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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Gu Yu didn’t read the reply directly, but clicked on the video to view it.

Immediately, the message “The video you are playing does not exist” popped up.

Is it deleted? He thought to himself. He slid his finger down to read the reply and couldn’t help but blush slowly.

[Oh! I’m in love~]

[Look at this beautiful appearance! Listen to this beautiful voice! If this is not a natural female, what else can he be?]

[I really regret that I had to go out for dinner, and did not stay in my dorm room and watch Hong’s show! [pigheaded]]

[Suddenly, I feel that artificial females are tasteless!]

[This is definitely a natural female!]

The whole page after this sentence was full of +1.

Gu Yu looked at the end and jumped to the second page.

[Turning the page! To tell the truth, I want to hold him in my arms and rub him properly~]

[I want to take off his clothes one by one, and leave my traces on his white skin inch by inch!]

[Hard! I want to…]

Gu Yu was about to close the post when he saw Cyno’s name.

[→_→: I think you guys want to die! This is Marshal Cyno’s mate!]

[Holy shit!]


[→_→: The officer in the video is the marshal’s adjundant, and this cutie’s external gender is now transgender female, got it?]

[Marshal’s partner is a transgender female!]

[Yes, and he was mistaken for an artificial female!]

[Marshal’s deputy personally led the protection, definitely marshal’s mate!]

[So the question is, is he a transgender female or a natural female?]

[If he’s a natural female, does the marshal know the truth?]

The rest of the discussion was serious, as netizens turned into detectives and gathered together all the information related to Cyno’s marriage. At the same time, they analyzed frame by frame where Gu Yu appeared in the show.

Gu Yu skipped the big analysis to scroll back and stopped when he saw a comment with many replies.

[No wonder the marshal married an artificial female and didn’t file a divorce petition, even after he was revealed to be a transgender female. It seems he has long known that his partner was a natural female.]

[In my opinion, it is simply intentional! The secretive natural female forced possession, but also issued a false message to confuse the public.]

[It is said that the cutie has not been talking at work and usually communicates by text. So it seems likely that the marshal forbade him to open his mouth, for fear of being found out about his identity!]

[Justified, I believe it.]

[Believed +1.]

[This is outrageous! How dare you treat natural females like this?!]

[I suspect that besides the marshal, there are remaining nobles who harbor natural females privately, but claim to the public that natural females are extinct.]

[It’s possible! Not even a thought for us commoners.]

The latter topic inexplicably turned to the unfair treatment of nobles and commoners.

Gu Yu’s brow subconsciously frowned, he didn’t expect it to cause such a big reaction because of his status. Cyno kept an eye on Gu Yu while watching the news, saw him frowning and swept the light screen in front of him.

After reading it, coldness flashed in his eyes and he reached out to touch the screenshot button on the light screen.

Gu Yu tilted his head to look at him, bit his lip, and said softly, “Sorry, I still caused you trouble.”

Cyno sent the screenshot to his terminal and rubbed the top of Gu Yu’s hair, “It’s no trouble.”

Gu Yu didn’t avoid it and looked at him, “Let me explain. Rumors only get more and more distorted.”

Cyno was about to speak when the communication rang, he looked at it, and refused to answer. Then he said to Gu Yu, “No, I’ll take care of it.”

Gu Yu’s heart was uneasy, Cyno lightly laughed, “Do not worry. Should I carry you to bed?”

“I want to look through my posts again.” The moment Gu Yu answered, the ring vibrated.

He touched his finger to connect, and an excited voice immediately came from the other side, “Oh my God, it’s connected!”

The other party exclaimed, followed by a loud question, “Are you a natural female? When did you first meet Marshal Cyno? Does he not allow you to speak?”

The other party spoke quickly, and Gu Yu froze, subconsciously trying to defend Cyno, “No…”

After he had said only one word, the communication was hung up by an unhappy Cyno.

Gu Yu looked at Cyno apologetically, “They misunderstood you.”

Cyno didn’t care, “It doesn’t matter.”

As he was talking, Gu Yu’s ring vibrated again.

