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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Ever since the orb suddenly appeared in the gym, Gu Yu had maintained the status of being able to see other people’s Goodwill Points at all times. At this moment, the carving was empty, but he saw a system display, Goodwill Points: 1.

There must be a creature with stealth, or a blind spot that could cause vision to stay there. The carving was in relief, and the protrusion was small. The Water Shadow was small, could float, and could be invisible, so he immediately thought of the Water Shadow.

Cyno stared at the screen, not noticing anything unusual, “Where?”

Gu Yu pointed to the carvings above the door, “Here.”

Cyno looked there for a moment and turned his head to Gu Yu, “How did you find that?”

Gu Yu blinked, he couldn’t mention the system, and thought of a general answer, “It gave me the same feeling as when I saw the Water Shadow Clan in the gym before.”

Cyno looked complicated, “Your homeland must be very powerful.”

Natural females not only had magical abilities, but they could also see through the special abilities of the Water Shadow Clan!

Gu Yu: …

It seemed that Cyno misunderstood something.

Cyno gave the order, and after the Insect Clan left, the four soldiers came to the empty residence. Gu Yu judged the location of the Water Shadow Clan by the Goodwill Points display, and Cyno remotely directed the soldiers to act.

Soon, a light blue translucent orb emerged from the empty space.

The orb floated around, trying to avoid the rays, and the color of the body became darker and darker.

It was true that the greater the mood’s ups and downs, the easier it was to reveal itself.

Gu Yu stared at the orb and said to Cyno, “It doesn’t look like the last one.”

The last one had dark eyes, but this one, which was just caught, had vague turquoise eyes.

Cyno: “Mn, it’s not. There were three Water Shadows in Brilliant Splendor.” He said with a slight tone, “According to the news from the spaceport, all three left.”

Gu Yu thought for a moment, “Could it be that an extra one was brought in privately? But if so, why not leave with the Mermaid Prince?”

Cyno: “The best auxiliary ability of the Water Shadow Clan is to spy for news, and the Water Shadow Clan, who had been trained in psychological quality, will not let people easily notice without being stimulated.” He looked at the insects who got on the ship, “As for which party this Water Shadow Clan is left for, we will know after interrogation.”

As he was speaking, a communication request popped up on the light screen, from the Mermaid Prince. Cyno raised an eyebrow, set the camera so that the other party could only see him, and connected.

The Mermaid Prince, Luther, had long blonde hair, and his golden eyes showed a faint concern, “Marshal Cyno, I’m sorry to bother you.”

He finished his apologies and directly explained the reason for the contact, “Not long ago, I found that one of my subordinates was missing, and after searching, none of us saw any trace of him. My guess is that he might have secretly returned to Brilliant Splendor shortly after departing. I hope he didn’t cause trouble for Brilliant Splendor.”

Cyno played over the video of the soldiers capturing the Water Shadows, “You mean this one?”

Luther’s golden eyes flashed slightly as surprise flickered, “Yes, it seems Marshal has figured out how to locate the Water Shadow Clan.” He continued with a very regretful show of hands, “I was going to make a deal with the Marshal with this!”

Cyno looked pale, “A deal? This Water Shadow Clan wasn’t authorized to stay in order to obtain special information?”

Luther: “Of course not, I did not know he had been captured. If I had left him, how could I personally expose him?”

Cyno: “He was captured only three minutes ago and you contacted me three minutes later. I think he gave you the message that he was found. Your attempt to skim was more convincing.”

Luther frowned, and quickly released it, “If I had, I might have suspected as much,” he shrugged, “I have to say, I contacted at the wrong time.” He said, leaning forward slightly, his eyes sincere, “Marshal, Ratter and Brilliant Splendor are friendly planets, and we will always be friendly to Brilliant Splendor.” He smiled, “I forgot to congratulate Marshal. You have a mate that is the envy of all.”

Cyno: “Thank you.”

Luther: “Without disturbing the marshal, that Water Shadow Clan is no longer a subject of Ratter, do as you please.”

