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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Gu Yu was dumbfounded, and quickly realized what was going on.

Not long ago, a picture of him playing the flute was posted to the main floor by a poster, the viewers of the live stream saw it and said that Feather also played the flute, and someone suggested that he and Feather were the same person.

That night he went live and refused the viewer’s request to show his face with the camera on, and that night he was mocked in the thread.

They said he was rubbing it in.

He looked at the pop-ups that flew by and was helpless, ready to speak up and explain.

He had previously unintentionally exposed the sound of drinking water, after which his microphone was turned off and only turned on when he started playing. He reached out to click on the light screen, and when his hand moved to the microphone switch, Cyno grabbed his wrist.

He tilted his head and explained, “The mic wasn’t on.”

Cyno smiled at him, “No rush, I’ll write down the ID’s of the premium members first!”

He let go of Gu Yu’s hand, opened his terminal, and took screenshots of all the ID’s that threw rotten eggs, highlighting the ID’s that made mocking remarks.

Gu Yu stared at him blankly. Looking at his serious face, he wanted to laugh inexplicably, but he felt very touched.

This kind of misunderstanding that can’t do any real harm to him, he didn’t really take it to heart.

Because he couldn’t explain, he had been misunderstood many times before and was used to it.

But apparently, Cyno cared.

He was suddenly so happy that he didn’t want to take his eyes off Cyno for a while.

Cyno noticed his gaze and looked at him, “Curious why I did that?”

Gu Yu tried to keep his composure and not let Cyno notice that he was gazing at him in a daze, and nodded his head gently, “Yes.”

Cyno’s eyes swept over his slightly red cheeks, a smile flashing in his eyes.

He clicked on the ID in the screenshot and hummed lightly, “They called you names and threw rotten eggs at you, this is online violence, they need to be given some punishment.”

Gu Yu scanned the screenshots of his screen side by side, there were at least a few hundred people!

He whispered, “No, it’s too much trouble, it’s not necessary.”

Cyno laughed, “No trouble, the terminal can directly process the data, and later set all these ID’s together as a blacklist and then ban them from your live room.”

Gu Yu didn’t realize he could just not allow them to enter the live room.

In his opinion, this was not a punishment at all.

He nodded his head, “Okay.”

Cyno’s expression was so serious, he didn’t want to reject his offer or make Cyno’s move meaningless. What’s more, he disapproved of these people posting random bad comments without getting to the bottom of things.

If Feather hadn’t been his, it likely would have been a big hit.

He looked at Cyno and then at the pop-ups, which were growing more intense in their mockery.

[Yo, it’s on now, huh? You don’t even dare to write an announcement, are you weak?]

[Fei Fei: Enough of you! The anchor never said he was the same person as the person in the post!]

[Whitewash? Don’t take people for fools. The rhythm of that post is so obvious, it’s not just rubbing off on the heat?]

[Now you’re rushing to explain? Why didn’t you explain when you were live before?]

[He never said ‘I’m not him’. Don’t make a name for yourself.]

[Yes, my first time in the live room, popularity was less than 300, these days are more than 10,000, but it is because of the popularity of the cutie!]

[Why bother? The anchor didn’t do anything harmful, It’s just hotness. He plays a nice song.]

[I was a passerby, but I followed the anchor because of his talent.]

[The fans also admit that he rubbed off on them, right? I don’t care if he’s rubbing off on other people, but not on natural females!]

[Yes, it’s a natural female! Not everything can be put together with natural females.]

Gu Yu looked at these comments with mixed feelings.

The people who scolded the audience despised him, and the people who praised him liked him.

It was hard to describe this feeling.

“Dingdong…” The message alert tone suddenly rang.

As soon as Gu Yu heard it, he knew it was a message from his live room administrator, Wooden Fish.

On the first day he signed up, Woodfish talked to him carefully about the platform’s precautions, and after that, asked him to set his message alert as a special alert.

Woodfish was worried that when something came up for the anchor, the anchor performing would be too engrossed and miss important messages.

This request was his uniform request for the anchors in his hands.

Woodfish: [Are you there?]

Gu Yu: [Yes.]

Wooden Fish: [Apologize to the viewers in the live stream, show that you didn’t rub it in, and bite the bullet that you don’t know the person who posted and they confused you with a natural female. 

[I’ve been following you for a few days, you’re very talented and act low key, I know it’s aggravating for you to do this, but resting on your laurels is the best way to go. The other party is a natural female, he may not even know about this, but the rest will be upsetting for him. You are a new anchor, more than one thing is better than less.