Cyno wrinkled his eyebrows: “Your communication number is leaked and there will be a lot of inexplicable people contacting you. I’ll help you set all the rejects… Is that okay?”

In fact, he wanted to take action immediately, but didn’t want to act too forcefully and upset his little mate.

Gu Yu thought for a moment, “Strange communications are fine, I only know you and Dr. Qin and Shu Xin’s colleagues, all of whom have added their communication numbers to each other.” He said with a slight change of expression, chagrined, “I have not taken leave.”

Cyno said, “You’ll just resign, your identity is exposed, you can’t continue to work there.”

Gu Yu pursed his lips, he was very reluctant to do so, but also understood that if he continued to work at Shu Xin, it would bring trouble for Shu Xin.

All of this was because he was discussed on that post, and someone made a special trip to Shu Xin to see him. Now that this discussion about his identity made the headlines, the number of people going to Shu Xin would only increase. It would definitely affect the normal operation of Shu Xin.

“Hey…” Li picked up the communication, but found that the opposite side didn’t say a word and lowered his voice to ask, “Gu Yu?”

Gu Yu came back to his senses, “Brother Li, I’m sorry, I can’t work this afternoon.” He said after a pause, “I can’t go to work anymore, I want to quit.”

Li: “It’s okay,” he couldn’t help but ask, “Are you really a natural female?”

Gu Yu pursed his lips, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to hide it.”

“It’s okay,” Li hastily reassured, then his voice snapped up, full of chagrin, “Oh my god, I actually hurt a natural female, I don’t deserve to be a male, I…”

Gu Yu hastily interrupted him, “That was a misunderstanding, Li need not take it to heart, you just care too much about the customers.” He said and asked expectantly, “Can I go see MoMo later?”

MoMo was the third beast female friend he had made and he cared about him.

“Of course, you are always welcome! Don’t worry, as long as you come, we will definitely turn on the alert mode and won’t let any harm come to you!” Brother Li said seriously.

Gu Yu was slightly embarrassed, “No need to be so troublesome, I’ll contact you before I go to see MoMo.”

“Okay.” Brother Li answered, and the two hung up the communication.

Cyno saw the situation, reached out to Gu Yu’s terminal a few clicks, and changed the communication mode to reject all unfamiliar communications. After that, Gu Yu watched the news for a while, and saw that they were all talking about his identity, so he didn’t watch any more.

Cyno carried him back to the guest room to rest. Instead of going straight to sleep, he opened his system and checked the second row of items in the Goodwill Points store.

When he was ready to look at it in the music room earlier, he didn’t do it because Merlin and the others were looking for him. Then something came up and he didn’t have time to look at it until now.

There were four shelves in the second row, each holding one item. In order, they were: primary evolutionary fluid, intermediate evolutionary fluid, advanced evolutionary fluid, and special merchandise. The price tags were one thousand, one hundred thousand, and one million Goodwill Points, and the last item was a gift: a gift after completing the transaction.

Gu Yu did not look at the fourth item for the time being and read through the efficacy of the various evolution fluids. The effects of the evolution fluids were all the same: to expand the range of higher Goodwill Points. The beneficiary was the person he looked at when making a sound after consuming Goodwill Points.

The evolution fluid, on the other hand, changed the object to be within range, with middle school height of 1 square meter, 100 square meters, and 1,000 square meters respectively. In other words, as long as he used the corresponding evolutionary fluid, all creatures within the corresponding range, all can obtain evolutionary energy.

Like the small beast female Nuchi, within a square meter there could at least be four.

If he used the Primary Evolution Solution, he spent 1 Goodwill Point when singing, and all four Nuchi were around him in the next 1 minute within a square meter, then all four of them would get 1 Evolution Energy.

The other two effects of evolutionary energy were the same.

Gu Yu seriously pondered over it, and suddenly felt a bit like a roommate playing the game in the character’s skills secret. Three goods, equivalent to three secret books.

After Gu Yu finished studying, he did some silent calculations in his heart.

A beast female can become humanoid after obtaining 1000 evolutionary energy, and he needed to spend 1000 Goodwill Points. Without the evolutionary fluid, he could only give a beast female the ability to turn into a human form by spending 1000 Goodwill Points. With the Primary Evolution Solution, he can spend 1000 Goodwill Points to give multiple females the ability to take human form.