After hanging up the communication, Cyno got the results of the Water Shadow Clan’s interrogation. That Water Shadow Clan was tempted by the Insect Duke, cooperated with the Insect Clan and returned to Brilliant Splendor halfway in order to collect information from the military department for the Insect Clan and keep an eye on Gu Yu’s movement.

Cyno’s face was slightly cold. There were many kinds of Insect Race, but not all of them possess the ability to become human.

The only Bug race incorporated into the Star Alliance was the Black Nether Star Bug race, who were highly civilized and had human forms like the rest of the Star Alliance members.

However, compared to the rest of the Star League, the Black Nibs were more aggressive and happy to use force to deal with problems.

He contacted the Border Admirals to be on full alert.

Gu Yu looked at him with a serious face and was a bit worried, “Is the situation bad?”

Cyno: “It’s fine, it’s all set. Don’t you still have to train?”

Gu Yu nodded, “I’ll go right away.”

He opened the official website to see the second post sent by Kona. Kona included the characteristics of his ability, with range, the time to accumulate, and that it could only accumulate three hours a day while listening to him play. At the same time Kona explained the purpose of the first batch of candidates, including: “to get a sample of natural females of different races to facilitate research.”

The sincerity of feeling revealed in Kona’s text was reasonable, while allowing many people to understand what he was doing. Of course, there were many people who expressed their displeasure that there were other races with large numbers, so why choose those people and not their own mates?

This comment was quickly mocked down.

[Choose you? What kind of bullish contribution did you make to Splendor? Or do you have the ability to protect natural females? How about a little self-awareness?]

The words of dislike were copied and pasted by many people, and no one dared to boldly show their displeasure.


Kona looked at the comments and patted the assistant’s shoulder, “Well done. You can be fierce, and do not have to be so gentle. The heart does not count people. We have to scold them to wake them up.”

The assistant looked at Kona walking away to the back, while replying to the message, the heart admired.

[That’s awesome!]


Gu Yu did not know that someone was leading the comments, and could not help but frown when he saw the bad comments, then saw that the person was disliked, and his eyebrows were unconsciously loosened. The corners of his mouth could not help but lift in a smile, and he thought, There are more sensible people.

He closed the terminal and got up, and said to Cyno, “I’m going to the holographic room.”

Cyno nodded, “I have to go out later, I may not come back at noon, but don’t miss lunch time.”

Gu Yu nodded and scratched the side of his face, a little embarrassed, he said softly, “I remember, I’m already an adult.”

Cyno was too interested in him, almost as if he was a child.

Cyno raised his eyebrows, got up and looked at him, then bent down and kissed him on the corner of his lips, “I know,” he smiled, “or I wouldn’t do this to you.”

Gu Yu blushed slightly and quickly said, “I’m going upstairs.”

He turned around, walking much faster than usual, and soon disappeared to the second floor.

Cyno smiled, and quickly collected his smile again and walked out of the living room with big steps. Gu Yu stayed at the villa, working out as he always did, just the same as usual, and he was completely unaware of the stir he had caused.

Cyno did not return for lunch, so he ate with Orson, took a walk alone, and returned to the living room to watch the news. The news page was full of news about his ability to transform beast females into natural females.

In addition to the news itself, there were speculations and predictions made by people from all walks of life about this matter. Economists, historians, medical doctors, military experts… All kinds of experts had come out.

One of the most popular was the military man, and the headline about his prediction was very conspicuous, mentioning the war.

Gu Yu subconsciously bit his lower lip as he clicked on it, and after reading it over, his heart tensed up.

Would it really be like what the experts predicted, that the stars might wage war against Brilliant Splendor in order to ‘fight over him’?

His brow furrowed, what should he do if it really caused such an outcome?

The expert’s analysis made sense; with natural females scarce or nearly extinct, it was only natural that his abilities would be coveted.

All planets in the Star League have males that desire natural females.

The OP, in addition to his own desires, had a longer-term perspective, and the gender structure is important to social stability and development.

His existence was hope.

