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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Gu Yu watched the raffle, and the first five minutes were particularly poorly attended. He was a little worried that there were too few people who saw the Wide Word post. Soon, he knew he was worried for nothing.

The number of participants in the sweepstakes suddenly increased rapidly and continued to rise. He looked at the comments and finally realized what was going on.

[Phew, finally ran home to get the medallion, I was worried that I would miss it if I was late.]

[Luckily, I didn’t go out of town, I don’t know if I won, but I’m sure I’ll regret missing it!]

[I was away on a business trip, asked a friend to enter the lottery on my number, my friend was so excited that he almost tore my house down, but luckily found the medal.]

These comments invariably received many responses expressing envy.

Many people also commented, [Is it too late to donate? I can’t afford to be a scum, I can’t get a medal in the academic category even if I try my best.]

[Wake up, even if you donate now, there are still a lot of procedures to go through, it is impossible to get the medal today.]

[I don’t care, donate now, in case there’s a raffle next time!]

[I’m off to do my research.]

Gu Yu looked at a bunch of comments saying that they were going to try and get the medal, and the corners of his mouth curved up slightly. He didn’t expect this to happen when he posted his Wide Word. He was now happy that this result was good.

To get a medal, one had to be good at something, whether it was ability or character.

The lottery ended at 3:50, with nearly 200,000 people participating.

Gu Yu pressed the button to stop the lottery and in no time, one hundred lucky viewers were selected and a list was automatically generated. The list was public, but since Wide Word used a screen name, except for close friends, people generally did not know the real identity behind the ID.

For a while, those who participated in the lottery were either ecstatic or disappointed.



Fei stared at the list on the screen, scanning from left to right, one by one, to see the names, afraid to miss one. The two roommates were as nervous as he was, looking in another order. In the whole dormitory, nothing could be heard except the sound of breathing.

Suddenly, the roommate in the next bed to Fei’s right, pointed to the name in the second from the left column, in the sixth row and excitedly shouted, “Fei, it’s a hit!”

Fei jerked his head to look at him: “Where is it? Why don’t I see it?”

The roommate expanded the light screen and circled Fei’s ID, which was particularly conspicuous. “Look!”

Another roommate cheered, “It’s true, you’re really selected!”

Fei jumped up from his spot, “Great! I’ll go find my big brother.”

The roommate froze, “Aren’t you going to choose your future partner to convert?”

Fei’s eyes widened, “I don’t have a fiancée. I don’t know where my future partner is yet!”

Roommate, “You can choose a favorite beast female!”

Fei shook his head, “How troublesome, I do not have a favorite, and others may not like me. My big brother is already married, so I’ll let my sister-in-law go. He’s the most suitable.” He said with a heated smile, “Maybe I’ll have a natural female nephew in the future!”


Research Institute family apartment

The professor sat on the living room sofa, his usual cold face tense, his eyes sweeping over the list one by one. At his feet was coiled a very beautiful white python, which stood upright with its round eyes staring unblinkingly at the screen.

Suddenly, he let out a ‘hiss’ and gently bumped the lower left corner of the light screen with his smooth head. The professor looked over and his eyes snapped. It was his name!

He stared at the name for a moment until a message alert popped up on the light screen, and seeing the notification with the association’s logo inside, he finally got a sense of reality.

He had really won the lottery!

He looked at the white python, his hand gently stroking his head, “You can transform now, I’ll send you to Splendor City.”

The white python rubbed his hand and wrapped its body around him.

The professor caressed his shimmering scales, “Don’t worry, I’ll go with you. I’ll stay near the association and wait for you. There will be many beast females there, but you don’t have to be afraid. I will be in video contact with you every day.”

His voice was particularly steady, his tone unhurried, the white python relaxed, his head on his shoulder. The professor’s eyes were gentle, “Go see what you want to bring, we need to leave as soon as possible.”


An ordinary private house

Hank, as well as his eldest son, sat on the couch, watching the screen nervously.

Next to them a black bear sat on the floor with his head on the side of the couch, his round black eyes looking at the two.

