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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Gu Yu hurried to turn off the music and walked to the door of the music room, looking at Merlin with worry.

Merlin seemed to be very uncomfortable.

Merlin was slightly stunned, not expecting the music that made him feel uncomfortable to be played by Gu Yu. He closed his big mouth, with sharp teeth showing, grunted softly in aggression, and rubbed his big head against Gu Yu’s arm.

Gu Yu reached out and rubbed his head, and he hummed softly in comfort.

“You know Young Master Merlin?” Li asked in surprise.

Gu Yu nodded his head.

Brother Li’s surprised look dissipated. No wonder Young Master Merlin was so well behaved. So they knew each other. He looked towards the entrance of the lounge area and said seriously, “Don’t play that song just now. They don’t like it.”

He just saw a few customers running out.

Merlin nodded his big head and turned his head toward the speaker and snarled again, expressing his dislike in clear terms.

Gu Yu typed, [Mn, no more, not really for the lounge area.]

The mere prelude brought up the urge to immediately take up arms and fight. It was not casual at all.

Li frowned with chagrin, “I was negligent, I thought slowing down the pace would be enough. Recently there have been several regular customers approaching their rut, and even with the use of soothing agents, emotions are still prone to fluctuations.” He pointed to the music room, “You choose another tune that suits them and see how they react.”

He continued, “The previous music player didn’t know music and couldn’t play the right music according to the customers’ needs, and was fired.”

Gu Yu understood that it was time to display his musical ability.

He rubbed the side of Merlin’s neck and pointed to the middle of the room.

Merlin wagged his tail and turned his head to lie down in the middle.

Gu Yu sized up the female beasts, took out his bamboo flute, searched his brain for a suitable tune, set up the microphone, connected it to the player, and then brought the bamboo flute horizontally up to his lips.

The gentle and quiet melody sounded and the ears of the beast females, who had been covering their heads, twitched as they tilted their heads to look at the speakers.

The song was very gentle, as if lying in a houseboat in the water town of Jiangnan, with the slight waves of ups and downs, quiet and calm.

Merlin’s big head was on his front paws with half-squinted eyes. His tail swaying slowly from side to side unconsciously.

Not far from his head lay a Carter cat, his movements identical, except they were much smaller.

Two Nuchi rabbits, which had been shrunken into a ball in the corner, became relaxed and limp on the ground, one’s left ear resting on the other’s right ear.

Similar to the penguins, but more rounded and with fluffy feathers, the Tira stood with its feet in place as its dark eyes stared at Gu Yu in the transparent room.

Li looked at Gu Yu in amazement, he had never heard such beautiful music, which made people feel peaceful from the bottom of their hearts.

When the song ended, Gu Yu looked at the beast females, and when he saw their comfortable appearance, his eyes slightly curved.

Sure enough, the relaxation area was more suitable for soothing music.

Li looked at the bamboo flute in his hand, wrinkled his eyebrows and thought about it, and then suddenly said, “I remember now! This is a flute? I’ve seen it in the history museum!”

Gu Yu nodded, and Li was curious, “How did you learn it?”

Gu Yu pursed his lips, not knowing how to answer for a moment.

He could tell Cyno that he was from another world without hesitation, but didn’t want to tell anyone else.

He always felt that others would not believe him as Cyno had.

Seeing his hesitation, Li silently guessed that it was a secret, so he didn’t ask more questions.

“You are very suitable for this position, working hours are from nine to five thirty every day, and will be busier after breakfast until the lunch break, when the leisure area has the most customers.”

Gu Yu nodded, and Li proposed again, “You can record the tunes, and the work will be easier in the future.”

Gu Yu nodded again, this was indeed a good idea, but he had some questions, [Why do you need to play music?]

The recreation area was where the beast females rest. Without music and with peace and quiet, they might be able to rest better.

Li looked at him strangely, thinking about what happened to him, and felt that he was understandably uneducated, with sympathy in his eyes.

“A long time ago experts found that music is good for intellectual development. Music is especially important for beast females so they listen to it from childhood.”

Gu Yu understood. Modern people let their fetus listen to music and here, music was used more widely.

After examining Gu Yu’s ability, Li took Gu Yu to get a work tag and told him to go home first and come back to work the next day.

Gu Yu contacted Cyno, who looked at the message and said to the adjutant he was communicating with, “Send me the information of all of Shu Xin’s employees as soon as possible.”

He hung up after saying that and cut to Gu Yu’s chat panel. When he saw that Gu Yu had passed the interview, the corner of his mouth slightly hooked, [I’ll pick you up.]

Gu Yu: [Please. I’ll wait for you in the parking lot.]

Gu Yu was about to walk out when his finger felt a slight tremor, he turned his ring and tapped on the unread message he had just received.

It was a reply from Hi-Lo, his application for anchor had been approved.

His eyes instantly lit up and he walked out with his mouth cocked. Within a moment, he saw Cyno striding towards him.

He froze, not expecting Cyno to be so quick. He looked in the direction of the parking lot, [You’ve been here?]

Cyno wrapped around Gu Yu’s shoulders as they walked towards the parking lot, “Took care of a little business in the car… What’s wrong?”

Gu Yu’s shoulders trembled and his face stiffened slightly. He pursed his lips and shook his head with a smile, typing, [Nothing.]

Cyno wrinkled his eyebrows and removed his arm, sweeping across his shoulder, his expression tightened.