[I remember telling you that you are live to make money. Every hundred ID’s that are negative, your gift share is one percent less, and you wont get money.]

Wooden Fish typed quickly, obviously working hard to think of how to persuade him.

Gu Yu sensed the other party’s good intentions and replied seriously, [I will explain clearly.]

He looked at Cyno, his tone helpless, “The number of people in the live room keeps increasing…”

The number of people had already exceeded 120,000, the rotten eggs had not stopped, and the taunting words were coming one after another. He thought that if he didn’t open his mouth to explain, Cyno wouldn’t be able to write down all the unfriendly ID’s by eleven o’clock off air time.

Cyno looked at the screen with an unfriendly face, understood Gu Yu’s meaning, and stopped moving his hands. He hummed lightly at the screen, “Whether you believe it or not, their attitude, when you speak, will immediately change.”

Gu Yu pursed his lips, “Based on the identity of the natural female alone?”

“Of course!” Cyno looked at him, “Natural females are too precious. The dream girl of the majority of males, the hope and the aspiration.”

Gu Yu’s lips pursed tighter, looking at Cyno’s eyes flicker, his fingers curled slightly.

Cyno took one look at his expression and guessed what he was thinking, gently holding his right hand, “I also cherish natural females, but I don’t like natural females at will.” He stared into Gu Yu’s eyes, “I like you. Not because you are a natural female.”

Gu Yu blushed slightly, he hadn’t expected Cyno to be so sensitive to his emotions.

His reaction just now was completely subconscious, conditioned by his lack of confidence.

While Cyno was talking, that communication between Cyno and His Majesty came to his mind. Cyno had confessed to him when he mistook him for a transgender female. It was clear to him that Cyno really liked him, not because of his gender.

He understood that this subconscious lack of confidence would probably mean in Cyno’s eyes that he didn’t trust him. It would be annoying.

He bit his lip in chagrin, his fingers clenched, and looked at Cyno nervously, “I’m sorry, I didn’t suspect you, I just…”

He lowered his head in embarrassment, “I just have such low self-esteem.”

So low that he doubted other people’s affection.

Cyno was heartbroken, he couldn’t understand no matter how, why his little mate would have low self-esteem. His little mate was obviously so wonderful.

Not to mention the identity of the natural female, his little mate had talent and good looks, and his personality was also….

In his eyes, he was perfect.

“Fool,” he rubbed the top of Gu Yu’s hair, “you’re cute like this.”

Gu Yu froze, and then his ears turned red. He thought, This is probably what happens in the eyes of a lover.

Cyno was so nice, how could he let Cyno be misunderstood?

He sat upright, “I’ll go explain to the audience… By the way, I don’t have many viewers in my live stream, should I ask reporters to witness?”

“No,” Cyno’s arm casually rested across the back of his chair, their shoulders touching, “Record a copy of tonight’s live broadcast, and I’ll just upload it to GuangYin tomorrow.”

Gu Yu listened to his words, turned his head, opened the microphone to adjust the volume of the microphone, while casually glancing at the pop-up screen.

[The flute playing method has been lost for a long time, both of them can play the flute, so maybe it’s really the same person?]

[If he really is a natural female, he wouldn’t need to livestream.]

[A natural female’s status alone can gain untold popularity, and he can have anything he wants, so how can he perform in a miserable way?]

Gu Yu sighed slightly in his heart as he twisted his fingers, wondering how many people would actually listen to the music in the future. He turned the sound of the mic to medium, looked at the popularity of 130,000 in the lower left corner, remembered that one popularity represents one person, and suddenly got nervous.

He looked to Cyno, who patted him on the shoulder and smiled encouragingly at him.

[Huh, I think I heard a sound]

[Came back to life? Not pretending to be dead anymore?]

Gu Yu: “… Sorry, something just came up and I didn’t post the announcement in time.”

As he said that, he wrote down the live announcement as well as the welcome message and put it on top. After doing so, he looked at the pop-ups, and saw that they seemed to have pressed pause, and were still stuck at the ‘not playing dead anymore?‘ comment.

The special effects of rotten eggs, completely disappeared.

At the same time, a system reminder came to his mind, “Congratulations trader, Goodwill Points increased.”

Soon, the pop-up screen moved again, flying past phantom-like, looking blurry.

[Holy shit!]

[Holy shit! Did I hallucinate?]

[Oh, my ears are getting high!]

[This sound, the heart is moving ~]

[Face is swollen_(:3∠)_]

[Hiss~ face hurts!]

The pop-ups at the back were overlapping and it was unclear what exactly was being said.

