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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Gu Yu watched the live news, his brow furrowed. The live screen shifted for a while, and a man standing on the roof of a building appeared, the man was not very tall, his eyes were red. He seemed to use a sound amplification device and spoke loudly.

“Herman, sing a song for me, okay? Save my soul! I don’t want to look like this in my next life!”

His voice was choked and he looked sad.


In the parking lot, not far from the spaceport, the silver-gray-haired man in the shuttle had a particularly ugly look on his face and pointed at the bodyguard in the driver’s seat, “If you dare to drive away, I will jump out of the car!

The bodyguard reminded him in a wooden voice, “The windows are locked.”

“Heh.” The silver-gray-haired man raised his elbow and slammed it against the window, his elbow colliding with the window with a violent thud. The window didn’t respond, and with his face unchanged, he withdrew his elbow and slammed it again.

“Herman!” the bodyguard’s voice was urgent, “Stop, I’m not driving away.”

Herman looked at him with satisfaction and pointed to the place where the voice came from, “Drive that way. Stop at the nearest place you can.”

The bodyguard looked at the map of the surrounding area, quickly determined the route, started the car at the same time, and sent a message to the rest of the colleagues.

Herman stared at the light screen, tapping his finger on his leg, “After you stop the car, do as I say.”


The transgender female repeatedly shouted the same words as before, his voice getting lower the more he shouted, “I don’t want to look like this anymore…” he muttered, and took a step forward with his feet.

The police officer who came to intervene hastily yelled, “Don’t be impulsive!”

As these words fell, the crowd began to scream.

The host exclaimed, “Oh my God, Herman!” As the live feed split in two, half showing the roof of the building and the other half showing the far end of the parking lot, not far from the building. Herman stood on a black shuttle with a guitar on his back, four shuttles surrounded him, and a circle of able-bodied bodyguards stood around the car, separating him from the excited fans.

Herman tilted his head to look at the people on the roof of the building, and his fingers casually strummed his guitar, and it was as if the sound of running water came out through the amplification device.

“Herman!” The man on the roof instantly became excited, his eyes reddened and his body leaned forward.

Herman raised his hand and pointed at him, shaking his finger from side to side.

The man subconsciously stood still.

Herman withdrew his eyes, his body and fingers moved at the same time, and dynamic, exciting music flowed out instantly.

After the prelude, Herman opened his mouth and sang, as if he was one with the song, sunny and full of strong vitality. The fan on the roof listened in awe, and soon burst into tears, squatting down with a cry. The cries were loud, yet Herman’s expression did not change at all, and his fingers were very steady.

Halfway through the song, a flying machine approached the roof from the back of the building. Herman’s bodyguard jumped down from the flying machine, twisted the fan’s collar and dragged him to the flying machine.

As if oblivious, Herman finished the entire song, took off his guitar and threw it to his bodyguard, then jumped off the shuttle. He didn’t get in the shuttle, but leaned against it with his arms folded and turned off the amplifier.

Soon, the bodyguard twisted the transgender female around and threw him in front of Herman.

The man stared at Herman in awe.

Herman: “Do you know why I’m seeing you?”

The man shook his head.

Herman grunted coldly and looked at him, “I just want to tell you that I don’t have fans like you. My fans are not cowards.”

He finished turning around and the man shouted in a hoarse voice, “I’m not!” He choked out, “I can’t help it, I really can’t…”

Herman frowned and lifted his chin to his bodyguard, who took the man’s megaphone away.

At that moment the police ran over and said to Herman, “Thank you for saving him. This man is disturbing public order, we need to take him away.”

Herman was about to speak when the terminal vibrated, and he read the message, “I’ll take the man.” Without waiting for the police officer to speak, he continued, “You wait for the message.”

The police officer soon received the message, giving Herman permission to take the person away. The police officer then said nothing and allowed Herman’s bodyguard to pull the man over and stuff him into the shuttle.

At this point, the video ended. The police and Herman’s words were not recorded live because they were separated by distance and the loudspeaker was taken away.


Gu Yu’s eyes moved away from the light screen to see Cyno frowning as he walked into the living room, replying to messages as he went. Cyno had just returned to the villa and gotten down from the shuttle when he received a message from his subordinates.

Fritch had contacted the head of the transgender females and the contents were accessed by them. Fritch was very unhappy with the transgender female who created a stir in the spaceport and asked the person in charge to find someone to take out that person and also make all transgender females disappear.

