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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


The moment the mechanical voice sounded, Gu Yu jerked, his fingers subconsciously clenched.

“Meow~” The Carter cocked his head and snarled.

“I’m sorry.” Gu Yu apologized softly and rubbed Carter’s neck soothingly. He thought for a moment, returned to the music room and sat down. He took a deep breath and replied ‘yes’ in his head.

“Congratulations to the trader, the purchase of the Purifying Elixir was successful. Do you wish to take it now?”


All of a sudden, Gu Yu’s throat felt cool and refreshed, even his breath was refreshed. The cooling sensation lasted for a minute then gradually dissipated.

The system’s voice sounded again. “Trader Goodwill Points initial effect upgraded to higher effect: for every Goodwill Point spent, any sound made within the next minute, including instrument playing, will be accompanied by the evolutionary energy of the current world. Note: Only works on one creature in the same area. If the number of creatures in the area is greater than one, the beneficiary is the creature the trader was looking at when he spent Goodwill Points. The trader consumes 1 Goodwill, the beneficiary gains 1 evolutionary energy.”

The initial effect was to spend Goodwill Points to speak without restriction, now it became high level…

Gu Yu clenched his fist, his voice was definitely restored, so the initial level effect was meaningless, and therefore became high level. He steadied his emotions and read the explanation carefully, then dropped his eyes to the words ‘evolutionary energy’.

When he focused on it, an explanation immediately appeared next to the words.

“Evolutionary energy: energy that induces merit-based changes in the genetic traits of living things. In this world, the function of evolutionary energy: 1. enhance the creature’s ability, 2. cure transgender female glandular disorder disease, 3. promote the transformation of beast females into natural females (need to obtain 1000 evolutionary energy).”

This meant that he needed to collect 1000 Goodwill Points and then consume all the Goodwill when he played, sang or spoke. By looking at KiKi while expending energy, KiKi could become transformed into human form! If he looked at Cyno, Cyno’s ability would be enhanced, and if he looked at Zolei, Zolei’s body would recover.

Gu Yu was stunned, and big words came to his mind: Golden Finger.

He clenched his fist, deeply aware of the power of the system. Just then, 003’s voice came, although 003 was also a mechanical voice, compared to the system itself which had no ups and downs, it was more humane. “Congratulations for purchasing all items in the first row, activating the second row of items.”

Gu Yu returned to his senses and listened to 003’s voice, thinking of something very important. He pursed his lips and asked nervously, ‘Excuse me, what is the payment I need to pay?’

He kept in his mind that he needed to pay for gaining a new life.

003, “I thought you would look at the second row of merchandise before inquiring.”

Gu Yu smiled, ‘I will have peace of mind knowing the payment.’

His current life was like a found life, making him feel vain, with an empty and unreal feeling. He would feel more at peace if he paid the appropriate fee.

003, “The system you have is the Dream System-Goodwill Points. The reward is simple, within three years, just turn in one billion Goodwill Points.”

Gu Yu’s eyes widened, “One billion?”

003, “Yes, don’t be nervous, I think you can do it completely. Don’t forget what your dream is. This is the interstellar era and the Star Alliance has more than 10 billion people, it’s an easy task to accomplish.” 003’s voice lightened a bit, “I didn’t just pick anyone, I think highly of you.”

Gu Yu’s heart moved, his dream was to be a singer, and he hoped to sing songs that were liked by people. A singer was a public profession, and if one had outstanding ability and could have many fans, it would indeed be relatively easy to collect Goodwill. Despite this, he was still inevitably nervous. Even if a fan could eventually give him 10 Goodwill Points, he would have to have 100 million fans.

And he only had three years to do it.

He clenched his fingers, ‘What if it doesn’t get done?’

003, “You should be confident- I believe in my vision,” he paused. “If you can’t finish, you will disappear in this world. The system gives you life so you have to give back Goodwill Points, it’s a fair deal. Of course, if you refuse, you can terminate the deal right now.”

‘No,’ Gu Yu’s heart beat wildly, ‘I promise, I will try.’

003, “Alright, I won’t show up after this. I’ll come for the energy in three years.”

Gu Yu hurriedly called out to him, ‘Wait!’

003, “What’s wrong? Any more questions?”

Gu Yu asked very directly, ‘Is the function of music here enhanced?’

