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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Gu Yu looked at the search results and was very puzzled. Brilliant Splendor had flutes so why didn’t they sell them? He entered the ‘flute’ entry: a cross-blown instrument, developed from a whistle, the method of playing was lost, and the only remaining bamboo flute was now preserved in the Capitol History Museum.

Gu Yu could not hide his surprise. A bamboo flute was simple to make, low cost and portable. It was an easy instrument to pass on so how could it be lost?

He pursed his lips, the modern people he knew who learned musical instruments had prefered pianos, guitars and the like. Not many people learned the flute.

“Interested in the flute?” Cyno scanned over the flute information displayed on his light screen.

Gu Yu nodded and typed, [I want to buy bamboo.]

Cyno raised an eyebrow, “Bamboo?”

[Mn, to make a flute.]

Cyno was surprised, “You know how to make them?”

Gu Yu smiled, [Mn, it’s not hard.]

Cyno looked complicated, “You know how to play?”

Gu Yu nodded, and seeing his surprise, he typed again, [It’s very simple. If you want to learn, I can teach you.]

Cyno, without thinking, immediately nodded, “I want to learn.”

As long as there was the word ‘teach’, there was a high probability that contact would be needed, so how could he let go of such a good opportunity!

Gu Yu’s eyes bent slightly, he was happy to do something for Cyno.

He bought the bamboo tube and the tools he needed online. He chose the cheapest materials for all of them.

Cyno took a look, “No need to save money, buy the best.”

Gu Yu replied, [No, these are enough,] he pursed his lips, [I don’t have money now, so I’ll borrow yours first, and when I earn money, I’ll definitely pay you back.]

“You can use it as you like, no need to return it.” Cyno was helpless. His little mate should spend his money on anything and everything he wanted!

Gu Yu had a serious face, [I will return it.]

Brilliant Splendor’s delivery was fast, and in less than half an hour, Gu Yu’s purchase was delivered. He sat cross-legged in the open space of the living room, holding a ruler to carefully measure the inner diameter of the bamboo tube, carefully measuring the distance to determine the tail end, and then carefully punching the hole.

While he concentrated on measuring and punching the holes, Cyno kept watching him without any distraction.

Finally the film hole and blow hole were finished. His eyes curled.

“Is it done?” Cyno’s eyes fell to his slender palm holding the bamboo flute, lingering over the thin calluses on his hands, frowning.

Natural females were born to be loved and cared for. What had happened to his little mate, anyway?

Gu Yu typed, [Not yet, soon.]

He then noticed that the house was lit up and hurriedly looked out. It was starting to grow dark.

Cyno asked, “Are you hungry? Why don’t you go eat first?”

Gu Yu had noticed that Cyno’s meal times were very regular over the past few days, and he didn’t want to disrupt Cyno’s life because of him, so he immediately nodded and put down his bamboo flute.

Dinner was sumptuous, and after Gu Yu put down his chopsticks, Cyno let him have another bowl of soup.

After the meal, the two went for a walk on the lawn.

It was dark and the night lights were on outside the villa, giving a good view. The dark sky was covered with many stars, which was beautiful.

After walking for a while, Gu Yu went back to the living room to continue working on the flute while Cyno continued to run around the outside of the house.

Gu Yu carefully polished the bamboo flute with sandpaper and finally put on the stopper and film.

When it was done, he blew on it to try it out. The corners of his mouth curled up when the tone was spot on. He had made many flutes since he was a kid and hadn’t failed to make one since high school.

The huge white tiger ran into the house at that moment, and Gu Yu’s eyes widened, his heart stopped all of a sudden.

The white tiger stopped in front of Gu Yu and in the blink of an eye turned into Cyno, who looked at the flute in his hand, “The tone is very special.”

Gu Yu exhaled lightly, although he had guessed, he was still shocked. He slowed down his heartbeat, stared at Cyno in fascination, and typed, [You are a white tiger?]

