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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


The white-haired man spoke in an excited tone, and as he spoke, he walked nimbly in front of Gu Yu.

Gu Yu was startled by his excited reaction and stood up quickly, moving a step to the side.

Cyno took a step in front of Kona and said in a warning tone, “President Kona!”

Kona stood still, withdrew his eyes from Gu Yu, and greeted Cyno, “Marshall Cyno.”

The eyes of the three people behind him all fell on Gu Yu, their eyes hot. Gu Yu was embarrassed by the looks, pursed his lips and smiled at them, and slightly bowed his head.

Cyno’s face sank slightly, his eyes slid over the three, then looked at Kona, “Are these the nurses you chose?”

Kona turned his head and reminded the three behind him, “Guys, don’t scare the little female.”

The three men averted their eyes from Gu Yu.

Kona looked at Cyno and spoke with a smile, “They are the best caretakers of the protection society. You have to understand them, their reaction has been very calm.”

After all, this was the only natural female seen in sixty years. And a good-looking young female at that.

Cyno grunted lightly, reluctantly understanding. He pulled Gu Yu back down and pointed to the couch across from them, “Please sit.”

He and Gu Yu were sitting side by side, and Cyno could see Gu Yu without raising his eyes. 

Kona’s eyes fell on Gu Yu again, his eyes blazing, his eyes slightly moist with obvious emotion. Cyno introduced both Kona and Gu Yu.

Gu Yu, uncomfortable with Kona’s look, blushed slightly and greeted, “Hello.”

“Hello!” Kona’s voice trembled, and he took a deep breath to steady himself. “I’m sorry, I’m just so excited. It’s been sixty years since I last saw a natural female.”

Gu Yu shook his head, “That’s okay.”

As he swept his eyes around the room, the three people around Kona all had red eyes and were just as emotional as Kona. He was slightly moved in his heart, and could understand their feelings when he thought about it.

Kona looked at Gu Yu in awe, this was definitely the best-tempered natural female he had ever seen!

And the voice was nice and soft. Kona relaxed his voice and his eyes carried a simple fondness that could not be ignored, “Thank you for your understanding.”

He explained his intentions, “According to the natural female protection regulations, the health of natural females is the responsibility of the Protection Association, and these three caretakers are the best in life, nutrition and medical care, and they will take care of you in the future.” He said, sending Cyno specific information about the three caretakers, “I’m sure both you and the marshal will be satisfied.”

Cyno knew what they were up to when he heard about their visit. He looked over the information carefully and did not make a sound for a moment. His grandmother was a natural female, and he was familiar with the female association’s caretakers and was not too repulsed by them.

Qin Sheng was a specialist in glandular medicine and was very skilled in medicine, but had no experience in natural females.

The Agency was different. They were experts in female health and much of their research was on females. And with a number of files on natural females, they had more experience than any institution when it came to natural females.

Gu Yu was initially unsure of where Kona and his men were coming from. Now he was a little confused by what he heard, and couldn’t help but suspect that he had misunderstood. He gently touched Cyno’s arm and asked in a whisper, “Are they here to take care of me?”

Cyno looked at him, “Mn, they have experience.”

Gu Yu didn’t expect this to be the case and waved his hand, “I don’t need to be taken care of,” he added, “I’m already an adult.”

He hadn’t even been meticulously cared for as a child, and now that he was an adult, he didn’t need nor was he comfortable with being cared for by others.

Kona, who had been looking at him with the eyes of a precious treasure, heard him say this and explained warmly without waiting for Cyno to speak, “It has nothing to do with age, you are a natural female and need meticulous care.”

Gu Yu was helpless, “But I have nothing to take care of.”

Kona looked at him in amazement, “Of course you need care! Life care can select the most comfortable living supplies for you, nutrition care can formulate food according to your daily physical condition, and medical care can treat you in time when you are injured.” Kona meticulously explained and then smiled, “You see, all these are very necessary.”

Gu Yu was dumbfounded, if that were true, wouldn’t someone else decide everything about what to eat and what to wear every day? He said seriously, “No, it’s really unnecessary, I’m having a good time these days.”

Kona looked at him with compassionate eyes, “You suffered before.”

Gu Yu: “… It’s really not necessary, it’s too much trouble.”

Not only would it be troublesome for others, but he himself would also find it troublesome.

Kona smiled gently, “No trouble! Three caretakers are already the minimum standard. If you were not married, according to the rules, at least six caretakers and eight guards would be assigned for you.”

Gu Yu was stunned, suddenly thinking of pandas, Preferential treatment for rare species?

Kona added, “Of course, no matter when you choose to end your current marriage and return to singleness, the association will add caretakers and guards for you as quickly as possible.”

Cyno’s face darkened, “There will never be a time like that, and I will be responsible for my partner’s safety.”

Kona looked at him, “Lord Marshal, I have seen the recorded screen of his music show and heard the young female was injured. As the natural female’s mate, you failed to protect him from harm.” His tone was serious, “According to the rules, if a natural female receives a second-degree or higher injury during marriage, the partner has to undergo a test. Any male who has a natural female must have the ability to protect the natural female. The Marshal’s ability is unquestionable, but a male who has the ability but fails to keep a natural female safe really calls into question whether he has a genuine love for his natural female.”

Cyno frowned, “No need to question my sincerity! This time it was an oversight on my part, and it will not happen again.”

Kona said, “I hope so, this time only the caretakers were brought instead of the guards, precisely because of the trust in marshal’s ability.”

Gu Yu couldn’t help but say, “My injury had nothing to do with Cyno. I was the one who had to go to work, and I was also the one who wasn’t careful enough to notice the danger.”

Kona smiled gently, “Of course it has nothing to do with you, it’s all the fault of that transgender female.”

Gu Yu felt as if Kona was behaving as if he were coaxing a child.

After reassuring Gu Yu, Kona looked at Cyno, “Today is the first meeting, we need to have a general understanding of his body so we need to give him a detailed examination.”

“No problem,” Cyno nodded, and he added, “I’ll be with him the whole time.”

As far as he could remember, Gu Yu’s face was always white and he wasn’t quite sure that was normal. If something was wrong with Gu Yu’s body, it would be easier for someone from the Agency to spot the problem.

Kona nodded, “Of course, you are his mate. You have that right.” He paused, thinking about how the two had formed a partnership, and couldn’t help but say, “Lord Marshal, you are so lucky.”

Cyno raised his lips to a smile, “Indeed.”

Kona inquired, “Which bedroom is he in? We’ll examine him now.”

Cyno got up, “Follow me.”

