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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Gu Yu remembered Cyno’s communication with His Majesty. Now it seemed that Cyno had really decided to marry him, the ‘artificial female’, and moreover, he was going to do the formalities today!

Cyno was ready to drive when his hand was grabbed. He stared at Gu Yu’s long and slender fingers, then his eyes turned to Gu Yu’s face.

Gu Yu’s white lips were pursed, his empty right hand swung from side to side: ‘No marriage.’

Cyno, however, thought he was not allowed to drive and asked unexpectedly, “Don’t want to take the car?”

Gu Yu shook his head, a little helpless, pointed his finger towards Cyno, pointed back at himself, and shook again.

Cyno’s eyes narrowed slightly, “Don’t want to marry me?”

Gu Yu nodded in embarrassment, he was not an artificial female but a man. Cyno would be very angry if he married a man because of a misunderstanding and his identity was revealed later.

Cyno stared at him for a moment in thought, and then realized.

The corners of his mouth curled up, “That’s funny, ‘Green Source’ does not let you refuse to get married. Are you worried that someone marrying an artificial female would provoke bad comments?”

With a twist of his wrist, Cyno easily wrenched his hand free and set the car in motion, “Let me guess, if I insist on marrying you, are you going to cry like a dragon next? Until I shoot down the idea?”

Cyno had never had close contact with artificial females before this, but had heard a lot of information about it.

He knew that many owners of artificial females would be uncontrollably attracted to them. After all, beast females could only satisfy physical needs, and psychological emotions could only be satisfied by artificial females in human form since they were to their liking.

He had seen people who wanted to marry artificial females, only to choose to marry beast females later.

Until now, he had thought that those people had ended up choosing beast females as partners because of family pressure, after all, only beast females could produce offspring.

Gu Yu’s refusal made it dawn on him that it was the company that made the artificial females, ‘Green Source’, that had done the trick.

Except for him, those who wanted to marry artificial females probably did so because they were moved to do so. If the artificial female cried out and refused when marriage was proposed, and ‘Green Source’ saw that the owner of the artificial female was the beloved, there was no way that the company would object.

The male had absolute possessiveness and affection for his beloved, and could not bear to see his beloved the slightest bit sad and upset, and could only compromise in the face of his beloved’s refusal.

Cyno inclined his head and looked at Gu Yu, then withdrew his eyes.

He won’t compromise, he’s not interested in artificial females!

Gu Yu didn’t reply, he was dizzy from the sun, and now the car suddenly started, his whole body hit the back of the seat and was uncomfortable, before he could recover, Cyno spoke again.

Cyno said, “I do not want to hear that and you better not do anything else, otherwise, I will force you to turn off.”

Gu Yu subconsciously pursed his lips. He hadn’t eaten anything yet. If he was ‘turned off’, he would just fall into a coma.

He looked embarrassed. When the car stopped in front of a building, he thought about it and pulled Cyno.

Cyno wanted to marry him because he thought he was an artificial female, so he could deal with him later if he had other ideas; but he wasn’t a female!

He guessed that Cyno hadn’t found someone else to marry, perhaps because the marriage relationship between humans here was difficult to dissolve.

He wasn’t sure if he was right in thinking that, but as long as there was that possibility, he couldn’t let Cyno marry him under unknown circumstances.

Cyno looked at him in surprise and warned, “If you cry, I’ll turn you off!”

Gu Yu smiled at him and shook his head, grabbing his palm with his left hand and writing on Cyno’s palm with his right hand, [I am not an artificial female.]

The tingling sensation went straight from Cyno’s palm to his heart, and he jerked his hand back into a fist, coughing softly against his lips to hide the emotion that shouldn’t be there.

Gu Yu’s body tensed and he looked at him nervously, what did he do to him?

Cyno put down his hand and said seriously with a stern face, “Even if you paint to please me, it won’t work, no matter crying or pleasing, you can’t change my mind. I am definitely going to marry you.”

Gu Yu, “…” He was writing, not drawing!

He was so anxious that he tried to grab Cyno’s hand again, but Cyno was extra alert, “Don’t touch me!”

Gu Yu bit his lip, held out his own hand in front of him, and wrote with his right hand in his left palm, [I am not an artificial female.]

Cyno looked at him, “Tsk, being programmed to brainwash is really troublesome. Now, on my command, stop drawing and get out of the car.”

He opened the door and quickly got out of the car. He looked down at his palm that seemed to still have an itch, thought back and couldn’t figure out what was being drawn.

Green Source’s drawing procedure had a lot of room for improvement.

Gu Yu frowned slightly as he wrote each word stroke by stroke very carefully. It is reasonable to say that even if the first time he did not understand, he should the second time.

Even if he didn’t understand all the words, he shouldn’t have thought he was drawing.

He suddenly remembered the second item in the Goodwill Points Mall, ‘written words’.

He guessed that he was probably illiterate in this world before he bought the item.

The car door was opened and Cyno stood in the doorway looking at him. Suddenly, he bent down, put one hand on his back and one hand in the crook of his knee, and picked him up from the seat.

Gu Yu stared in surprise and reflexively raised his hand to push Cyno’s shoulder: ‘Put me down!’

