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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Gu Yu was playing a song that he was very familiar with, he didn’t even need to think about it, his fingers had the memory and he played it very smoothly.

He usually liked to play with his eyes slightly closed, allowing himself to fall into the world of the song. This time he kept his eyes open and looked at the transgender females in the monitor light screen. This was his first time treating a transgender female, and there were so many of them that he wasn’t sure how they would react.

He looked at the screen, and after a minute, the evolutionary energy of all the transgender females had increased by 1.

The calm expressions of the transgender females made him feel at ease, and he finished playing a song and observed. They did not consume evolutionary energy at the same rate, some of them had 0 remaining value, some still had 1.

He paused for a while and continued playing.

After an hour or so, the total value of evolutionary energy of all the transgender females became 100.

After a while, a transgender female suddenly covered the back of his neck and fell to the right, his face turning red.

Gu Yu was stunned and immediately stopped consuming Goodwill Points.

He turned his head to look at Cyno, and saw Cyno frowning, sending a message to someone.

“Cyno,” he shouted.

Cyno did not hear him! Gu Yu was shocked. Cyno could not be affected, right? He grabbed Cyno’s wrist, it was abnormally hot, and Gu Yu’s face paled.

Cyno reacted this time and looked at him, his eyebrows relaxed, “It’s okay.”

He took out the earplugs from his ears, which looked like cotton balls that Gu Yu hadn’t noticed before. Gu Yu immediately understood, “Are you feeling uncomfortable?”

Cyno: “Since the third song, my body got hotter and hotter and it felt full of energy. My muscles seemed to be imprisoned by my skin.” Seeing Gu Yu’s worried face, he reassured, “Don’t worry, I have a mental picture of what’s going on. I wore earplugs when I sensed something was wrong, so I couldn’t hear your music, and wasn’t uncomfortable anymore.”

Gu Yu breathed a sigh of relief and looked at the light screen.

During the time they were talking, a dozen more people fell over. The transgender females, who had looked calm, looked stunned and then glared at the villa with faces full of anger. Many of them gathered in a group and discussed loudly, their faces pale and desperate.

“We’ve been tricked. this is the devil’s territory and they really don’t want to let us go!”

“I knew there was no escape,” One man crouched down with his head in his hands and said in a choked voice, “no escape at all.”

Whether they growled or whimpered, they were extraordinarily sad, as if they were desperate trapped animals.

Gu Yu clenched his fingers. He deeply felt the pain inside the transgender females.

Cyno said, “The doctor will be here soon,” his face changed and he stood up, moving his shoulders, “You go upstairs.”

Someone rushed to the villa door and kicked it hard, “Liars, you liars!”

“You’re not even trying to save us, you’re trying to silence us!”

“Come out to me, I’ll drag you all to be buried with me even if I die.”

Their faces were crazy, and their eyes were full of hatred.

Gu Yu did not leave, but stared closely at the closest transgender female in the light screen. The evolutionary energy next to that person’s head, at this moment, was 1/100.

1 was flashing.

He focused on the number 1: male gland activity is about to reach normal values, the organism body conditions do not match, evolutionary energy consumption slowed down.

Doesn’t this mean that these people are almost recovered? 

Cyno took him by the shoulders and, seeing his reluctance to go, said nothing more and gave up the intention of doing anything, even though his whole body’s muscles were telling him that he wanted a painful fight. He turned on the villa defense mode.

The door suddenly became blue as if running with electric currents, and the man who was kicking the door was pushed away by an invisible force. The escort team and the doctor arrived. The transgender females were not very powerful, but there were many of them, and the scene became very chaotic.

Gu Yu pursed his lips nervously, thought for a moment, picked up his flute and played again.

This time he did not choose to consume energy, just playing. He remembered the night of the dinner party when he gave Merlin the missing 3 energy.

