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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Cyno went back upstairs to his bedroom and took a quick shower. One minute before 8:00, he sat down on the couch next to his bed and entered Gu Yu’s live stream, the title of which was straightforward: Flute Playing.

Cyno’s eyes flashed with a smile, very much in line with the style of his little mate, straightforward and simple.

Gu Yu took a deep breath and started the broadcast at exactly eight o’clock, he glanced at the bottom left corner, popularity: 1.

That number on Hi-Lo meant the total number of viewers and current viewers 1:1, which meant there was only one viewer. Gu Yu’s eyes curled up even though he was obviously disappointed, because he knew that this person must be Cyno.

He typed, [Welcome to the live stream. I am the anchor Feather, with my first live show, please take care of me.]

The anchor’s words were orange, the audience’s replies were black. He put this line of orange words on top, especially conspicuous so the audience could see it at a glance when they entered the live broadcast room.

He wrote down the piece he was playing, [Next, the piece I’m playing is ‘Gusu Xing’.] 1

He finished typing, pressed the record button, picked up the flute, and played it intently with his eyes closed.

This was a Jiangnan style tune, with elegant rhythm and a lilting sound like flowing water.

Cyno relaxed against the back of the sofa, closed his eyes and listened carefully, as if brought to a world created by the song, peaceful and comfortable.

There were people who liked to find surprises from new hosts, people who had nothing to do but click into and out of live streams from top to bottom, and people who were curious by the names of live streams. These people inadvertently clicked into Gu Yu’s live stream and immediately heard the sound of music they had never heard before.

Some left feeling bored, but more people’s eyes lit up and they listened intently. The listeners’ bodies relaxed unconsciously, leaning or lying on their backs, enjoying the peace of mind.

At the end of the song, Gu Yu froze. He had played this piece many times, usually in a relaxed mood, but he had never before had this feeling. It was as if he had followed the sound of the flute and went to the world of Jiangnan Village. The feeling of relaxation was magnified several times more than ever before.

Was it an illusion, or was he just too involved? He wondered in his heart and looked at the comments.

[Wind: Good to hear.]

[I’m Strong: Wow, what kind of instrument is this? It sounds good!]

[Fei Fei: Too comfortable, so relaxed that I almost fell asleep. The anchor is great!]

[Laughing out loud: As far as I know, the bamboo flute playing method has been lost! The anchor’s playing is so great, so his little popularity is not scientific, ah!]

Gu Yu breathed a sigh of relief and looked at the bottom left corner, popularity: 18.

The corners of his mouth curled up and he typed, [Thank you all for liking it.] He took a sip of water.

[I’m strong: Huh, why isn’t the anchor talking?]

[Laughing out loud: Right? Oh. Does the anchor only type and not talk?]

Gu Yu thought about it and replied, [Sorry, my throat is injured, I can’t speak for now.]

[Fei Fei: Why do I feel the anchor is so soft? His reply is too good!]

[I’m very strong: I also think so. I think I heard the sound of drinking water. The movement was quieter than my Carter crying out.]

[Fei Fei: I’m really curious, ah! Anchor, turn on a camera!]

Gu Yu pursed his lips, and hurriedly turned the mike to mute and typed, [Sorry, no face.]

He was worried about being nervous and showing his face. Immediately after, he typed the name of the next song, and then continued to play.

The song he chose was soft and suitable for evening listening. Every time he played a song, he would take a break to drink water and chat with the audience. Halfway through the show, he received many Goodwill alerts but didn’t have time to check them.

He found that the feeling he had before was not an illusion, and the experience of listening to the song was deeper than in modern times. He looked at the time, it was almost eleven o’clock. His popularity at this time was at 68, the current number was 66.

Almost every viewer had stayed to watch the stream after joining.

He smiled, this result was much better than he thought, [Thank you all for watching. Today’s live broadcast is over. I’ll be back on tomorrow evening, at eight o’clock.]

[Feifei: Huh? Over? Why so soon?! I haven’t heard enough.]

[Laughing Out Loud: It’s so comfortable, I listened with my eyes closed and now my whole body is relaxed.]

[I’m Strong: It’s been three hours straight, the anchor worked hard. I’ll come back tomorrow.] 

[Wind: Good night.]

System prompt, “User ‘I’m strong’ gifts the anchor stars x 100.”

Hi-Lo’s gifts were simple, there were only stars and a starry sky.

One star was equal to one star coin, one starry sky was worth 10,000 star coins, stars x 1000 would cause them to be broadcasted all over the platform.