Cyno’s eyes swept over him harshly, “The energy is not enough to support you to walk, be quiet! Don’t waste energy that you need to be in normal condition for the procedure.”

His tone was so stern that Gu Yu didn’t dare to move. His hand gently retracted from Cyno’s shoulder and rested helplessly on his stomach.

His lips twitched, looking chagrined. If only he could speak.

Cyno strode towards the building and took the elevator directly from the lobby to the top floor.

A staff member was waiting for him at the door and froze when he saw him holding someone in his arms. He quickly recovered, having been shocked when he received the news of Cyno’s marriage to an artificial female, and was now able to maintain his composure, “Marshal, the paperwork is all ready.”

Cyno followed the staff to a spacious office, put Gu Yu on the couch, and sat next to Gu Yu immediately after.

Only then did the staff member get a good look at Gu Yu’s face and amazement flashed in his eyes. He quickly withdrew his gaze and said to Cyno, “Marshal, you need to get closer.”

Cyno wrapped his arm around Gu Yu’s shoulders, and he tilted his head towards him The light and nice smell of female glandular hormone flowed into his nose and he breathed in a little. Expressionlessly, he urged the staff, “Quick, take the photo.”

The flash flickered and the staff said, “Okay, please wait.”

Cyno quickly let go of Gu Yu and leaned back against the sofa with his legs folded, eyes closed, restraining the urge to get closer to Gu Yu.

He would never again spit on anyone who reacted to an artificial female. The temptation was, indeed, a bit too great.

However, if only by physical impulse, beast females were no less interesting. He was not interested at all!

Gu Yu suddenly realized, just now was taking wedding photos? He looked at Cyno as his mind raced, but he couldn’t think of a good way to stop Cyno from marrying him.

He could only wave his hand to say no. Cyno’s eyes were now closed and he still had to get Cyno’s attention to see him waving his hand.

Cyno must have thought that he was having a crying spree.

“Marshal, it’s processed, and with the signature it will be effective.” The staff handed over two rings, each with an A4-sized light screen above them, with the photo just above in the upper left corner.

Cyno opened his eyes, took the larger ring and signed his name, then casually put it on his left ring finger, and took the smaller ring and handed it to Gu Yu, pointing to the bottom right corner of the light screen, “Sign your name.”

Gu Yu looked at the light screen. He could not understand any of the words on it.

He guessed right. He really had become illiterate.

He looked at Cyno and shook his head in frustration, he couldn’t write here.

Cyno looked unhappy, in his opinion, when Gu Yu shook his head, he was refusing to sign or was refusing to get married!

The reaction set by the program was too stubborn! Look, so what if it was more like a natural female, it didn’t understand human language at all. It only knew to follow the programmed setting and refuse to the end!

He looked at the staff, did not give another ‘power off’ warning again, grabbed Gu Yu’s hand and pressed his handprint on the light screen, “He will just leave his handprint.”

Beast females, because they can not write, often left paw prints on the marriage procedure papers.

The staff did not say anything, artificial females were not human so they did not have to leave a signature.

After the handprint, Cyno did not let go of Gu Yu’s hand, but only changed the grasp into a support, and put the small ring on Gu Yu’s left ring finger.

“Congratulations to the two of you for tying the knot.” The staff put on their standard smile and gave their blessing.

Cyno nodded, picked up Gu Yu, who was looking down at the ring, and strode out.

Gu Yu looked back at the ring and then at Cyno’s handsome profile and had a sense of unreality… He was married? With a beautiful man!

He used to be isolated and bullied by people who hated him. He especially wanted a hero to help him. He wanted to have a strong person to rely on.

Later, he realized that his aptitude was different from others, he was more frightened inside and was careful not to reveal even half of it.

He was upset that Cyno didn’t know he was a real man. Cyno’s eligibility was so high that although he was ‘married’, he had a feeling of cheating him and felt sorry for Cyno.

Gu Yu was from a bad family and couldn’t talk, so by his way of thinking about it, he didn’t deserve Cyno.

Cyno put Gu Yu in the passenger seat, saw him looking sickly and couldn’t help but pinch his face, “This look is really unpleasant. I’ll take you to dinner.”

Gu Yu rubbed his face and looked quietly at Cyno who was driving, blushing slightly. This man was so nice. Even if he thought he was an artificial female, he would still take him to dinner.

Cyno sensed Gu Yu’s eyes and restrained from turning his head. Oh. Since the fact that the marriage couldn’t be changed, had the flattery mode been automatically turned on again? I have to say, artificial females are really smart!

He was a bit annoyed, he had thought long ago that if he married an artificial female he could just put it to the side. But now he had to help him replenish his energy!

Just this once!

Today’s situation was special since it was the first day of their marriage. And for the next three days, the artificial female had to keep its energy up, to deal with the ‘breeding’ period together with his new partner.

In the future, never mind. Throw it straight to the side and let Da Yuan prepare food for Gu Yu, even if the power kept going off!

After Cyno thought about it, became calm, drove the car to a gorgeously decorated restaurant, and parked it in the exclusive VIP space.


The author has something to say: Thank you for your support (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭? ~

‘Green Source’: Marshal, you are so comprehensive, come to our company as a planner!


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