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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Gu Yu pursed his lips, pulled up the lyrics he had mimeographed earlier, and showed them to Kona, “This is a song from my hometown, and I think it fits, so take a look at the lyrics and see what you think.”

The lyrics he changed only slightly, modifying modern words into familiar terms. He couldn’t recall these new ones at a glance, so now the lyrics were more in line with the plot of the novel.

In the novel, the hero first met a natural female in a dream, and then met a real person by accident, a dream come true.

Kona’s eyes lit up. He had thought about how to persuade Gu Yu if he refused, he hadn’t expected Gu Yu to already have the lyrics ready.

This meant that Gu Yu had basically said yes.

He looked at the lyrics carefully, and his eyes grew brighter and brighter, and after reading them, he clapped his hands together, “Very good! I met you in my dreams! It fits my novel perfectly, the lyrics are simple and sweet, especially good!” He exclaimed, “Your creator back home is very good. I’m sure this song will spread very widely, sometimes the simpler it is, the more classic it is.”

The simpler it is, the easier it is to remember, the easier it is to sing.

Gu Yu suddenly felt a sense of pride in his heart, and his eyes curved, “Mn, they are very good.” He pursed his lips: “I will record the song in the next two days,” he paused, “and I will try to sing it well.”

Kona’s tone was sincere, “I believe in you, and I’m looking forward to it.”

The lyrics surprised him, and he was looking forward to the finished song.

After Kona left, Gu Yu went to the holographic room upstairs.

The holographic room was his main place to practice music. In addition to holographic effects to practice his sense of staging, there was a complete set of production equipment placed against the wall. The equipment was very similar to Shu Xin’s music room, but the effect was better.

He looked at several sets at the time, none of which were cheap, so he had been a bit hesitant.

As a result, the next day he saw the most expensive set placed here, and Cyno made a point of opening the balance of their property.

Pointing to a scurry of zeros at the back: “No need to save money, there’s plenty of money.”

Gu Yu couldn’t help but smile at the thought of it and turned on the recording device.

After Gu Yu tuned it, he picked up the flute and played Sweet as Honey once through.

He clicked on the recording and listened carefully, processed it with a synthesizer in the interlude and then tried it with another instrument simulation. Finally deciding to use the flute song with a little processing as the accompaniment.

After that he started to record the song, at first his voice was a little uncontrolled, and then it got better.

He recorded the song many times, but before he was done, Orson told him it was time for lunch.

He froze, so focused that it was noon in the blink of an eye.

After the lunch break, he continued recording the song until he felt satisfied and then stopped and started doing post production.

He had experience doing post production, it wasn’t hard for him, it just took a lot of care to get it right.

He took a break halfway through and then continued again, relieved when he was done.

He saved the song, put on his headphones and listened to it carefully and repeatedly, trying to find out if there was anything wrong, if the vocals and back up vocals were balanced, and if the expression was just right.

As he listened, he took notes and was listening for the fifth time when a sudden warm sensation came over his shoulder, and he was startled, quickly followed by a familiar scent from behind him.

He breathed a sigh of relief, and the corners of his mouth subconsciously lifted in a smile.

He pressed the pause button, removed his left earphone, and was about to turn his head when his earlobe was lightly nibbled. His neck shrank slightly, and a blush spread from the base of his ear to his neck.

Cyno gave a low, soft laugh, grabbed his hand, took the headphones in his hand, put them on, and took him by the shoulders, “What are you listening to? Let’s listen together.”

Gu Yu bit his lip, inexplicably a little nervous, but also a little embarrassed, although this was not a song he composed, it was his first serious cover of a song.

The backing vocals were all done by himself in the later stages.

He inclined his head and whispered, “I still need to work with it. Listen to it tomorrow, okay?”

He wanted to show his best to Cyno.

Cyno’s chin was resting on his shoulder, and he was even more curious, “You sang this?”

Gu Yu hmmed, “The theme song for the movie based on President Kona’s novel.”

Cyno immediately understood what Kona was referring to when he said he was looking for his partner. He thought about the plot of the novel and reached out to press the start button, “Let me hear it.”

Gu Yu raised his hand and grabbed his wrist. Even though he didn’t use much force to hinder Cyno, his hand stopped and didn’t press the button.

Cyno kissed him on the ear, “Don’t you want me to listen?”

Gu Yu pursed his lips and shook his head, “No, I want you to listen to something better.”

Cyno had a smile in his eyes, “What you sing is the best.”

Gu Yu said no more words of refusal and let go of his hand, “Listen. Where it is not good, just tell me, and I can still change it.”

He said as he turned the song progress to the very beginning, and then pressed the start button.

The light and melodious melody rang out and neither of them spoke again.

After the prelude, the nice male voice blended with the music. The male voice was sweet, but not greasy, the vocal line was warm as if with a smile, and deep feelings flowed out without thinking.

After the song, Gu Yu gazed up at Cyno, looking slightly nervous.

Like a candidate taking a test.

Cyno looked at him, with deep eyes, lifted his chin to kiss him for half a moment before releasing, “You sang very well.”

So good that he wanted to have it all to himself and no one else was allowed to hear it but him.

But he knew that this would not work, his little mate’s love of music was clear to see.

The little one’s wish was to have a concert, and he couldn’t be the only one to listen to the songs.

Gu Yu gasped lightly, palms on his shoulders, sniffing as his eyes lit up, “Really?”

“Mmm.” Cyno was serious. He took off Gu Yu’s headphones, “I’ll listen to it later, we have to go to dinner now.”