Gu Yu froze, not expecting someone to send a gift on the first day. He was about to reply with a thank you when a dozen more people sent gifts.

He hurriedly typed, [Thank you all for your gifts, good night.]

He finished typing, thought about it, picked up the flute and played a sleep song. The moment the song ended he closed the live stream. He opened the system and his eyes lit up when he saw that the total value of Goodwill was 23.

He was about to take a look at the list in the table when the system sounded in his head, “Goodwill source exceeds ten people. Do you want to activate the new Goodwill panel?”

Gu Yu looked at the words New Goodwill Panel and a line of explanation immediately appeared next to it.

“The panel will be arranged by how much Goodwill has been earned; when facing the person, you can see the Goodwill value; you can view the total value of Goodwill of any creature at any time; when you get Goodwill from more than one person at the same time, the pop-up mode will be cancelled, and only a voice will remind you of the Goodwill increase once.”

Gu Yu did not hesitate to look at the ‘Yes.’

Currently, the Goodwill increase pop-ups had kept flashing in front of his eyes, and he was dazzled.

“New Goodwill panel is open, please Trader, try to get Goodwill points.”

Gu Yu studied the system, the system panel still looked the same as before, only the table had many more rows.

The first row, Cyno, 13.

The corner of Gu Yu’s mouth curled slightly, shutting the system and lying down to sleep.


In the 303 dormitory of Splendor University, two roommates came back from outside. When they entered the dormitory, their faces changed violently when they saw their roommate lying asleep on the table.

The green-shirt student’s body shook, “Fei couldn’t have been surfing the Internet continuously for too long and died suddenly, right?!”

The flower shirt student was shocked and ran quickly to Fei’s side, grabbed Fei’s shoulders and shook him back and forth, shaking him violently, “Fei, wake up, don’t die!”

The skinny young man, Fei, opened his eyes with a twisted face and grabbed his roommate’s hand, “Bastard, you finally did it, taking advantage of me in my sleep. Do you want to verify whether I can be shaken apart?!”

“Ah!” Fei’s roommate shouted, let go of his roommate’s hand, and covered his throat to be saved from the choking and shaking.

“I’m going to kill you, I haven’t slept for almost three days! It’s hard to fall asleep and then to actually be woken up by you? Ugh!”

The green roommate held him and dragged him out, “Don’t be impulsive. Aren’t we worried about you? You often stay up late, usually at this point, you are playing on the Internet. We thought that…when we came back and saw you lying on the table…we thought you were in trouble!”

Fei obediently let go of the flower shirt’s neck and used his hands to rub his face, “Let go of me.”

Although he was very thin, his eyes were very large. Staring into his eyes which had a look of life and death, the green shirted housemate hurriedly let go of him.

He returned to his seat, looked at the screen and lamented, “Ahhhhh, I’m an idiot, I can’t believe I didn’t record!”

The green-clad housemate cautiously reminded, “Fei, I see you look bad, go back to sleep.”

Fei lay on the table and after a while straightened up and sat down, with a bitter face, “I can’t sleep.” His big eyes glowed, “I must record tomorrow.”

The two roommates looked at each other, and the flowery shirt asked, “What recording? Aren’t you having trouble falling asleep? Why did you fall asleep just now?”

Fei’s face was tired, but his eyes were bright, “I inadvertently entered the live room of a new host, and the music he played was particularly good. I fell asleep without realizing it.”

Both of them asked at the same time, “So amazing?”

Seeing Fei nodding affirmatively, the two were curious, “When will he start broadcasting? We will also go to see the live broadcast tomorrow.”

The next morning, those who had listened to Gu Yu last night found themselves refreshed and feeling particularly relaxed as soon as they got up, and couldn’t help but think of the music they had listened to before going to bed.


When Gu Yu washed up and went to the dining room, Cyno was already sitting there waiting for him, his white hair slightly wet, obviously having showered after his morning workout.

Gu Yu smiled at Cyno when he sat down and typed, [Good morning.]

In a flash, he saw a +1 in light blue font appear above Cyno’s head, like a prompt to add blood in a game. In the next second, the +1 flew towards him and dissipated into thin air.

He froze slightly and opened his system to see Cyno’s Goodwill become 14.

He looked at Cyno, thinking ‘Goodwill points’ in his head, and saw the number 14 in light blue font appear on the top side of Cyno’s head, and after a while it disappeared. He immediately understood the new Goodwill panel!