“Father, it’s hit!” The eldest son suddenly roared out.

The bear was so startled that his body lurched and almost fell, but he reached out in time to grasp the couch. Hank was full of excitement, and after making sure there was no mistake, he turned his head and patted his youngest son’s head. Then after patting it, he started rubbing it again.

“Little Bear, you can transform into a natural female!”

The little bear’s black eyes lit up, and he grinned a naive smile.

The eldest son reminded, “Father, the Female Association sent a private message to send brother to Splendor City as soon as possible.” 

“We’ll go tomorrow!” Hank quickly got up, “You go and pack up your brother’s usual things, we’ll go right away.”

The people on the list completed the association’s survey and rushed to Splendor City from all over Brilliant Splendor with excitement. After Gu Yu finished the lottery, he went to the training room to work out when he saw nothing was going on. After dinner, he went to the holographic room to practice the basic guitar technique.

Although he was watching instructional videos in the holographic room, it felt like a teacher teaching face-to-face. When Cyno came in through the door, he saw his young partner plucking the strings and listening to the sound with a serious face, playing the instructional video back every now and then.

When Gu Yu saw him, he stopped playing and smiled at him.

Cyno walked behind him and embraced him from behind, “I can teach you.”

Gu Yu was a little surprised, “You can?”

“Mn, I’ve played at school.”

It was not that Gu Yu didn’t know anything at all. He knew the basics, and could play simple notes, but he didn’t know any techniques. Cyno was a good teacher and explained things in a clear and concise way. Gu Yu learned a lot from him, but he was not very good at it and needed to practice.

At the end of the night, Kona contacted him and told him that the first batch of beast females to be transformed had been identified and settled, and asked him when he would start.

Gu Yu thought about it, “Eight thirty to twelve.”

To be transformed in the shortest possible time, the beast females had to receive 180 energy every day, which was the daily limit. For a beast female to receive 180 energy, he had to consume the same amount of Goodwill Points, and he had to create sound for a total of three hours.

The number of beast females was large, and it took a lot of effort to move them from the association to the villa, and was not suitable for so many beast females to rest, so it would be too much trouble to divide the three hours into morning and afternoon.

Arranging it all in the morning was the most hassle-free.

The next morning, Gu Yu got up before seven. Cyno had breakfast with him, and then went to the military headquarters. Not long after, Roald came in.

Gu Yu asked, “Where’s MoMo?”

Roald, “Sent him to Merlin’s house.”

At a quarter past eight, Gu Yu received a communication from Kona, “All set.”

Gu Yu went to the villa with Roald’s escort, landing directly on the rooftop of the villa through the flying machine, without going through the gate. Gu Yu looked down from the craft, overlooking the grand villa.

Outside the villa, a half-human-high metal mesh wall had been built, with a circle of soldiers standing outside the wall, all armed. He estimated that the mesh wall, with the villa as the center of the circle, was probably exactly a thousand square meters away. Soon he saw a variety of large beast females in the garden, they looked well behaved, all lying on the ground.

There was not much spacing between each one, kind of like a school formation for radio gymnastics.

Roald took him to the middle of the second floor corridor, passing three rooms midway, the doors of which were all open, and many small beast females could be seen inside.

As the two passed by, their eyes looked over curiously, but none moved.

The furnishings of the first floor hall were all removed, and there were many medium-sized beast females lying or sitting on the empty floor. Noticing that there were people upstairs, they tilted their heads to look around, their eyes curious.

Gu Yu sighed, “They are so well behaved.”

Roald: “They think simply, but know very well what transformation means, it is the nature of the werebeast.”

Roald looked to the couch that was purposely placed in the hallway and pointed to the button on the arm of the couch. “The same function as the shuttle safety cover, if there is an unexpected situation, it can protect you.”

Gu Yu looked at it and nodded, “Good.”

Kona came from the first floor, “Can we start? The marshal ordered that we all have to back out of range except you.” His brow tightened, not quite sure, “Can you handle it alone?”