Gu Yu pursed his lips, his fingers clenched nervously.

The Female Protection Society obviously dealt with females on a regular basis, and Cyno had also met natural females and must know them well. If they checked, would they know that he could not take beast form? Would they treat him as a deviant?

The more he thought about it, the more nervous he became. His hand was suddenly gripped and he froze, looking up at Cyno.

Cyno looked at him heartily, “Don’t be afraid, I’ll stay with you.”

The young mate must have had a very bad experience, otherwise he would not be so reluctant to be examined. The corners of Gu Yu’s mouth subconsciously curved.

Kona also thought Gu Yu was afraid and spoke in a soft, soothing tone. “Little female, don’t worry, the caretakers are professionals, the examination will never make you feel pain.”

Their cherishing and caring attitude made Gu Yu relax.

With the way people here treated natural females, even incomplete natural females that did not have the ability to turn into beast form should not be treated badly. Just like modern pandas, even if they were disabled and unhealthy, they would not be abandoned and disliked. 

When they arrived at the guest room, the life caretaker walked over to the bed and squeezed the sheets and covers with his hands.

Then he looked at Cyno, “Oh my God, Your Excellency Marshal, you are so careless! How can you let the little female use such a rough fabric?!”

Gu Yu froze. He could guarantee that this was definitely a false accusation. This guest room had the same bedding as Cyno’s master bedroom, and it was the most luxurious room he had ever stayed in his life.

Cyno’s brows knitted slightly, “This is the most expensive one in the mall.”

The caretaker shook his head, “The most expensive is not necessarily the most suitable. Natural females have soft skin so pure cotton and pure silk are the most suitable for them.” From the space backpack he took out a three-piece set of light blue cotton bedding. “Marshal, can I make the bed?”

Cyno nodded, “Yes.”

In his mind, the Agency knew the most about natural females and knew what was more suitable for them.

Gu Yu saw the caretaker lift the sheets and couldn’t help but say, “No need to change them, they’re fine now, they were changed yesterday.”

Da Yuan changed the sheets every two days and they were very clean.

The nurse looked at him with a face full of pity, “You don’t need to condemn yourself, your skin will be uncomfortable.” He said, moving sharply to roll up the original sheets and quickly changed to the new three-piece set.

“Little female, you can just sit on the bed now.” Kona said gently.

Gu Yu hesitated and said what he had been wanting to say, “My name is Gu Yu. You can call me Xiao Gu.” He looked torn for a moment, “I’m not really used to being called ‘little female’.”

Females in his understanding, as opposed to males in nature, were the human equivalent of females. Even though his status in Brilliant Splendor was similar to that of a female, he was still not used to being called that. It always felt awkward.

Kona smiled again, “Gu,” he gave another appreciative smile, “that’s it, any dissatisfaction can be brought up because your mood is most important.”

Gu Yu’s eyes lit up slightly. So he could refuse the caretakers?

Before he could open his mouth, the life caretaker echoed Kona’s words, “Yeah, just like the uncomfortable stay, you should have brought it up long ago.”

Gu Yu choked and spoke with certainty, “I’m comfortable here, it’s great!”

Kona shrugged, “You don’t want the marshal to blame himself, do you? The marshal is lucky.”

Such a sweet natured female that the marshal met!

Gu Yu: “…” Why don’t they just believe his words! He was perplexed as to what a natural female really looked like in their perception. So much so that they were worried about living in such a comfortable environment?

The next examination gave him a little insight.

He sat against the head of the bed as Kona had instructed. The caretakers took out various measuring instruments and placed them next to the bed. The live-in caregivers gently disinfected the parts of him that needed to be in contact with the instruments.

Then the wireless sensor end was carefully attached to him.

The medical nurse held the pheromone concentration sensor in his hand and gently warned, “It will be a little icy, don’t be nervous.”

Gu Yu nodded, he had seen this thumb-sized tablet before when Dr. Qin had used it for him.

The nurse gently applied the tablet to his gland, taking great care not to touch him throughout the process.

The nutrition nurse gently brought a bracelet to his hand, “It will be ready soon.”

A holographic light screen of about thirty inches was displayed in front of Kona, and he looked carefully at the data and holographic scans on it.

Cyno stood next to him, his eyes moving over the light screen and Gu Yu’s body.

Kona’s eyes snapped wide when he saw the bruise on the knee in the scan, “Oh my God, you actually injured your knee this badly!” He was chagrined, “I can’t believe I just let you stand for so long, it was so remiss.”

The three nurses also looked very bad, all of them with a face of self-reproach.

Gu Yu was a little confused by their reactions, not understanding why they were like this.

His knee injury had nothing to do with them, and it wasn’t very serious. He gently moved his knee, the corners of his mouth curved slightly, and said with a smile, “It’s much better, it’s fine.”

“Don’t move!” The medical caretaker was startled by the movement of his knee and snapped out.

It was as if he had not bent his knee, but had taken a knife out to cut. Gu Yu froze and blinked, not knowing whether to put his knee down or not.

The medical nurse softened his voice, “Sorry, I hope I didn’t scare you,” he looked at Gu Yu’s knee compassionately, “I’ll give you medicine, it will heal quickly.” He said, took out an ointment, bent down close to Gu Yu’s knee, opened the ointment, and gently rubbed some onto the knee.

The nurse stared at the knee and hesitated for a moment before doing it, but the action of smearing the medicine was so light that even the medicine could not be wiped away.

Gu Yu’s knee moved slightly, the nurse’s movements were too light, and he felt more itch than pain.

Gu Yu: “…”

With his understanding, to rub away the bruises, you have to apply force. Qin Sheng prescribed him an ointment, but it was not suitable for immediate rubbing when you’ve just been injured, and he didn’t use it yesterday.

Cyno stared soberly at the caretaker’s hand, which was making circles on Gu Yu’s white knee, then abruptly lifting it up again and continued. The white ointment gradually floated on the surface of the skin, not yet rubbed in.

Seeing the nurse’s hand approaching the knee again, Cyno reached out and grabbed the nurse’s shoulder, pulling the person backwards, “I’ll do it.”

The nurse breathed a sigh of relief and took a step back embarrassed, “The skin is too tender, I don’t dare to do it.”

Cyno gave a light hum, “You should add a time limit to treat the wound.”

If it wasn’t for the seriousness of the nurse’s careful face, he would have thought the nurse was disturbing Gu Yu.

He looked to Gu Yu, “It will hurt a little, bear with it.”