At that time, Merlin, KiKi and MoMo were both at their most critical time, consuming evolutionary energy at a very slow rate. But then, the last of their 3 energy was consumed so quickly that they were able to transform in a very short period of time.

Now that he thought about it, it might have something to do with the song he was humming to appease Merlin. He had a vague suspicion in his mind that, perhaps, the music was conducive to the consumption of evolutionary energy.

The sound of the flute reached the chaotic garden, the escort and the doctor looked surprised, while the transgender females were full of fear. Soon, one by one, those who had fallen to the ground rose from the ground, their bodies flushed red, as if they had a fever.

Yet they didn’t seem to care, rubbing the back of their necks in a daze, then jumping up violently. Some ran around the garden, others practiced their moves in place, as if they had no place to use their strength.

Gu Yu looked at Cyno, who was moving his arms and legs, “Do you, too, want to exert your strength?”

Cyno moved slightly, “Yes.”

The rest of the transgender females looked at their suddenly crazy companions in a daze, “You guys…”

“I’m better!” One exclaimed with red eyes, covering the back of his neck, “I can feel it, my glands are coming alive!”

“Me too.” The man who had also fallen to the ground not long ago echoed.

With shock in their eyes, the doctors, seeing the dumbfounded and surprised looks of all the transgender females, pulled a recovered transgender female over for an examination.

“Oh my God, it’s true! The male gland activity is in a normal state!”

Transgender females had been injected with male gland inhibitors since they were transformed, and over time, the male glands were almost necrotic. For any organism, the gland was incredibly important, and determined the development of the organism.

At the same time, all organisms were extraordinarily sensitive to their glands. When the transgender female heard the doctor’s words, he was stunned and then his face was wildly happy.

What does a normal male gland mean? It meant that their development could return to normal!

“Doctor, keep treating me!”

“Yes, I want to recover too!”

The venue suddenly became noisy, and the transgender females crowded towards the doctors with immense expectation. The doctors subconsciously glanced at the entrance of the villa. They were also curious as to what method was used to cure the transgender females so quickly!

And there were no negative effects, except for a very short uncomfortable time. There were also people who didn’t gather around the doctor, but ran straight for the door, but this time didn’t dare to kick it in.

“Please keep playing the song!”

“Sorry, I was too impulsive just now, I’ll make it up to you.”

Gu Yu looked at the people who hadn’t recovered yet, their remaining energy was all 0, which meant that they still needed to evolve energy. He thought for a moment and understood. Those who had recovered at this time should have slightly higher glandular activity among the transgender females.

He looked to Cyno, “I want to continue playing.” After a pause, he added, “The recovered ones should not stay here.”

The gland continued to get evolutionary energy after recovery and would likely have the same reaction as Cyno. Cyno could restrain his discomfort, but the rest of the people may not be able to do so.

In case they wanted to move around some more, with so many people, a group fight would not be good.

Cyno nodded and sent a message to the escorts and the doctors to back out of range and to take the recovered people away for interrogation.

They were physically recovered, no longer threatened by the manufacturing side, and would be willing to talk now if they were unwilling to do so before. The doctors, with puzzled faces and curious hearts, looked at the villa several times before leaving.

“I heard someone just requested to let the people in the villa continue to play the flute, is it a good idea to listen to the flute music?” A doctor whispered.

“It can’t be… No! The Marshal is in the villa, security is still so tight, there must be very important people inside.”

A few doctors looked at each other and had a guess in their mind, “Mrs. Marshal plays the flute very well.”

Gu Yu continued to play, and the remaining transgender females listened more carefully.

If anyone was suddenly uncomfortable, no one was afraid, instead they looked envious.

Half an hour later, all the transgender females’ glandular activity was back to normal.

The doctors checked them one by one and reported back to Cyno, “Stick to the exercise and keep up with the nutrition, and their bodies will recover soon.”

The escort team also reported the situation, “They provided a lot of useful clues. The action team has gone to deal with it.”