The number of females depends on their size, as long as they are within one square meter of him. Gu Yu pondered that if he wanted to give the beast females the ability to become human, buying the evolutionary fluid first would increase Goodwill Points utilization.

For example, with two thousand Goodwill Pointeds and no evolutionary fluid, only two beast females can become human. But if he bought the primary evolutionary fluid, he could make at least four small beast females become human.

His eyes lit up slightly. Since he came to Brilliant Splendor, in addition to Cyno, the closest to him were Merlin, KiKi and MoMo.

He wanted them to have the ability to turn into human form!

With a human form, it would be easier for them to communicate, and they could also go shopping together and have dinner dates. Thinking about it he was full of envy, he used to be especially envious of people who had good friends.

At the school, looking at the groups of friends discussing where to go to dinner, where to travel, he always could not help but envy. But he did not have good friends, he could not speak, almost no one could use sign language, and few people were willing to deal with him. Of course, there were kind people who reached out to him, trying to take him along and integrate him into their circle of friends.

But those who did, had many friends and he was often forgotten. He knew very well that it was no one’s fault, it was his inability to express himself and his low self-esteem. That’s why he had no friends.

But now it’s different. After coming to Brilliant Splendor, he could talk and had a chance to achieve his dreams, and his mentality had changed a lot. He was now, very much looking forward to Merlin and their ability to become humanoid!

But when he saw the cheapest primary evolution fluid, he leaned back against the bed in defeat.

It needed 1000 Goodwill Points!

After losing heart for a while, he was soon filled with hope again. Compared to the first time he came to Brilliant Splendor, the Goodwill Points he gained every day were already much more. Although, now he couldn’t go to work at Shu Xin, he lost an avenue to earn Goodwill Points.

But his voice was completely healed!

He could talk, he could sing, and it was easier to get Goodwill Points.

With this in mind, he was full of energy and went back through his musical portfolio in his head. He decided to start training as soon as his knee was healed. Feeling hopeful about everything, he curled his mouth slightly, pulled the corner of the quilt over his stomach, and laid down to sleep.

After thinking about it, in case he missed the communication, he turned the communication alert from vibrate to ring before he went to sleep. He slept for more than two hours before waking up and realized that it was raining heavily outside his window.

A thunderclap was heard in the distance, and his heart subconsciously tightened and he pursed his lips hard. He sat up and slowly sat sideways on the edge of the bed and went to the closet to get his clothes.

Looking at the closet full of clothes, he was a little helpless. These clothes were all bought by Cyno and Da Yuan. When he asked Cyno about the price, Cyno always replied that it was very cheap.

He secretly checked in Star Network, nothing was below five figures. Considering the knee injury, he chose a t-shirt and shorts that just reached his knees to change into.

Just when he finished changing, his communication rang.

He picked up, Li’s tone was anxious, “Gu, is MoMo there with you?”

Gu Yu froze, “No, I haven’t seen him since he went to dinner.”

Li sighed, “He’s gone. After it rained, we let the customers gather in the lounge area and counted them before we realized he was gone.” He said and added, “I asked Merlin and KiKi, MoMo went back to the lounge area after dinner, we searched everywhere and didn’t see him.” Li’s tone was helpless, “The monitoring was transferred. We know that when he arrived at the recreation area, he saw the marshal carrying you away and followed him up and out of the Shu Xin gate.”

Gu Yu couldn’t help but worry, “I didn’t see him,” he pursed his lips and walked outside, “I’ll go find him.”

Li hurriedly said, “Take your time, tell me where you’ve been. A Tira has a keen sense of smell, he probably followed your scent all the way.”

Gu Yu was even more worried, “The car was going too fast for him to follow.”

He was very chagrined that he was sitting in the back seat and hadn’t looked in the rearview mirror. He told him of all the places he went after he left Shu Xin, “I know the doctor at Central Hospital, I’ll ask him if he’s seen Mo Mo at the hospital.”