Cyno smiled and said good morning, his eyes lingered on Gu Yu’s face.

Gu Yu was embarrassed by his look and typed with a red face to ask, [What’s wrong?]

Cyno, “The song you played with the flute was so comfortable and relaxing to listen to. It felt amazing.”

It seems he was not the only one who felt this way.

Gu Yu thought about explaining, [I play soothing music, which has the effect of relaxing and relieving people from stress.]

This was the charm of music. It could make people relax, make their heart pound, or make them feel sad. Music could convey different emotional feelings. Only, the music in this world had a better effect.

Cyno pondered for a moment, “I have never had this feeling when I listened to music before.”

Gu Yu blinked and inquired curiously, [What kind of music do you guys usually listen to?]

“Songs from the charts.”

Gu Yu thought about it and opened the charts while eating breakfast and listened to them one by one. But he didn’t listen to a complete song, he listened to the intro and switched. When he had listened to all the top twenty songs on the chart, he understood that all of them were battle songs, the mainstream music of Brilliant Splendor.

All twenty songs would make people want to pick up weapons and fight.

Gu Yu turned off the charts. He was used to listening to old-fashioned songs in the teahouse and preferred soft and rhythmic tunes. He took a sip of milk, [This music is too fast paced, and it’s not relaxing at all.] He couldn’t help but be curious and continued typing, [Is there no soothing music?]

Cyno raised his eyebrows, “The music I listened to in my early childhood was more soothing, but as an adult, I almost always listen to this music.”

Gu Yu did not understand before, but after Cyno explained, he understood.

On the one hand, the werebeasts were a race that revered its strength, were brave and warlike.

After the interstellar era fighting against the Zerg, competing for resources and defending their homeland, all the various reasons made them have to get used to fighting and being brave.

Brilliant Splendor males were forced to join the army for ten years after reaching adulthood at the age of twenty. The army used popular war songs, and few people listened to slow lyrical music.

On the other hand, due to the scarcity of natural females, tangled love stories only existed in fiction and film works, and were rarely seen in reality. This made Brilliant Splendor love songs rare. Thus, battle songs became mainstream.

Of course, soothing songs were not completely absent, but even they were with a hard man style, probably the kind of iron man tender feelings. Not like the sound of the flute, languid and natural.

Gu Yu finished his breakfast and typed, [I’m going to work.]

Cyno got up, “I’ll take you there.”

Gu Yu shook his head, [No need. I’ve already checked the route and public transportation can go straight to Shu Xin.]

He had already checked the route last night. He could just walk a few minutes and there was a public transportation station.

How could Cyno let him go squeeze into public transportation? Who knows if he would be taken advantage of?

“I have a month of wedding leave, so I’m fine anyway.” He replied, putting his hand on the back of Gu Yu’s seat and bending over, “What’s more, even if there’s something wrong, it’s not as important as accompanying you.”

Gu Yu’s right ear and half of his face instantly reddened. He hurriedly got up to avoid the nearness, and quickly walked to the dining room door. His footsteps paused, he typed, [Thank you.]

Cyno’s eyes narrowed slightly. So soft, he must be watched! He smiled back. “Don’t thank me. Let’s go.”

When they reached Shu Xin, Gu Yu looked at Cyno as he got out, [You go back, I’ll take the bus back from work.]

Cyno disapproved, “I can go back first, but I have to come pick you up after work.” Seeing Gu Yu hesitate, he said, “If you don’t agree, I’ll wait here for you to get off work.”

Gu Yu pursed his lips helplessly, [Okay, you don’t have to come too early, I’ll leave work at 5:30, you can leave home at 5:20.]

Cyno smiled and rubbed his hair, “Okay, I know the time. Don’t worry about it. Go to work!”

Gu Yu got out of the car, walked a few steps then looked back. Cyno’s car was still in the same place. He smiled and waved his hand before turning around and walking into Shu Xin. It was still early and there was not a single beast female in the recreation area, but on his way to the rest area, Gu Yu saw many beast females playing.

He didn’t need to go to the recreation area to rest because he had just rested at night and was in the best of spirits. He sat in the music room, studied the equipment over, and finally opened the composition desk.

The composition desk was much like a music app from the modern age, allowing virtual compositions and the ability to insert various instrument accompaniments. After thinking about it, he chose the virtual guqin and used the composition desk to create a song called “Three Melodies of Plum Blossoms.” 2

This piece was originally a flute piece, but later changed to the guqin, and the guqin piece became more famous instead. When he worked at the tea club, he often took turns playing this tune with the guqin staff member and was particularly familiar with this tune.

