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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Cyno’s gaze swept down the tightly fitted bathrobe on Gu Yu’s body.

It was the robe that had been placed in the bathroom, and was Cyno’s size. It was big, the two flaps of the robe were folded over, and almost wrapped Gu Yu around, tightly.

He was so careless that he actually forgot to buy pajamas for his little mate!

He looked at Gu Yu’s sweet red cheeks, his eyes slightly darkened, “You should be resting. Can’t sleep? I can accompany you.”

Gu Yu’s fingers curled up violently and scraped lightly on the door.

He dropped his hand and quickly typed back, [No, I’m looking at job postings.]

Cyno’s heart softened at Gu Yu’s obviously flustered but docile explanation, and he reached out to rub the top of his hair.

Gu Yu took a step back when Cyno’s palm was about to touch his head, but he tripped over himself and fell backwards due to his weak knees.

His eyes widened and his heart beat wildly.

Cyno reacted extremely quickly and grabbed him around the waist, holding him firmly in his arms. Gu Yu was only aware of the peculiar smell intensifying. He pushed Cyno’s shoulder, but was held tighter by him.

Cyno’s voice was dark, and his fingers caressed the side of Gu Yu’s neck, “Your gland hormone smell has become stronger.”

Gu Yu’s eyes widened abruptly, a feeling he had never felt before washed over him. His body instantly tensed up, and if he could have made a sound, he definitely would have made a humiliating noise.

He bit his lip and used more force to push Cyno.

Cyno took a deep breath and carried Gu Yu to the edge of the bed, and sat him down before letting him go.

Gu Yu grabbed the bed sheet and gasped for air, thankful that he was sitting down, otherwise he might not have been able to stand.

Cyno took two steps back and tossed his hair back, “Are you… Are you going into heat?”

Gu Yu stared at him. These three words were familiar to him, but it was never humans that were associated with it. He shook his head and typed after some thought, [No, I just smell another very peculiar smell? What perfume do you use?]

Cyno stared at him intently, “I never use perfume. I think the smell you are talking about is my gland scent.”

He immediately understood why, as he remembered a scene not long ago, his body felt as if he had been run through with a small electric current. He maintained a serious face, and inconspicuously tugged at the hem of his robe.

Earlier, after taking a bath, Cyno lay on his bed and watched the news. When he saw his little friend get online, his thoughts were all on him.

He thought about how his little mate was just downstairs, and that they had slept together in the bed where Cyno was lying. He remembered how he found release with his little friend right next to him. In the end, he couldn’t help going to the bathroom.

After relaxing, he was refreshed and changed into a robe, and was ready to go straight to bed, but when he saw that his little mate was still online, he couldn’t resist going downstairs.

So soon after his release, his glandular odor had not dissipated, and it was no wonder that Gu Yu could smell it even without him touching his little mate.

Cyno’s eyes grew even darker, capturing Gu Yu’s gaze as if he could set him on fire, “You are responding to my glandular scent. We fit well together.”

Gu Yu froze and moved backwards in shame and embarrassment when he understood.

Cyno saw him like this and let out a light breath, “Go to sleep, I asked Dr. Qin. They have a recreation center near the hospital that is looking for someone. It’s perfect for you so I’ll take you to see them tomorrow.”

Gu Yu’s heart warmed up. He didn’t expect Cyno would help him find a job.

He typed, [Okay,] then looked up at Cyno with grateful eyes, [Thank you.]

After Cyno left, Gu Yu slowly relaxed, he crawled onto the bed and lay down, then reached out and touched the side of his neck. It felt completely different from before, this piece of skin had became much more sensitive.

He thought of Cyno’s touch and his heart skipped a beat.

He blushed and reached out to turn off the light, deciding to stop thinking about it and go to bed early.

The next morning, as soon as Gu Yu opened his eyes, a familiar mechanical voice rang in his head, “Congratulations trader, the new world body adaptation period is over. A healthy body is a prerequisite to achieve your dreams. Go collect Goodwill~”

Gu Yu blinked his eyes and asked in his head, ‘003?’

“It’s me.”

Gu Yu sat up and recalled the prompt he had just received, ‘What does the physical adaptation period mean?’

“I told you before, in order to adapt to the world, your body has changed. The adaptation period refers to the process of your body adapting to the changes, and now your body is completely adapted to the world.” 003 explained and kindly added, “Being in the morning sun, you will not be dizzy all of a sudden. Of course, if you stay in the sun too long, you will get heatstroke, which is related to the physique. In short, all the changes are to make you match the people of this world.”

Gu Yu thought of Cyno’s question last night and was shocked, ‘I can also have an estrus?’

003, “Yes.”

Gu Yu was stunned, ‘Then, I will also turn into an animal?’

003, “… Not necessarily, as I said, your identity in this world is special, you need to find out for yourself.”

Gu Yu guessed, does special mean a natural female who does not change into animal form? ‘Thank you, I understand.’

003, “You’re welcome.”

Gu Yu washed up, changed into a clean casual outfit, and left the bedroom. Just before he left the bedroom, he saw Cyno walking towards him. Cyno was wearing a black tank top and sports shorts, his body was tall, strong and full of power. He had quite a bit of sweat on him, and Gu Yu could tell at a glance that he had just finished working out.

“Good morning.” Cyno smiled, sweeping his eyes over his little mate from top to bottom.

The white clothes made the little one look soft and fluffy, Cyno thought, and he must be very comfortable to hold.

Gu Yu’s footsteps halted, thinking of last night’s reaction, and he didn’t dare to go forward for a moment. If it was the same as yesterday, it would be too embarrassing.

