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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Gu Yu was looking at the back of the white tiger, and then before he could think, he was moving, sprinting to the sofa where he plopped down.

The sofa was not visible from the door, and the backrest was so high that even if the white tiger walked in through the door, its view would be blocked by the backrest and he would not be seen. He shivered and hid behind the sofa, straining his ears to listen to the movement at the door.

He did not know how long it took, until the sound of military boots on the floor came from the doorway, and Gu Yu poked his head out cautiously from the arm of the sofa.

Cyno’s footsteps paused. Gu Yu’s black hair and snow white skin, which now had a rabbit-like expression, caused a knot to form in his heart.

His eyes narrowed slightly and he walked up to Gu Yu, who scrambled to his feet and raised his hand to tell him there was a tiger. The tiger, perhaps, was raised by Cyno!

While he was in a daze, Cyno’s fingers cupped his chin and he stared at him. Gu Yu froze and blushed.

Cyno asked with understanding, “By night, the seduction program is activated?”

Gu Yu’s eyes rounded, What… What seduction?

Cyno let go of his jaw and called for Da Yuan, “Forcefully power him down with the chip and let him wake up in the morning.”

He finished and left with big strides.

Da Yuan spun his chassis to Gu Yu, who subconsciously shrank back and looked at Da Yuan fearfully, How would he be powered off?

The Da Yuan took out a thumb-sized transparent chip and stuffed it precisely and sharply into Gu Yu’s mouth.

Gu Yu pursed his lips, the chip was very thin. He carefully stayed very still as he nervously stared at the droid.

The blue light in Da Yuan’s eyes moved in a wavy pattern, “The power-off program has malfunctioned. The artificial female has not fallen into the power-off state. Open detection mode…”

Gu Yu blinked, suddenly understanding, lay down on the sofa and closed his eyes.

Da Yuan’s voice paused for a moment and continued, “Power-off procedure normal. Reaction time too long. Procedure needs to be enhanced.”

Listening to the sound of Da Yuan’s footsteps leaving, Gu Yu’s body relaxed and he carefully took the chip out of his mouth and put it in his pocket.

He quietly opened his eyes and saw Da Yuan walk to the door and close it behind him. He sighed in relief, even though the white tiger might have been fed by Cyno, he still didn’t feel comfortable without the door closed to give him a sense of security.

When Da Yuan turned around, he closed his eyes and made himself appear to be in a ‘power-off’ state.

True to form, Da Yuan didn’t notice that something was wrong, turning the chassis past the sofa and stopping at the door to the dining room, plugging its hand into the wall with its arm socket to charge itself.

Gu Yu silently lamented. He had wanted to sneak to the kitchen to wash up, but now, he did not dare to move.

He closed his eyes and thought about his current situation and wondered why Cyno thought he was an artificial female. If Cyno knew that he was not an artificial female, what would happen to him?

He didn’t dare to reveal his identity until he was sure of the consequences.

He raised his hand and gently touched the knot of his throat, the corners of his mouth slightly curved. The main thing at the moment, was to live, and then he could go to realize his dream.

In the morning, Gu Yu quietly put the chip back in his mouth, closed his eyes and lay back on the sofa, straining his ears to listen for movement.

The sound of Da Yuan’s footsteps came closer and closer, and he watched quietly through a slit in his eye. It’s right hand reached toward his mouth. He stared at the hand to see it flash an eerie blue light, but the hand remained empty.

Da Yuan’s eyes flashed a light blue, “Power-off program abnormal. Can not be lifted.”

Gu Yu had a thought dawn on him. Understanding what Da Yuan was here for, his mouth and tongue moved lightly and pushed the chip out, gently pursing his lips to prevent it from falling down.

The light on Da Yuan’s palm disappeared as it took away the chip, “Power-off status lifted, response too slow, power-off procedure needs to be strengthened.”

Gu Yu sat up on the sofa. Da Yuan turned to the edge of the sofa and inserted the chip into itself, the blue light in its eyes flashed straight.

Gu Yu guessed that it was strengthening the power-off procedure and secretly reminded himself that in the future, when he was ‘powered off’ again, his reaction must be fast.

He was hesitating to go to the kitchen to wash up when Cyno walked in through the door. He froze, he hadn’t even noticed when Cyno went out.

Cyno was wearing a black tank top and gym shorts, his muscles were visible and he looked tough, sweat sliding down his wheat colored skin, extraordinarily sexy.

Gu Yu blushed slightly and averted his gaze.

Cyno casually smoothed back his white hair and looked at Gu Yu. His eyes swept him up and down, and then gave the order, “Da Yuan, prepare a new set of clothes for him.”

“Yes, marshal,” replied Da Yuan and then skillfully shopped online.

After Cyno’s command, he strode back to his room and came out not long after in a military uniform. He wasn’t wearing his military cap and his white hair was slightly damp. He casually raked back his slightly longer bangs and walked into the dining room.

The robot had already set out the food, and Cyno went straight to eating.

Gu Yu was hungry again. Since yesterday, he had only eaten one loaf of bread and was not resistant to hunger.

He sat silently on the sofa, expecting Cyno to leave the dining room so he could go to the kitchen to find food.

Cyno hadn’t finished his breakfast when the clothes Da Yuan had bought for him arrived. Da Yuan stood next to Gu Yu, with its hands holding the clothes, and he looked at the white three-piece suit.

Was he supposed to change into it? But this was the living room, and Cyno was still sitting in the dining room behind the transparent wall.

He sat unmoving, locking gazes with the big round black eyes.