He planned to use the composition desk to make the guqin song, and then record the song when he played it on the flute, and both versions would be available. The song had just been finished when he saw a person walk into the lounge area.

He saw the visitor, came out of the music room, and smiled, “Dr. Qin.”

Qin Sheng rubbed the head of Ki Ki in his arms, “I’m going to work soon, but I want to leave Ki Ki here. He is timid, but very fond of you, so I brought him here.”

Ki Ki’s two paws grabbed Qin Sheng’s lapel, looked back at Gu Yu, and turned his head to bury it on Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng was a little helpless, pinched his ears, “Okay, I will come to pick you up after work. Gu Yu is here, do not be afraid.”

He said, handing Ki Ki to Gu Yu. Gu Yu reached out to take him. Ki Ki’s round eyes looked at Qin Sheng, with a very reluctant look. But he did not struggle, and obediently stayed in Gu Yu’s hand.

Qin Sheng coaxed him again, and then left.

Gu Yu gently stroked Ki Ki’s back, silently comforting him.

After a while, Ki Ki’s ears twitched and he looked up at Gu Yu, then got down from his hand and rubbed his arm. Gu Yu smiled at him and placed him at the door of the music room, where he left the door open and went back to work.

He transferred last night’s recording to the player, cutting out the clips of chatting with the audience in the middle. He turned his head and saw that in addition to Kiki, there was a Tira, the beast similar to a penguin, at the door.

Ki Ki’s face was half covered by long hair, only his eyes were exposed, and his head was tilted to look at the Tira. The Tira didn’t look at him, his big, round eyes looked at Gu Yu, and when he looked over, his wings flapped gently.

The fluff covering the surface of the wings gently fluttered up, and Gu Yu realized that his feathers were not black, but dark green. He smiled at the Tira, went over and squatted down, rubbed the Tira’s round head, and then rubbed Kiki’s head.

Kiki lifted his head and called softly toward the Tira again, “Zee~”

The Tira finally turned his head to look at him and returned in a clear, crisp voice very softly, “La~” 

Kiki twitched his ears, tentatively approached the Tira and rubbed his head against the Tira’s bulbous body. The Tira’s big eyes blinked and he pecked Kiki’s fluff with his pointed mouth. The two soon stayed close to each other, squeaking and communicating.

Gu Yu watched for a while, smiled, then went back to work.

After ten o’clock, the lounge area was gradually filled with customers, so Gu Yu played the flute music he recorded last night, adjusting the volume and turning down the sound.

The whole lounge area was enveloped in a natural and relaxing atmosphere. There was also a group of fluffy children at the entrance of the music room.

Gu Yu saw that they were all well behaved, so he went back to work, recalling and recording all the flute songs from his memory, and then making them in order. It wasn’t long before Merlin came too. He wanted to approach Gu Yu, but was blocked by the hairy balls at the door, so he growled softly.

Gu Yu laughed and got up, rubbed his neck, and Merlin was satisfied enough to lie down near his feet.

A few days went by and Gu Yu’s work went very well. The beast females were very obedient and never made any trouble, but at most, they let him rub their fur.

In the afternoons, starting at five o’clock, the females were taken away one by one by their relatives. At 5:30, Gu Yu finished work, but he didn’t rush out, Cyno said he would come later.

He stayed in the recreation room for a while, and at 5:50 he left. He found the Tira following him when he was almost at the gate.

He knelt down and stroked the Tira’s wings, stood up and waved goodbye to him. Its wings flapped and he still followed him. Gu Yu was a bit helpless, picked up the Tira and went to ask Li, [Can you contact his relatives? Why isn’t he coming to pick him up now?]

Li sighed, “He is a long stay guest, the boss picked him up outside two years ago, and he has no relatives. There are very few Tiras, and when he came of age last year, the company began looking for a mate for him but hasn’t found the right one.” He reached out, “Give him to me, I’ll send him back to his dorm.”

The Tira looked at Gu Yu and winged forward to hug his arm, then let go after a moment.

Li hugged the Tira and looked at Gu Yu with some surprise, “Mo Mo likes you a lot, he never clings to people.”

Gu Yu then knew the Tira’s name, he smiled at MoMo, using text-to-voice, “I will come back tomorrow.”