003, “It has to do with the characteristics of the creatures in this world. They are more susceptible to music and listen to it more vicariously.” 003 reminded, “It’s good for you, easier to get fans. But it’s also a challenge, if you perform hard, it will be more annoying.”

Gu Yu understood this as soon as he heard it, ‘Thank you, I will try my best to do a good job.’

003, “Well, I believe in you, go for it. Three years later, I am looking forward to seeing your concert.”

Gu Yu smiled and was a little confused, ‘Aren’t you the system?’

003, “I am the system administrator, after I leave, the system still exists, but is not as flexible as I am.”

Gu Yu drifted off and thanked again very seriously, ‘Thank you.’

003, “See you in three years.”

Gu Yu glanced around the lobby. There were less customers at this moment. It was almost meal time so they went to the food area. He closed the door of the music room, turned on the soundproof mode, took a deep breath, and his lips opened, “Ah…”

A warm and calm voice rang out in the room, and Gu Yu’s eyes suddenly turned red.

He could speak normally!

Although he had expected it when he heard the system prompt, his heart still beat uncontrollably when he actually heard his own voice. He was so excited that he unconsciously said several words using different intonations, and then closed his mouth violently.

He turned the ring and clicked into the chat screen with Cyno, hesitated for a moment, blushed slightly and said with his voice, “Cyno…”

His voice trembled slightly from excitement, and realizing this, his hand shook and he accidentally pressed the send button. He frowned in chagrin, took a deep breath and entered his voice again, “Cyno, my voice is completely healed.”

Looking at the alert that had been sent, he pursed his lips and glanced down, pinching his earlobe. He didn’t know why, he was just particularly eager to share his joy with Cyno.

Soon, he received Cyno’s reply, also in voice, “Ba… Little Yu’s voice is so nice! I’ll take you out for dinner tonight to celebrate.”

Gu Yu’s face burned, although the beginning was only one syllable, he heard it in the originally intended two syllables.

Halfway through saying the word ‘Baby’, Cyno had paused and changed his words in time. 

Gu Yu’s heart was racing, and he was thinking about how to reply when Cyno sent another voice, “Good boy, say another word to me.”

Gu Yu was embarrassed. After a moment of panic, he took a deep breath and tried to keep his voice calm. “Mn, let’s go out for dinner tonight, my treat.”

Cyno had a smile in his voice, “Okay.”


His little mate was going to treat him to dinner with the money he earned! Oh, he was definitely the luckiest male in the world. Who else but him would be lucky enough to have a natural female treat him?

In front of Cyno stood a squad of special forces soldiers, all with twisted faces watching their smiling marshal. 

All of them were wounded, and one of them couldn’t help but mutter in a low voice, “Marshal is evil. Just now he beat us up like he was the king of hell, and now he’s laughing so hard.”

“Marshal obviously smiled with a gentle face. Why am I more frightened?”

“Me too!”

Cyno clasped his hands to his chest. His eyes swept towards the team and pointed to the forest in the distance, “Your special operations team is so bad, twenty kilometers of weight-bearing mountain running, now go.”


Gu Yu couldn’t help but listen to Cyno’s reply again, lingering for a while, until coming back from his shyness and closing the chat interface. He opened the system to see the second row of items.

“Knock knock knock…” Just as he was about to look, there was a knock on the music room door. Gu Yu turned his head and saw Merlin standing outside the door, raising his right paw and knocking on the door. On Merlin’s back were two small beast females, KiKi and MoMo.

Gu Yu smiled, got up and opened the door, rubbed the three gently on the head, “Is it time to go to dinner?”

The three would let him know whenever they left the recreation area, no matter what they were doing. Merlin nodded and looked at him curiously.

“La~” MoMo stood up and called out excitedly.

With a flash of white, KiKi bounced onto Gu Yu, who hurriedly hugged him. KiKi lifted his head, one paw grabbed Gu Yu’s collar, and one paw probed towards Gu Yu’s mouth.

Gu Yu grabbed his paw and squeezed it gently, whispering, “My throat was hurt before, but now it’s recovering.”

KiKi squeaked happily, and his ears twitched. Merlin turned sideways, curled his tail around Gu Yu’s arm, and walked outside.

Gu Yu laughed lightly and pinched the tip of his tail, “You guys go eat first, I’ll go later.”