Cyno raised an eyebrow, “White tiger? That’s a beast, I’m a male of the White Tecks.”

Gu Yu froze, it would seem that what the werebeasts called their animal form and what modern times called animals were not the same.

Cyno scowled at him, “You can’t tell the difference between a beast and a werebeast?”

Gu Yu nodded his head.

Cyno, “There is no glandular smell on a beast. No matter male or female, they cannot change into humans. You’re not from the Star League, are you?”

Gu Yu nodded again, pursed his lips, and typed an explanation, [My hometown is very far away, and it’s not the same world as here.]

Cyno was surprised, but Brilliant Splendor had long had the concept of parallel worlds. He accepted it well, and rubbed the top of Gu Yu’s hair, “Welcome to Brilliant Splendor, this is your new home.”

Gu Yu smiled, deeply moved. Then he shook the flute in his hand, [Have you heard it?]

Cyno shook his head, “No information about it has come down to us.”

So it seemed that the flute had been lost for a very long time.

Gu Yu loved the sound of the flute and felt sorry for Cyno, his eyes shone brightly, [When you finish your workout, I’ll play a song for you.]

“Okay.” Cyno hastily responded. Seeing Gu Yu start to clean up the debris, he took Gu Yu’s hand, “Da Yuan will take care of it. You go sit on the lawn for a while.”

Da Yuan turned to the two of them and began to clean up.

Gu Yu pulled his hand away with a red face and walked out of the hall quickly, carrying his bamboo flute.

Cyno’s eyes flashed with laughter, how cute! His little mate was being shy!

He turned into a white tiger, ran out of the living room, all the way to Gu Yu who was sitting on the lawn, and rubbed his big head against Gu Yu’s arm.

Gu Yu unconsciously raised his hand and rubbed the side of the tiger’s neck, but then remembered that the white tiger was Cyno, and withdrew his hand as he blushed.

The white tiger waved its tail in a very good mood, twisted and ran into the right woods, then about three minutes later, ran out of the left woods.

Gu Yu sat on the grass and entered the Star Network to read the information about Brilliant Splendor.

Half an hour later, the white tiger ran to Gu Yu and laid down in front of him, rubbing the side of Gu Yu’s face.

Gu Yu couldn’t help but laugh as he avoided it. He rubbed the tiger’s neck and typed, [Stop it, it tickles.]

The white tiger remained next to him but didn’t mess with him again. His big head resting on his front paws, his pretty blue eyes staring at him.

Gu Yu smiled at him. The white tiger was particularly well behaved, contrasting with his fierce image and was very cute.

This made him less embarrassed. If Cyno had been like this while in human form, he would have blushed and been at a loss for words.

He held the bamboo flute horizontally to his lips, closed his eyes and moved his fingers. The light melody rang out all of a sudden.

Gu Yu’s expression was soft, the corners of his mouth unconsciously lifted with a light smile, his beautiful fingers lightly and nimbly pressed and lifted as the simple and pristine melody flowed naturally.

The white tiger squinted his eyes slightly. He felt a rare peace. Even his heart was quiet, so comfortable that he wanted to hum softly.

He changed back to his human form and looked at Gu Yu, whose fair face seemed to be covered with a white veil in the light, soft and beautiful. He couldn’t help but want to get closer.

Gyno’s gaze fell on Gu Yu’s lips and he couldn’t move any further. When he blew, his lips moved at times and looked incredibly soft. Cyno was struck by the look of it and drew closer as if under compulsion.

At the end of the song, Gu Yu lightly curved his mouth and opened his eyes, only to be startled by the handsome face close at hand.

Cyno saw the panic in Gu Yu’s eyes and came back to his senses, attempted to restrain himself, and finally just kissed Gu Yu on his forehead.

Gu Yu’s eyes were round and the softness of the touch made his face hot and his heart beat faster.

Cyno restrained the urge to take the person into his arms and backed off a little. He half kneeled on the ground and looked down at Gu Yu, “It’s nice to hear, it feels…” He thought about the adjective and finally said, “Very comfortable.”