Cyno came out of the dining room and walked to the living room, one hand on the back of the sofa, his eyes fell on Gu Yu. Seeing him stay still, he spat, “Tsk, with that kind of intelligence, how dare you claim to be 99% similar to a natural female?”

He didn’t expect Gu Yu to understand what he wanted him to do now, so he simply pointed to his clothes and ordered, “Put it on.”

Gu Yu stared at him with a complicated look, hesitated, then pointed to the room he had passed on his way out of the storage room.

Cyno raised an eyebrow, “You want to change inside the room?”

Gu Yu nodded and smiled at him, his eyes expectant. He was really worried that Cyno wouldn’t allow it and make him change right there.

Cyno nodded with his finger still on the sofa, “The details are well thought out, even the shame,” he looked to Da Yuan, “Take him to the guest room.”

He added to Gu Yu, “Follow it.”

Da Yuan led the way with his clothes in his hands, and Gu Yu followed it into the guest room on the first floor.

The guest room was large and well-equipped. Gu Yu’s eyes lit up slightly and he went to the washroom to wash his face and rinse his mouth.

He pondered Cyno’s words. Artificial females should be made to imitate natural females, and natural females, with shame, were most likely human.

His eyes curved slightly. If so, it would not be strange for him to want to sleep in the bedroom at night, right? As for eating… He fretted a moment and decided to try it out a little when he had the chance.

He changed his clothes and returned to the living room, where Cyno was sitting on the sofa, his head down, working on things. Hearing footsteps, he looked up, his eyes slightly paused.

Gu Yu had very good proportions, and in the suit he looked even taller and longer. The suit that Da Yuan bought was a waist-slimming model, which made his waist look especially narrow and made people feel the urge to touch it.

This was the first time Gu Yu wore such good, formal clothing. Originally, he was very uncomfortable, and now when he was exposed to Cyno’s eyes, he blushed uncontrollably, and his hands pinched the hem of his shirt somewhat helplessly. 

Is it very, very strange? He thought with embarrassment.

Cyno stared at Gu Yu for a while, then withdrew his gaze and exhaled. He had been holding back his thoughts for too long, he was actually thinking about an artificial female!

His face turned ugly and he wanted to beat Kevin up. Kevin had picked this artificial female and was definitely targeting him on purpose.

Gu Yu watched his face change, pursed his lips and was in a gloomy mood, no matter what world he was in, he really wasn’t likeable, although he didn’t know what he had done wrong.

Cyno got up and said to him, “Follow.”

Gu Yu hurriedly followed. The two of them walked through the path in the woods and made their way to the parking lot, where a row of cars were parked in different colors and shapes, all of which looked very high-end.

A soldier walked over and gave a military salute, “Marshal…”

“I’ll drive myself.” Cyno interrupted him and walked toward a dark blue car. As he reached the car, the doors on both sides of the car swung ninety degrees upward and opened.

Gu Yu sat on the passenger side as Cyno wanted him to, the doors closed, Cyno set the course, and the car started and drove out.

Gu Yu looked at Cyno in confusion, where were they going?

Cyno didn’t look at him, sensing his gaze, “Don’t look at me.”

He knew that artificial females were mostly programmed to please their masters and stared at him like this to get his attention. But he didn’t like being stared at, and even less so by artificial females.

Gu Yu awkwardly withdrew his eyes as the scenery outside the window flew by. He could only see the vague shadow of a tall building, and from that alone he could tell that it was a very prosperous city.

“Goo…” As he was looking out the window, his stomach growled, and he covered his stomach with a face of embarrassment, his ears slightly red.

Cyno turned his head and saw his reddened ears then his eyes lurched and quickly moved away, he pressed a button on the console and Gu Yu’s eyes lit up.

He looked up, his side of the skylight opened. The harsh light spilled on him unobstructed and he hurriedly moved sideways and closed his eyes.

Cyno pondered, “The response to the lack of energy is quite humane. You can charge from the morning star light, right? It’s good to bask in the light of the morning star.”

Gu Yu was about to put his hand on his forehead to block the light, but after hearing his words, he quietly put his hand on his lap and slightly hung his head to accept the direct sunlight. The morning star here was probably similar to Earth’s sun, and probably many machines were charged with light energy.

It would be too counterintuitive for him to shade his eyes.

It didn’t take long for him to get dizzy from the sun; his chest was tight, dizzy and short of breath. This series of reactions made him extra uncomfortable. After a while, he couldn’t hold back, not caring much, pulled Cyno’s sleeve, pointed to the top of his head and made a move to close the skylight.

Cyno looked at him and saw that his face and lips were white and pitiful, and he instantly became worried. He closed the sunroof, pulled over to the side of the road, and patted Gu Yu’s face, “What’s wrong with you? Not enough energy?”

Gu Yu shook his head and smiled at him, signaling that he was fine.

Cyno stared at him for a while and turned his head to open his personal terminal to inquire about the artificial female’s energy-related problems.

“The latest artificial females have a huge breakthrough in energy, officially saying goodbye to the morning star energy charging mode, using food as energy. If you buy the latest model, it will be a sweet dining activity with you, oh ~ act on your heart!”

Cyno turned off the terminal and looked at the time, “The time to make an appointment for the marriage procedure is coming up, I will take you to do the procedure first, and then take you to dinner after it is done.”

Gu Yu’s eyes became round. Marriage formalities? Dinner?

Is he hearing things?


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Cyno: This artificial female is definitely made to his liking, too much! He will not touch the artificial female even if he is suffocated.


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April 24, 2021 9:56 am

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The power chip scene makes me wonder if Gu Yu is really in an android body, or if the system modified the situation to let Gu Yu be human. Or maybe the technology is so advanced that the main difference is Gu Yu’s free will!

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