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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Red dots of light emanated from the joker in Shen Si’s hand. Shen Si lowered his head and he could see the card shining as if it was calling out to something.

“Hmm?” Just then Shen Si saw something approaching, so he froze and slowly looked up at the iridescent wall. As if attracted by the light, Cha Li’s undead image slumped against the wall, light welling up in those dull eyes. He stared at the joker as if staring at some redeeming object.

In a flashback, Shen Si saw the memories in the iridescent wall gradually recovering, the disconnected images stretching, the patchwork images beginning to be complete.

“…This?” Cha Li stared at the card, he reached out from the iridescent wall, at the moment his hand reached out, his arm turned into light extending out. Those tiny light buds kept breaking through the obstacles, forcing their way towards the outside, trying hard to take the card.

Instead of putting the card away, he took the card and moved it towards the side. Next to Cha Li was the continuation of those memories, and perhaps the answer could be found in those memories. Unlike the first drawings that revolved entirely around the daughter, this time all the memory images were of a card, a red joker card.

At first, it was the people who entered the playfield, each of them were issued a card in their hands, and each card had an ability. The memory of Cha Li looking at the card in his hand, it was a red joker. Although he didn’t understand what happened, he was sure that this card was definitely different, so he hid it.

Immediately after that came the mission that followed, and he was shocked to find that the Survivor with the joker card was tasked with: clearing out other Survivors with regular cards.

From the beginning it was divided into two camps, the joker dies or others die, and immediately after he found the second joker, Jiang Yu. The two rendezvoused and they made a plan to clear the others. The plan went well, they managed to clear everyone, but in the rules only one person could leave alive.

So the battle between the big king and the little king began.

It was also the part where Cha Li first appeared in the memory. Cha Li told Jiang Yu that he would be the final winner and he would live for his daughter. The reason why Jiang Yi was filled with animosity towards Cha Li in the wall was because they were supposed to be rivals, and they were supposed to be a life and death existence.

The memory came to an abrupt end, Shen Si couldn’t see the battle process, nor the outcome of the battle, or why exactly Jiang Yu turned himself into Cha Li and how he was confined in the playfield.

But now it had become clear that in the past, at least in the game between Cha Li and Jiang Yi, the rules of the playfield were completely different from the rules now.

Perhaps because Jiang Yu began to influence the playfield after being confined to it, and even controlling it, resulting in the current game not so much like a game of the unlimited flow world, but rather a rule that Jiang Yu made for himself in order to exploit the loopholes for his own benefit.

The entire playfield had only one winner, and that winner had been Jiang Yu since the beginning.

“…Here, mine.”

Shen Si froze for a moment as he looked inside the wall, Cha Li’s face was filled with pain, his hand reaching out from the wall was withering, but he still held on, murmuring as if subconsciously, “Give it to me.”

“Why are you so obsessed with this card?” Shen Si looked at him and didn’t want an answer, “So far I still don’t know what the use of this card is, how to look at it seems to be just a proof of the district desires that are shared, the functionality and purpose are… unclear.” Shen Si’s voice stopped abruptly, because right inside the wall, Shen Si could clearly see crystal tears sliding down the corners of Cha Li’s eyes.

He was crying? Do the undead cry?

“Why… Why do you have that card!” A familiar voice sounded behind him, and Shen Si jerked his head around, and, Cha Li, no, rather Jiang Yu was behind him.

Jiang Yu’s eyes widened as he stared at the red joker card in Shen Si’s hand, his eyes overflowing with panic. He looked like a robber caught in the act, anger and fear completely overwhelmed him as he walked towards Shen Si, his questioning with anger directly made the whole playfield riot. “Where did you find that card? Give it to me, right now!”

Shen Si put the card back into his pocket, and he took a step back when Jiang Yu took a step forward, until he ended up against the wall, “Weren’t you looking for the joker card? This is the card I found.”

Jiang Yu forced himself to pull out a smile, but that smile was more hideous than crying, he reached out his hand towards Shen Si, “Yes, you are the final winner, give me the card and I will send you out of here immediately.”


“Why not?!” Jiang Yu couldn’t help but shout up grumpily, then he held back his anger, “You want that friend of yours, so as long as you give me the card, I can make an exception and send both of you out together. You’re alright with that, right, Mr. Shen? You broke the rules, you are simply the most powerful Survivor, so, give me the card.”

Shen Si looked at him, and after a moment he cocked his head, “I’m not a Survivor.”

So what?! Why do you have to pull out some nonsense? Just give me the card already!

Jiang Yu didn’t dare to go over and grab it by force, because he knew very well that Shen Si’s ability was time, and although the ability may not be offensive, as long as Shen Si wanted, he could completely pause time. Jiang Yu could never catch him, let alone get that joker card from his hand.