As he said this, he placed KiKi gently on Merlin’s back. Merlin’s tail swiped at his wrist, dropped and shook from side to side as he carried KiKi and MoMo out. Gu Yu closed the door to the music room and went to check on the customers who were still lying on the floor, waking up the sleeping customers and reminding them that it was time to go eat.

Although the beast females were in animal form, their daily routine was the same as that of humans. Shu Xin’s food area served the main meal at Noon, and if you missed the time, you had to buy snacks. Snacks were expensive and many beast females relatives worried that snacks were not good for health and forbade their beast females to buy snacks.

When all the customers in the lounge went to eat, Gu Yu left the lounge. He went to the public toilet on the right side of the leisure area. When he saw the public toilet, helpless emotions surfaced in his heart once again.

Shu Xin’s public toilet imitated a wooden structure, with a separate female and male side. In order to determine which side Gu Yu should use, Shu Xin had a special meeting. Of course, he did not attend the meeting, so he learned from Li.

Brother Li said at the time, “The manager had a meeting with us to discuss the issue. Although you look female on the outside, you are still male in nature, so you have to use the male toilet.” Li also made a point of comforting him, “I know you have a special body and don’t want to be seen by others, so if you feel uncomfortable, ask if there is anyone inside before going in. Anyway, few males use the public toilets in the recreation area.”

He listened at the time, pausing for several seconds before reacting, saying he would never go into the female restroom. He recalled the scene, went into the male toilet on the left hand side with an embarrassed face.

Since males were usually humanoid, the male toilet was much smaller than the female toilet, much like a modern bathroom. But Shu Xin was more focused on urinals and toilets, both standing and squatting and they were in separate compartments.

He finished and came out of the cubicle when he saw Zolei walking in from outside. He halted, not expecting to see Zolei here. He smiled at Zolei and walked to the sink to wash his hands, the faucet automatically stopped when he moved his hand away from it. He lifted his hand and pulled a piece of paper from the wall above the faucet and was about to wipe his hands when Zolei approached him from behind.

Zolei placed his hands against his sides, confining him to the sink. Gu Yu froze and turned to push Zolei.

Zolei grabbed his wrists and stared at him with dark eyes, “You’re Cyno’s transgender female partner!”

Gu Yu’s eyes widened and he tried hard to pull his hands back, but Zolei’s grip tightened. He was about to say something when he heard Zolei snort heavily. With mockery in his voice that could not be ignored, “A transgender female? Heh, a good transgender female!”

He took out a very thin test tube from his pocket, opened the stopper with one hand, tilted the tube, and poured out the liquid inside. After pouring out half of it, with a twist of the wrist, he casually threw it to the ground. With a snap, the test tube fell to the ground and broke in half.

All of a sudden, Gu Yu smelled a peculiar smell, strong and powerful. His heart began beating wildly, he bit his lip. His hand struggled hard as his foot kicked toward Zolei at the same time. He said angrily, “Let go of me!”

Zolei’s eyes changed and he avoided his foot, pressing him against the wall with his arm, “You can talk?”

He moved closer to Gu Yu and gently sniffed the side of his neck, “Delicious female gland scent, no wonder Cyno won’t let you talk. He’s worried you’ll reveal your identity, right?”

Gu Yu tilted his neck back and pushed Zolei with all his might. Zolei was intoxicated by the glandular scent and was pushed back by him. Gu Yu took the opportunity to run outside while rubbing his ring with his thumb, only having time to touch into the dialog box with Cyno before Zolei grabbed his arm from behind.

“What are you running for?” Zolei dragged Gu Yu inward, against the wall, running his hand down the side of his neck. Gu Yu’s body shivered uncontrollably and Zolei hooked his lips, “How about it? The scent of male glands in heat, it’s hard to endure, right?”

Gu Yu’s face turned white. He felt it, after smelling that peculiar smell, his body was getting hotter and his knees were getting weak. Gu Yu’s voice trembled slightly, “You let go of me, I have not offended you.” 

Zolei’s voice snapped, “You really haven’t, it’s just a pity that you’re actually Cyno’s mate! Those dirty aristocrats, disgusting rich people!”

Gu Yu struggled as he said, “Cyno is a good man, don’t you talk nonsense!”