Gu Yu nodded, the next moment, pain came to his knee. He tightly pursed his lips and did not make the slightest sound. Cyno didn’t look up, just focused on his knee. He couldn’t look at Gu Yu’s expression, worried that if he did, he wouldn’t be able to be ruthless.

He had treated numerous wounds, but never so carefully.

As he pressed and rubbed, he clearly felt Gu Yu’s body tense up slightly, and he was distressed, but his hands did not pause. If this kind of wound was on a military male, there would be no need for special treatment.

On his little mate, in his opinion, it was more serious than if he had been blasted by a particle cannon.

He moved sharply, rubbed the ointment away and removed his hand, “There.”

Gu Yu only felt as if a hot towel had been placed on his knee, and the piece of skin maintained a constant feeling of warmth. He moved gently and the pain was much less.

Cyno washed his hands and walked to the side of the bed and sat down, Gu Yu smiled at him, “It feels good.”

Cyno raised an eyebrow and smiled, “I have experience.”

Kona observed the data, “The ointment must be applied once more at night and we’ll be back tomorrow.” He pointed to a row of data and said to the nutrition caretaker, “Nutritionally suboptimal, needs to be supplemented.”

The nutritional caretaker nodded and recorded the data into his personal terminal, “I will develop a targeted diet plan for him.”

Kona swiped the light screen to the left and another interface appeared with a line graph.

“Oh,” Kona’s eyes lit up suddenly and he twisted his head to look at Gu Yu, “your glands are very healthy.”

With excitement in his eyes, he took out a long, thin glass tube that, from the looks of it, resembled an extended thermometer.

“I’ll measure your female activity in order to make a breeding plan for you. In my experience, with healthy glands, the female activity will be high, and you may be able to get pregnant soon.” Speaking of pregnancy, his eyes burst into an extremely bright light, “It would be great to produce a natural female!”

Gu Yu’s eyes widened, pregnant?

After Kona finished, he walked over to the bed and handed Gu Yu the glass tube, “Put it into your female channel, and if you’re shy, we can turn around.”

Gu Yu flinched and held the glass tube with a confused look on his face, “Female channel?”

Kona, seeing his confused face, inquired in disbelief, “Where you come from, don’t females learn about physiology?”

Gu Yu, “No…”

He had learned about physiology, but it had absolutely nothing to do with Brilliant Splendor’s females.

Kona sighed lightly and said kindly, “Don’t worry, I will compile materials for you, and if you need it, I will give you a lesson myself.”

Cyno spoke up at this point, “No need, I’ll teach him.”

Kona looked at him and nodded, “That’s fine, male partners do make the best teachers, they just need good self-control.”

Cyno’s face didn’t change, “I have great self-control.”

Kona scanned the room, “That, I’m sure of.”

Married and sleeping in a separate room from his natural female partner! This kind of self-control was definitely the best among males.

But then he thought of another point and surveyed Cyno, “Marshal, honesty is a wonderful virtue, and you… Is there something difficult to say about the body?”

Cyno’s face instantly darkened, “President Kona, please allow me to remind you that you are approaching three hundred years of age, and even if you smear me, Xiao Yu will not consider you.”

Kona choked and coughed, glaring at him, “Nonsense, you’ve never had a fling in eighty years, and now you’re sleeping in separate rooms with your natural female partner! My question is reasonable and valid!” He said with concern, “I’ve known you since I was your grandmother’s caretaker. If you’re not feeling well, don’t be shy about seeking medical attention, our association does research on males as well in order to make female life harmonious.”

Cyno gritted his teeth and said with a single word and an aggravated tone, “I am fine!”

Gu Yu, who was holding the glass tube with a dumbfounded face, couldn’t help but laugh when he heard this.

Cyno looked at him, tickled by his laugh, raised his eyebrows and said to Kona, “If you don’t believe me, Little Yu can testify for me.”

Gu Yu immediately remembered the night of the breeding period, the ragged gasps that reached his ears. He blushed suddenly, clenching his palms nervously, and the sound of the glass tube in his hand immediately caught his attention.

He decisively held it up and shook it in his hand, changing the subject, “How do you use this?”

Cyno eyes abruptly deepened, silently looking at Gu Yu, eyes filled with fire. Gu Yu was slightly stunned, his heart thumping wildly, and he shrunk his neck. He had a bad feeling in his heart that he had asked a very bad diversionary question.

Kona laughed, “Just put it in the female path. Marshal is here, you can ask him to help you.” He finished his answer and asked Cyno, “Do you need help?”

Cyno said in a deep voice: “No, you guys go out first.”

Gu Yu felt more and more wrong, if it was a normal measurement, there was no reason to clear people!

Cyno waited for Kona and the few people to go out, took the glass tube in Gu Yu’s hand, leaned down and looked at Gu Yu, saying softly, “Don’t be afraid, I will be very careful.”

As he said that, his hand moved to the waist of Gu Yu’s pants and was about to pull them down when his wrist was grabbed by Gu Yu.

Gu Yu stared at him, “You… What are you doing?”

Cyno lifted the glass tube, his voice slightly dark, “To check you.”

Gu Yu grabbed his wrist with uncontrollable force, a very bad idea suddenly rose in his head, and his face turned red. He stuttered and asked, “Female…where is the female path?”

Cyno’s breath hitched and he stared at him for two seconds before putting the glass tube aside, wrapped his arm around his back, and moved his hand down slightly. Like a rabbit whose tail was touched, Gu Yu flipped his body as if he was frightened.

He flipped over again, then climbed up and sat on the other side of the bed with a red face.

“No, it’s unacceptable.” He said nervously. He could go along with the previous measurements, but this one, he just couldn’t take.

It was too strange.

He remembered what Kona had said before, the female activity, the breeding plan, pregnancy…

It was as if he had entered a new world.

No, he was indeed in a new world.

Before he just had this concept, now he really felt it.

Cyno looked at his embarrassed-to-the-extreme face and his heart felt more tickled and filled with compassion. A smile flashed in his eyes, his young mate was so calm before, however it seemed that was because he knew nothing about the test.

He persuaded, “This test not only measures the degree of female sub activity, but also the degree of tolerance of the female. Knowing this, the male can ensure that the female gets pleasure while not being hurt.” He continued with a worried look on his face, “Natural females have the weakest constitution in the race. I don’t have any experience and I don’t want to hurt you. With the measurements, the association will be able to work out a breeding plan that meets our needs, and I will be able to keep you safe by following the plan.”

Gu Yu listened to Cyno’s words with a red face, and one exclamation point after another surfaced in his heart.

