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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Gu Yu thought about it and shrugged regretfully, “I probably won’t go to the concert.”

Even if his abilities were not exposed, he was still very much in the spotlight as one of the only existing natural females. In fact, he actually wanted to say ‘we’, but just didn’t want to discourage KiKi and the others.

Maybe there will be another way, like Cyno said, to disguise as an underage male?

KiKi was disappointed, “Why, don’t you like singing a lot?”

Gu Yu, “Many people have seen my picture, males are very observant and can recognize me.”

Except for him, none of the other three’s photos had circulated.

Although the people who attended the party had seen KiKi, there were only a few of them. He smiled, “If your safety is guaranteed, you can go and see it. I can still watch it at home. The concert will be broadcasted live on the whole network.”

KiKi wrinkled his nose, “It’s definitely different to see it live, just like it’s different to hear Yu play the flute live from hearing it live.”

MoMo looked at Gu Yu, “Even if you disguise your appearance, you can not go?”

Merlin rested his hand on the back of his neck, “The people of the association should have a way to cover up our scent, plus there is makeup. I think it will work.”

Gu Yu was somewhat impressed, but still had concerns, “Our demeanor is also very different from males, and our voices…”

KiKi imitated a fan shout and gave a shout, but after raising his voice, he was obviously weak. He puffed out his face, and his baby-fat face became even fatter. He was very self-aware, “I might have a hard time controlling myself and not shouting in that atmosphere.”

Merlin agreed, “Me too.”

MoMo moved his hand, lifted it up and shook it and put it down, “I probably wouldn’t be so crazy that it would be obvious.”

The three looked at each other and their shoulders collapsed in unison.

“I wish all the beast females would become natural females overnight.” KiKi sounded expectant.

Merlin looked to Gu Yu, “Does Yu have a solution?”

KiKi and MoMo also looked at Gu Yu.

They knew better than anyone that their ability to transform had something to do with Gu Yu. But their partners and loved ones had already warned that this matter could not be told to others.

Gu Yu spread his hands, “There is a range limit, so we can only take our time.”

To reach MoMo’s expectation, the association still had to research medical solutions.

It dawned on KiKi , “No wonder you wanted us to be near you.” He rested his chin on the back of his hand, “In that case, we can’t even go out casually in the future?”

Gu Yu put Kona’s thoughts into words, “There will definitely come a day like that, and I will try to help more beast females convert.”

The more natural females there were, the less attention a single one received.

MoMo, “It’s so hard for Yu. If only I could help.”

Gu Yu smiled, “You can’t help in this matter, but there is something else you can help with.” He took the three to the guest room and sat them down. He was standing in front of them, his face slightly red. “My dream is to have a concert, but I get nervous in front of people. And singing is even more difficult, so I want you guys to be my audience.”

A gentle smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, “I want to practice with the least stress. You guys are my friends, and I can relax most easily in front of you.”

KiKi clapped his hands, “It’s not called helping, I like Yu’s music the most. The flute music is good, the singing must be good too:”

MoMo and Merlin echoed agreement and nodded their heads.

Gu Yu was a little shy, “If you guys think there is something wrong, you can bring it up.”

Gu Yu opened the terminal and played the accompaniment. He did not look at the screen, but looked at Merlin, KiKi and MoMo. This feeling was completely different from staring at the screen, and he felt embarrassed when he first started singing.

The three of them were very enthusiastic, waving and clapping, their eyes staring at him brightly. Gu Yu could hear his voice getting steadier and steadier, and the corners of his mouth took on a smile. After the song was over, he suddenly had a feeling that everything was in his hands and that singing in front of people was actually quite easy.

But he knew in his heart that this was only because the audience was familiar to him and there were few listeners.

KiKi quickly applauded, “Good to hear, Yu is so good!”

MoMo and Merlin were also unstinting in their compliments and kept praising.

Gu Yu was self-conscious instead, his heart was warm, but he also understood. It’s hard to get their advice, they have a high Goodwill for him, influenced by emotions and a super thick filter.

Cyno was the same.

He stopped singing, and the group moved to the living room, chatting casually. They added each other to the newsletter, and KiKi and Merlin signed up for Wide Word and added each other.