Zolei ran his fingers across his chin, “Good? Everything today is because of him! I wasn’t going to move you right away, I was only going to make friends with you and plan to move you to another planet.” He took a deep breath and showed an angry look, “But I found out you were with him, and to my surprise, you haven’t gotten marked by his disgusting scent.” 

He laughed, “How could I let you be tainted by him when he couldn’t possibly leave you alone? I found you, and you should be tainted with my scent.”

He continued, lowering his head and sniffing the side of Gu Yu’s neck, “Is your body hot? You’ll be begging for me to touch you later. Remember, this is all because of Cyno! After I possess you, you go and file for divorce, you hear me?”

Gu Yu tilted his head away, “Let go of me… You’re the one who did the bad thing. It has nothing to do with Cyno.”

Anger rose in Zolei’s eyes, “Nothing? Look at me now! I’m not male, I’m not female! If it weren’t for those nobles, those rich people, how would I be in this mess?!”

“It’s the fault of the people who fed you the medicine, it has nothing to do with Cyno.” Gu Yu argued, secretly gathering strength.

“What a joke! If it wasn’t for their needs, how could someone sell us and make us disguise as artificial females? It’s all their fault!”

Gu Yu, “What are you… ah…” He cried out in pain and his body curled up.

“What are you…” Zolei was stunned, and just as he asked, he was pushed away by Gu Yu. His body was disturbed by glandular disorder and his physique was not good. He wasn’t paying attention at this moment, and was pushed backward a few steps. He didn’t expect Gu Yu to have strength under the influence of heat scent.

Gu Yu ran out with a ragged breath while shouting with all his strength, “Help!”


At the entrance of the recreation area, three people stood: a tall man in a white suit, opposite him was Brother Li and a man carrying a camera. The body of the camera was affixed with a program sign: Honggo Music Interview.

The man in the suit looked toward the door and saw no one.

Li said, “He probably went to eat.”

The man in the suit looked to the camera, “Oh, it looks like we’re a little late, the person we’re looking for isn’t here.”

The program viewers immediately sent pop-ups to make fun: [Hahaha, it’s because you’re too young, Hong. If you were over two hundred years old, you would have been let in.]

[Go look for them, the canteen should be very close!]

Hong smiled, “Since the lovely audience has suggested so, I’ll go look for that amazing flute player… Huh? Did someone just shout for help?”

Brother Li’s face changed, “It’s the direction of the public toilet.”

He cried, running quickly towards the public toilet.

Hong, “There is an unexpected situation, I’ll go check.” He gathered his legs and ran, the camera quickly followed.

Pop-ups exploded: [Someone is not killing people, right?]

[How did a good music show turn into a horror show?]

[Am I the only one who noticed that the voice just shouting for help sounded good?]

[I noticed it too!]


The moment Gu Yu’s arm was grabbed, he couldn’t hold on any longer and fell to his knees with a weakness. When he pushed Zolei, he had used almost all his strength, and he did his best to run to the door. His lips were tightly pursed, hoping beyond hope that someone would pass by.

Zolei’s face was sullen as he dragged him inside, Gu Yu’s fingertips were white as he gripped the corner of the wall near the door frame. 

Gu Yu soon ran out of strength, his fingers rubbing a mark on the wall, “Help!”

He stared hard at the road in front of the public toilet, unwilling to give up shouting out even though his voice was weak, praying for someone to pass by.

When he saw Brother Li, his eyes were red, “Brother Li!”

Gu Yu clothes looked messy because of the struggle. He was currently kneeling on the ground, a hand clutching the wall. With his red eyes, he looked extra pathetic.

Li’s heart tightened, and his heart beat wildly.

This sound!

He quickly leapt to Gu Yu’s side, and grabbed Zolei who wanted to escape, “Bastard, what did you do?”

“Let go of me!” Zolei was full of anger and fought with Li. How could anyone pass by at this hour?!

Hong was stunned in place once he saw Gu Yu and heard his voice, “Oh my God, what did I just hear?”

Gu Yu’s voice was very soft, but Hong was a strong male with sensitive five senses, and the sound could not escape his ears.

[I don’t believe it, how can a transgender female have such a nice voice!]

[Oh, he looks so pitiful, I really want to hug him.]

[Brother Hong, why don’t you help the man?]