Gu Yu nodded, “It’s okay, they’re all well behaved,” he pointed to the couch, “and I’ll also be protected. If something really happens, the guards will be able to provide back up soon.”

Kona still wasn’t certain but hesitated to ask now, “Okay, the whole villa is monitored. I arranged a team to observe the beast females’ reaction, If they find something wrong, they will contact you.”

Gu Yu, “Good, I will also pay attention.”

Roald and Kona left, and Gu Yu opened the terminal, set the light screen to half-air, expanded it, and the surveillance of each area was neatly arranged on it. He swept his eyes around and had the illusion of having arrived at a zoo. Many of the beast females resembled modern animals, with only minor differences, but many others he had not seen before.

The female beasts were quiet. Some may be a little nervous, burying their faces in their paws or wagging their tails anxiously, but there was no other movement.

Gu Yu sat down and looked at the monitor to make sure there were no remaining people in range, and he turned on the microphone.

“Hello, this is Gu Yu. You don’t need to be nervous, just pick a comfortable position.”

After he finished, he opened the panel, selected Advanced Evolution Liquid, began to use up Goodwill Points, and picked up the flute to play. The first tune he played was very soothing, with a slow rhythm that easily calmed the mind.

Gu Yu looked at the monitor while playing and saw that the beast females were relaxed and their eyes were slightly bent. He deliberately paid attention to the beast females at the very edge of the garden, and when he saw them, his eyes paused slightly.

It was a good thing he knew the song well, or he probably would have faltered.

Half of the edges were the Snee, the beast females with the appearance of pythons. They were about seven or eight meters long and only clumped together so as not to take up space.

He quickly figured out that no one could stay motionless for three hours.

Their body shape and the rest of the beast females were not the same. If they had been in the middle, their movement would be too easy to touch the rest of the beast females.

Instead, they were most comfortable at the edge.

But they seemed to be worried that being outside the range would not be effective, so they did their best to stay in a group, and there were two next to each other, leaning as far as possible toward the villa’s location.

Gu Yu saw that their evolutionary energy was increasing normally and put his mind at ease, which meant that they were all within range. He looked at the Snee who were carefully balling up their bodies and didn’t feel scared at all.

Instead, he found it cute, and he noticed that they were all beautiful.

They resembled modern pythons in appearance, but their scales were bright and shiny, shining in the light of the morning star. Thinking about it, he glanced overhead, a little worried.

The garden was open-air, it was okay now that it was early, but after ten o’clock in the morning, the star light would become stronger and stronger, and the beast females would definitely be sunburnt. He finished blowing a song, paused briefly, and contacted Kona.

Kona said: “It’s my oversight. Usually beast females are not afraid of the sun, but this time there are many beast females who don’t like the sun. I’ll have someone arrange it right away.”

Gu Yu continued blowing and did not pause when he saw a flying machine about to enter the range, he just stopped consuming Goodwill Points.

Many of the alert beast females felt subtle changes in their bodies, and their instincts told them that they were changing toward transformation. The beast females’ eyes shone brightly, and they were even more motionless.

The beast females under the open sky had a darker vision, and a light gray shade cloth was floating above them.

Gu Yu continued playing, while observing the shade cloth, which was surrounded by a number of spheres attached to the corners and also attached to the rope. Several soldiers came down from the flying machine, fixed the rope to the garden corners, finished and left quickly.

The spheres had a strong uplifting force, raised the cloth overhead, and then confined by the rope, floated steadily over the garden.

Gu Yu again started to consume Goodwill Points, and as Goodwill Points were consumed, he gained more Goodwill Points. The beast females everywhere looked in his direction, their eyes glittering.

Gu Yu smiled, and after blowing three songs on the flute, he stopped and sang instead, then switched to practicing his guitar technique. The three hours were not short, but for the beast females, it seemed to pass in the blink of an eye. They were so immersed in their great joy, feeling their changes, that they didn’t even notice the time pass.