Merlin created a small chat group, [In the future, we can chat in the group if we are bored, and share if we see something interesting.]

KiKi’s eyes sparkled and he sent a voice message in the group, [That’s great!]

A little later, Guy and Roald arrived. Guy ran up to Merlin, panting, and sized him up.

“It’s okay.” Merlin waved his hand, unconcerned,  “I brought an escort. You’re too nervous.”

Guy: “If you want to find Gu Yu later, you tell me and I’ll arrange it.”

If Merlin threatened the escort to sneak out again like this, he was going to be scared to the point of nervous breakdown.

A little later, Qin Sheng also came. The three were each taken to their homes.

Gu Yu sat for a while and then went to the second floor to exercise. He did not close the door, and went to the wall, standing against it. He slightly adjusted his posture and stood still, practicing his standing posture.

Cyno came back before dinner and the two of them had dinner together and then took a walk in the garden. As they walked and chatted, Gu Yu mentioned the concert and Cyno looked at him, “Do you really want to go?”

Gu Yu nodded, “I want to feel the atmosphere live.”

He had never seen a concert before because he had no money and no free time. He pursed his lips, and seeing Cyno’s thoughtful look, he added, “Actually, it’s not that bad, I can watch it live on the screen.”

He knew Cyno was good to him, and if he insisted he wanted to go, he might find a way.

But the concert site was very crowded, and if discovered, it would cause too much turbulence.

Cyno looked at him. It was dark, but there were lights on all around, and Gu Yu’s skin was even whiter in the light. He black eyes looked peaceful, and Cyno secretly sighed. His little mate was really too well behaved.

Cyno took him by the shoulders, “Online rumors of beast females transforming and you being related are growing. Netizens are uploading a lot of evidence to prove the rest of the possibilities wrong.”

The more they rule out the remaining possibilities, the more likely they were to find the truth.

Gu Yu followed him back, “Do you need me to do anything?”

Cyno: “In two days Kona will send out an announcement stating that the transformation is related to you, and tomorrow Kona needs to film a ‘verification process’ for you.”

Gu Yu nodded, “Okay.”

The next day, Kona came to the villa with an athletic leopard, and Gu Yu’s heart subconsciously tensed up. The leopard was muscular and smooth-skinned, and walked with great grace, yet its light brown eyes were cool and looked dangerous.

Cyno grabbed Gu Yu, “Don’t be nervous, this is our sister-in-law, Cilo Anseth.”

Gu Yu froze, then responded, “His Majesty’s mate? Wanting his change?”

Cyno nodded, Gu Yu relaxed and smiled at Cilo, “Hello, I’m Gu Yu.”

The leopard gave him a faint look and his head nodded lightly.

Orson said, “President, it’s all ready.”

Orson took several people to the prepared room, which was equipped with complete monitoring facilities, as well as machines to measure the female’s body. In the middle was a long couch with a soft blanket in front of it.

Gu Yu sat down on the blanket and beckoned toward the leopard, hesitating to call out sister-in-law, “Cilo, come here.”

Cilo surveyed him, walked gracefully over and plopped down beside him. Gu Yu tentatively touched him on the back of his paw. Cilo lifted his eyes to look at him, withdrew his claws, and lifted the meat pad to touch him. Like coaxing a child, he touched Gu Yu and then withdrew his paws, resting his chin on them, as his tail wagged leisurely from side to side as he watched Gu Yu.

Kona and Orson carefully placed the metal pieces of the detector on various parts of Cilo’s body.

Kona adjusted the display data and nodded his head.

Orson asked Gu Yu, “Is that okay?”

Gu Yu nodded, and Cyno asked, “Want us to leave?”

Gu Yu understood what he meant; he was worried about exposing the other ability.

He pointed to the sofa against the wall, “You guys can just sit there, the playing lasts a long time.”

After the three of them sat down, Gu Yu opened the system, selected a square meter range, picked up the bamboo flute and played. Cyno watched Gu Yu and perceived that everything was normal, then he opened the terminal to deal with things.

