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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Gu Yu was particularly interested in what Cyno had to say about the singer, yet Cyno didn’t say much. “Let’s eat first, we’ll talk about his situation after dinner.”

When the two of them came downstairs, there were quite a few people sitting in the living room. KiKi and Qin Sheng, MoMo and Roald, Kona and six caretakers.

After they ate together and went to the living room, Kona arranged the guards and looked at MoMo, “I’m going to release the news of your conversion tomorrow, then, I’ll arrange for your escort.”

Roald said, “No need to arrange.”

Kona looked at him suspiciously.

Roald, “I’ll take him to the Register later.”

“Register?” Kona looked to MoMo, “You will?”

MoMo nodded, his dark green eyes shining brightly, “Mn, I asked Roald to be my spouse, and he said yes.”

Kona: “…Okay, I won’t arrange for an escort, we’ll talk about it if we need to.” He looked at Gu Yu, “I’ve heard the marshal talk about your abilities, would you be willing to help convert other beast females?”

Gu Yu nodded and thought for a moment, “It’s better to be within a thousand square meters of me and be able to hear me.”

Kona looked excited, “One thousand meters is a large area. According to the size of the beast females, at least two thousand can be accommodated.” He calmed down, and said very cautiously, “Before your ability is made public, I will count the beast females of different races, and try to have natural females of all races. By studying the data of several of you, we have come to some conclusions. Using medical practices, different races of beast females may require different approaches.”

He paused, his eyes glowing, “When we have data on the natural females of the various races, we may have a breakthrough in our research.” He concluded, “You are very important!”

Gu Yu suddenly felt a little stressed, he clenched his fingers and smiled at Kona, “I will try my best.”

Kona, “Everything is for your safety.”

Gu Yu nodded his head.

Cyno volunteered, “I’ll arrange the venue.”

He was not comfortable with someone else arranging it.

Kona, “The marshal is the most suitable, I will go back to prepare.” He took two steps outside, “By the way, the association got a lot of donations, and I plan to run a natural female school, they need systematic learning.”

KiKi and MoMo’s eyes lit up with a whoosh. Gu Yu also thought this was a good proposal. The minds of natural females that had just transformed were too pure, and many things needed to be learned.

Cyno: “Yes, the military department will cooperate with you.”

Kona smiled, full of energy, “I’ll go ahead and make the arrangements.”

Qin Sheng and KiKi went to their rooms for lunch break, and Roald took MoMo, who was in his original form, to the Registration Center.

Cyno accompanied Gu Yu for a walk in the villa woods, “The singer I’m talking about is the younger brother of His Majesty’s mate, Herman Anseth, who is very popular in the Star League.”

Gu Yu looked at him expectantly, “Will he agree to teach me?”

“Yes,” Cyno was quite sure, “He is still single. He’ll help unless he does not want a natural female mate.”

This was simply impossible for the Star League.

Gu Yu was embarrassed, “Would that be a good idea?”

It didn’t seem right to worship in a threatening way.

Cyno took him by the shoulders, “Idiot, you think too much. If he knew you liked music, he would have taken the initiative to instruct you without being asked.”

Gu Yu looked at him sideways, “So when should I meet with him? If he is willing, it would be great! I will learn seriously.”

Cyno thought about it, “He will be here for the last show of the Star Alliance Singing Tour, and with the recent addition of a few more natural females to Brilliant Splendor, he’ll definitely be back early. I’ll send a message to ask him and make an appointment with him.”

He went online and sent a direct message.

Herman’s reply was quick, [Today.]

Cyno gave Gu Yu a look and entered a reply, [Come back to my house after dinner.]

Herman, [Okay!]

Gu Yu looked at Cyno arranging this for him and his heart was warm. It had been a long time since someone worried about his affairs, “Thank you.”

Cyno rubbed his soft black hair, “No need to be polite to me.” He bent down close to Gu Yu and pointed to the corner of his lips, “This is the thanks I would prefer to receive.”

Gu Yu blushed slightly, and Cyno didn’t push, focusing on him. Gu Yu’s eyes fell on his light-colored lips, his heart thumping. He slowly approached, and the moment he touched lips, his eyes opened slightly. His mate’s lips were strangely soft, making him feel a little surreal.

It was obvious that Cyno was such a strong person.

Cyno’s eyes turned dark, and in the moment when Gu Yu was frozen, he deepened the kiss.

Gu Yu’s eyes were round and his face was scarlet.

Cyno reminded in a hoarse voice, “Close your eyes.”

Gu Yu reflexively closed his eyes, his fingers clutching the hem of Cyno’s shirt, not struggling. He was shy and overwhelmed, but the joy in his heart would not lie, he was enjoying it. He didn’t want to run away, he knew very well that sometimes running away can break the heart of someone who cares.

It wasn’t until their lips parted and Cyno held him tightly in his arms that he came back to his senses, panting heavily. Abruptly, his body froze as he smelled the natural, grassy, gland smell that belonged to Cyno.