It was also fast for Gu Yu, who took a break halfway through each hour, and Cyno even contacted him during the first break. When he played the flute, he relaxed to the tune himself and didn’t get tired, while singing and guitar were both part of his training.

In his opinion, he just changed his training location, not doing anything for anyone, just doing his own thing. It didn’t feel like hard work.

He kept an eye on the evolutionary energy value of the beast females, and when the evolutionary energy reached 180, he immediately stopped using up Goodwill Points.

After the song was over, he smiled, “Today is over, you can go back for lunch. But don’t be in a hurry, wait for a while, the chairman will arrange someone to send you back immediately.”

As he said that, he sent a message to Kona.

A dozen large shuttles drove to the gate of the net wall, and Kona led the escort and doctor to the garden in front. Gu Yu did not leave immediately, but watched the surveillance.

The beast females followed Kona’s instructions and lined up for the shuttles, looking back in the direction of the villa as they walked. One of the bears stood up and touched Kona’s wrist with his hand as he passed by, and barked with the other hand pointing in the direction of the villa.

Kona as well as the doctor’s guards around him were astonished.

They have a certain understanding of each beast female, this black bear belongs to the batch of beast females which were less intelligent.

Or rather, more naive.

But now this set of actions were clearly very smart!

Kona patted the black bear on the head and said a couple of random words to calm the bear down.

Gu Yu noticed the gaze of the beast females and joy welled up in his heart.

The system’s Goodwill Points list made him understand that they had Goodwill for him because they appreciated him. He felt happy that he had helped them and gotten something in return. Helping people really makes people happy.

After thinking about it, he stood up and walked into the nearest room.

In the order of leaving now, it would first be those outside the villa, then the lobby, the second floor, and finally the third floor. The second floor was still a few minutes away from it being their turn.

As soon as he entered, the beast females, who were lying on the floor chatting, immediately turned their heads to look at him.

Gu Yu smiled, crouched down and waved at them, “Hello.”

The various cries rang out one after another, and Gu Yu’s smile deepened as he rubbed the little head of the Carter clan species leaning against the door. It was a cat covered in long snow-white fur, with eyes that were all pale blue and very pretty.

The Carter purred with joy and licked his hand.

Gu Yu laughed and avoided it, “I haven’t washed my hands yet, not like this.” He swept his eyes over the beast females in the room, “Are you tired?”

He had read that many races of beast females were very active, so he didn’t know if they were used to staying motionless all morning. The females shook their heads and barked at him urgently.

Gu Yu put his mind at ease, having had experience with the Merlin trio, he easily understood what they were urging. He soothed, “You can only listen to the songs for a maximum of three hours straight a day, otherwise you won’t be comfortable and it’s not good for your health.”

It didn’t take long for Kona to lead the way up to the second floor.

In the room where Gu Yu stayed, each beast female had to rub Gu Yu before he left, and then left contentedly.

Kona waited for the beast females to line up and go downstairs, then said to Gu Yu, “If you are so thick-skinned, be careful of the rest of the beast females being sad.”

Gu Yu froze, “No way?”

Kona: “Of course, they all like you very much and want to meet you before they leave!”

Gu Yu thought about it, “Tomorrow when they arrive, you tell me in advance, I will go to the door and watch them enter.”

That way every beast female would be able to see him.

Kona didn’t stop it, since the security here was particularly tight. There were many checks to go in and out, nothing would happen.

The following morning, Gu Yu waited for the beast females at the gate in advance, just as he had said he would. There were many more guards at the gate as a result. The females were particularly excited to hear his voice and rubbed against him affectionately before going to their places.

The morning was spent in a beautiful mood by the beast females.

The transformation was going exceptionally well, and the females were getting smarter every day. This smartness was obvious, and the staff of the association, who had been so busy because of the large number of beast females, were suddenly relaxed.

When they thought about it, it seemed that they only needed to arrange food and clothes.

The females were able to handle everything on their own, and they didn’t cry in fear or make a fuss about going home like they did on their first day. In the afternoons when they stayed at the association, the females always gathered together to watch videos.