The Ratter Prince left Brilliant Splendor a few days ago, and in the next two days there were two more people groups who left, but no other guests had left yet.

He looked carefully at the information from his subordinates about the guests. Most of them were peaceful, staying in their quarters and not going out, and there were also those who tried to contact certain officials, but they were all rejected.

Kona’s eyes grew brighter as he observed the data on the display. The change per minute seemed insignificant, but as time went on, the data changed very strikingly compared to the initial data. He was filled with excitement, his eyes bursting with bright light.

A treatment with the same effect could be developed for sure!

At almost twelve o’clock, Gu Yu finished his playing and Orson turned off the monitor.

Cyno handed Gu Yu a glass of water, and Gu Yu smiled at him, sipping slowly. He took a few breaks in the middle, worried about his sore fingers, and he sang midway as practice. He was a little uncomfortable at first because Kona and Orson were there, but then he relaxed completely.

There was a gentle bump on his back and he looked over to see Cilo’s eyes glowing at him.

He put the glass of water aside and rubbed Cilo’s neck, “Feeling okay?”

Cilo nodded his head and twisted his head to lick his hand, Gu Yu smiled and dodged it, nudging his head.

“I didn’t wash my hands.” He said.

Cilo again quietly lay down, the exact same action as when just now listening to him play and sing, only the tail wagging a lot more frequently.

Gu Yu smiled, “We can’t continue until tomorrow.”

Cilo looked at him for a while, rubbed him, stood up and turned his head, looked at Cyno, lifted his paw and pointed to the door.

“You want to go back to the palace?” Cyno asked.

Cilo nodded and stepped outside.

Cyno immediately arranged someone to see him off. Gu Yu thought of Cilo’s identity and looked at the time. He asked in a small voice, “Doesn’t Cilo want to stay for lunch?”

Cyno said, “No, His Majesty has sent countless messages all morning. If Sister-in-law doesn’t go back at noon, he’s afraid he won’t be able to resist coming out of the palace.”

Gu Yu smiled at his words. It seemed that His Majesty and Cilo had a good relationship.

Kona put the data in order and looked at Gu Yu with an excited tone, “You’re really amazing!”

Gu Yu smiled shyly, “I just had better luck.”

Kona was full of emotion, “You must be sent by the Beast God to save Brilliant Splendor.”

Gu Yu froze and shook his head. He had just been chosen by a system company.

Kona finished sighing and returned to business, “There’s a lot of noise on the Internet right now, so I’ll send out an announcement tomorrow and will upload a small clip of today’s recording at the same time. I have roughly selected two thousand beast females, all kinds of races, some more than one. After tomorrow, we will have to trouble you to help them transform.”

Gu Yu had long been mentally prepared, and now was even a little expectant.

The more natural females there were, the less unique they would be and the more comfortable their situation would become. And the association’s research might make good progress.

He smiled, “No problem.”

It wasn’t really a problem for him to help with the transformation; he was going to have to practice his songs and his instrument originally. After thinking about it, he decided to learn more about the guitar later in the afternoon, so he could still practice when he transmitted evolutionary energy to the beast females. Whether it was singing or playing music, three hours in a row would be very tiring, and swapping the two would be much more comfortable.

Kona instructed Orson, “Be sure to pay attention to Xiao Gu’s health, never let him get sick and injured.”

Orson nodded with a cautious face.

Gu Yu woke up from his nap and was a little surprised to see Cyno still in the room.

Cyno saw him wake up, leaned down and gave him a kiss, and helped him get up, “Come with me to a place.”

Gu Yu blinked curiously and went to the washroom to clean up a bit before following Cyno out of the room. The place Cyno referred to was the room on the second floor, on the far right side. Gu Yu walked in and looked around, not finding anything special, except the furnishings.

The sofa was placed on the side and the middle was completely empty. The walls and ceiling seemed to be of special quality and looked like they were transparent, but not transparent.

Cyno took Gu Yu to the middle, “Good boy, close your eyes.”

Gu Yu’s heart moved and inexplicably thought of a marriage proposal scene. He hurriedly closed his eyes and blushed slightly.

He and Cyno were already married, and the thoughts he just had were absolutely nonsense.