Why should this kind of thing follow scientific data?!

He felt bad about the whole thing, even if he was inexperienced, he knew that this kind of thing shouldn’t be like this.

No, no, isn’t it a little early to be talking about such things?

Cyno’s firm muscles appeared in front of him, and Gu Yu’s heart beat wildly. He tried to keep his face taut and not show the effect he had on him. He bit his lip, “I don’t want to measure.”

Cyno looked at his red face, picked up the glass tube and walked over to his side, handing it to him, “If you’re shy, I’ll go out too and you can test yourself?”

Gu Yu subconsciously put his hands behind his back and shook his head, “I don’t want to take the test.”

His resistance was obvious so Cyno took the glass tube back and put it behind his back to keep it out of sight, “Why don’t you want to test it?”

Gu Yu inexplicably felt as if he were a child who didn’t know what to do and didn’t listen to medical advice, while Cyno was a patient parent who asked questions. He was slightly embarrassed and hung his head and whispered, “No need to take the test.”

Cyno stared at his soft hair, “No? Don’t you want me to touch you?”

Gu Yu stared at the floor with wide eyes. Why did he ask that? He was so flustered, the question was really difficult for him.

If he wanted to? He was too embarrassed to say so, and if he didn’t, he subconsciously didn’t want to answer that way, he thought it would make Cyno unhappy. He was distressed, “Do you have to do this kind of examination for all the females here?”

“Yes, breeding according to the female’s activity can increase the pregnancy rate, and the partner of a physically weak beast female can take better care of his partner after knowing his partner’s tolerance.”

Gu Yu organized his thoughts in his head and tried to make his point, “Where I come from, there is no such check.” He paused and looked up at Cyno, “I think it’s unnecessary, it’s… very personal. The feelings of both parties are the best guidelines for action, no need to use science as a guideline.”

As for children, he intentionally avoids them. He had never thought that he would one day have that ability. He had mixed emotions, he couldn’t focus on it, he was shocked and scared, and a few other emotions. He didn’t want to fret about what hadn’t happened yet, and he wasn’t sure if his thoughts would change later.

He knew well that circumstances can change people. This wasn’t the world it used to be.

Cyno leaned down, his voice dark, “Feelings of both parties?”

Gu Yu inclined his head, and Cyno pondered for a moment, laughing lightly, his eyes flashing brightly. “You are right, you are a natural female, not the same as a beast female, you can tell me what you think.” He raised his hand and rubbed the top of Gu Yu’s hair, “If you don’t like it, then we won’t measure it.”

Gu Yu’s ears reddened, pursed his lips, and in the end did not say anything. It felt that it was wrong to say anything. The topic was too strange.

Kona walked into the room and pointed to the blank holographic light screen, “The detector is broken? There’s no data.”

Cyno raised his hand to give him back the glass tube, thought about it and then withdrew his hand, “Private data, not to be passed on.”

Kona, “Without the data, we have no way to make a plan.”

Cyno said, “I’ll learn and make my own plan.”

Kona shrugged, “Well, I hope marshal doesn’t hurt Gu Yu.”

It was common for males who didn’t want to reveal private data about their female partners.

Cyno raised an eyebrow, “Of course not.”

As he was talking, Da Yuan turned to the guest room, “Marshal, young master Guy is visiting madam with Merlin, KiKi, and MoMo.”

As soon as Gu Yu heard this, his embarrassment suddenly dissipated a lot. He looked at the door with bright eyes, took a step outside and stopped again, looking at Cyno.

Cyno smiled at him and instructed Da Yuan, “Tell them to wait in the living room for a while.”

Da Yuan went out and Kona continued to examine Gu Yu.

Ten minutes later, the examination was completed and the caretakers removed the metal pieces attached to Gu Yu’s body.

Kona rigorously and carefully saved a backup copy of all the data and passed a copy to each of the caretakers.

After Kona recorded it, he said to Gu Yu, “From now on, the medical caretaker will give you a routine checkup every day, and the nutritional caretaker will ration your meals according to your body condition.”

Gu Yu frowned, feeling even more troubled. “You mean they come over every day?”

Kona nodded, “As a rule, they need to stay with the natural females, but of course, if the natural female companion cannot provide accommodation, the association will find a way to provide nearby accommodation.” He spread his hands, “Apparently, the marshal has enough accommodation here.”

Wouldn’t this mean that not only would there be no choice in food and clothing, but there might be someone else in charge of things. The thought of that scenario was unbearable to Gu Yu.

He hurriedly made his attitude clear again, “No, I am in good health, I don’t need a nurse to take care of me every day.”

Kona said seriously, “Actually, you do, especially if you are not from Brilliant Splendor, your situation is more special.

At the mention of another planet, Cyno thought of Gu Yu’s face, which always looked pale. Several tests had shown that there was nothing wrong with Gu Yu’s body other than nutritional suboptimal health. Now that he thought about it, maybe it was because he was sick.

He said to Kona, “I’ll arrange rooms for them.”

Gu Yu was well aware that the time for him to do what he wanted had passed. He looked to Cyno, “There’s really no need.”

Cyno, “Your body is most important.”

Kona also advised, “Don’t worry, they won’t bother you and won’t affect your life.” He sighed heavily with a cautious face, “Your health is too important. Brilliant Splendor has not had a natural female for sixty years, your appearance gives us hope.”

Gu Yu froze, he had not used the system’s higher-order effects. What did Kona mean by this?

Kona saw his confusion and explained, “After the catastrophe, Brilliant Splendor’s natural environment has changed dramatically. After research, the disappearance of natural females has a lot to do with nature. Now that the environment is stable, we have been researching ways to make the beast females transform into adults, but there has been no progress.”

As he spoke, his voice rose with excitement and his hands clenched, “Now with your body’s data, we may be able to target the treatment of the beast females by comparing it with their various data, making their data close to yours.” His eyes were extremely bright, “Maybe they can turn into human form too.”

Gu Yu’s heart moved, the system high level effect was to give others evolutionary energy. With Brilliant Splendor’s medical means, with the exact target, it might really be possible to find a way. He pondered that even if Cyno said that everything was based on his mood, but refused to look after it completely, Cyno was afraid that he would not want to.

Cyno was probably not comfortable with it either. He thought about it and said, “The doctor will stay, the nutrition nurse and life nurse are not needed.”

The live-in caregiver hurriedly said, “How can I do that? All your supplies need to be changed, and I’m going to make your clothes myself!”

Gu Yu reinforced the idea of keeping only the doctor at most. He had never worn clothes made for him by anyone! He didn’t want to bother anyone at all. He waved his hand, “No, really.”