Cyno took two steps toward him, “What’s wrong?”

The male scent came over him, Gu Yu blushed slightly. He smelled the smell of last night, but it was extremely light and mild, he did not feel any discomfort. He sighed in relief, smiled, shook his head and typed, [Nothing.]

Cyno’s gaze swept over his reddened cheeks, raised an eyebrow, and glanced at his body. Then he lifted the hem of his shirt, and wiped the sweat from his neck as if he had no intention of doing anything else.

The eight abdominal muscles were exposed in the air, silently telling of their owner’s toughness.

Gu Yu stared at his abs, his eyes appreciative and envious. A drop of sweat dripped down Cyno’s chest, over his abdomen and disappeared under the waist of the pants.

Gu Yu’s throat moved slightly, inexplicably feeling his mouth was dry, and looked away.

Cyno’s eyes flashed with laughter, looked at Gu Yu’s reddened ears, and put down the hem of his shirt, “I’m going to take a shower. You go to the dining room to eat first.”

Gu Yu hurriedly nodded, bowed his head, passed by Cyno, and quickly went to the dining room. He sat at the dining table, his mind repeatedly recalling the scene just now. The man’s body was strong, without a trace of fat, his favorite type of body.

His fingers clenched. He actually had a moment where he was tempted to reach out and touch Cyno. The thought of it made his heart pound, and he hung his head with a blush, silently lecturing himself.

Cyno came into the dining room to see this look on his face and looked troubled.

The shy look of his partner was cute, but if he kept doing this, wouldn’t he become a ninja turtle? He thought about it for a moment with a serious face, and then he realized that he was shy because he was not used to it, and that he would get used to it after more times.

“Why don’t you eat? Is it not to your taste?” He gently inquired.

Gu Yu shook his head, looked at him and typed down a few words, [Waiting for you.]

Cyno’s heart slightly moved. Obviously it was just three words, but he was touched from the bottom of his heart. He smiled, “It’s okay, you can eat first if you’re hungry.”

A Goodwill +2 prompt flashed in front of Gu Yu’s eyes, and he smiled, picking up a spoon to sip the porridge. As he ate his breakfast, he opened his system to check and froze when he saw the Goodwill Points total value of 6.

The purchase text cost all the Goodwill Points he had, the remaining value was originally 0, and counting the 2 he just got, it should be 2.

He looked at the table, there were no additional rows, only the 4 after Cyno, which became 10, there were 6 more.

He froze. So, while he wasn’t paying attention, Cyno had added 4 to his Goodwill Points, which, when added to the 2 he had just received, was exactly 6.

He looked over to Cyno, who immediately looked at him, “What’s wrong?”

Gu Yu shook his head, smiled at him, and continued eating breakfast.

The two had just finished their breakfast when Da Yuan turned to the dining room and reported, “Marshal, Dr. Qin is visiting.”

The three of them sat down on the sofa, and Qin Sheng scanned Gu Yu’s face. When he saw that he looked good, he said directly, “Shu Xin Leisure Center is owned by my friend. He is recruiting employees for the leisure area. I heard the marshal say that you can play the flute?”

Gu Yu nodded his head.

Qin Sheng laughed, “That’s awesome. The position they have open is music related, mainly to manage the music playing in the recreation area, and to look after the customers.”

Gu Yu thought for a moment and typed, [What is the corresponding group of customers?]

Qin Sheng, “They are all adult beast females. They are very smart. There is no need to speak because they can probably understand the meaning of action instructions.”

Gu Yu’s eyes shone brightly. This job he should be able to do, he knew two beast females and had a good impression of them.

He typed, [I’d like to try out for an interview.]

Qin Sheng, “No hurry. Their interviews are scheduled in the afternoon. I have to go to the hospital to work later. I gave the address to the marshal, so he will take you there.”

Gu Yu did not expect him to go to work, and quickly thanked him, a little embarrassed, [Thank you for your trouble.]

Qin Sheng laughed, “No trouble, it’s just a small favor. I’ll leave now.”

He had personally come to see how Gu Yu was doing, and if he was not well, he had been ready to advise Gu Yu to rest first.

After Qin Sheng left, Cyno opened the official website of Shu Xin Leisure Center and showed it to Gu Yu, “It’s not far from the villa, and only a street away from the Central Hospital, so it’s very convenient.”

He looked satisfied, the leisure center customers were all beast females, and were too suitable to accompany his little mate!

Gu Yu looked carefully at the home page of Shu Xin, which had a lot of customer group photos. When he noticed many unfamiliar terms on the site, he remembered that the names of the male and female beast forms here were different from modern times!

So, Gu Yu spent the morning reading the beast and female encyclopedia.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, Cyno drove Gu Yu to the interview.

The car stopped at the parking lot of the Shu Xin Leisure Center. Gu Yu looked up from the information he was reading, glanced outward, and typed, [I’ll just go in by myself.]

Cyno’s fame on Brilliant Splendor was too high, and going in with him would draw too much attention.

Cyno said, “I’ll go with you.”

Gu Yu shook his head, [I can do it alone. Go back and rest first. I just checked and there is a public transportation station nearby.]

If the job application was successful, he might not be able to go back until a few hours later.

Cyno immediately said, “No, you can go in without me, but I have to pick you up. You’re not familiar with Splendor City, and I do not want you out by yourself.”

He was indeed not very suitable to go to the interview with Gu Yu.

Gu Yu thought about it and nodded, [Okay, if the application is successful, I might get familiar with the position, so I’ll let you know when I’m ready.]

Cyno smiled and agreed.

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noname but i'm cute
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Sue R
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