Gu Yu pursed his lips. What if he could convert more natural females? He thought it was possible, as he opened the system and read the description of the evolution fluid carefully. The effect of the evolution fluid was to increase the range of the effectiveness of the higher Goodwill Points, in square meters. He carefully pondered that square meters was the unit of area. He was the center of the circle, and could draw countless circles except the ground.

He imagined the circle on the ground as movable, and could completely keep the center of the circle unchanged, flipping back and forth, left and right. His eyes lit up and looked around. His eyes fell to the second floor, thinking of the 1,000 square meters range, that upstairs should also be within the range.

In this calculation, the organism receiving the evolutionary energy did not necessarily need to be on the same plane on the first floor.

His mood rose, if that was the case, the number of beast females that could be transformed at the same time would be much higher.

There was just a need for the venue.

He surveyed the surroundings, in fact, a structure similar to that of a shopping mall would work, with him in the middle and the beast females staying in the stores, each floor could hold quite a few beast females.

Thinking about it, he blushed and froze. He suddenly realized that whether he only counted the same level or included the upper and lower spaces, he would be surrounded by beast females.

Especially the latter scenario, there would be more beast females.

Thinking about that, he inexplicably tensed up. The beast females would all be in beast form, and the large number meant that there might be all kinds of forms.

Their fluffy appearance would be very cute, but they would still be strange beasts, and it was difficult for him not to be nervous.

And what scared him most were the amphibians and reptiles.

What to do?

He was a bit flustered now. When he worked in Shu Xin, he had seen most of the small, fluffy animals. He heard Uncle Li say that beast females like pythons, which prefer a cooler environment, have special recreation centers, so he had not seen them.

Kona chose the first batch of beast females of every race. This also meant that he would definitely meet these beast females. He squeezed his fingers and secretly reminded himself that beast females, unlike wild animals, were intelligent!

On second thought, he felt extraordinarily glad that he was thinking of it now before he would start helping the beast females transform tomorrow. If he unexpectedly saw amphibian or reptilian beast females, and was surprised, it would be too rude.

Maybe it would make the beast females sad!

Thinking of how people, who had only just met him before, had disliked him because they knew he was mute, caused guilt to rise up in his heart. He should have the same attitude towards all races of beast females. He thought about it and opened the terminal to view the complete list of beast females, looking particularly hard at reptiles and amphibians.

His heart clenched reflexively when he saw the beast females in the shape of pythons, crocodiles, lizards, etc. He slowed his breathing, slowly calmed down, and carefully looked at their preferences and habits.

After looking at them, he looked up many more photos of them, learning that when they stayed with their friends, relatives and mates, they were no different from the rest of the beast females.

All were very well behaved.

Gu Yu became more and more relaxed, and when he was sure he could meet any beast female openly, he turned off the terminal.

It didn’t take long for Cyno to return, and Gu Yu’s eyes lit up when he saw him and told him his suspicions.

Since Orson was at the villa, in addition to the many guards around the villa, the two did not do the test directly at the villa.

Instead, they went to the place where the transgender females were treated.

Gu Yu stayed on the third floor, holding on to the railing and looking at Cyno on the first floor, turned on the system to select a range of one hundred square feet, and then started singing “We”.

He had been practicing this song every day and was already familiar with it, so he could sing it smoothly without thinking about it on purpose.

After he sang for a minute and saw Cyno’s remaining value of evolutionary energy turn from 0 to 1, he stopped consuming Goodwill Points and continued to finish singing.

During his song, Cyno’s remaining 1 energy was quickly consumed. Cyno waved his palms in a fist and climbed the stairs quickly. He swiftly came to Gu Yu’s side, hiding the ups and downs of his mood, and his voice was steady, “Yes.”

Gu Yu smiled and nodded, “Mn,” he surveyed the construction of the villa, “the beast females can stay on the second and third floors, it will only be a slight waste of scope.”

The villa was constructed in a grand manner, the hall was empty above, the second and third floors were greatly reduced in size as a result, but very open.

Jumping down from the upstairs corridor, he could go directly to the living room.

It was just that it was a villa after all, unlike a mall or hotel that was circular, and the upper floor space was not fully utilized.