He thought about it and rubbed the back of his right hand on the clothes, then stretched his hand out, “You see, my skin is not that… tender.”

The skin on the back of his hand was still white and unmarred. He surveyed the room, thinking of some other way to show that he wasn’t that delicate.

Cyno saw this and thought of the way he had once acted to show that he was spirited enough to run. He took Gu Yu’s hand to keep him from moving, thought quickly for a moment, and made his decision, “The medical caretaker stays and is in daily contact with the nutritional caretaker. The life caretaker is not needed.”

Kona also saw Gu Yu’s rejection, he knew that the mind was important, and did not force it.

He just reminded Cyno, “The rules require at least three caregivers, if only the medical caregiver stays, as Gu Yu’s partner, you need to submit an application.”

Cyno nodded and opened the terminal, “I’ll submit the application now.”

The nutritional caretaker and the life caretaker looked lost. They had lost the chance to spend time with a natural female!

Cyno quickly submitted the completed application and said to Gu Yu, “Go check out the living room.”

The two led the way out and were in the hallway, when, before they reached the living room, Merlin came running at a fast pace. He was so athletic that when he was almost in front of Gu Yu, he jumped to the ground and used his big head to rub against Gu Yu.

When he was almost there, a man suddenly stood in front of Gu Yu, and Gu Yu froze, it was the medical nurse Orson.

Orson looked at Merlin with a serious face, “You can’t go near him, you’ll hurt him.”

Merlin opened his mouth and growled at him, pacing to his right and sticking his head out to look at Gu Yu. Gu Yu stepped out from behind Orson, who was in front of him again.

Gu Yu: “… He’s my friend, it’s okay.”

Kona said, “Orson’s right to be worried, the beast females of the Tykes can cause strong damage. You have to keep your distance from him.”

Gu Yu bit his lip. He knew that Kona and the others were doing everything for his own good, so he had been very cooperative before. But now, he was acutely aware that they were being overly careful.

Cyno gave him a look and put his hand on Orson’s shoulder, bringing Orson two steps to the side. He grunted lightly, “If Gu Yu is in danger, I will not be slower than you.”

With no more cover between Gu Yu and Merlin, Merlin walked up to Gu Yu and waved his tail, his big head rubbing against Gu Yu’s arm. Gu Yu smiled and rubbed the top of his head.

In a flash of white, KiKi scurried from the ground to Merlin’s back, and then jumped straight into Gu Yu’s arms. Gu Yu hurriedly reached out to hug him, KiKi’s long ears twitched and his front paws grabbed Gu Yu’s lapel, “Zee~”

Meanwhile, MoMo walked to Gu Yu’s feet, flapped his wings and tilted his head, “La~”

Gu Yu smiled at him.

Cyno, “Go sit on the couch.”

Kona was a little surprised at the reaction of the three beast females and did not offer to leave.

The group sat around the couch, Merlin and MoMo stayed at Gu Yu’s feet, one on top of the other, KiKi on Gu Yu’s lap with his head facing out, the three facing each other.

Guy sat across from Cyno, his eyes glowing as he stared at Gu Yu, “Cyno, is he really a natural female?”

Cyno looked at him and nodded, “Yes,” he took Gu Yu’s hand, “and formally introduced, my mate, Gu Yu.”

Gu Yu blushed slightly and moved his fingers without struggling. His relationship with Cyno was probably known throughout Brilliant Splendor, and if he struggled, it would easily cause a misunderstanding.

There was talk on the Internet that Cyno was hiding him and forbidding him to speak. If he refused to even take Cyno’s hand, in the eyes of others, they might think that he and Cyno were married and that Cyno forced him. Cyno inclined his head to look at him, smiled, and just kept holding it, not taking his hand away.

Guy’s face twisted for a moment, “You’re definitely showing off!” Thinking about how the two met, he looked at Gu Yu expectantly, “Did you have company with you when you came to Brilliant Splendor?” His eyes shone, “You suddenly came to Brilliant Splendor, probably because of a special change in the spatial energy field. If you had a companion, they might have come along with you!”

Gu Yu shook his head, shattering his hope, “No.”

He came to Brilliant Splendor only because of the system, and that space energy field had nothing to do with it.

Guy sighed in disappointment, “What a shame.” He thought of a matter and asked while goggling at Gu Yu, “By the way, I watched the live recording screen where you were injured, is your body well? Merlin went to Shu Xin and heard the staff talking about you, and after knowing that you were injured, he immediately wanted to see you. KiKi and MoMo were also very worried about you.”

Gu Yu smiled and replied, “The injury is not serious, almost recovered.”

He finished his answer and rubbed the three’s heads one by one.

MoMo flapped his wings and cheerfully called out, “La~”

At the same time KiKi also called out cheerfully, “Zee~”

Merlin’s tail wagged briskly from side to side.

Orson kept a nervous eye on the three, worried that they might accidentally hurt Gu Yu. Seeing this, his eyes flashed with surprise and his heart calmed.

Kona laughed, “You get along with them really well, but you should be careful if you meet strange beast females. Beast females have no experience with natural females and can’t control their power on their own, which is dangerous for you.”

Gu Yu nodded, “I will pay attention, but they are very smart.”

Kona shook his head, “Not all beast females are so smart, many of them have simple ideas and are far less intelligent than males.” He couldn’t help but sigh, “Beast types are far less capable of learning than human types.”

Gu Yu looked at him in surprise, his eyebrows slightly frowning. If that was the case, he could better understand why males were so eager for natural females.

KiKi sniffed, his long ears drooped and he gave a soft purr of frustration.

MoMo stood at Gu Yu’s feet, his fluffy head lowered and his wings dangling absentmindedly at his sides.

Merlin’s originally wobbling tail also stopped wobbling, and was weakly stuck to the ground, with his chin resting on his front paws and his ears drooping.

Gu Yu froze, looking at them in confusion and worry.

He smoothed the long hair on KiKi’s back and was about to speak to comfort him when he was interrupted by Guy’s words.

Guy’s tone was unpleasant, “President Kona!”

Kona hurriedly looked at the three, his tone tinged with chagrin, “Sorry, you guys are very good and smart.”

The three got in the spirit almost immediately and raised their heads, Merlin looked up at Gu Yu. The other two also looked at Gu Yu, their eyes shining brightly.

Guy waved toward Merlin, who came up next to him, and he rubbed the side of Merlin’s neck, “He’s right, Merlin is the smartest!”