The Tira nodded his head and sounded happy, “La~”

Gu Yu smiled and waved and said goodbye to Li again, then walked out the door. Cyno’s message came through, telling him where the car was parked.

This was the second day of work Gu Yu proposed not to have Cyno pick him up, so he went to the parking lot by himself. Cyno was too famous to come and pick him up at the door, and it was inevitable that he would be seen.

As soon as Cyno saw Gu Yu, he asked while looking him over, “How do you feel?”

For the past few days, he asked this question each day. Gu Yu’s eyes glowed with excitement, [Very good.]

Cyno smiled, pressed the shield button and put the car into motion, “That’s good, did something happy happen?”

Gu Yu smiled and didn’t answer. He clenched his fingers, opened the system panel and looked at the Goodwill total: 108.

In the morning, the Goodwill total value was 96, which was obtained from the live broadcast as well as from his work in the past few days. In one day of work, he had gained another 12 Goodwill points from customers.

When the total value reached 100, the system reminded him that he could buy new items. He had been particularly excited, but thinking about his physical reaction when he bought the text, he didn’t dare to buy it immediately.

He was worried about fainting in Shuxin and causing trouble.

He could only do it when he was off duty and Cyno was around, so he felt at ease. He entered the Goodwill mall and used 100 Goodwill points to purchase ‘Spiritual Language Dan’, the system prompted that the purchase was successful and firework effects appeared in the mall interface.

The next moment, another pop-up box appeared, “Do you want to use ‘Spiritual Language Dan’?”

Gu Yu pursed his lips and looked to ‘yes’.

In a flash, he felt a warmth in his throat, as if he was soaking in warm water, very comfortable. At the same time, a system tone sounded in his brain, “Congratulations to the trader, successfully took the Spiritual Language Dan and has the ability to speak.”

After a pause, the system added, “The Goodwill effect initially attached to the trader has been upgraded to the primary effect: for every 1 Goodwill point consumed, for the next minute, you can speak at will without physical restrictions. PS: Goodwill value lock, you can choose whether to use Goodwill or not.”

Gu Yu froze and recalled the content of the initial effect: Goodwill was not locked, as long as you say a word, it will automatically cost Goodwill points.

At first glance, the initial efficacy was indeed much better.

Only, what does it mean to speak at will without being restricted by the body?

As he was thinking about it, the warm feeling in his throat gradually dissipated, and he subconsciously touched his throat.

“Uncomfortable?” Cyno, who had been watching him, noticed his movement and asked with a tilt of his head.

Gu Yu shook his head, his mouth opened slightly, then quickly closed again, biting his lip. His breathing instantly sharpened, his heart beating wildly. He was like a thirsty traveler who had been walking in the desert for a long time and was excited to see water, but was worried that everything was just a mirage.

Cyno frowned, pulled over to the side of the road, reached out and lifted Gu Yu’s chin, watching Gu Yu’s reaction, “Tell me where you don’t feel well.”

Gu Yu couldn’t even care about being shy at this time. His mood was extremely nervous and excited. He heavily pursed his lips then opened his mouth slightly.


A very light voice sounded in the car, as if a breeze brushing through the petals. If not for the silence in the car, one would almost think it was a hallucination.

Gu Yu bit his lips, his eyes bursting with an extremely bright light, and then instantly turned red, covered with a layer of water.

He can really talk!

Although the voice was soft, although with a rasp, but really he can make a sound!

Cyno was shocked, but seeing his red eyes, his surprise turned to heartache. His finger brushed over his lips, “Don’t bite your lip. Don’t cry.”

Gu Yu let go of his lips and blinked quickly, but his eyes still couldn’t help but be moist. After he slowed his breathing and calmed down, he realized that Cyno was holding his chin and his thumb was still touching his lips.

His face flooded red and he leaned back, distancing himself from Cyno. He closed his eyes and pressed the corners of his eyes to force back the tears in them. When he looked up again, he broke into a bright smile, “Cyno, I can talk now.”

His voice was soft and muffled, but he was happy.

At least, he could talk.

He also understood the meaning of Goodwill’s initial effect at this point. He could speak, but probably because he hadn’t spoken for so long, his voice was soft and hoarse. He was not disappointed; he remembered very clearly that the next item was the Cleansing Dan.

He was almost certain that his voice would be fully restored after the purchase of the Cleansing Dan.

Cyno’s eyes were slightly dark. He had never heard such a soft voice as his little mate’s. The hoarseness did not make him feel unpleasant, but rather gave him a strange feeling.