Cyno, “Today’s events are confidential, and the transgender females are forbidden to communicate with the outside. After they recover physically, they can be sent back to their original homes, and those without relatives will be arranged at welfare institutions.”


After being asked questions, the transgender females were sent back to the hospital where they had been treated before. The hospital was guarded by people from the military department, and they had been very unhappy about it before and in a particularly bad mood.

Now, however, they did not feel anything at all, except gratitude. At last they don’t have to be controlled, nor do they have to tremble every day, let alone suffer physical torture!

God knows how happy they were when they heard the doctor say that they would only need exercise and nutrition to recover in the future. Staying together for a long time, many of them knew each other, and because they had the same encounter, it was easier to get along.

“It’s still a little unbelievable when you think about it. It’s the first time I knew that listening to a song could cure me.”

“Me too, I just don’t know who played it. When I get better, I will try to earn money to repay him!”

“Yes, me too, and later I’ll tell my cub that he’s my life-saver.”

“I’ve seen the news before. Do you guys remember Zolei?”

“Yes, that bastard!”

“The natural female that Zolei was hurting at the time, he was the one playing the flute at the recreation center.”

There was a moment of silence before someone’s voice rose, “The Marshal’s mate?”

“Yes. I learned the instrument as a child, and the method of playing the flute was lost long ago. I’ve lived for over twenty years and I’ve only heard that the marshal’s mate can play.”

“Oh, now that I think about it, it’s really possible. The security was particularly tight today!”

“I’m so not human, I was angry at him before because of Zolei!”

“Me too, I hated him so much before.”

“I’ll definitely repay him later!”

“Eh, now I feel shallow, tsk, looking back, I don’t even want to admit that the person who used to be gloomy and suspicious was me.”

“Me too. Those bastards! I hope the Military Ministry catches them and mulls them over properly.”


After Gu Yu finished his lunch, he noticed his Goodwill negatives were several pages shorter, and he looked at the names of the people and smiled. He and Cyno sat side by side on the couch while Cyno took care of business and he watched the news.

That’s when he realized that the news of him quitting his livestream was on the top news. He clicked in to read it and found an extraordinarily large number of comments.

[Ahhhhh, why??? Little Feather is the only natural female on air, and suddenly he’s off the air. Where am I going to find out about natural females?]

[Rational thinking, could it be related to other planet guests?]

[Possibly. Little Feather probably left for safety reasons.]

[Other planet guests should logically be leaving Brilliant Splendor already, right? How come we haven’t seen any reports?]

[Couldn’t have really had something in mind and not left, right?]

[Brothers, the last night Little Feather was live, I listened to the live recording and there was a major discovery!] He stuck a link behind, [You guys listen carefully. Is there a knock on the door inside, and then another natural female spoke?]

Gu Yu was stunned and quickly reacted to what the comment said.

He didn’t click to listen, thought for an instant, and immediately contacted Kona, “President, MoMo’s identity is exposed.”

Kona asked about the situation and made an immediate decision, “I’ll send out word.”

Gu Yu hung up the communication, inquired about Kona’s message, and a minute later refreshed to see a new message.

[[smiley face] Happy news! After examination, the Tira, MoMo, is healthy, and deliberately issued an announcement that he transformed successfully. Conversion reason- all staff worked hard in research, hope to bring good news to everyone sooner!]

Gu Yu smiled, Kona was really smart. He would announce when he had news. He used the reason of checking MoMo’s health, even if he pushed back the announcement, it was still easy to understand. He thought about it and registered a Wide Word number, originally wanting to call it Little Yu, but it was already taken, so he simply used Feather.

He quietly glanced at Cyno with the afterglow, Cyno was seriously dealing with official business, the light screen was a map, and it was dense.

He followed Cyno’s speech, set it to special attention, and followed Kona too. He glanced at Cyno again, then flipped through Cyno’s broadsides. He went straight to the reverse order, ready to read from the earliest, but found that the previous ones were locked and he had no access.

