the small brush-like lashes, and the tingling sensation spread up his arm to his heart. He rubbed his thumb and index finger together, his body collapsed slightly, and withdrew his hand.

Gu Yu pursed his lips and pointed backward, hoping Cyno would move back a bit. He slept along the edge of the bed in order to distance himself, and if he moved further, he would have landed on the ground.

Cyno raised his eyebrows, “I can back up, but you have to move toward the middle, or you will fall down if you fall asleep and move casually.”

Gu Yu’s black eyes stared at him, So careful of a robot? The bed was less than half a meter off the ground and a robot would not break or feel pain if it fell.

Cyno was attracted by his black eyes, mysterious and charming, clear and clean, making him want to kiss him.

He clenched his fist and opened his palm over Gu Yu’s eyes, his voice dark with warning, “Close your eyes and sleep. If you don’t, you won’t be able to sleep.”

When Gu Yu reacted, the position had already changed and Cyno backed away from him.

He strained his ears to listen for movement. Cyno’s breathing was steady, like he was sleeping.

He thought about Cyno’s actions and was slightly relieved that Cyno was so gentle. Even if he knew his identity, he wouldn’t be too harsh!

He might be able to reason with Cyno, get divorced as an artificial female so as not to bring Cyno marital trouble, and then leave the villa and find a job.

When he earned money, he would pay Cyno back the money he spent in the past few days.

It may be hard, but it’s okay, he was not afraid.


The next morning, Cyno had just finished breakfast when he received a communication from Guy, [Cyno, get together at the usual place at noon. Kevin will be back so let’s give him a welcome and also celebrate your new marriage.] He added excitedly, [My new custom-made artificial female also arrived, I will bring it to show you. It feels great!]

Cyno nodded: [Okay.]

He had his suspicions, but he hadn’t had any contact with other artificial females, so he could go to the party and compare them.

At eleven o’clock, Da Yuan turned to Gu Yu with a light blue suit and tie.

Gu Yu was wondering about it when Cyno came downstairs dressed in a beige casual suit and ordered, “Get changed and come out with me.”

He looked at Gu Yu with a vague expectation in his eyes. This set of clothes were personally chosen by him. They should be more suitable for Gu Yu than the suit that was worn for the wedding registration.

Gu Yu’s eyes shone. He knew too little about this world, and it was only when he went out that he could learn more.


The author has something to say: Thank you for your support (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭? ~

Cyno: Divorce? It’s impossible to get divorced in this life!


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