Gu Yu understood, his eyes curved slightly and he said to KiKi and MoMo, “You’re smart,” he added after a pause, “We’re friends.”

The two immediately rubbed against his leg. He rubbed the two’s heads, surprised in his heart. Beast females turned out to care so much about other people’s comments!

Again, he couldn’t help thinking that they were too good at coaxing.

Seeing this, Kona looked at the three gently, “We will work on it and try to enable you to transform into human form.”

“Zee!” KiKi reacted the fastest, ears twitching and rushing up to look at him.

MoMo and Merlin also immediately looked at him, eyes glowing.

With a longing look on his face, Kona glanced at Gu Yu before saying, “There will definitely be a day like that.”

Gu Yu gently stroked KiKi’s back, his fingers sinking into the long white fur, his palms all soft to the touch. He couldn’t help but ask, “Do you guys really want to become human?”

The three of them nodded neatly.

The corners of Gu Yu’s mouth curled up and he smiled. He privately wanted the three to become human, but originally he was worried that they might not like it. Now that he knew the answer, he was relieved. He now had plenty of Goodwill Points, and they kept going up.

He only needed to spend two thousand Goodwill Points, first spend one thousand to buy the primary evolution liquid, and then consume another thousand, and he would be able to give all three of them a thousand evolutionary energy at the same time.

They would then have the ability to become human.

He was in an excited mood and quickly set up a plan in his mind.

One thousand evolutionary energy required him to consume one thousand Goodwill while creating one thousand minutes of sound. He happened to be going through basic vocal training and could have them stay by his side while he practiced pitch.

Sixty minutes an hour, one thousand minutes about seventeen hours, three hours a day, six days will do!

Kona looked at the three beast females with gentle eyes, then looked at Gu Yu, “Human form represents intelligence, whether female or male, there is an innate desire to become human, it is the innate nature of all werebeast.”

Gu Yu felt he understood, but couldn’t understand how that felt like. He was not a true Splendor native after all.

Shortly after the small talk, a faint scent emanated from the air.

Merlin, who was lying next to Guy, scratched the ground with his paws and stood up with slight annoyance, paws raised, pushing Guy’s arm.

Guy helplessly raised his hand and looked at the time: “There’s still an hour and a half left, no inhibitors yet.”

Orson, as a medical caretaker, knew extraordinarily well how females react, “He’s in heat?”

Guy nodded, “The inhibitor was used early, but it’s been getting less and less effective the past two days.”

Orson gave Merlin a check-up, “This will continue for at least another five days, keep him in a quiet and comfortable environment and put on some soothing music to make him more comfortable.” He said and suggested, “Of course, if the right person is available, marriage is the most natural and safest way to handle it.”

Guy shrugged his shoulders, “If the right person were available, Merlin wouldn’t need an inhibitor.”

Orson took a bottle of spray and sprayed it in the living room, the scent faded. Gu Yu looked worriedly at Merlin, who was walking around looking annoyed, turned the ring, found the music file and clicked play.

The gentle and soothing sound of the flute rang out in the living room. Merlin’s steps became slower and slower, and soon stopped, turned his head and ran to Gu Yu’s side to lay down.

MoMo gently touched Merlin’s fleshy paws with his wings and slightly tilted his head, listening carefully to the music. KiKi’s whole body relaxed and spread itself into a thick fur pie, covering Gu Yu’s legs lightly.

Kona watched their reactions with amazement, then looked at Gu Yu: “Oh my God, your song is great!”

Gu Yu wasn’t quite used to such blunt and enthusiastic praise, he pursed his lips and blushed slightly. “It’s a tune from my hometown, I’m just playing it out.”

“It’s awesome too!” Kona praised without hesitation, his eyes expectant, “Can you sell the broadcasting rights to the association?”

“Huh?” Gu Yu was puzzled.

Kona, “Obviously, your tune can calm the beast females, and this kind of tune is helpful to the beast females when promoted. I am not going to buy out the tune, only the broadcasting rights.”

Gu Yu, “You want to hear it, just record it and listen to it.”

Kona said seriously, “If I were to listen to it myself in private, it would of course be fine to do so. But I’m going to play it in the association, and it’s illegal not to buy the rights for commercial use.”

Gu Yu dawned on him and opened the folder, “I’ve compiled a total of thirteen tracks, do you want to buy this one?”

“Buy all of them.”

Gu Yu didn’t hesitate, “Okay.”

Kona quickly drew up a contract, exchanged contact information with Gu Yu, and sent the contract to Gu Yu. He thought of something and said, “You are not familiar with Brilliant Splendor, you can look at it with the marshal, if there is anything you are not satisfied with, we can discuss.”

Gu Yu clicked on the contract, and Cyno came closer to read it with him. The contract was Star Network’s standard broadcast rights licensing contract, and the price was fully referenced to the market price.

Gu Yu saw the end and was surprised, “One hundred thousand for one song?”

Kona, “This is the market price, if you think it’s less, I can raise the price.”

Gu Yu hurriedly shook his head, “No, it’s too much.”

Cyno said, “Not too much, your song is worth it.”

Gu Yu looked at him and Cyno smiled, “No problem, if you want, just sign it.”

Gu Yu signed his name at the end and transferred a copy of the music file to Cyno.

Kona was very satisfied, “If you have any new works, be sure to tell me,” he said, thinking of something, his body leaned forward, “I also want to ask you a favor!”

Gu Yu did not understand, “What kind of favor?”

Kona, with a wild face, opened the terminal and pulled out a book, “This is my work, I’m shooting a movie recently but the end credits have never been decided. I think there is no better player than you.”

Gu Yu looked at the cover covered with pink peach hearts and was a little surprised. The style of the book was too incompatible with Kona.

“Wow!” Guy exclaimed in surprise, “A Beautiful Love Affair with a Natural Female was actually written by you! It was the top-selling romance novel of the year last year!”

Kona coughed lightly and stroked his fingers on the cover, looking very fond of his work, “I wrote it.” He said adding, “The movie is called Sweet Love, and it’s on schedule to be released at the end of the year.”

Guy was surprised: “That’s awesome! I super love the book!”

Kona asked Gu Yu, “Is that okay?”

Gu Yu shook his head helplessly, “I’m sorry, I’m not up to what you’re asking for at this point.”

He had solid theoretical knowledge, but no practical experience.

Kona, “How come?! The song you play is particularly nice, and your voice is particularly nice. You can definitely do it.”

Gu Yu pointed to his throat, “I only have a good voice, and I still need to practice my basic singing skills.” He said with an embarrassed smile, “And my ability to compose also still needs to be learned.”