Gu Yu pursed his lips in embarrassment, somewhat at a loss in the face of the audience’s enthusiasm. He took a deep breath, steadied his mind, and adjusted the pop-up settings to block the same pop-ups.

When he was live before, the pop-ups were clearly visible and he had never used the pop-up settings. After blocking, the pop-ups were still scrolling fast, but now they could be seen clearly.

[Little female, you’re actually the main anchor!]

[Oh my god, I just went to take a shower. My cousin actually used my number to post pop-ups to mock the little female, I can’t stand it, I’m going to beat him up right now!]

[I knew it was the little female who could play such a beautiful flute song, love you so much!]

[Little female, come on, say something else!]

[Come on, call me brother.]

[Just the thought of a little female calling me brother will immediately make me cum!]

Gu Yu’s face turned red, These people…

Cyno’s face turned black and he growled coldly, “Hello viewers, let me introduce myself, I am Cyno Bruce, Gu Yu’s mate, any more over-the-top words and I will consider you challenging me.”

The pop-ups that said tawdry things instantly stopped.

[Hahahaha, marshal is mighty~]

[I want to see the marshal hitting people live!]

[What’s going on? Is the Marshal here to give an explanation?]

Gu Yu tugged on Cyno’s sleeve, “I’ll explain.”

Cyno nodded, stopped talking, and silently added the blacklist to the live stream.

Gu Yu explained, “Thank you all for coming to the live stream, I am the host, Feather, I’m also Gu Yu,” he paused, “a natural female, Marshal Cyno’s mate. The main purpose of tonight’s broadcast is to explain to you how Cyno and I met. I don’t want Cyno to be misunderstood.”

He skipped over the system and gave a general account of what happened when he came to Brilliant Splendor. He finished with a slight curve of his mouth, “Cyno is very nice and I’m grateful that he helped me. Please don’t misunderstand him anymore.”

[Did marshal-sama save the universe in his last life?]

[Feathers is too soft, so cute! Marshal is too happy too!]

[Oh no! I can’t face-call myself an emperor anymore.]

[This is even better than the best-selling romance novels.This damn encounter! Why is the main character not me?]

[Asking Green Source to send me something to cure the shadows in my heart. Dog’s head.jpg]

[What happened? What happened, why were so many numbers banned?]

Gu Yu looked at the system alert that was scrolling fast, all ‘** blacklisted by the live stream’.

Cyno raised his eyebrows and looked very happy. The corners of Gu Yu’s mouth curved slightly, and inexplicably felt that Cyno was a bit childish like this.

Although, this word did not seem to be appropriate for someone who was eighty years old. Even if in Brilliant Splendor eighty years old belongs to the young period.

[Clicked on the id to look at the eyes, and saw it was a member!]

[Coincidentally, the one I just saw is also.]

[Oh, I know, it’s the audience who threw rotten eggs!]

[At this moment, I feel the joy of poverty~]

Cyno remembered the knowledge related to live streaming that he had purposely learned for Gu Yu, and the corners of his lips curled. “I’m a live room house manager. Live rooms don’t need viewers who are unfriendly to the anchor.”

[The marshal protects his wife, ah!]

[Any viewer who is unfriendly to the little female is working against me!]

[Whoever dares to send another rotten egg will be beaten up!]

[Don’t be afraid, I’ll protect you.]

[I love you.]

[Look at me, little girl! I’m willing to be your second mate.]

Gu Yu looked at Cyno in amazement, the marshal as his house manager, that’s too much! Cyno was kidding, right?

Cyno smiled at him, scanned the pop-ups, and narrowed his eyes.

Second mate? Dream on! There’s no way there’s such a thing!

He rested his arm across the back of the chair and his palm landed right next to Gu Yu’s shoulder. He cupped Gu Yu’s shoulder and leaned in close to whisper, “Don’t want me to be the house manager?”

His words were close to Gu Yu’s ear, and Gu Yu’s body trembled slightly, only to feel half of his body tighten.

He tilted his head away and covered his ears, whispering quickly, “Willing, willing!” 

[Oh! The little female’s shy voice is too delicious, right!?]

[The next time I watch the little female live, I’ll need to have more tissues handy!]

[The marshal is definitely deliberately showing love!]

[The storm cries, I lost my love ~]

[I didn’t expect you to be such a marshal, talk nicely and don’t seduce the little female!]

[Look, the marshal is a heartthrob, change partners!]

[Yes, let’s change partners, how about me? Twenty-four hour filial, piety, gentle partner.]

[The physical ability is excellent: look at me, look at me, the waist strength is excellent, will definitely make the little female cool!]