The powerful scent surrounded him, making his body go soft and hot.

“Cyno…” He patted Cyno’s hand in a panic, trying to get Cyno to let go of him. He knew very well that if the two of them didn’t pull apart, he would probably react.

This was outside the villa, surrounded by guards. If he was seen in this state, he would have no face.

Cyno’s voice was dark, “Sorry,” he stroked Gu Yu’s back, “don’t be afraid.”

He let go of Gu Yu. The next moment, he picked him up and ran into the villa like the wind. Gu Yu panicked for a moment, but soon put his mind at ease and laid his hand on Cyno’s shoulder, and rested his forehead on the back of his hand.

Cyno’s speed was fast, and in less than a minute, they were back in the bedroom.

Cyno put Gu Yu on the bed and quickly pulled away, unbuttoning his uniform with one hand while saying in a gravelly voice, “You rest, I’ll take a shower.”

Gu Yu closed his eyes and mumbled in embarrassment, knowing full well what a sudden shower at this time would mean.

Hearing Cyno move further and further away from the bed, he couldn’t help but open his eyes. Just in time to see Cyno’s broad back, the firm muscles under the honey-colored skin were very attractive.

Suddenly, Cyno turned his head and their eyes met straight on.

Gu Yu’s heart skipped a beat and before he knew it, there was a flash and Cyno was already in front of him.

Cyno put his hand on his side, blue eyes as deep as the sea, and lowered his head to kiss him. Cyno’s thumb grazed his lower lip from left to right, “Look at me like that again and I’ll take it as your invitation.” He exhaled lightly, gazing at Gu Yu who was staring at him with a red face and raised his hand to shield his eyes, “Rest, I have to go to the military later or else…”

The image that came to his mind made his body tense up even more, he tapped his brow and quickly got up and scurried to the bathroom.

It was clear that Cyno had already gone to the bathroom, but Gu Yu could still hear him say the words ‘or else’ in his ears.

What else? Only that! 

He turned over and buried his face in the pillow, unable to say whether it was panic or anticipation. He used to hope to have a boyfriend like Cyno, but never actually expected it, because he thought it was impossible.

Even if there was someone that good, how could he like him. But now, this person really existed! The corners of his mouth couldn’t help but curl up, but he was embarrassed at the thought of the intimate act.

It didn’t take long for him to calm down again. No matter what, let nature take its course.

Cyno’s shower lasted for half an hour, then he changed into a brand new uniform, with wet hair and kissed Gu Yu forehead, “I’m going to the military department. You take a nap first, after you wake up from the nap, I’ll pass Herman’s information to you.”

Gu Yu nodded his head.

An hour later, his terminal vibrated, it was all the information about Herman. Just looking at the sender’s name, he couldn’t help but feel happy.

He washed his face and went downstairs, where Qin Sheng and Roald were sitting on the sofa talking in a whisper, but their eyes were on the sofa opposite them. KiKi and MoMo were watching the lesson carefully. Gu Yu greeted them and sat down next to MoMo, looking at Herman’s profile.

The information was very detailed, including all the schools Herman had attended since he was a child, his achievements, and all the insights he had given about music when he appeared on talk shows. Attached were Herman’s various albums, and videos of his competition wins and concerts from various periods.

After Gu Yu finished the basic information, he clicked on the most recent concert video. It was obviously an edited video, and his eyes lit up just after watching the beginning. The concert venue was huge, in the shape of a circle, with no floor, full of people. The stage was particularly cool, using holographic technology, and he could see everything in three dimensions.

Herman’s opening music was a battle song, and it looked as if he were singing on the battlefield. The sound and the picture matched perfectly, tuning people’s emotions to the extreme. After the song, Herman greeted the audience and in a flash, there were six of him on the field and he asked the audience to guess where he was.

He was cool when he sang, but his personality seemed completely different. None of the audience guessed correctly. He landed from above with the second song, and with him were the holographically produced Special Forces.

The second song was particularly fast paced and worked perfectly with the holographic screen as the special teams quickly fought. At the end, a line appeared on the screen: Army Special Forces Welcome Song.

During the entire concert, fast-paced, heavy metal songs accounted for most of the content, but there were also love songs about love, friendship and brotherhood. All the songs were very atmospheric,even the love songs which were sad were also loud hissing. The modern dark night had a very sentimental feeling making it very different.

And he found that all the lyrics were very straightforward. hHe felt a direct poke in his heart.

After listening to it, he didn’t need to think about the meaning in his head, understanding the meaning as soon as he listened to it, and knew he was supposed to be moved emotionally.

The terminal vibrated and Cyno sent him a text, [Take care of your eyes.]

Gu Yu smiled, [Yes.] He shifted his eyes, in a good mood.

Herman was very good, at least half of the songs in the concert were composed by him. The thought that he might be able to study with Herman made him especially excited!

MoMo inquired, “Does Yu like to sing?”