Almost all the registered transgender females were in treatment as arranged by the Ministry of Health. Cyno immediately asked his subordinates to inform the Ministry of Health, while sending someone to protect them. Then he rewound the news broadcast, saw Herman save the people and sent a message to Herman.

He walked into the living room and gave the order, “Arrest Fritch.”

Fritch was under surveillance the whole time, and within five minutes of his order, Fritch was arrested. Fritch panicked inwardly, but maintained his composure on the surface, “I am a good and law-abiding citizen, and it is illegal for you to arrest people indiscriminately!”

“Illegal? You are more familiar with this word, right?” The soldier said sarcastically.

Fritch was about to argue when another soldier said, “Save it, we’ve been watching for a while. Do you need us to play you the communication you just made?”

Fritsch’s face suddenly changed as he thought about it, but could not think of how he had been revealed. His surface gentleness disappeared and was replaced by a gloomy face, “How did you find out?”

The two soldiers looked at each other and did not answer.

They had not noticed that there was something wrong with Fritch, it was the marshal who asked them to keep an eye on him. The marshal was really great, besides the special operation team, the military department must have a secret special team.

The two men had a yearning in their eyes and wondered if they could be selected for it. Cyno did not know the thoughts of his subordinates, but if he knew, he would have been proud to say that the great thing was his little mate!

He raised his eyes after sending the message and met Gu Yu’s eyes. In a couple strides, he sat down next to Gu Yu. He casually wrapped his arm around Gu Yu’s shoulder, “Fritch was arrested.”

Gu Yu froze, “Fritch?”

Cyno nodded with a smile, “You noticed his reaction was not right, so I had people watching him. He is related to the case of transgender females, and now there is conclusive evidence.”

Fritch and transgender females have a relationship, so it was normal to hate him. Gu Yu solved the doubts in his heart, and the corners of his mouth curved when he thought of Cyno’s actions.

Cyno really cared about him. His thoughts turned and he pursed his lips. He didn’t know Fritch by definition. Would Cyno be wondering why he was following Fritch? He pondered how he would be able to explain that to Cyno.

Cyno’s fingers brushed the side of his face, “What’s on your mind?”

Gu Yu’s eyes darted to the rest of the people in the living room and he blushed slightly, “Nothing.”

Cyno didn’t ask, pointing to the instruments in the empty space, “Did you buy these?”

Gu Yu shook his head and KiKi said, “They were bought by A’Sheng.”

He explained again why he bought so many musical instruments.

Cyno said, “Herman will be here soon.”

Ten minutes later, Herman walked into the room, and as soon as he saw the three natural females in the living room, he froze, then jumped up and darted over to the couch, “Oh my God, am I so behind on my news? Besides Merlin, aren’t there only two?”

He looked at the three, one by one, finally landing on MoMo, eyes glowing, “Oh, pretty little female, you’re that Tira, aren’t you?”

Roald looked at him and reached out to put a hand on MoMo’s waist, his cool voice saying, “Herman, let me introduce you to my mate, MoMo.” His tone softened several levels as he introduced him to MoMo, “This is Herman, my friend.” 

MoMo smiled at Herman, “Hello.”

Herman returned the smile very gentlemanly, then glared at Roald, “When did you get married and why didn’t I know?”

Roald: “This afternoon.”

Herman sighed loudly, “Oh, if I had known, I’d come back earlier!” After he sighed, he smiled again and headed out, “Guy and I haven’t seen each other in a while, I’m going to meet him.”

Cyno: “Wait.”

Herman looked over at him and pointed his hand around the couch, “What are you waiting for? In this room, singles aren’t even welcome!”

Pairs, not to mention all natural females!

Cyno: “I need to talk to you. Joop’s house is closed to visitors, so it’s useless for you to go there.”

Herman sat down in the farthest seat from them: “The person who just tried to kill himself is in the car. If you want to see him, just have someone bring him here.”

Gu Yu couldn’t help but ask, “Is that the transgender female?”

Herman: “Hmm.”

Cyno looked at Gu Yu, “Are you interested?”

Gu Yu hesitated for a moment. The transgender female who tried to commit suicide looked particularly sad, and he couldn’t remain indifferent with his ability to heal transgender females. There were probably many more transgender females like this. But if he treated them directly, he wondered if it would cause trouble.