Gu Yu blushed slightly, his fingers clenched and unclenched as he typed, [This song is called Little Star.]

Cyno studied his eyes in the light, “Well, it’s beautiful.”

Gu Yu was so confused by his stare that he leaned back and stood up, writing quickly, [I’m going to bed. Good night.]

Looking at Gu Yu’s back, Cyno’s expression was annoyed. If only he had known, he would have made his little companion sleep in his room!

Gu Yu washed up and searched for music-related jobs, and this time he found many results, including singers, anchors, mall warm-up players and teachers…

He first ruled out teachers because although he could convert text to speech, the speed would be compromised and not suitable for teaching.

Speaking of teaching, he immediately thought of the point that he didn’t yet know the musical style of Brilliant Splendor or the notes.

He looked up the music basics and was relieved to see that it was the same as modern music.

He returned to the recruitment screen and his eyebrows knit. The flute was so unorthodox, he wondered if these companies would recruit him.

He carefully analyzed these companies and finally stopped at ‘anchor’, the only job that did not require much speaking. He didn’t know much about live streaming, but one thing he did know was that people who watched live streaming, preferred to see something new and exciting.

Flute playing…lost in Brilliant Splendor…maybe someone would be interested?

Also, an anchor did not have to talk. He could communicate with the audience through text.

The more he thought about it, the brighter his eyes became, and he carefully read through the advertisements recruiting anchors, writing down the platform names one by one.

After comparing various requirements and conditions, Gu Yu finally chose one platform: ‘Hi-Lo’.

This platform ranked third. As long as you signed up, met the 100 hours of live hours per month (3.3 hours a day), he would have a base salary of 1000 star coins, and commissions would be calculated separately.

Gu Yu contemplated as he looked at the base salary, then silently queried currency, prices and minimum wage standards.

Star currency was the common currency of the entire Star Alliance, the purchasing power of star currency was similar to that of modern money, and the minimum wage was 6000.

Gu Yu looked at the casual clothes hanging on the balcony and felt a deep pain. The two sets of clothes were more expensive than a month’s salary!

He withdrew his gaze, looked at the drawer below the closet, thought about it, and finally did not check the price of underwear.

He was afraid he would not be able to wear them.

He entered the official website of Hi-Lo, clicked on ‘Apply to become an anchor’, chose not to show his face live while the content was playing, and the target group was anyone.

After entering his personal terminal number, he pondered for a long time before filling in the anchor name, and finally filled in ‘Feather’. 1

“Your application has been submitted successfully, the review will be completed within twenty-four hours, please wait for the notification.”

Although he hadn’t been officially approved yet, Gu Yu was still a bit excited.

After a while he calmed down and closed the Hi-Lo page. While he was not familiar with live streaming, he did know that an anchor’s income was related to popularity. He couldn’t talk, he was still a newbie, and even if his application was approved, his income as an anchor would probably only be a base salary.

He calculated that 100 hours a month, three hours a day would almost meet the requirements.

In that case, he could broadcast live from eight to eleven at night and still find a job during the day.

He then returned to the job page.

At that moment, there was a knock on the door, he froze, and got up to answer it.

Cyno stood in the doorway, wearing a black silk robe with a belt around his waist, with a loose V-neckline that exposed his neck and half of his chest, revealing a firm muscular body under his honey-colored skin that was extremely attractive.

Gu Yu’s face suddenly flooded red and he smelled a kind of indescribable scent, powerful enough to overwhelm him, but at the same time made him feel very safe.

His heart beat faster, accompanied by weak knees.

He tried to keep his composure, standing straight with his hand on the door, not wanting Cyno to see that something was wrong with him.


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Translator Notes:

  1. 羽毛=Yu Mao THis is the same Yu in Gu Yu’s name and the Mao means young. So the direct translation is Young Yu, however, when put together, these two characters also become the word Feather. 


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