Gu Yu had just sat down in the passenger seat when Cyno turned sideways towards him. Gu Yu froze, then hurriedly pressed the shield button, and smiled at Cyno.

Cyno didn’t let this stop him and continued to approach him. He reached out and cupped his collar, gently pulled it toward his shoulder. When he saw a bruise on the white skin, his eyes suddenly became stern.

“Who did this?”

Gu Yu blushed slightly and shrank his neck. He pushed away Cyno’s hand. Sweeping his eyes over his shoulder, he pulled his collar up.

He was very weak and helpless. His physical fitness seemed worse than modern times, if just being pinched made it look so horrible.

But Li’s strength was also really strong, he had no doubt that Li was fully capable of removing his arm.

He typed, [Just a misunderstanding, it’s okay.]

Cyno’s expression didn’t lighten, “What misunderstanding escalated to the point of doing this? No, it’s too dangerous here. I don’t want you to work here!”

Gu Yu shook his head and looked serious as he typed, [I like my job here! It was really a misunderstanding and this won’t happen again.]

Cyno stared at him for a moment and sighed, “Like it so much? Must you work here?”

Gu Yu nods his head.

Cyno sat up straight and started the car, “If you get hurt again, you’ll quit.”

Gu Yu looked at him and nodded his head.

The car quieted down, Gu Yu clenched his fingers uneasily, loosened them and typed, glanced at Cyno carefully, saw him looking straight ahead so he turned the text to voice.

The mechanical voice had little ups and downs, “Don’t be angry. My shoulder doesn’t hurt. It just hurts to look at it.”

The mechanical voice was obviously just a mechanical voice, but Cyno felt Gu Yu’s worry about his anger. He leaned over and rubbed the top of Gu Yu’s hair, “I’m not angry.”

Gu Yu obediently let him rub it, red faced, but his eyes curved up, and typed, [That’s good.]

Cyno raised his eyebrows and didn’t move his hand right away. He lingered for a while, slid it down to the side of Gu Yu’s ear and gently pinched his earlobe before withdrawing it.

Gu Yu stared round-eyed for a second, then abruptly turned his head to look out the window, his ears red.

Back at the villa, Cyno immediately took out the treatment device and healed Gu Yu, as he watched the marks dissipate, his expression eased.

“Be careful not to touch the wound, it looks fine on the outside, but the pain is still there. The bruise won’t fully recover so quickly.”

Gu Yu nodded, he could feel the vague pain. Even so, the healing instrument surprised him.

After the meal was over, Cyno turned into a white tiger and ran around the villa. Gu Yu checked the time, it was only seven o’clock, it was still early. He sat cross-legged on the lawn to watch the news, and with a sweep of his eyes, he saw information related to Cyno.

“Marshal’s partner’s true identity revealed!”

Gu Yu pursed his lips, his heart flashed with uneasiness, clicked in to read it and breathed a sigh of relief.

[According to reliable information, Marshal’s mate is not an artificial female, but a transgender female!]

The news content is short, but the comments are many. 

[Marshal was deceived?]

[Couldn’t be that he deliberately disguised as an artificial female to approach the marshal and wait for an opportunity to harm him, right?]

[At the moment, Marshal has not filed for divorce. Apparently, Marshal is sure that the partner is harmless.]

[So, I’m more curious, if marshal is still willing to stay together after learning the true identity of his partner, how attractive is the transgender female?]

[I heard that transgender females are very similar to natural females!]

[So what if they are? Transgender females can develop normally after treatment and the body recovered is male. You are willing to be with males?]

[Are you the devil? Don’t ask me to envision something so horrible.]

[More curious about what marshal’s mate looks like now!]

[Curious +1.]

Gu Yu was secretly glad that his photo hadn’t leaked out, otherwise he was afraid that he would be surrounded by people. He watched the news for a while, thought about what he had learned, then when Cyno passed by, told him he was going to his room first.

He set up a set of tables and chairs in the corner of the room, he sat on the chair, opened the live streaming platform and projected the live streaming interface onto the wall. He adjusted the projection angle and then set the screen, half for the pop-up screen and half for the control panel.

After adjusting it, he put the flute on the table and looked at the time, there were still ten minutes to eight o’clock.

He started to get nervous. He squeezed his fingers, took slow breaths to adjust his emotions, and after thinking about it, went to the kitchen to pour a glass of water.

When he was on his way back to his room, Cyno walked in through the door and saw right away that he was not in the right mood, “What’s wrong?”

Gu Yu smiled at him, set the glass of water aside, and typed, [I applied to be a host yesterday, and I’m going to start broadcasting later,] he pursed his lips in embarrassment, [I’m a little nervous.]

Cyno’s eyes became tense, “What are you broadcasting?”

[Flute playing.]

Cyno’s expression loosened, “You play very well, no need to be nervous… You’re not showing your face, right?”

Gu Yu nodded and typed, [Mn, not showing.]

Cyno smiled, “People can’t see you so you don’t need to be nervous. Which platform? What’s the name? I’ll watch your live stream later.”

Gu Yu told him the platform and name, and after some thought added, [You do not send me gifts.]

Cyno’s expression stiffened a little, he had been thinking about being the first in Gu Yu’s fan list but when he saw Gu Yu say that, he nodded helplessly, “Okay, I won’t send it.”

Gu Yu smiled, pointed to the guest room, and typed, [I’ll go get ready first.]

Seeing Cyno nod, he picked up his glass of water and went back to the guest room.

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