After thinking about it, he decided to tell Cyno later that he could treat transgender females, and the two of them would discuss it later. He shook his head, “No, I watched the live feed and he seemed upset.”

Herman grunted lightly, “Just a coward running away from reality and trying to kill himself.” He looked to Cyno, “What else is going on?”

Cyno: “This is my partner Gu Yu, he wants to study music.”

Herman raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at Gu Yu, “You want me to teach you.”

Gu Yu squeezed his fingers a little nervously, “Is that okay?”

Herman raised his smile, “Of course,” he smiled brightly, “Any ideas? Or do you just want to learn?”

Gu Yu: “I want to do a concert!”

Herman sized him up, “Concerts require not only singing skills, but also physical strength and courage. You might have a hard time.”

The natural female’s physical fitness was too poor.

Gu Yu said, “I’m not afraid,” he thought about it, “I may not be able to sing a song that is too high.”

Herman said, “Not necessarily… Have you ever studied? What other instruments do you play besides the flute?”

Gu Yu answered one by one, and Herman tested his pitch and examined his basic singing skills, and then smiled and said, “You’re very good, not a novice,” he continued, “I’ll make a training plan for you, and I’ll check it every once in a while, but you can only rely on yourself for basic musical skills.”

Gu Yu nodded, and Herman added, “You can learn another instrument, the flute has no way to sing and play at the same time, and it’s more restrictive to songs.”

Gu Yu: “I want to learn guitar.”

The idea came to him after seeing Herman play the guitar during the previous live broadcast.

“OK,” Herman said, “I’ll put you into the training program all together.”

Gu Yu’s eyes lit up and he looked at Cyno, “Is there any ceremony to follow a teacher?”

Before Cyno could answer, Herman said, “No need to be so formal, it is just a little instruction, and I want to learn to play the flute from you, so let’s instruct each other.”

He laughed up, “Otherwise wouldn’t Marshal have to follow you and call me Master, the generations would be all messed up.”

Gu Yu blushed slightly and nodded, “Okay.”

Roald waited for them to finish talking before speaking, and asked Herman to play all the instruments once. MoMo watched Herman’s movements carefully, listening to the sounds and then trying to play them twice. Only after trying two, Merlin came in.

Merlin jogged all the way, and Guy followed behind him with a nervous face, “Slow down.”

Merlin put his arm around Gu Yu and looked back at Guy, “I’m steady.”

After greeting each other, Merlin knew that MoMo was choosing the instrument he wanted to learn, and was immediately excited to choose with him. Herman behaved with extra poise and was extra enthusiastic about Merlin, who was oblivious and curious about the various instruments.

On Guy’s forehead appeared black lines. It wasn’t easy for Grandfather to send off Kevin and Milton. How did another one appear?

The two, when Merlin was a beast female, although good to Merlin, never mentioned wanting to marry Merlin. What childhood acquaintance? They weren’t too familiar.

But oh, since he became a natural female, now they were familiar?

Guy gave Herman a warning look. This person had never been Merlin’s suitor, and now seeing Merlin had become a natural female, he was interested! Not allowed!

He began to dwell on the fact that Merlin had not married because he was dissatisfied with his previous suitor. If the pre-transformation suitor was not satisfied, and the post-transformation suitor seemed unreliable, was there no one left to choose from?

Merlin took a drumstick and knocked Guy’s arm, “Brother, you look awful.”

Guy looked at his handsome brother fretfully, feeling like he had become a parent worried about his child’s marriage for a moment.

Merlin shook his drumsticks, “I want to learn this – drum set. It’s cool.”

Guy nodded without hesitation, “Okay, I’ll buy you a drum kit and hire a teacher right away.”

It has to be an older teacher!

Herman actively recommended himself, “Look at me, I’m really good on the drums!”

Guy: “Teacher requirements, two hundred years old or more.”

Herman: “…”

MoMo chose the violin, he touched it and loved it. KiKi said, “MoMo, I’ll give it to you.”

Qin Sheng rubbed KiKi’s hair, “Take all the instruments you can use, except the piano. My family can’t use them.”

No one was polite, they were not short of this money, but they were not wasteful people either. Qin Sheng contacted the store to move the piano to his house, and returned the remaining instruments, for a refund.

Qin Sheng took KiKi, “The security system of my house has been perfected, I’ll take KiKi back.”

Roald also took MoMo and said goodbye. 

Herman stayed for dinner, before leaving to meet his brother at the palace.