When his name was called out by the soft and husky voice of his mate, his body seemed to be run through by an electric current, making his body stiffen. He steadied his mind, smiled and rubbed the top of Gu Yu’s hair, “That’s nice, you have a good voice.”

Gu Yu blushed slightly and shook his head, “It’s hoarse, not good.”

Cyno’s eyes narrowed slightly, “Does your throat hurt?”

Gu Yu shook his head, “No, it’s just that it’s not completely healed yet, so I can’t speak loudly.”

“Then talk less.” Cyno suggested with a sincere face. He clenched his fingers into a fist, secretly distressed that his little mate was very fond of his current job, because he really wanted his little mate to stay in their home at all times. He didn’t want anyone to hear his little mate’s voice.

Gu Yu nodded, realizing after two seconds, “Mn,” he smiled shyly, “it’s still a little uncomfortable.”

He hadn’t been able to speak for too long and was used to responding to things with silence or gestures.

Cyno looked at him painfully, not wanting to expose his scars, so he wouldn’t ask him how he became that way, but only asked, “Why are you suddenly better?”

Gu Yu pursed his lips, “My hometown is not in this world, so I need time to adapt to here.”

He could not explain about the system or that according to the current trend of Goodwill acquisition, in a few days, he would be able to buy the Qing Yun Dan, and his voice would return to normal.

This little bit of recovery was quite in line with the adaptation process.

Cyno looked at him and thought about whether or not not he should ask what he had encountered to come to Brilliant Splendor. In case it was something sentimental, wouldn’t it make things difficult for his little mate? He restarted the car, “Take your time getting used to it and tell me where you’re not used to. Consider this your second home.”

“Okay.” Gu Yu’s eyes curved.

In the evening, five minutes to eight o’clock, for his live preparations, he wrote in the upper left corner of the light screen what songs he was going to play so that way he did not have to think about it mid stream.

He was about to start the broadcast early when he received an internal message from the platform.

Seeing the contact, he froze. It was actually his Hi-Lo Super Admin, Coconut.

A very ordinary conversation began.

Coconut: [Are you here?]

The administrator of Gu Yu’s live room was called Wooden Fish, and apart from sending him some information about the notes, the two had no further contact. This was a bit strange, according to reason, even if there is an issue, it should be Wooden Fish to contact him, not Coconut.

He hurriedly replied, [Hello, I’m here.]

Two seconds after his reply, Coconut sent four screenshots in quick succession, [Is that you?]

Gu Yu froze as he started looking at the first screenshot, which showed a picture of him. He was standing in the music room of the recreation area, playing the flute with a smile on his lips. The angle of the photo showed that he was standing at the entrance of the recreation area, a bit far away, but the resolution was high.

Below the photo were comments, 

[Oh my! I have found a treasure! What a beautiful appearance, and he plays such nice songs. He’s really wonderful.]

[Is this an artificial female? So nice to lick the screen!]

[No, I secretly asked the staff, he’s a transgender female.]

[It’s such a shame.]

[Face dogs don’t care what the identity is, lick the screen!]

The second screenshot captured more comments,

[Play the flute? Isn’t that a lost tradition?]

[Who said it’s lost? I met a new anchor on Hi-Lo, he plays the flute every day and it’s super good!]

[Hey, I also remember that it’s lost, how come there are suddenly two people who can play the flute at once?]

[Could it be the same person?]

[I saw this employee when I sent my brother to Shu Xin, well… He doesn’t seem to be able to speak.]

[Right! Feather… That’s the new anchor, never speaks either, seems to have a throat injury.]

[Wow, it really seems to be the same person. Begging for a live room code. I’m going to lick the screen.]

[Wake up, the anchor does not show his face.]

Gu Yu pursed his lips and clicked on the next two screenshots, both talking about him, the four pictures were cut from the same post.

He finished reading and replied, [Yes.]

Coconut: [This is today’s hot post, tonight the popularity of your live room will be higher than usual. Turn on your camera. I will be here too. You take advantage of it, this is your chance to burst into the limelight.]

Gu Yu thought for a while, [Sorry, I don’t want to show my face.]

If there was no post, he might be a little nervous to show his face.

After reading the post, he was sure that he would be especially nervous and would not be able to live normally at all.

Coconut: [Don’t be pretentious, the heat of the post will be gone tomorrow, you show your face before tomorrow and we will have a follow-up. Popularity is money, you are lucky. If you do not grasp the opportunity, then good luck is also in vain.]