[The little motor: the front rolls away, I’m nicknamed ‘electricity little motor’, little female, look at me ~]

The system: ‘The physical ability is excellent’ and ‘The little motor’ are blacklisted by the live room.

The pop-up screen stopped for a moment.

[Don’t be testy, or even the sound benefits of small females are gone.]

[How bold, daring to dig in front of Marshal.]

Gu Yu was so embarrassed that his face was burning and his heart was racing, because Cyno was talking close to his ear.

After seeing the blunt comments, his eyes didn’t know where to plook. He took a silent breath and tried to keep his voice smooth and calm, “Next, I’ll play you a recorded song, the first song is ‘Gusu Xing’.”

[Fei Fei: Happy, my favorite!]

[Don’t play the song, talk to us.]

[Yes, let’s chat!]

[Fei Fei: I just noticed that the anchor said a recorded song! The anchor is not playing tonight?]

Gu Yu remembered this id, from the first day he started the broadcast, this person came to see the live broadcast every day. He smiled, “Mn, my finger is a little hurt, the doctor said it’s best to rest for a day, sorry, I can play live tomorrow.”


[Watched Hong’s catalog screen, heartache little female ~]


In Splendor University 303 dormitory, there were suddenly issued three loud shouts.

Flower shirt turned his head to look at Fei, “Fei! The little female answered you!”

The green shirt housemate looked at Fei at the same time, “Fei, the little female answered you!”

Fei stared at the screen with wide eyes, thumped the table and stood up with a whoosh, the stool was knocked down to the ground by him. His face was agitated, “Ahhhhh! Feather answered me!” He giggled and moved over to Blossom Shirt and shook him wildly by the shoulders, “You heard him!”

He moved to Green Shirt again and shook him by the shoulders, “You heard him!”

“Heard it! Heard it.”

“Bang Bang Bang…” The dormitory door was knocked vigorously, someone roared outside, “Dude, what wind stormed through here tonight? Do you want to fight?”

Fei opened the door, “Sorry, we do not want to fight, next time we’ll pay attention.”

The person outside froze, and the door of the room was closed.

Fei smiled and sat back down, “What fight, I want to hear the little female talk!”


Gu Yu looked at a stream of pop-ups asking if he was okay. His heart was warm and overwhelmed. He said softly, “Thank you for your concern, I’m fine.”

He opened the player and clicked play. The flute sounded loudly and the pop-ups stopped for a moment. The next second, the pop-up screen was flooded with all kinds of fancy praise. Gu Yu looked at it, a little embarrassed.

Too exaggerated!

He then stopped looking at the pop-ups, turned the microphone off, and looked at Cyno with expectant eyes.

“Can my previous explanation clear up the misunderstanding for you?”

Cyno’s eyes were soft as he rubbed his head, “Yes.”

Gu Yu smiled up and relaxed against the back of the chair.

“Dingdong…” A message alert came from Wooded Fish.

Wooden Fish:[Can you delete my previous chat with you? My face hurts when I look at it.]

Gu Yu laughed lightly out loud, [Okay. Thank you, I know you’re doing it for my own good.]

Wooden Fish: [You’re welcome. I still can’t believe you’re actually a natural female. I never won when participating in the lottery growing up and never thought I’d be so lucky to be your admin.]

He paused, [Are you considering changing admins?]

Gu Yu: [No, it’s fine the way it is.]

Wooded Fish had an epiphany, [I will try not to bother you, you are too popular now. The marshal can’t be your only housekeeper so I’ll help you find some housekeepers, okay?]

Gu Yu: [Okay, thank you.]

Wooden Fish: [Contact me if you need anything.]

Wooden Fish finished, and did not say more.

After a while, Coconut contacted him: [Hello, little female~ How about I be your housekeeper?]

If he had tapped someone else, he would have added his super admin status and advertised that he had more recommendations in hand. But the other party was a natural female, this advantage was not useful at all. The identity of a natural female was better than any recommendation.

Gu Yu: [Thank you, I’m fine now.]

Coconut : [You can always ask me for help if you need anything~]

Gu Yu stared at Coconut’s last symbol and strongly suspected that Coconut’s account had changed. He still remembered that when Coconut contacted him last time, he acted in a very clean style, and the wave symbol did not match at all.

When the song ended, he looked at the pop-ups, all of which were complimentary. He smiled and thanked them, and put on another song. Before the intro of the song was over, he received another message.

Two messages came almost simultaneously, from a Hi-Lo manager, the boss, expressing a warm welcome to him coming to Hi-Lo Live. The boss also made a point of asking if he was satisfied with the contract, saying he could change it to his liking and adjust the gift share ratio upwards.