Gu Yu and Cyno took a walk after dinner and he looked around, “Where is Roald’s house?”

Cyno pointed towards the left, “It’s very close. If you want to see MoMo, you can take an escort there. The villa area is very safe.”

Gu Yu nodded and hesitantly asked, “When you get married here, you just need to register it?”

When he and Cyno got married, he didn’t think much about it because of his status. But when Roald and MoMo got married, it was actually done with a license as well, which made him feel strange.

Cyno: “Before the catastrophe, there was a grand ceremony for marriage, and after that, there was none.” He looked at Gu Yu, “I will make up our marriage ceremony.”

Gu Yu: “No need.” He was not interested in a wedding, he was more concerned about the meaning of being together itself.

The wedding was just for others to see, the real situation was most clear to himself.

Cyno smiled, “The ceremony will not be made up. The honeymoon will still be made up, and I’m looking forward to a trip with just the two of us.”

Gu Yu thought about the extraterrestrial information he had read and was also looking forward to it. There were many planets in this world, all beautiful and amazing. 

After the walk, the two of them washed up. Gu Yu sent an announcement in the live stream, and contacted Wooden Fish again, stating that he would not broadcast live in the future.

The Hi Lo boss personally talked with him, and it was finally decided that if Gu Yu occasionally went live, or broadcasted in the current live room once a week, he’d still get his regular pay. After the agreement, the two sat on the bed together to watch the news. Real-time hot first: Green Source was ordered to stop business, General Manager of Sales Department, Fritch, was arrested.

Gu Yu looked to Cyno and said directly, “My voice can cure transgender females.”

Cyno looked at him in surprise, then quickly regained his composure. After being able to transform natural females, healing transgender females was not so unbelievable.

Gu Yu paused, “It can also increase the ability of anyone… The exact effect, I’m not sure.”

Speaking of which, he was a bit puzzled. He himself was, by definition, within a square meter of himself, but Gu Yu did not gain evolutionary energy. It was as if the system had excluded him. Cyno’s face changed slightly; increased abilities were attractive to males, especially to military personnel.

He thought about it and looked at Gu Yu, “You can use your ability on me.”

Gu Yu hesitated, got up, took the bamboo flute, opened the system to consume Goodwill Points, and then began to play. After a song of more than three minutes, he played while observing Cyno. Cyno’s evolutionary energy was consumed very quickly, and by the time he finished, it had become 0/3.

He looked at Cyno nervously, “How does it feel?”

Cyno stared for a moment: “My body is slightly warm, my body muscles are a little swollen,” he looked at Gu Yu, “I’m in good spirits.”

Gu Yu put the flute on the bedside table and stood by the bed to touch his arm. The temperature under his hand was a little high, but not too obvious. He breathed a sigh of relief, it was good that he was okay. He was about to move his hand away when Cyno grabbed it. Cyno held a little harder, he leaned forward and jumped on him.

The neckline of the pajamas Cyno was wearing was so large that Gu Yu’s face met the skin of his chest directly, and his face instantly flushed. He hurriedly braced his hand, but accidentally pressed Cyno’s abdomen. He brushed his hand back and fell back onto Cyno.

Cyno’s body suddenly tensed up and carried him to the bed, covered him and kissed him. Cyno sensed Gu Yu’s body trembling and knew he was afraid, so he didn’t eat the man directly. Instead, they gave each other a hand to settle down.

But Gu Yu’s hands were sore and they hadn’t found release yet. He finally offered his thighs.

Cyno was very patient, to this point, this more intimate step, was not too far. He held Gu Yu, who was lying softly on top of him, and stroked his partner’s smooth skin. Gu Yu’s whole body was flushed, his ears and legs were the most obvious, he didn’t dare to look at Cyno, he could only bury his face.

The good thing was that Cyno did not say anything to make him more embarrassed. He slowly relaxed under Cyno’s soothing, and unknowingly fell asleep. Cyno carried the man to the bathroom, Gu Yu woke up for a moment, in the middle. In a blur, he heard Cyno’s voice, and fell back to sleep.

He was really tired.

When he woke up in the morning, Cyno kissed him directly on the cheek and they washed up together. Gu Yu didn’t know where to put his hands and feet, but because of Cyno’s reaction, he slowly calmed down.

Before the two of them left the bedroom, Cyno received a message. He opened it, read it and showed it to Gu Yu.