Gu Yu: [Sorry, I won’t show my face.]

Coconut: [You can still rub the heat with your appearance as a transgender female. When you recover, after normal development, even if you look more handsome, no one will be interested in a tall male. Are you sure you do not want to take advantage of the opportunity to make a profit?]

Gu Yu was now even more repulsed by the thought of showing his face, [I’m sure.]

Coconut: [Forget it, you’re wasting my time. I was going to sign you to my name.]

Gu Yu: [Thank you.]

Coconut didn’t reply again, and Gu Yu didn’t care much. He had signed to Hi-Lo in the first place because the minimum standard anchor was very free, except for the length of time there were no hard and fast rules. He closed the chat interface, opened the live stream, and was about to type an apology for being a few minutes late today.

When his eyes swept over the bottom left corner he was startled, the popularity was more than 20,000.

The pop-up screen was neat and tidy: [Where is the anchor?]

He hurriedly typed: [Sorry, I was delayed just now.]

[Anchor, show your face!]

[Yes, turn on the camera!]

Gu Yu: [Sorry, I’m not going to show my face.]

[Cut, no fun.]

[Gone gone gone, still ready to lick your face!]

[Fei Fei: Go away! Do not disturb me listening to the songs!]

Gu Yu saw this familiar id and smiled. He looked at the 10,000 popularity, and did not care. He looked at which song he said he was going to play written on the public screen, and then began to play.

At first there were pop-ups: [fuck, it sounds good!]

Then the live room quieted down, following the sound of the flute into a vibrant world, light and bright.

A few days down the line, Gu Yu had become accustomed to playing, chatting, playing…the cycle of the live process.

He enjoyed reading the pop-ups, the audience’s brain circuits were particularly amusing, and many of the comments made him laugh. The other day there were at most two hundred viewers, today there were so many more than before that the chat took a little longer than usual.

In one night, he collected close to three thousand gifts. He was dumbfounded, it was so much better than he expected. He postponed his next broadcast slightly and got used to playing a sleep song before he went off the air.

Before going to bed, he thought about it and found the original post where Coconut’s screenshots had been taken and examined it.

Latest comment: [All scattered, I know this type of anchor. He’s not a man at all. Even though he livestreams, he’s afraid to show his face.]

[Yes, I also think it is hype and because of it, the new anchor is really powerful, thinks his face is bigger than a basin.]

Gu Yu, “…” He closed the post and closed his eyes to go to sleep.

Although he wanted to be popular and to make money, he wanted the audience to like his music more than just for his looks.

The post sank, but it still caused a disturbance for Gu Yu.

The next day at work, several males took the opportunity to visit him in the recreation area while sending their own beast females there. Gu Yu couldn’t do anything about it, thinking it was a good thing that Shu Xin had a rule that young males should not stay inside Shu Xin for more than ten minutes when dropping off their beast females.

This was to protect the beast females for fear that some males may misbehave with them.

These days Gu Yu now understood why the staff were over two hundred years old. After two hundred years old, the male glands were stable and would not be disturbed by the female glandular hormone.

Of course, it was not 100% safe, but today only males had human forms and robots were costly and easy to take care of.

At noon, Gu Yu went to the cafeteria to eat dinner, and on the way, he met Li. He was accompanied by a skinny teenager of about one meter eight. The teenager had red hair and was particularly conspicuous.

Gu Yu felt he looked familiar, thought for a moment, then could not help but show a trace of surprise.

He had seen this person when he was in the Central Hospital. This was the transgender female who appeared to be insane.

Li smiled and introduced the two, “Gu Yu, this is Zolei, also a transgender female, just recruited today to work in the food area.”

“Zolei, this is Gu Yu, who works in the leisure area.”

The two nodded to each other, and Gu Yu smiled at Zolei when he saw that he looked calm and seemed like he had recovered. Zolei’s eyes moved slightly and the corners of his mouth hooked.

It was mealtime, when the food area was busy, so after greeting, Gu Yu left.

After the meal was the time when the casual area had the most customers, and after Gu Yu’s tenure, there were even more customers. Familiar customers liked to fall asleep to the songs he played, and newcomers came to the lounge after lunch after being introduced by their buddies.

Gu Yu played soft tunes and looked into the lobby of the lounge.

The beast females were lying on the floor, many already asleep, and a few half-squinting, about to fall asleep. Seeing this, after the song being played ended, he played a sleep song.