Cyno said, “Settle here for now, it’s safer with full security.” He looked at Gu Yu, “The beast females have all been checked by Kona, all have very mild personalities. Tomorrow the guards and doctors will be out of range and I will have Roald accompany you. You don’t need to be afraid.”

He gently stroked the side of Gu Yu’s neck, “I’m sorry, I’ll be very busy, so I can’t stay with you.”

Gu Yu shook his head, worry showing in his eyes, “Will there really be a war?”

Cyno hesitated, “Yes,” his fingers rubbed gently on the side of Gu Yu’s face, “but it won’t last long. You’re the only one. The stars have scruples against each other but they don’t dare to let go and fight.” He spoke with certainty, “Soon it will end in a peaceful solution.”

Gu Yu bit his lower lip, looking a little uneasy.

What if someone lost their life because of this?

Cyno lowered his head and kissed him on the cheek, “Don’t worry, you have to have faith in Splendor’s soldiers to not give any other planets the illusion that it’s ‘breakable’.”

Gu Yu looked at him and shook his head, “That’s not what I’m worried about. I’m worried that someone will die.”

Cyno gently cupped his chin, “War is always there. I just came off the battlefield before I met you for the first time. Sometimes war is for peace. Brilliant Splendor soldiers are never afraid of death, only of having their home planet invaded while they are in the military.”

His eyes were deep: “The duty of a Brilliant Splendor soldier is to guard the Brilliant Splendor peace. You are not the instigator of war, you are the hope.

“If natural females remain extinct, Brilliant Splendor will gradually move towards self-destruction.”

Marriage was no longer free due to the influence of the beast form. And although there were ways to force marriage, the marriage rate continued to decline year by year, with more and more people approaching the date set for marriage before they chose to get married.

The fertility rate was decreasing at a frightening rate.

Gu Yu froze as Cyno said in a deep voice, “You don’t have to blame yourself, it’s not you they’re guarding, it’s the future of Brilliant Splendor.”

Gu Yu was silent for a moment, pursed his lips, and then smiled as he held Cyno’s hand against his face. He nodded gently, “Mn, I know. I’ll try to help the natural females transform and make the future more hopeful.”

Cyno took his hand in return and the two returned to the villa. Gu Yu contacted Kona and explained the situation.

Kona froze, then raised his voice sharply, sounding extraordinarily excited, “Really?”

Gu Yu: “Yes.”

Kona slowed down his emotions: “It’s too late to change the location, you still have to use the villa arranged by the marshal. We need to find a more suitable site, so that each time the transformation of the beast females can be more.”

“I calculated that if the large beast females stay in the garden and living room on the first floor, the second and third floors would be more suitable for small beast females, and we can probably add an additional thousand beast females.” Gu Yu thought about it, in fact, according to the size of KiKi and MoMo, there could be more.

But if they were the same as Merlin, it wouldn’t work.

Kona: “There is still time today. These days the association has recruited many excellent talents, together with overtime, it shouldn’t be too late. I will contact the upper level to discuss the candidates.”

Kona finished, there he instructed him to take care of his health, and then hung up the communication. Gu Yu smiled, compared with Kona, he was much easier.

Kona had to choose the beast females, the identity of the beast females had to be investigated clearly, they would have to do all kinds of checks, and confirm they were qualified to guarantee the quota. It was not hard to imagine the pressure he faced from all sides.

Kona was in charge of this matter and there would definitely be many nobles, high officials, and rich people who wanted to go through the back door with Kona’s help.

Just as Gu Yu thought, Kona and the relevant personnel discussed before ordering the hands of the search for information on suitable candidates, it was discovered by someone with an interest. Kona was so annoyed that he blacklisted all but the people he had to contact, and then contacted Gu Yu.

When Gu Yu heard Kona’s words, he was slightly stunned: “You want me to draw a hundred lucky fans in GuangYin?”