“OK,” Li heard his worried tone and soothed, “Don’t worry, if passersby see him, they will definitely send him to the Female Protection Association.”

Gu Yu pursed his lips, “Hmm.”

After hanging up the communication, he immediately contacted Qin Sheng. MoMo was KiKi’s friend, and after listening, Qin Sheng immediately said he would apply for the parking lot surveillance to help find him. After contacting Qin Sheng, Gu Yu still couldn’t help but worry.

From Shu Xin to the hospital and from the hospital to the house, there were many vehicles along the way.

MoMo was only his calf height, in case the driver wasn’t paying attention… He dismissed the terrible thoughts in his head and left the guest room.

In the living room, Cyno was communicating with someone, “Follow the trail and continue to follow it, find their main base camp in one fell swoop. I don’t want to wait until a new transgender female shows up. Also, contact Green Source, if you want to continue selling artificial females, you must design detectors to quickly identify transgender females.” He heard movement, turned around, saw Gu Yu’s face was not right, and said to the other party, “That’s it.” He hung up directly.

He took three steps to Gu Yu, bending over as he asked, “Does your knee hurt?”

Gu Yu grabbed his arm, stopped his horizontal hug, and shook his head, “I want to go out.”

“Go out?” Cyno was surprised, “It’s raining heavily outside. What are you wanting to do out there?”

Gu Yu told him about MoMo, “People are looking for him near Shu Xin and the hospital, I want to look for him around the villa.”

Cyno, “This is a military villa and the gate is very strict so he can’t get in. I’ll have someone look near the entrance.” He said, picked Gu Yu up and put him on the sofa, stroking his cheek soothingly, “Don’t worry, no one will hurt the beast female.”

Gu Yu tilted his head, his ears slightly red, “He’s too small, I’m worried the drivers won’t pay attention to him.”

Cyno, “I’ll have someone look for him.”

Cyno contacted the guards and told them to go find MoMo, then sat next to Gu Yu.

Just before he sat down, Da Yuan turned to the couch, “Marshal, the president of the Imperial Daily News is visiting.”

“No,” Cyno frowns and hummed lightly, “Didn’t a reporter from their agency just come by?”

“Yes,” Da Yuan’s voice did not rise and fall, “The president said it would be more sincere for him to come in person.”

Cyno, “Whoever it is, they will not be seen. Set a ban on visits.”

“Yes, marshal,” Da Yuan said, turning and going out.

Gu Yu bit his lip, “Is it because of me?”

Cyno rubbed the top of his hair, “Mn, the Ministry of Information sent out a notice that your identity is officially exposed. They want to interview you, don’t worry about it.”

Gu Yu thought about the news he had read before he went to bed, not quite sure, and went to Star Network to watch the news. The news didn’t discuss his identity, but another topic was fermenting and the rumors got stronger.

The screen was full of ‘Marshal give a statement to the public!’

‘ ‘Are natural females ‘extinct’?’

He sat upright, his white face very serious, and turned his head to Cyno, “I have to explain to them.”

Cyno reassured, “It’s okay, there are asshole organizations muddling through and creating public opinion. Several people have already been arrested, it won’t take long to calm down.” Seeing that Gu Yu was still worried, he added, “The PR Department is working on a statement, and I’ll send out a broadside later to explain.”

Brilliant Splendor’s broadside was the modern equivalent of Weibo.

Gu Yu’s face did not ease. He said seriously, “I have to explain personally that I caused the incident.” He bit his lip, “It’s all because I made a request for you guys to keep it a secret for me, if only…”

Cyno’s palm lightly rested on his chin, his thumb gently rubbed on his bitten lower lip, Gu Yu’s voice stuttered and his mouth opened slightly. Cyno stared at the teeth marks on his lips, which quickly disappeared, and he lowered his head closer, his eyes opposite Gu Yu.

“Fool, do you think I’ll tell people who you are if you didn’t let me keep it a secret?”

Gu Yu’s eyelashes fluttered violently, his heart beating wildly as he stayed in place.