He has composed songs, but not many, and even fewer lyrics.

Brilliant Splendor was so different from modern culture that the previous filler lyrics simply didn’t apply. If he were to compose, he would have to learn the words of Brilliant Splendor specifically in the future. Literacy and using words were not the same.

Kona looked regretful, but on second thought, he added, “You can pick a song from your hometown, as long as it fits my piece.” Speaking of works, his eyes glowed, “If you have time, could you please read my novel?”

He rubbed his hands, “I’m probably the most knowledgeable person in Brilliant Splendor about you natural females, but actually, I don’t have a good grasp of your psychology, so it would be great if you could give me some suggestions for improvement.”

Gu Yu: “… Each individual has differences in personality, I’m afraid I can’t help you.”

Kona thought about that, nodding, “You’re right, but if you have time, I’d like you to read it. After all, you’re a natural female, so maybe you can point out some mistakes to me.” He said and passed the novel to Gu Yu, “This is my gift to you. After reading it, if you can think of a suitable song, I hope you can sing it, the price is negotiable.”

Gu Yu thought about it and nodded his head in response. He thought of many modern songs, it was not easy to compose, but it was not difficult to choose a song that suited the novel. And to gain an understanding of the usage and habits of Brilliant Splendor’s words, reading a best-selling novel was a good choice.

Maybe even learn a lot about Brilliant Splendor’s life in general from the novel.

Kona smiled, “By the way, all the physiological knowledge about natural females in the book is correct, I will compile some special information and pass it to you later.”

Gu Yu, “Thank you.”

Kona listened to the music in the living room for a while, then thinking about analyzing the examination data, did not stay longer, and left with two caretakers.

Guy looked at Gu Yu, “Can you pass a copy of the song to me? I’ll only listen to it at home for Merlin, not commercially.”

Gu Yu nodded, “Sure.”

Guy’s eyes lit up and he opened the terminal, “Let’s exchange contact information first!”

Cyno looked at him and touched Gu Yu’s hand, “Pass it to me, I’ll pass it to him.”

The corners of Guy’s mouth twitched: “…Cyno, I have absolutely no ill will, I’m just a little curious!”

Cyno: “Oh? If you’re curious, ask me.”

Guy deflated, “You’re not a natural female.”

Gu Yu thought to himself, I’m not really a natural female either.

He obeyed Cyno’s words and dutifully passed the music to Cyno without exchanging contact information with Guy. If Guy had asked him questions related to natural females, he really wouldn’t know how to answer.

Cyno passed the music to Guy and raised an eyebrow, “I’m a natural female’s mate.”

Guy leaned back against the couch with a lament, “You’re just lucky!”

Guy had an appointment at noon and left with the three before lunch, dropping MoMo and KiKi off at ShuXin first, then taking Merlin to the dinner party.

Only Cyno and Gu Yu were left in the living room, along with medical caretaker Orson.

Orson quietly sat on the sofa reading a book on medicine. Gu Yu, on the other hand, curiously opened Kona’s novel and slowly looked at it.

Cyno looked at Orson for a moment and waved toward Da Yuan, who turned to him, “Marshal, what can I do for you, please?”

Cyno said, “Take Dr. Orson to the building in the back.” Orson looked up and Cyno said, “Pick any room you want.”

Orson got up, “Thanks, Marshal. Contact me if you need anything.”

Cyno nodded, and after Da Yuan and Orson left, he looked at Gu Yu and couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. How come Gu Yu’s face turned red as if it was dripping blood? He went over and looked at the light screen that Gu Yu had spread out flat in front of him, and before he could see what was written, the screen disappeared.

Gu Yu hurriedly put his hands behind his back and looked at Cyno with a red face. Since he was a child, this was the first time he had  ever experienced being caught reading a erotic novel.

He didn’t expect it to be so explosive at the beginning!

Cyno was tickled by his embarrassed look.

Although he had not read Kona’s novel, looking at Gu Yu’s appearance, he could probably guess the exact content. He laughed, “What’s it about? I haven’t read it yet, let’s read it together!”

Gu Yu thought of the hot plot in the book and shook his head, “I… I won’t read it.”

Cyno, “What’s wrong? Not good?”

Gu Yu pursed his lips and tilted his head to avoid his smiling gaze, “Do you…do you know?”

Cyno raised a smile, “Have not read it, but seeing your reaction, I guessed.”

Gu Yu was even more embarrassed, Cyno knew what he had just seen! Cyno let out a light laugh, pulled his hand in front of him and twisted his ring.

Gu Yu curled his fingers and covered them with his other hand, blushing, “Don’t look!”

Cyno’s eyes fell on his scarlet cheeks and he couldn’t resist, touching them with his hand, soft and smooth. Gu Yu’s eyes rounded and froze for a moment, his body leaned back and avoided Cyno’s hand.

Cyno let him go and took his hand, “Let’s read it together. Most best-selling books start with sex as a gimmick, but the rest of the plot is worth reading.” He smiled at Gu Yu, “President Kona offered to let you read it, there must be a serious plot.”

Gu Yu blinked, hesitated, and let go of his hand. He blushed and followed Cyno through most of the opening chapter, which was all about the bed scene between the main male officer and a natural female.

When he saw the protagonist wake up from the dream and realized that everything was a dream and the protagonist was lying alone in the room, he let out a long breath.

His body, which had been tense, relaxed slightly.

Cyno hand casually unbuttoned the front two buttons of his shirt, resting his hands on the back of the sofa, his eyes darkly watching Gu Yu. He crossed his legs and exhaled secretly, feeling very misguided. His little mate was much better than his stamina.

Gu Yu didn’t dare to look at Cyno and tried to put his attention into the book.

The writing was appealing, and except for the beginning, which made him feel embarrassed, the rest of the plot was normal. The officer accepted a mission and successfully returned when he encountered a particle storm and the small ship fell into an unrecorded planet. Then, the officer met the natural female of his dream.

Reading to this point, Gu Yu inexplicably felt it was somewhat familiar, modern works used tropes like this as well.

Cyno calmed down a bit and did not read the book. His eyes fell on Gu Yu, the more he looked, the more he liked him. After a short while, he looked at the time and patted Gu Yu’s shoulder, “Come on, let’s go eat.”

After the meal, the two of them took a walk in the backyard for a while. Before long, Cyno, worried about Gu Yu’s injury, proposed to go back to the living room. Gu Yu thought about his plan and gently tugged Cyno’s sleeve.

Cyno looked at him sideways, “What’s wrong?”