It was an interrogation profile and the person being interrogated was named Ming Xi, the transgender female who tried to commit suicide yesterday. He was taken and forced to transform, and after he became a transgender female, he was arranged to disguise himself as an artificial female to make money.

He was a fan of Herman’s and had wanted to be a soldier since he was a child, and the changes to his body were killing him. But he had a sick grandfather at home, and the man who transformed him told him that he would get a portion of the money he earned and would help him transfer it to his grandfather.

And, when he turned thirty and was too old to continue his disguise, he would be helped to recover. At the same time, every month he must take a special potion, otherwise his body would become weaker and weaker.

He compromised and became an obedient transgender female, looking forward to the day of recovery. However, when the transgender females were exposed and his name was on the list, it was like a bolt from the blue. At this point he learned that his grandfather had passed away and he was devastated.

Seeing the news of Herman’s return to Brilliant Splendor, he was moved to listen to Herman’s songs and also wanted to bring attention to others in this way. He didn’t trust anyone around him, he thought they all might be that group of devil people.

After Gu Yu finished watching, his heart was a little heavy. He pulled Cyno’s sleeve, “I want to treat those transgender females, is it okay?”

Cyno thought about it and nodded, “Sure, I will arrange it.”

Gu Yu smiled and said expectantly, “They are victims and witnesses. If their bodies recover, they should help the police catch the bad guys, right?”

Cyno’s heart was extraordinarily soft, his little mate was very kind.

He took Gu Yu’s hand, “They definitely will. So far, we have found a few nests.”

At ten in the morning, Cyno arranged the treatment, “I had the transgender females brought to a villa in the villa district vacant area, and later the beast females who transform will be there.”

In addition to the palace, the military villa area was the safest, the rest of the locations, he was not at ease.

Gu Yu: “I’ll get the flute. When will it start.”

Cyno: “Half an hour later, no need to rush. I’ll go get it for you.”

Gu Yu nodded and opened the system to read over the explanation of evolutionary energy.

There were no specific values for the other two effects, except for beast females turning into natural females. He wondered how much evolutionary energy was needed for transgender females.

After Cyno came downstairs, Gu Yu shared his doubts, and Cyno said, “I’ll arrange someone to keep an eye on them, and if someone’s situation is not right, we will alert you.”

Gu Yu nodded and purchased the Advanced Evolution Liquid directly in the system.

[Congratulations trader, Goodwill Points high level utility one thousand square meters range activation, ps: when consuming Goodwill Points, please select the range first]

Gu Yu looked at the system, both the primary and advanced evolutionary fluids were lit, and the one square meter icon had a green box around it. His eyes fell on the advanced evolution fluid.

[Change the Goodwill Points utility range to one thousand?]

Gu Yu hesitated for a moment and did not choose it directly.

They didn’t walk to the villa, but took a flying machine and went directly to the villa rooftop.

Gu Yu surveyed the villa, the single building covered an area of less than a thousand, but there were gardens in the front and back, and a parking lot. It was big.

At this time, the front and back gardens had a lot of people, all transgender females.

Cyno: “The total area is more than a thousand. During your use of the ability, I accompany you, the rest will be out of range.”

Gu Yu immediately understood his concerns, he was a little uneasy, “If you are not comfortable to tell me!”

Cyno nodded, “Yes.”

Cyno accompanied Gu Yu from the rooftop to the first floor. The door was closed, so people outside could not see inside the house.

Gu Yu took the flute, “Can they hear it?”

Cyno: “Yes, there is sound amplification equipment, the range is installed with a soundproof net, the sound will not be transmitted.”

Gu Yu looked at him, “You think comprehensively.”

Cyno smiled, opened the terminal and pulled up the surveillance in the garden. The transgender females seemed bewildered, some sitting quietly with pale faces, as if whatever happened would have nothing to do with them. Some were gathered together discussing something.

Others had angry faces and tried to leave and were held at bay. The doctor had said that if they were treated today, the effect would be quick, and if a person left, it would be the same old way of treatment.

That way, it would last for years.

Those who wanted to leave and those who stopped them were arguing, when suddenly, the melodious sound of a flute came out. They moved more and more gently, gradually stopped arguing, and slowly sat down, their expressions gradually calmed.


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Not the first time I read this type of comment in a novel, totally disregarding mental health issues and calling suicidal people cowards 🙄 it’s not about being coward or brave, it’s a mental health problem! That won’t go away without proper care and treatment.
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