Cyno’s eyes darkened, “You underestimate my possessiveness too much. I don’t want anyone to find out about you.” He said, sighing lightly, “If you hadn’t insisted on going out to find a job, I would have preferred to keep you at the villa and not let anyone see you. They are right, I just want to keep you private and have you all to myself!”

Gu Yu stared at him blankly, as if his heart was about to jump out the next moment.

“Fool, ah.” Cyno’s eyes flashed with laughter, and his tone was helpless as he gently patted his face.

Gu Yu came back to his senses and realized that he had subconsciously held his breath due to nervousness. He tilted his head to catch his breath, and the back of his ears and neck became red.

Cyno gazed at him for two seconds and looked chagrined. Just now, he actually did not kiss him! He actually personally woke up his little mate’s dumbfounded look.

A phrase suddenly appeared in his mind: Deserved to be single!

Gu Yu slowed down his breathing, but the heat in his face would not dissipate for a while, he did not dare to look at Cyno. His voice was very soft, “Even so, I still have to explain. I am the one responsible. My account is the most credible.” He subconsciously pursed his lips, “I don’t want you to be misunderstood.”

Cyno’s heart suddenly melted. His little mate wanted to explain all because of him! He could not refuse, “Okay, you can explain, but I do not agree with the face-to-face interview.”

Gu Yu thought of the excited voice coming from the communication not long ago, and nodded hastily, “I want to explain in the live room, which is facing the public.”

Cyno was very much in favor of it. He didn’t want others to get too close to his little mate. He said, “Yes, and you don’t have to show your face, your voice has already circulated.”

Gu Yu nodded. He didn’t really feel like showing his face either.

As he was talking, Da Yuan returned, “Marshal, Major General Roald came to visit with a Tira in his arms.”

Gu Yu’s eyes lit up and he subconsciously tried to stand up, but Cyno held him back, “Be careful with your injuries,” he said to Da Yuan, “invite him in.”

Roald looked young, with light golden eyes under light brown hair and a pale, cold face.

“La~” The Tira in his arms flapped his wings as soon as he saw Gu Yu.

Roald handed MoMo to Gu Yu and gave a military salute to Cyno.

“Thank you.” Gu Yu said gratefully.

Roald said in a light tone, “You’re welcome. Goodbye.”

“La!” MoMo was rubbing Gu Yu, when he heard Roald’s words, he hurriedly turned back, called out anxiously, and jumped off Gu Yu.

He ran da-da-da to Roald, raised his wings and pointed at Roald’s right leg’s knee, “La~”

Surprise flashed in Roald’s eyes but he said nothing and walked away quickly.

Mo Mo stayed still, took two steps forward, and looked back at Gu Yu.

He ran to Gu Yu, very anxiously la la la la, pointing in Roald’s direction.

Gu Yu rubbed his head, “You’re worried about him?”

MoMo nodded his head.

Cyno said, “As far as I know, Roald was seriously injured not long ago. When he just walked,   the force was on his left foot, and it seems that his right foot was injured.” He saw Mo Mo barking at Gu Yu and added, “It’s useless for Xiao Yu to go, he’s not a doctor, I’ll let the paramedics see him.”

MoMo stopped barking and nodded to Cyno.

Gu Yu had Li contacted and gently nudged MoMo’s head, “Li and the others are looking for you everywhere.”

MoMo hugged Gu Yu’s palm with both wings and hung his head, looking like he admitted his mistake.

Gu Yu rubbed his head, “If you want to come to me in the future, you can tell Merlin and KiKi to bring you here.”

MoMo nodded.

Li came quickly and picked MoMo back up, and Gu Yu was able to relax.

At 8 o’clock, Gu Yu sat in his live seat with Cyno sitting beside him to keep him company.

Gu Yu smiled at Cyno, took a deep breath, and opened the live room.

Instantly, the public screen of the live room was annihilated by rotten egg effects.

Stinky eggs, a gift from the audience to express their dissatisfaction with the anchor were special effects especially for premium members.

[What a big face, even dares to impersonate a natural female!]

[The newcomers nowadays, for the sake of red, their faces are not wanted!]

[Haha, can’t imagine, right? The little cutie is a natural female! You’ve fallen over, right?]

Gu Yu: “…”


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