Gu Yu said, “I want Merlin, MoMo and KiKi to come to the villa every morning, is that okay?”

His black grape-like eyes were expectant, and his good-natured, inquiring look made Cyno smile. Cyno raised his hand and touched his cheek gently, but when he saw his eyes rounded, he retracted the touch, “Of course.” He took Gu Yu’s shoulders and continued walking, “Just in time, I have something to take care of, it’s better for them to accompany you.”

Gu Yu smiled and quickly said, “Don’t let me delay your work.”

Cyno smiled up, “No, as I said, I have wedding leave, just…” He said with a flash of displeasure, “My birthday party is coming up.”

Gu Yu’s footsteps paused slightly, “Is it your eightieth birthday?”

The two of them had already walked to the living room, Cyno patted Gu Yu’s shoulder, and Gu Yu sat down obediently. Cyno also sat down and looked at him seriously and said, “In Brilliant Splendor, eighty years old is young.”

Gu Yu looked at his expression and could not help but curl his eyes, “Mn, I know.”

Cyno narrowed his eyes slightly, “You really know? You don’t think I’m too old?”

Gu Yu scratched the side of his face in embarrassment, “I’m just a little surprised.”

Cyno grabbed his hand, “How old are you?”


Cyno: “…That’s young.”

As he was talking, his ring vibrated and Gu Yu hastily pulled back his hand. Cyno looked at him, the corners of his mouth slightly hooked, looked at the caller, and connected. The holographic light screen unfolded in front of the two of them, and His Majesty appeared on the screen, but his expression was not good.

His Majesty smiled and greeted Gu Yu, then glared at Cyno, “Tomorrow at the latest, you must be at the palace, your birthday or my birthday, whatever!” He couldn’t help but slap the table, “Foreign planets sent congratulatory gifts and have already buried your place! The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is busy with reception matters, the Ministry of Information, in order to prohibit the disclosure of information related to natural females, and the whole staff, has worked overtime all night! How dare you, the party in question, be so leisurely?”

His Majesty continued, slowing down his breathing, “The little female is your partner and he must be present on your birthday. You do not care about the process! Are you not afraid that there will be a mistake on that day?”

Cyno folded his arms, “Don’t call him ‘little female’. Look, call him Little Gu or Gu Yu.” He raised his eyebrows, “Didn’t my adjutant tell you? I sent him a message. I’m going to the palace tomorrow.”

His Majesty sneered, then smiled particularly gently, only his tone wasn’t very nice, “You forwarded all your communications to your adjutant. He’s lucky he didn’t die from media noise! Are you sure he saw your message?”

Cyno, “I used a private number, so maybe I didn’t see it, but that’s okay, I’ll know when I see it tomorrow.”

“You simply did it on purpose!” His Majesty was not nice and waved his hand, “Forget it. Remember to strengthen the villa security.”

Cyno looked at the hung up communication and shrugged his shoulders.

Gu Yu inquired, “You had something earlier, related to your birthday party?”

Cyno nodded, he looked at Gu Yu and pondered for a moment, “You’d better not leave the villa in the next few days. Let me know if you want to go out, I’ll take you out.”

Gu Yu frowned, he was planning to buy a set of music equipment. Before there was no money, but now with the income from the broadcasting rights, there was no need to worry about money.

And this feeling of being forbidden to move around was not something he really liked.

Cyno rubbed the top of his hair, “Although the Ministry of Information quickly banned the news of you from getting out, it still got out, and many Union stars wanted to borrow my birthday party to come see you.” He added with a flash of displeasure in his eyes, “It will be dangerous for you to go out.”

Gu Yu pursed his lips, “Can we go out freely after the birthday party?”

Cyno, “There has to be enough security,” seeing his rejection, added, “If you don’t like it, there are other ways. I can arrange a very good make-up artist.”

Gu Yu was helpless, “Because I’m a natural female?”

Cyno nodded his head.

Gu Yu thought about it, if he went out it would probably be similar to a modern day giant panda. If a panda was on the street, it would definitely cause a huge stir. He was at least a little better than a panda, after all, he was in human form and could disguise himself as an ordinary human. Although he was shorter than the males, the males also had children, not all of them were big.

If he went out, he could completely dress up as a minor.

After thinking clearly, he nodded obediently, “Mn, I know, I won’t go out.”

Cyno’s heart was so soft, his little mate, so well behaved and cute.

The two communicated, Gu Yu contacted Li, Cyno contacted Guy and Qin Sheng, and agreed to send Merlin, KiKi, and MoMo to the villa every morning.

At 8:00 pm, Gu Yu started his live broadcast on time, his eyes widened as his gaze swept over the popularity in the lower left corner. He came close to the light screen and counted with his hand next to it.

Cyno found his action incredibly cute, admired it for a moment, raised his hand on his shoulder and pulled him back, “Don’t get too close, it’s not good for your eyesight.”

Gu Yu blushed slightly, sat upright and looked at Cyno, “So many people!”

Cyno, “Not too many.”

Gu Yu was surprised, “How many people are there in Brilliant Splendor?”

Cyno, “Eleven hundred million males and nine hundred million beast females.”

Gu Yu’s heart stirred; last night he had seen the natural Goodwill of males to natural females. The news about him had been fermenting for a day, and most people should know about him by now. He remembered the Goodwill Points increase reminder he had heard when he woke up.

It didn’t seem normal to have just that one reminder a day. Unless, of course, it had been going up all day, so there was only one reminder.

With that in mind, his heart beat uncontrollably faster, he took a dark breath, smiled at Cyno, and turned on the microphone.

“Hello in the live stream, I am the anchor Feather, welcome to the live stream.” As he spoke, he opened the system panel.

Goodwill total value 33,696,544, 33,696,789…

Gu Yu was stunned.

At this speed, it was too easy to collect one billion Goodwill Points.

He stared at the panel in awe as Goodwill Points+1 flashed and disappeared on the panel as if it were a phantom. After the panel was upgraded, this kind of reminder pop-up would not appear in front of his eyes, but it would be displayed in the system panel.

Suddenly, he looked at it.

The white ‘Goodwill Points -1’ stood out among the light blue ‘Goodwill Points+1’.

He blinked furiously, even thinking he had misread it.

Next, however, a number of ‘Goodwill Points -1’ reminders appeared.

He clenched his fingers. Looking to the last page of the Goodwill Points panel, a quick glance at the Goodwill Points column showed all negative numbers.

The last column, -9.

He pursed his lips, a chance to be reborn, it really wasn’t that easy.

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