The beast females soon fell asleep, and he turned up the temperature of the air conditioner. When he passed by the door, he saw a man standing in the doorway, with red hair that stood out.

Zolei met his eyes, hooked his lips and waved to him. Gu Yu walked out and the doors to the lounge area opened and closed automatically. He looked at Zolei inquiringly.

Zolei pointed outward, “Let’s go to a farther location and talk.”

Gu Yu pointed to the door behind him and shook his head. During working hours, he couldn’t go too far from the recreation area.

Zolei, “Not too far, just down the road, you don’t want to disturb their sleep either, do you?”

Outside the recreation area was a wide stone road with various flowers planted on both sides. Gu Yu hesitated for a moment, walked five meters out, and typed, [What can I do for you?]

He continued to use text to communicate with people in recent days.

His voice was soft and hoarse; he didn’t want to say a word and be chased by people asking ‘What did you just say?’ And it was better to type since talking too much made his throat uncomfortable.

Zolei stared at the light screen for two seconds, “You really can’t talk.”

He took a step closer and lowering his head to Gu Yu’s ear, “Is it a complication of becoming a transgender female?”

Gu Yu hurriedly took a step back and frowned, before he could say anything, Zolei took him by the shoulders and laughed. “Why are you so nervous? Our status is awkward, shouldn’t we be more relaxed in front of our kind?”

Gu Yu slapped his arm away and pursed his lips, [Sorry, I’m not used to being too close to people, I’ll go first.]

He typed then turned around, but was grabbed by Zolei again, “I have something to ask you.”

Gu Yu wrinkled his eyebrows and shook his hand away, biting his lip and standing silently looking at him.

Zolei scanned him over, “How are you… How do you feel?”

Gu Yu blinked in confusion.

Zolei’s eyes narrowed slightly, “Stopping the pheromone inhibitor, your body didn’t protest?”

It dawned on Gu Yu that Zolei thought he was a transgender female and was asking him how he felt about the treatment. He thought for two seconds, typed, and gave a vague answer, [Fine.]

Zolei suddenly smiled and reached out, “Your songs are very good. In the future, I will come to listen to them sometime.”

Gu Yu froze slightly, pursed his lips and then smiled. He was rejected as a child, and few people would take the initiative to approach him. As a child, he longed for friends, and several times he had the courage to approach others only to be coldly rejected. He couldn’t deny the friendliness of someone. He reached out his hand and shook Zolei’s.

Zolei looked down at their hands, his smile deepened, and he let go, “I’ll come back tomorrow at noon.”

After Zolei left, Gu Yu returned to the lounge area and checked the status of the customers. Making sure they were all sleeping soundly and no customers were cold, he sat down on the sofa to the right of the doorway and closed his eyes to refresh himself.

Sitting here, he would be the first to notice when someone came in. It didn’t take long for a very light warm touch to be felt on his knee. He opened his eyes and saw the Tira standing at his feet, his chin resting lightly on his knee, his round, dark eyes looking at him.

He smiled, leaned forward slightly and greeted softly, “MoMo.” At the same time, he raised his hand and rubbed his head.

MoMo’s wings flapped happily and his chin rubbed against Gu Yu’s knee.

Gu Yu gently touched the feathers on his back, which felt like silk and were so thick that his fingers sank into them accidentally. MoMo looked round and bulbous, but actually did not have much flesh.

After a while, Ki Ki also woke up. He jumped next to Gu Yu and into his arms. Gu Yu quickly hugged him. The beast females woke up one after another, and Gu Yu said softly, “Go play a game.”

He set the fluffy one lying on him down on the floor, and went to the music room to change to a lighter tune. After the siesta, was the time for the beast females to be entertained, and most of the patrons chose to go to the entertainment area to play.

Kiki often went with Merlin, and after getting to know MoMo, the three went together.

But MoMo always came back quickly and stayed with Gu Yu. Near the end of the day, the beast females were picked up one by one, and MoMo followed Gu Yu to the gate. Gu Yu waved at him. MoMo’s right wing lifted up towards the front, and he also followed, swaying from side to side, and when he couldn’t see Gu Yu anymore, he turned around and went back to his dorm.

The next morning, Gu Yu was smoothing the fur of a Carter cat when a mechanical voice rang in his head.

“Congratulations trader, Goodwill value has reached one hundred. You can purchase the product ‘Qing Run Dan’, do you want to buy it now?”

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Translator Notes:

  1. or just flute 
  2. 梅花三弄 


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