What he could read began at sixty years old, and the first entry was a picture of a young Cyno enlisting in the army in uniform. The twenty-year-old Cyno was not as calm as he was now, and the photo shows him with unruly, arrogant eyes.

He created a folder named Cyno and put the photo collection in it.

Gu Yu looked one by one and collected all of Cyno’s photos.

Cyno sent out broadsides rarely, and most of them were official business.

In less than twenty minutes, he was reviewing the content of Cyno when he was thirty years old.

The thirty-year-old Cyno was much more introverted, much like now.

Suddenly, warm breath swept past his ears, and Cyno’s voice came immediately after, “Like it?”

Gu Yu looked at the screen ‘collection success’ reminder and blushed slowly.

Cyno pointed at his thirty-year-old self on the screen and then in person, “To be very fair, I’m more attractive than ever.” He gave a light laugh, “You can just look at me without looking at the picture.”

Gu Yu pursed his lips and turned his head to look at him, “I haven’t seen the old you and am curious.”

Cyno looked at him and reached out to touch his cheek, “When you say that, I also want to see you as a child, you must have beeen very cute.”

Gu Yu shook his head, “Not cute.”

Life was hard when he was young, he was thin, like a bean sprout, not cute at all. Children need to be fat to be cute.

Cyno’s heart was chagrined, the little mate must have had a bad time before, he shouldn’t mention the past. He thought about it, then his finger moved around a couple times in the terminal, and Gu Yu’s ring vibrated.

Cyno: “Don’t you want to see what I used to look like? This is the photo album, you can look at it anytime. It’s much more than on Wide Word, and more realistic.”

As he was talking, a message popped up on Cyno’s light screen and Gu Yu said, “Okay.”

He stopped talking to Cyno and concentrated on the photos.

Cyno looked at the message, his eyebrows slightly wrinkled. He quickly replied, [The other planets guests want to see Herman’s concert before they go back.]

These people must want to do small things, because they did not want to go, and Brilliant Splendor will have to spend a lot of manpower to monitor them.

Kevin: [These planets are very uniform in caliber, and they must have discussed privately, they are likely stalling for time to get first-hand information on the natural female transformation.]

Cyno: [Then find a way to get them to go back. If they really don’t want to, it’s okay. But they must have real-time surveillance and restrict their actions. It might even work to our benefit later.]

Kevin immediately understood, the other planet guests were all important people of the stars, many were royalty. If they really do not want to go back, and Gu Yu’s ability was exposed, he would find out which planet wanted to take action.

These people would be hostages if they wanted to stay.

Kevin: [I got it.]

Gu Yu was looking at the photos when he received a document from Herman.

Herman: [Practice on the plan, physical fitness can be slightly modified, you can consult the marshal. Do not over-exercise, I have to prepare for a concert. I’ll check the results after the concert.]

Gu Yu hurriedly replied, [Thank you.]

He opened the file, it was a very complete training plan, including music basic training, form training and physical training. Probably because of his physical condition, the physical training was very simple, push-ups, sit-ups and squats.

All without the use of tools.

After reading it, he looked at Cyno, who had finished replying to his messages and was thinking about something. Noticing his eyes, he got up with him, “It’s time for you to take a nap.”

Gu Yu tugged on Cyno’s sleeve, “Is there a training room? I have to work out later.”

“Yes.” Cyno said and took him to the first room on the right hand side of the second floor, which was very large and full of all kinds of exercise equipment.

Gu Yu’s eyes lit up, “Can I use it?”

“Of course, but take care of your body.”

Cyno did not take a nap, but stayed with him for a while and then went out.

In the afternoon Gu Yu began to practice, standing in the garden, inhaling and making sounds, feeling the sound coming from his breath. He put his hand on the small of his back and felt the changes very carefully. He had been practicing for a few days already and now when he concentrated, he would hardly make a mistake, although he had not yet reached the point where it came naturally.