Gu Yu thanked the boss for his kindness.

The share of Hi-Lo was very conscientious, and changing the contract was equivalent to giving him money. After he returned the message, he sighed, “Natural females, they are really popular.”

Cyno took his hand and surveyed his fingertips, “Because you’re so rare.”

Gu Yu’s fingers moved slightly between them, “It doesn’t hurt, it has recovered.”

Cyno: “I’ll cut the song and reply to the messages, you rest for a while.”

At eleven o’clock, Gu Yu got off the air on time amidst the wails of the audience.

Cyno went back to the master bedroom. Gu Yu washed up, sat on the bed, and turned on the system to check the total value of Goodwill.

The total value of Goodwill: 10,883, 10,884…

Gu Yu’s mouth was slightly open, stunned. He did not expect to get so many Goodwill Points in one night, and the Goodwill Points were still rising. He came back to his senses, his heart thumping and was instantly filled with confidence.

One billion Goodwill Points in three years, he could totally do it!

Now that he had gained Goodwill by just having his identity exposed, he would definitely gain even more Goodwill when he became a singer. There were still many people who didn’t know about him being an anchor.

The corners of his mouth curved up. Tomorrow, he might be able to get more Goodwill Points.

The next morning, Gu Yu woke up and immediately watched the news. The news of Cyno’s speculation on the internet was gone, replaced by talk about his live broadcast and Cyno’s good fortune.

“The Hero Who Saved the Universe in a Past Life-Marshal Cyno!”

He couldn’t help but laugh when he saw the headline and clicked in to read it. The news relayed how he and Cyno met, and then expressed genuine envy for Cyno’s good fortune.

Most of the responses were ‘doubting life’. There were also many expressions of affection and praise for him. He exited the thread and found that the post where he had originally played the flute was back up, but the photo on the main floor was gone.

He turned to the last page and the whole page was copy and paste.

[Hahahaha, hit your face, does it hurt?]

He flipped forward to see the last reply with substance.

The reply was a description of the beginning of last night’s live broadcast. It started with the live stream being mocked with rotten eggs thrown at him and ended with all those ID’s being blacklisted.

He closed the post, returned to the home page, and saw Cyno’s name on the new live hotspot. He clicked on it and saw that Cyno had just posted a message in Wide Word with the video where Gu Yu had explained last night.

The video was followed by the words, [Let me introduce him to you, he is my mate. Peach heart.jpg]

The following comments were returned in almost seconds, all: [Yuck!]

Suddenly there was a disruption in the queue, [QAQ House management adults, please unblock!]

Gu Yu smiled and went to wash up, finding that the pain in his knee had lessened and he was in a happier mood. When he finished getting ready, he went to the dining room and saw Cyno looking at the comments on Wide Word, his face full of happiness.

Gu Yu sat down and couldn’t help but ask, “Aren’t you angry?”

Cyno raised his eyebrows, “They are jealous.” He looked at Gu Yu with a smile in his eyes, “You are my mate. I am happy.”

Gu Yu’s heart beat faster, he pursed his lips and then smiled at Cyno.

He was also quite happy.

The netizens all said that Cyno was lucky, but he felt that his luck was the one that was good. If he had been mistaken for an artificial female by the rest of them, he would definitely be in a worse position than he was now. At least, the other party would not be as gentlemanly as Cyno.

After dinner, Gu Yu sat on the couch, searching for Brilliant Splendor’s music theory basic teaching files. He had read before that the Brilliant Splendor notes were the same as the modern ones, but he hadn’t looked closely at the specifics. So he wanted to take advantage of the time when his knee was recovering to read about music theory and practice intonation with the lessons.

Once his knee recovered, he would have to practice his singing. He learned the theory knowledge solidly, but was unable to speak at a very young age and had zero practice. He had to start practicing vocal music from scratch. He looked up information and made practice plans in his head.

Da Yuan turned to Cyno and reported, “Marshal, the president of the Female Protection Society is here to visit.”

Cyno frowned and stood up, “Let him in.”

Gu Yu looked up from the information and watched Cyno suspiciously.

Cyno said, “He should be here to give you an examination. They are the authority on females and the female advocacy body.”

Gu Yu nodded and turned off the terminal.

Four people followed Da Yuan into the hall. The person at the front had slightly white hair and a gentle temperament. As soon as he saw Gu Yu, he couldn’t help but quickly step forward, his eyes extremely bright, “Oh my, in my lifetime, I finally saw a lovely natural female again!”

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