In the evening, the two of them washed up and sat next to each other on the bed watching the news. The news of Gu Yu’s recovery had already spread, and the internet was talking about the conversion time being moved to the afternoon and the two-day interval between batches.

Gu Yu clicked on it and read their comments.

[Little Yu is pregnant now and needs more rest in the morning, so it’s good to change it to the afternoon.]

[I also agree, before little Yu worked too hard, no rest for a day.]

[Yes, little Yu’s body is the most important. If you do not rest well and get sick, it is not worth the loss.]

The corners of his mouth curved slightly, the netizens were very sensible, which made him happy.

Cyno inclined his head to look at him, saw him smile, looked at the light screen and raised an eyebrow. He wasn’t surprised to see the comments, the netizens would never have been so friendly if his little mate hadn’t been interrupted and had been helping with the conversion but suddenly changed the time.

Before this, his little mate had been suspended from helping the beast females transform for close to a month due to his health. This incident made it clear to all that his little mate’s body was the most important.

He took Gu Yu’s shoulder, “It’s late, rest first.”

Gu Yu mumbled, before he turned off the terminal, he was grabbed by Cyno from behind. The back of his neck was touched, and his body slightly tensed, but he quickly relaxed. The temperature of Gu Yu’s body gradually rose, his pajamas were opened, the white tiger on his back gradually emerged and Cyno’s eyes darkened.

Gu Yu gasped lightly, smelling the strong and steady scent, and realized what Cyno wanted to do. He blushed and the sweet smell emanated from the back of his neck.

He curled his legs in shame and embarrassment, gently holding Cyno’s wrist, he said in a small voice, “The baby.”

He wasn’t in any discomfort, but there was still concern. He was inexperienced and subconsciously more cautious.

Cyno leaned down and kissed him soothingly on the lips, his voice low, “I asked. It’s okay. I’ll be careful.”

Gu Yu let go of his hand and Cyno grabbed his hand and let him wrap it around his neck.

Gu Yu was embarrassed, in a daze, thinking, Who did Cyno ask?

The next day, Gu Yu woke up on top of Cyno, blushing a little as he thought about the previous night.

Cyno laughed lightly, kissed him on the forehead and rubbed his back, allowing him to recover, before they got up together. When Gu Yu brushed his teeth, he looked at himself in the mirror with bright eyes and realized that he had really become much more fit.

He was now almost without any discomfort.

Although it was in part due to Cyno’s gentleness, it was mainly because his body had gotten stronger, where before he would at least feel sore and weak.

After the two of them ate, Cyno went to the military department, and Gu Yu continued to work on the song. When it was done, he listened to it a few more times to make sure he had done the best he could with his abilities and passed the finished product to Kona.

He rested for a while, then went to the gym to work out.

The change in his physique was obvious, and with exercise, he was sure to improve even faster!

Half an hour later, he received a communication from Kona, who sounded excited, “Very good! I’ve already discussed it with the film’s party and will use this song as the theme song!”

Gu Yu breathed a sigh of relief, “It’s a good fit.”

Kona answered, “It’s perfect. Splendors mainstream music is too hardcore for this movie, but your voice and the song are perfect for it.” Kona said smiling, “The movie will be a big hit, originally created with no great repercussions. After all, false fantasy will only give them the occasional pleasure.”

That’s why his novel was on fire. The more people read it, the more the flames burned. It was like fast food consumption. The movie can achieve the same effect. The money will not be less, but the response will be great.

So thinking, his words deepened with his smile, “Now it is different. Because of you, there are  more natural females and the movie is no longer just illusory, but can become a reality. This is a desire they can achieve.”

Gu Yu’s eyes curled, and it was clear that Kona was pleased. He complimented sincerely, “Your novel is great.”

Kona’s writing was delicate, with the theme of love, and the interaction between the main characters were great from the initial hilarity to the sweetness later on.

Kona smiled and said, “Thank you, the fee for the theme song will be given to you at the market price. I will send you the contract later, sign it when you read it and agree with it, and don’t reveal the song until the movie is shown.”

Gu Yu agreed, “Mn, for the time being, only Cyno and I have heard it. It won’t be given to others.”

Not long after hanging up the communication, Gu Yu received the contract, which stated that the songs would be bought out for three million dollars a song.

Gu Yu froze. He used to think that money was hard to earn, but now he suddenly had a feeling that money was really easy to earn. He thought about it, signed it, wrote the lyrics, composed the original song, wrote the original person, his name filled in the cover, and then forwarded the contract to Kona.

He checked his account balance and looked at Goodwill Points again.

Currently, his Goodwill Points were more than eight hundred million, almost all Brilliant Splendor people had contributed, the rest of the negative value was offset by the positive.

The difference between the number of Brilliant Splendor and the number of aliens in each batch of transformed beast females was so great that there were many people who had Goodwill for him because he helped transform them, and others who are unhappy with him because of the obvious differences.

He could well understand that in this world, not everyone would see things in a good light.

In fact, he was so satisfied that he’d gotten more Goodwill Points than he expected to in less than six months. But he was also aware that these Goodwill Points, over the remaining two years or so, would not necessarily increase.

After thinking about it, he went online and bought a gift for Cyno, and donated the rest of the two million or so all to the Star Alliance Welfare Organization, in his real name.

He needed Goodwill Points, and to do a good deed, he had to leave his name.


The author has something to say: Thank you for your support (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭? ~See you all tomorrow!

Cyno: More money!  ┓-┏

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