After practicing for half an hour, MoMo and Roald came, and MoMo was very curious to see him, “Yu, what are you doing?”

Gu Yu explained, and MoMo understood. Then told him, “My identity is in the open.”

Gu Yu smiled and brought them to the living room, “Mn, I already know,” he asked after a moment of thought, “Has your marriage been announced as well?”

MoMo nodded and sat down next to him, “Roald replied under President Kona’s Wide Word.” His dark green eyes lit up, “Does Yu have a Wide Word? I just signed up for one!”

Gu Yu smiled up and nodded his head.

The two added each other, and MoMo’s name was dark green, really nice.

Gu Yu saw MoMo directly set his account for special alerts, and smiled deeper. He immediately accepted the invite.

MoMo was very happy, “I’m going back to study. I’ll come back to play with Yu when I have time.”

Gu Yu nodded, it seemed that MoMo wanted to tell him about the identity exposure, and incidentally, to add him. He continued to exercise for half an hour, returned to the hall and poured a glass of water. While drinking, he went up to the second floor and walked into the training room.

The door of the room closed with a light sound. His eyes abruptly widened, and he suddenly felt something wrong. Just now, there was no wind, and he had left the door open quite wide.

For a split second, his back went cold and he spun around, his fingers were next to his ring, ready to send a message as soon as something went wrong. However, there was nothing behind him. He breathed a sigh of relief and pursed his lips in embarrassment, he seemed to be too careful. However, the next moment, a meter from him, the originally empty location, gradually revealed a blue translucent sphere.

The sphere had only one round eye and was looking at him.

Gu Yu immediately recognized him, it was a Ratter, he had seen it in the information!

He bit his lip fiercely, his finger grazed the ring and sent the message, but it was not sent successfully. He froze and then remembered, he could talk now!

He opened his mouth and was ready to shout, when a transparent cloth-like thing came out from inside the sphere and covered Gu Yu’s mouth. It was very elastic, like jelly, and he reached out to remove it, but it didn’t move.

Gu Yu stared at the orb and was wondering what else to do when the orb’s round eyes suddenly began to puff and puff and began to shed tears.

At the same time, a young boy’s voice emerged in his head, “Ah… Sorry, don’t shout, I just want to ask you a favor.”

Gu Yu blinked, pointed to his mouth, and then waved his hand.

The unknown thing covering his mouth suddenly slipped back to the orb body.

Gu Yu wiped his mouth, and he raised his hand, “You blocked my signal?”

Round ball tears began to flow again, “Sorry, I’m afraid you’ll make people catch me.”

Gu Yu thought for a moment and mentally recited Goodwill Points and saw Goodwill Points 2 displayed next to the orb.

He breathed a sigh of relief: “…You stop crying for a while. What do you want from me?”

These Ratters could be invisible, and even shouting might not be effective. So far it seemed to not be malicious, and he might as well ask what it wanted, lest it came again to find him. Frankly, it was a little scary.

The Ratter immediately stopped crying, round eye watery, “I want to listen to your flute playing. We can not download songs, and you are not live so I can not listen.”

“Many locations will play recordings. There is no need to specifically seek me out, right?” Gu Yu puzzled.

The orb blinked, the blue orb turned slightly red, “I wanted to see you. I haven’t seen a natural female for a long time.”

Gu Yu looked at him in surprise and hesitantly said, “You, you like natural females too?”

He bobbed up and down, “Mn, I’m pretty in human form! But my abilities will disappear and I will be noticed.”

Gu Yu thought about it, he was quite happy that someone liked his songs, and he asked, “Do you have a carrier? I can pass the music to you, no need to use it only for my own use.”

“Yes!” The orb was excited.

Gu Yu passed the music to the orb and the orb was especially happy, “You are so nice. Don’t worry, I am not going to help them!”

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