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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


The manager of Shu Xin’s human resources department was a two-hundred-year-old male with a serious expression, and after asking Gu Yu about the position he applied for, he couldn’t help but show his doubts. However, the boss specifically mentioned that if someone named Gu Yu came for an interview, no matter what, let him try.

The manager remembered this and called a new employee mentor “Brother Li, take him to get familiar with the environment, let him try to get along with the customers and see how they react.”

Li swept his eyes over Gu Yu and nodded, “Let’s go.”

Gu Yu smiled at him, then froze when he saw Li’s work tag pinned to his shirt, age 223.

Behind the office building was the place where the customers of the leisure center stayed, Li explained as he walked, his voice flat and not enthusiastic at all. “Shu Xin is divided into four main areas, cosmetic area, culinary area, entertainment area and leisure area. Except for the entertainment area, the rest of the areas are indoors.”

“This is the entertainment area.” The entertainment area was a large playground with a lot of equipment: a merry-go-round, roller coaster, slide, seesaw, swing, and climbing frame.

Many of the pieces of equipment had more than one, including different sizes.

Gu Yu swept a glance over the yard. There were quite a few animal-beast females playing around.

Li turned around and impatiently said, “Keep up.”

Gu Yu then realized that while he had been looking around, Li had already gone ahead. He quickly caught up, and then two staff members came up to greet Li. They looked at Gu Yu with amazed and sympathetic eyes.

Gu Yu pursed his lips and then smiled at them. He was familiar with sympathetic eyes, but did not quite understand why they looked at him that way.

To his surprise, the two staff members, both of them, were over two hundred years old. He had read the age division, Brilliant Splendor people were an adult at 20, young adulthood at 60, a prime adult at 100, and 200 and up belonged to old age.

These staff members all looked physically strong. In modern terms, they would only be about forty years old, but the staff were older, so it was a little strange.

He walked quietly behind Li, and did not ask more questions. He put the doubts in his mind aside and decided to check it out when he had time.

Next was the gourmet area, cosmetic area, and finally the leisure area.

On the way to the leisure area, he met a few more staff. Gu Yu deliberately read their tags, all were males above two hundred years old.

The recreation area was a large light green house. Gu Yu walked through the door and realized that the interior was divided into two. Half of the roof was transparent. The morning light shone through the roof and filled that side with light, the other half of the house was in shadows.

His eyes glowed slightly as he swept his gaze around.

There were a number of beast females inside the room, of which the fluffy ones accounted for the majority. The other small part were those with outer skin of phosphorescent armor.

These beast females were somewhat similar to modern animals, but not exactly the same.

At the wall opposite the door there were two Nuchi, hairy creatures that looked the same as KiKi, both of which were long-haired, droopy-eared rabbits, one of which had gray fur.

In the middle was a small animal that looked similar to an ordinary white rabbit, but with long ears and turquoise vertical pupils for eyes, which was a Numen.

Not far from the doorway, there was a cat similar to the Persian cats, blue and red pupils, covered with smooth long hair, slender, with a small round face. It was especially cute.

To his left, there was an animal similar to a penguin, one that walked crookedly. He was thinking back to what clan this was, when he heard Li’s low voice, “What are you doing?”

Gu Yu paused and looked at Li, meeting his suspicious gaze.

He smiled in embarrassment and hurriedly typed, [I’m looking at what clan the guests are from, they’re all so cute!]

Brother Li’s eyes grew even suspicious, with a touch of anger, “Sure enough, even if they are transgender females, they are still male by nature!” Li’s voice was low, “I don’t know why the manager recruited you, but I warn you, they are all customers and most of them are married. Don’t hit on them.”

Gu Yu froze. He didn’t understand what he meant.

Li snorted coldly, “If I see you misbehaving with them and tarnishing Shu Xin’s reputation, I won’t let you off.”

He warned, and waved his fist.

Gu Yu was stunned. Now he understood what he meant and typed an embarrassed explanation, [You misunderstood, I have no such thoughts.]

How could he possibly think that way about such a cute animal. That would be too strange!

“It better be, I’ll keep an eye on you. There is surveillance all around here, so don’t get any ideas. Now, you go and try to get along with them.”

Gu Yu walked inside. The scattered beast females gawked at him curiously and the two Nuchi rabbits cowered against the wall as they stared at him with wide eyes.

The cat paced up to him with graceful steps and tilted his head to survey him. The cat had a pair of clear eyes, the left like a ruby, the right like a sapphire, and was particularly beautiful. His chubby body was covered with long hair that was white on top and gray on the bottom, and the tail end of the hair moved slightly as he walked around.

“Meow~” the Carter called out, his voice particularly soft, cocking his head to survey Gu Yu, as if examining the new staff.

Gu Yu squatted down, raised his hand and gently rubbed the Carter’s head. The soft touch made him love being petted.

The Carter’s eyes half squinted and he purred again, an obvious tone of pleasure, his ears twitched and he lifted his head, licking at Gu Yu’s hand.

At the same time, a Goodwill +1 prompt flashed before Gu Yu’s eyes.

With a smile on his lips, he stroked along the Carter’s head to his back, and he took a step forward, crouching his head down to make his movements smoother.