So it had to be Shen Si who gave it to him voluntarily.

“Whether you’re a Survivor or not, you can’t use the joker, so give it to me.” Jiang Yu walked over, the smile on his face getting more and more twisted, “We can talk it over, and if the conditions are not to your liking, we can discuss it again.”

“You’re just going to simply say this, aren’t you afraid that I’ll threaten you with something like destroying the card?”

Jiang Yu raised his eyebrows slightly, a trace of coldness flashed in his eyes. That would be a big help to him, what he wanted was to destroy the card.

Three years ago, he burned this card. Only after watching it turn to dust was he relieved. Obviously this card should no longer exist, so why would it suddenly reappear? Damn it, couldn’t Cha Li just disappear immediately?

“As long as you can give me the card, I’ll do anything.” Jiang Yu spoke falsely, “Please.”

Shen Si decided in a flash that what Jiang Yu wanted was not the card, but he wanted to destroy it, and his attitude wasn’t pleading, but provoking.

Time stopped, Shen Si crossed over to Jiang Yu whose movement was stagnant. He quickly left the place, after making sure he was far enough away from where he was just now he turned time back. Time resumed, Jiang Yu took a step forward, and immediately after he froze in place, because the person who was in front of him a second before had disappeared without even a human figure.

“…Escaped?” Jiang Yu sneered, “It’s useless even if you escape, no one can escape my control in this playfield.”

“It looks like you care a lot about that card.” A male voice sounded, Jiang Yu turned his head to look behind him, behind the wall the male whose whole body was wrapped tightly came out, “I see, what Shen Si is holding is enough to threaten you or even change the existence of this playfield, that’s why you are so bent out of shape.”


The male took his mask off, and then his hood as well, his face had a burn that snaked from the corner of his eye to his chin, looking unusually horrible.

“It’s a great pleasure to be alive, so…” The male removed his gloves, his hands were covered in clear foam, a spike emerged from his fingers, “Let’s block you here for a little longer, to buy a little time.”

“Hey…” Jiang Yu forced himself to smile, “I’ve been helping you guys from the beginning, I’ve done a lot to keep everyone alive, and you’re still doubting me even now?”

“Are you a fool?” The woman came out from the back, she had a band-aid on the corner of her eye and looked in good spirits. “Compared to your fellow Survivor counterparts, an alien like you who comes up and sells benefits is so suspicious that one can’t help but be skeptical and doubtful? What kind of joke are you talking about?”

Jiang Yu could no longer maintain his smile, his face was fierce as he stared at the two people in front and behind him, his voice was filled with anger. “Why… why are one and two of them hindering me, I just want to leave this playfield intact! Why do you all get to leave alive, while I am confined here even when I killed that person!? I am the victor, I am the victor! That’s not fair!”


Making sure there was no one else around, Shen Si took the joker’s card out, the clock behind him emerged, and he held the card in one hand as the clock was rewinding. Shen Si was ready to rewind the time of this card directly.

Shen Si was able to see the card in his hand changing as it struggled out of Shen Si’s hand and floated in the sky. In the process of rewinding, Shen Si could easily see it suddenly being torn in half and then recovered, followed by flames appearing out of thin air.

That flame should be the fire created by other function cards, which was the same as when Shen Si scalded Jiang Yu with flames before. But the flame didn’t burn the card, it lay intact in the flame.

Until the flame disappeared, time stopped at exactly one day three years ago. The clock stopped rewinding, and the card floated down from the air, because of its too light weight, Shen Si could even see the card fluttering in the air.

Catching the falling card, Shen Si looked at the card’s current appearance.

The front side was still white, marked with the red word joker and a strange joker design. Shen Si raised his eyebrows slightly as he flipped the card over and the reverse side showed a completely different card face from the one he saw at the beginning.

A black figure entangled in chains, pierced by chains in its the heart.

As well as the subsidiary description of the joker card.

【Joker: Game hunter, kills all normal card holders or is killed by normal card holders.】

【The card owner’s life will be connected with the card, the card is not damaged then the host will not die.】

【This card will be effective under special circumstances.】 

【This card is bound, bound by: Cha Li.】

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May 4, 2021 2:56 pm

Thanks for the chapter!!!

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Since the red card and Cha Li are linked Cha Li has to be alive but most likely trapped or something. And that’s probably why Jiang Yu can’t leave the playfield.
So can’t wait for the more chapters so bn I can understand what’s really happening.

May 4, 2021 10:46 pm

So the woman and the masked guy aren’t just your ordinary passers-by. Well let’s hope the red joker is the key to break this playfield. Thank you for the chapter!!!

June 5, 2021 3:06 pm

What a particularly nasty playing field this always appears to have been.
Thank you for translating.

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So does Cha Li want to die? Why? And who are these suspicious people?

Thank you for the chapter!

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