I wonder what Cyno is going to do?

Just wondering, rhythmic music suddenly sounded in his ears, the sound seemed to be deliberately tuned, not very loud.

“You can open them now.” Cyno’s voice came close to his ear.

Gu Yu’s ears reddened, he clenched his fingers and opened his eyes. All of a sudden, he had a sense of unreality, as if he had suddenly arrived at the concert stage, surrounded by the audience, in a crush. At this moment they were cheering and shouting.

There were colored lights shooting from behind him to the audience, and there was a screen on the left and right side of the audience, in which he was standing on the stage. His heart beat faster instantly, nervousness and excitement came together. After a while, everything in front of him disappeared and the room returned to its original appearance.

His face was cupped by a pair of large hands, and he looked up to see Cyno with a chagrined look on his face, “Sorry, did I scare you? I originally wanted to give you a surprise.”

Gu Yu slowed his breathing, gradually calmed down, smiled at him and looked around, “I was just too excited.” He pursed his lips and inquired, “Is there any equipment installed in this room?”

Cyno took his hand and flicked his finger on his ring, “This is a holographic scene simulation, both you and I have control access, I’ll show you how to use it. This side is the beginning, here you can switch songs, and source files can be imported from here. You can simulate any concert or other scenes, such as speeches. In the middle is the singer’s seat, you can choose to block it, you stand in the middle and it will take your place, or you can keep it and cause the chorus effect.

“This side is the audience. Just sit on the sofa over there and the effect is very recognizable from the scene.” Cyno rubbed his soft black hair, “Herman’s concert, you can watch it here with Merlin and the others.”

Gu Yu’s heart moved, and his dark eyes looked at Cyno, “Because I mentioned the concert before, you deliberately installed it?”

Cyno shook his head, “Not exactly, it was prepared before. Didn’t you want to get over the nervousness of singing in front of others?” He pointed to the source file, “There are small concerts here, and some school orientation shows with large and small crowds.”

His eyes were soft, “You can train slowly from small occasions with a high degree of authenticity. Later on, when you sing in front of people, you might not be nervous.”

Seeing Gu Yu’s eyes become slightly moist, he kissed Gu Yu at the corner of his eyes, “I may not always be able to watch you exercise, so don’t forget to record it and leave it for me as a souvenir.”

Gu Yu just felt his heart swell up, so moved that he didn’t know what to say.

Cyno was really nice. Maybe his previous life’s experiences were all for him to meet Cyno.

Gu Yu tilted his head, held back his tears, and hugged Cyno uncontrollably, burying his head in Cyno’s lapel. He swallowed the thank you he was about to say by biting his lip.

Cyno didn’t like it when he said thank you.

His voice choked slightly as he nodded, “Mn, I won’t forget to record the screen.”

“That’s good.” Cyno held him with one hand and gently stroked the side of his neck with the other. Cyno’s fingers were thinly calloused, and the touch of his neck being grazed by them made Gu Yu feel at ease.

He settled his emotions, let go of Cyno, and raised his hand, the finger with the ring moving, “Can I try it now?”


Cyno accompanied him on stage to feel two songs, until he received a message, and had to leave first.

Before leaving, he reminded Gu Yu to take care of his rest. Gu Yu didn’t stay in the holographic room for long, he still had training to finish in the afternoon. In the middle of his training, he went from the training room to the holographic room and recorded a video and sent it to the small group Merlin had created.

After the video was sent, he added a voice message, “Come to my home to see Herman in concert!”

The three learned quickly, but could not communicate with text without barriers, and the group chat was all voice. The instant the message was sent, he listened back and froze slightly when he heard ‘home’.

In such a short period of time, had he made this place his home?

After a moment of being stunned, the corners of his mouth curved up. It was entirely because of Cyno.

KiKi was the first to reply, his voice full of excitement, “Aaaahhh! So cool!”

Merlin and MoMo followed with expressions of praise and anticipation.

After a while Merlin said disappointedly, “Hey, I asked my grandfather to install it at home, and he actually said he couldn’t install it!” In the next sentence he was in high spirits again, “It’s the same if I go to Yu’s house often in the future.”