Gu Yu’s eyes curled up, this Carter reacted much like a modern cat, and he had experience with many stray cats. He moved his hand to gently scratch its chin. The Carter tilted his head and rolled over, his front paws clutching his hand and purring happily.

“Get your hands off him!” Li roared angrily. The moment the words fell, Gu Yu’s shoulder was grabbed. Sudden pain flooded him, causing his face to grow pale and his eyebrows knitted.

The Carter yowled menacingly, springing up violently from the ground and bit down on Li’s arm, a muffled grunt of warning escaping from his throat.

“What are you doing?” Li let go of Gu Yu’s shoulder and pinched the back of the Carter’s neck to lift him up, “I’m protecting you from being taken advantage of, you silly thing!”

“Meow!” The Carter shook and moved his limbs around, screaming uncomfortably.

Gu Yu covered his shoulder and froze, Taking advantage?

Li put the Carter on the ground, and he faced towards him, very fiercely showing teeth. Then he lightly jumped to Gu Yu’s feet, gently rubbing.

Li frowned, turning surprised eyes toward Gu Yu. He knew a lot about the various races of beast females. The Carter race were very proud, and not easily close to people.

Transgender females were so pleasing to beast females?

Gu Yu looked down at the Carter and smiled at him, then looked at Li and typed, [I’m sorry. I don’t know why I made you misunderstand. What should I pay attention to with them?]

He had an apologetic look in his black grape-like eyes, and his look was sincere, so that one could tell at first glance that he was serious in asking the question.

Li looked at his pale white cheeks, and his heart suddenly grew apologetic. This look- it seemed that he really misunderstood. He moved his fingers remembering that he had just used a lot of force. The person in front of him was surprisingly thin, the touch of the thin shoulder was comparable to a toddler’s.

Thinking of Gu Yu originally being a male, but now having this soft look, Li’s eyes took on a sympathetic expression. He coughed lightly, “Don’t make too intimate moves, there are quite a few of them married, you should know that males are horribly possessive of their partners and will get angry if they smell the scent of other males on them.”

Gu Yu nodded seriously and typed to ask, [Is it okay to rub the head and smooth the back hair?]

Li, “Rubbing the head is fine, but except for calming down customers who are out of control, the rest of the actions are best avoided.”

Gu Yu nodded and understood why Li reacted so excitedly. At the time, the Carter was laying on his back and all fours were hugging his hand.

Beast females were equivalent to modern girls, being too intimate indeed would cause people to misunderstand.

He smiled shyly, [Thank you Brother Li, I will pay attention.]

Brother Li looked at his soft appearance, and his heart sighed. Those criminals really deserved to die, actually forcing a male to turn into this appearance and personality!

He apologized deeper in his heart and his voice was much more gentle, “You’re welcome. I’m sorry about what just happened. The age of the male employees of the leisure center, according to the rules, can not be less than two hundred. You’re so young, and with the nature of a male so I do not feel at ease.” He looked at the beast females, “I have worked here for five years, taking care of customers as if they were my own children. I will not allow them to be hurt.”

Gu Yu pursed his lips, [Mn, I understand, it’s my fault for not asking first.]

Li’s heart softened, “I was in the wrong. It’s my fault. I didn’t tell you clearly. Come on, this is the music room, I’ll show you how to use it.”

The right hand side of the wall separated a small transparent room, which had a full set of music equipment.

“You know music, right? This is the mixer, composition desk, synthesizer, and the player. The player is full of Star Network’s most popular music, which can usually be played for customers.” Li introduced the equipment and said, “If they don’t like it, change it to something else. You can create whatever you want, as long as the customers like it.”

Gu Yu’s eyes shone as he looked at the set of equipment, this was practically a creator’s paradise.

Brother Li said, “Try playing music.”

Gu Yu opened the player, selected the top music, turned the volume to medium, and clicked play.

Gu Yu was unprepared and shocked, and quickly lowered the volume.

Li gave him a look and sighed secretly. Even his guts were so small.

He settled his heart. This new colleague was not likely to do anything to the customers.

He instructed, “Slow down and adjust the tempo. The song of the chart is not suitable for beast females so it has to be modified.”

Gu Yu slowed down his breathing. The song was extremely rhythmic, and made those listening to it have their blood boil and heart pound.

He adjusted the rhythm according to Li’s words and the music became soothing. It was just awkward, after all, that it was originally a war song.

A roar sounded, and Gu Yu looked up in a hurry, only to see a large spotted tiger running in from outside, with its mouth open, roaring in a very annoyed manner.

The two rabbits of the Nuchi clan were balled up with their faces to the wall, showing only their round tails and trembling madly.

“Young Master Merlin,” Li’s face changed as he rushed out, “Are you uncomfortable anywhere?”

Merlin roared at the small speaker on the wall and then jumped toward the door of the music room.


The author has something to say: Thanks for your support (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭? ~

Gu Yu: I am not a pervert! QAQ

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This story is cute! Cute and fluffy is the best

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Sue R
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July 22, 2021 8:00 pm

I bet when the system said Gu Yu was special it meant more than just being a natural female. I bet somehow he will be able to help the female population change back into their human forms. Maybe it has to do with unlocking the goodwill system.

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