Hong came back to his senses and walked quickly toward Gu Yu. Before he could get closer, his eyes widened with a frightened look.

“God, the smell of pheromone! I’ve never smelled anything so good!” His voice was completely unrestrained by his excitement, and Gu Yu was startled and looked up.

When he saw the camera behind him, he subconsciously tilted his head.

[Why do I feel that this transgender female is not quite right?]

[I also think that his situation is similar to the natural female described in the book as being affected by scents.]

[I have a wild guess, he’s a natural female, right?]

Gu Yu was unaware of the others’ guesses, he gasped and tried to stand up, but before he could stand, he stumbled again.

Hong noticed his movement and quickly stepped forward to help him, but his hand was blocked. He turned his head, and the person blocking him was a soldier, behind whom stood two squads of soldiers dressed in straight uniforms. The soldiers moved quickly to surround them.

The audience was stunned to see the scene.

[Holy shit! What a big formation!]

[What’s going on?]

Some people were about to post a pop-up when they noticed that the show was suddenly shut down.

When Hong saw the camera being taken away by the soldiers, he hurriedly exclaimed, “Hey, you guys can’t do that, I’m on a regular show!”

The soldiers removed the energy box and returned the camera.

Cyno’s adjutant maintained his face, but in his heart, he kept crying… Marshal told him to send someone to save his partner. He was also very perversely extraordinarily patient, and said a thousand words of advice. But he did not say that his partner was a natural female, ah!

As the marshal’s adjutant, he had seen a lot and knew a lot about the marshal’s character. As soon as he saw Gu Yu and smelled the sweet and rich glandular smell, he knew Gu Yu’s identity. The adjutant’s fingers moved, originally wanting to take off his clothes and give them to Gu Yu to wear, thinking that this was the marshal’s mate, but he hesitated for a moment.

He bent down, “Madam, I am the marshal’s adjutant. Let me take you out of here, is it okay?”

Gu Yu’s heart relaxed. Then he realized his ring was vibrating, it was a communication from Cyno. Cyno’s cold face eased slightly when he saw him, “Sorry, I’ll be right there.”

Gu Yu suddenly felt at ease, the corners of his mouth showed a faint smile, “I’ll wait for you.”

The adjutant looked surprised. The marshal was still in the training camp not long ago, how could he come so soon? Unless… Unless the Ministry’s new flying warships were used and the journey was unimpeded!

A minute later, a roar came from above, Gu Yu looked up and saw a battleship gradually descending from high above. About twenty meters from the ground, the battleship door opened and threw out a soft ladder, followed by Cyno’s sharp movements down the soft ladder to the ground.

The soft ladder was retracted and the battleship flew away.

Cyno quickly walked to Gu Yu’s side, took off his jacket, put it on Gu Yu, and picked him up. Gu Yu blushed and let him hold him, knowing very well that he could not have walked out on his own.

Cyno’s voice was incredibly soft, “Close your eyes and rest for a while. I’ll take you to the hospital, I’ve already contacted Dr. Qin.”

Gu Yu nodded gently and leaned on Cyno’s shoulder with his eyes closed. Cyno’s face was cold and lingering as he walked up to Zolei, who had been grabbed by Li, and lifted a foot, kicking Zolei’s right knee quickly and accurately.

Zolei cried out in pain and fell to his knees.

Gu Yu’s head moved. Cyno lowered his own, touching their foreheads together and Cyno murmured, “Good boy, close your eyes.”

The two people’s breaths were extremely close, causing Gu Yu’s ears to turn red. His head tilted towards Cyno, half of his face buried into Cyno’s chest and he did not open his eyes.

Cyno’s lips lightly brushed Gu Yu’s forehead, and when he looked up, his face was icy. He stepped on Zolei’s right hand with one foot and crushed down hard.

“Ah… You, I’ll sue you for lynching!” Zolei’s voice trembled, and even his words were gasping for air.

Cyno grunted coldly, “This is the most basic etiquette for males towards those who hurt their mates.”

He had quickly swept his gaze over Gu Yu when he first saw him, and he saw exactly where Gu Yu had injuries. He nudged his chin toward the soldier and his voice was cold, “Take him away.”

The soldier lifted the man off the ground with one hand.

Zolei struggled, “Let go of me! Why should you take me? You should arrest him! An imperial marshal harboring natural females, ah…”

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