Gu Yu nodded, “Yeah.”

MoMo blinked, “I like music too. I want to learn an instrument and play nice songs just like Yu!”

Gu Yu was supportive, “You can see which instruments you like on the internet.”

KiKi said, “I want to learn the flute with Yu.” His fingers made the motion of pressing and lifting, “It’s fun.”

Qin Sheng’s eyes were full of doting, reminding him, “It’s not that fun to learn, but you can try each one.”

KiKi jumped on him and hugged him, “Is Sheng going to take me out to buy an instrument?”

Qin Sheng smoothed his long white hair back, “It’s not safe to go out. I’ll have the instruments sent over.”

He held KiKi with one hand and placed an order online with the other. KiKi grabbed his own hair and wrinkled his nose, “Can’t I go out later? I’ll cut my hair, okay? It’s too long.”

Affected by his original form, his hair was not only long but also slightly curly and not easy to manage. But it suited him well and made him look like a snow doll.

Qin Sheng grabbed his hair, not quite willing to let him cut it, “Sure you want to cut it? After cutting it, the hair in your original form will also become shorter.”

KiKi immediately changed his mind, “No!”

His original form was so cute, it would be ugly if his hair was short.

Gu Yu laughed, “You can tie it up, it will look good.”

KiKi’s face had a little baby fat, and if he tied his hair up, he should look very sunny and cute.

“Will Yu do it?” KiKi and Qin Sheng looked at him.

Qin Sheng had only dealt with KiKi’s original form and had no idea how to deal with long hair in human form.

Gu Yu quickly tied KiKi’s hair up, and his snow-white neck showed. Qin Sheng’s Adam’s apple moved slightly. KiKi excitedly hugged him, “Comfortable.”

No more annoying hair running into his face.

The musical instruments were delivered quickly and there were so many different kinds that they filled up the open space in the living room.

Qin Sheng looked thoughtful, “Let me think and see if there is anyone reliable who can play all of these.”

Gu Yu said, “I can play several kinds.”

He played the guqin, guzheng, erhu, guitar, piano and electric piano, just pressing out simple notes. KiKi and MoMo kept following him, and after he tried one, he taught them the most basic notes, letting them try their hands and listen to the sound.

KiKi wouldn’t move his feet after trying the piano, “I want to learn this!”

Every time he pressed his fingers on the keys, it made a sound, and the sound was very nice. He liked it very much!

Qin Sheng said, “There are many people in the family who can play the piano, I’ll find someone to teach you.”

MoMo didn’t make a decision and Roald looked at him, “I know Herman. His last leg of the concert is starting soon. Let him show you another instrument then.”

MoMo’s eyes glowed, “Yes!”

Gu Yu smiled, MoMo knew who Herman was. It seemed that Herman was really famous.

A few people returned to the couch, so Gu Yu thought about it and searched the internet for the latest news about Herman. Then he replied to Cyno that he returned this afternoon.

[Superstar singer Herman Anseth arrived at Brilliant Splendor Spaceport.]

He pointed to the screen and laughed, “Herman has arrived at Brilliant Splendor.”

MoMo and KiKi looked at the screen with confused faces. Gu Yu opened the live entertainment news studio so the two could listen to the broadcast.

Once it opened, there was a cacophony of noise.

“Someone in the spaceport is about to commit suicide. It is reported that it is a transgender female, claiming to be a Herman fan, shouting for Herman to sing him a song. Herman has been escorted by security to a private shuttle, I wonder how he will react.”

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Yo what- Gosh why the cliffhanger!? This is a die hard fan of Herman but what’s with the suicide? I need to know!

May 30, 2021 3:36 pm

I hope Gu Yu can save the transgender females too! 😭

His evolution ability should be able to give them treatment, right? Hopefully they won’t feel so angry after having their bodies healed from the damage the fake hormones did.

Sue R
Sue R
May 30, 2021 4:12 pm

I found KiKi is quite annoying now.

May 30, 2021 8:20 pm

Well that was progress!
Oh dear, transgender females seem to be very troubled.
Thank you for the chapter.

May 30, 2021 10:04 pm

Ohhh the kiss!!! Gu Yu is slowly leaving his shell, and Cyno 😳 so hot!!! Even if it comes to teaching music, it all stays in the (royal) family. The transgender female problem should be addressed quickly. It’s not their fault they were altered for the benefit of others. 😠

Thank you for the chapter!!!

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Sigh….who is manupulating the transgender female…so cruel😣

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Awww! Such a cliffhanger! I really do hope he can help the transgender females! Suicide is so extreme!! Finally a kiss and GY didn’t push him away! He has accepted that Cyno loves him for who he is! Looking forward to the next chapter! ❤️❤️

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I really feel bad for the transgender females. 🙁 I can’t wait to see Yu treat them, so they can themselves again.

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The three new humans are finding their way. They’ll have fun trying all sorts of new experiences. So kind of Gu Yu to continue helping his friends.

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