“Yes, but the person who draws the selection must have a contribution medal issued by Brilliant Splendor, from all walks of life, or students, as long as they have contributed to Brilliant Splendor, they can draw. I have contacted the Information Department. In about ten minutes, Brilliant Splendor’s Wide Word will have a lottery program, the person can automatically scan the medallion, enter through your post and they can draw the prize. I still have to arrange the rest of the candidates, you will just set the time of the lottery before four o’clock, the winner will be automatically sent a message, then just leave it to us.”

Gu Yu thought for a moment, it didn’t need him to manage anything.


After hanging up the communication, he pondered carefully and looked at Cyno, “Want to increase my popularity?”

Cyno: “Encourage the masses, by proving that natural females will not only be owned by nobles, because there are more medal winners that are commoners.”

Gu Yu drifted off, Sort of appeasing the masses.

It didn’t take long for him to receive a message that the lottery program had been created and the steps to use it were thoughtfully given.

Gu Yu read through it, wrote down the steps, and then began to write the message.

“Smiley.jpg, a new raffle is made! All people with contribution medals can participate. One hundred lucky people will be selected, and the lucky people can designate a mate or kin beast female to participate in the first batch of transformations. The prize will be opened at 3:50 pm.”

He showed it to Cyno, “Is this okay?”

Cyno swept his eyes over it, “Yes.”

Gu Yu smiled and sent out the Wide Word message.

At the same time, countless people who had set Gu Yu as their special follower received the push alert. When they read the whole post clearly, their eyes widened with disbelief.

There were only two thousand or so spots in the first batch, and wasn’t it surprising that they weren’t taken up by those nobles?

More people were regretting why they didn’t make an effort to get the medallion!

The Brilliant Splendor Medal was not lousy, but it was slightly hard to get, needing to make new discoveries in any field, or significant contributions to society.

Contributions included many wealthy philanthropists, and heroic people who have seen the light of day.


In a dormitory.

“Fei Fei!” one roommate’s voice snapped up, “Look at Little Feather’s post!”

He turned his head, and saw Fei bounce up from his stool, open the closet with one hand, and drag out a box from inside. His fingers were even vaguely trembling: “Where’s my medal!”

Another roommate ran over, “Take it easy, I remember you put it in your side pocket last time.”

The person who started shouting slapped the desktop, saying regretfully, “Ahhh, I should have known that I should have entered with Fei; I never thought that the medallion for developing a new game would be so useful one day!”

Fei finally had the medallion in his hand and kissed it heavily twice, his big eyes shining, “Quick, hurry up and bless me!”

“Fei must win the draw!”


A laboratory.

A professor in a white lab coat was staring at the contents in the test tube, when suddenly the lab door was pushed open and an assistant ran in, panting.


The professor did not move and said in a cold voice, “Quiet, back up and leave.”

The assistant was originally afraid of the professor, but now he couldn’t care less, “Professor, Little Feather is the natural female, he sent a Wide Word message, and those who have a medallion can draw a prize,” he gasped, “You have won two medals, haven’t you? Go and enter, you can choose the beast female for the first transformation!”

The professor snapped his head around to look at him, “Really?”

The assistant nodded, and the professor hurriedly opened the terminal. After reading Gu Yu’s Wide Word post, he walked in long strides outside, “You record the experimental data, I’ll go home.”

The assistant said, “Mn,” he shouted, “the professor will definitely draw!”

The professor was more than a hundred years old, he was the partner of a famous childhood friend who was a beast female. These days, the professor learned that his mate can have a beast female transformation, and has been looking forward to it.

He spent days listening to Feather’s live recordings.


A factory.

“Old Hank, what are you still doing here, go to the lottery!” A man tapped his colleague on the shoulder.

This colleague was very tall, “Draw what prize?”

“Didn’t you get a medal for saving a school student when you used to watch your oldest son? You can draw a lottery with that, and if you win, you can make your son a natural female!”

Hank hurriedly asked, “Where is it?”

“Marshal’s mate’s Wide Word.”

After reading it, Hank hurriedly took time off work to go home. His family was not well off, and his youngest son was a beast female and had never been married off. If he could become a natural female, everything would be different!


After Gu Yu sent out the wide message, he found that his Goodwill Points increased at a much faster rate.

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