The timid or shy females soon cheered up with the company and reassurance of their peers.

In addition to the staff members who were always with the females, it was the females’ relatives who felt the most.

Every day after dinner, the relatives would ask the females various questions by video communication. The females initially just nodded and shook their heads or waved their paws, but later, communication became much richer. They could tell their relatives very graphically what they have done during the day through body language, and also express their hearts.

Fei and his big brother’s smiles grew bigger and bigger as they watched the video comparing the day’s activities with his sister-in-law. His sister-in-law was a firebird, very tall, covered with red feathers, and particularly gaudy.

At this point the firebird finished the day’s activities, raised his right wing and touched his beak, then pointed his wing at Big Brother Fei: “Chirp~”

Big Brother Fei laughed out loud and gave him a flying kiss with his hand, “Yan Yan is so smart, I like Yan Yan the most.”

The fire bird’s round eyes blinked, eyes turned, looked toward Fei and blocked his face with his wings, as if shy because there were others.

Fei hurriedly jumped off camera, “I’m going back to school.”

“Wait.” Fei’s big brother shouted, and exchanged a few words with Yan Yan, just as the communication time was up, hanging up the communication.

Fei stood at the door, and Big Brother walked over, hugged him, then patted him hard on the back, “Thank you.”

Fei scowled, “Brother, I’m not an athlete, you be gentle.”

Big brother’s eyes were bright, “I will definitely try to win the Fall Sports, and I may have a chance to win the lottery later.”

Fei understood his big brother’s meaning and scratched the back of his head, “I’m still young, the game is so fun, I don’t want to fall in love yet.”


On the other hand, the professor was sitting on the hotel couch, videoing with his partner.

White Python was very distressed, he only had a long strip of body, no hands and no wings, and was very disadvantaged in expression.

The professor soothed:,”Can you adapt? Is there anything uncomfortable?”

The white python shook his head, recalled the film he had watched this afternoon, and his body suddenly stood up as his eyes shone. The professor knew his mate well, this meant he had a good idea. Then he saw that his mate slowly spread into a ball on the ground, then moved and finally stopped.

The professor froze for a moment, then quickly understood.

The white scales glistened in the light, forming a heart shape on the floor, and the white python’s head was in the middle, looking at him brightly.

The professor’s heart moved slightly, and he moved his hand unconsciously to his heart.

He looked at his partner, “A’Hao, I like you a lot.”

The white scales gradually flushed with a light pink.


An ordinary hotel

Hank and his eldest son, Bear, watch the bear on the screen. The bear looked witty and performed the afternoon’s activities in a subtle way.

Watching the film, playing ball together…

Hank’s eyes were moist, “Little Bear is so smart, those who say you’re stupid are the ones who are stupid.”

Bear exclaimed, “Brother, don’t worry, brother will find you a reliable partner! Those people in the past, we won’t even glance at them!”


The corners of Gu Yu’s mouth curled as he watched the video Kona’s assistant had sent him of the beast females playing together this afternoon before he went to bed. They all looked so happy.

He inclined his head and asked, “President Kona mentioned earlier about running a school. Do you have a plan?”

Cyno wrapped his arms around him, “Mn, the location has been chosen, the teachers are people selected by the Ministry of Education, many of them are retired teachers who volunteered to apply.”

Gu Yu leaned on his shoulder, “It’s so good that Merlin and the others can study with the beast females this time.”

Cyno’s fingers cupped the side of his face, inclined his head to look at him, looked at him with  half-squinted eyes, and turned the terminal off, “Sleep.”

Gu Yu subconsciously rubbed against him with his shoulder and laid down.

Cyno’s eyes moved slightly, leaned over and kissed him at the corner of his mouth, and was about to go to sleep when a message came in.

Prince Luther: “Marshal Cyno, as a sign of good faith, I’m giving you a message. The insect army, in two hours, will arrive at the Brilliant Splendor’s border.”

Cyno’s face sank as he got up and got out of bed.

Gu Yu looked at him, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, you rest first.” Cyno’s voice was steady.

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