After chatting for a while, Gu Yu said he wanted to continue exercising, and the group quieted down as the three said they wanted to study.

The next day was an extraordinarily important day for any Brilliant Splendor person, or for any Star League person for that matter.

At 9:00 o’clock sharp, Kona, the president of the Female Protection Society, made a Wide Word post that began with fireworks from the software. The fireworks special effects were particularly nice, festive and lively, and cost money to purchase. Everyone who saw the message was delighted before they could read the content.

The centerpiece of the message was clean and simple: Good news, after days of research, the reason for the transformation of beast females into natural females has been found – Gu Yu.

The message was accompanied by a three-minute video of Gu Yu playing a flute, with Cilo lying beside him, next to a data tester. As time went on, Cilo’s data slowly changed, and the third minute had been fast forwarded, with only three seconds showing the final data.

After the video, Kona gave an explanation, “The full video is three hours long, and the last data is three hours later.”

Five minutes later, Kona’s Wide Word account crashed, and six minutes after that, Gu Yu’s account also crashed. Then all the moody masses converged on Cyno’s posts.

Cyno’s Wide Word was a top account and had been processed by the Information Department, so its data capacity was first-class, so it was still stable under the bombardment of countless comments.

Gu Yu looked at the apology message sent to him by Wide Word and was a bit confused. The comments had refreshed so fast that he couldn’t even read them, only catching words like ‘awesome’ and ‘female’.

He looked at the light screen in front of Cyno, and it was quiet, all blocked. However, a second later, the number of Cyno’s private messages skyrocketed.

Gu Yu looked at the speed of the rise in private messages, and could fully imagine the netizens’ excitement, and subconsciously looked out the door.

Cyno lightly pinched his earlobe, “Don’t worry, the entire villa area is surrounded by enhanced security.”

Gu Yu nodded and pondered, “How will they calm down?”

Cyno: “In an hour, Kona will send out another post to explain the specifics.”

“But his Wide Word account crashed.”

Cyno: “The Information Department is working on it. It will be ready soon, and so will yours.”

Ten minutes later, Gu Yu’s Wide Word account returned to normal and he looked at the comments.

All were cursing the Wide Word system for being garbage.

But soon someone seemed to react, [It seems to be better?]

[Little Yu! I want to hear your voice!]

[Little Yu is too good! Look at me, help my partner transform!]

Pretty much all were these kinds of comments, but there were some bad ones too.

[Wake up, noble officials and rich people are not finished transforming. This kind of thing, when will it be your turn!]

[Get out of the way upstairs, anyone around Yu is a natural female, so that means it’s not always him.]

Gu Yu looked for a while and then did not look anymore. The comments were similar, and there were malicious comments which would also be annihilated by the public. He looked at the system, his Goodwill Points were soaring.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was very busy because guests from other planets were expressing their desire to meet Gu Yu with unprecedented determination.

Cyno saw the report and grunted coldly, “Lock them all up and forbid them to go out if they do not leave.”

Not long after, he received another message from the Foreign Ministry that the other planets’ guests had decided to leave.

Cyno was not too surprised, [Check closely and make sure everyone leaves the country.]

His finger operated for a moment, the light screen expanded, and it was divided into eight compartments, filled with other planet guests.

Gu Yu looked curiously for a moment, “Are they all leaving?”

Cyno nodded, “Staying will also cause them to be suspects.”

Gu Yu looked at the various other races and his eyes fell to the screen on the second from the left in the top row, a screen that was conspicuous by the fact that only one of them was humanoid, the rest were black insectoid.

“Insects?” He said. He was impressed by the insect race, in the interstellar age, their marriage system actually resembled the ancient times, where the male was superior to the female and could also be polygamous.


The Incect tribe and their party were leaving, their residence was a villa with many exquisite carvings on the outer wall. Gu Yu looked at the carvings above the door, his face changed slightly and he blinked.

The male insect turned back and waved his hand, as if to say goodbye to the place where he was staying.

Gu Yu stared at the carvings for a while and tugged at Cyno’s sleeve, “There is a water shadow clan.”

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