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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Cyno returned to the villa, and when he walked into the living room, he did not see Gu Yu. He asked Da Yuan, who was spinning next to him, waiting for orders, “Where is Xiao Yu?”

Da Yuan answered, “Madam went back to his bedroom after picking up a delivery this afternoon.”

Cyno raised an eyebrow, walked up the stairs and went straight to the bedroom door. After he verified his identity, he gently pushed the door open.

The evening light at dusk, with a pale yellow tint, fell on the side of his little one’s face, looking very warm. His little one didn’t notice him and was looking down intently at something in front of him – a model of a new battleship.

The model was basically finished, only the left wing remained, and his little mate was using a reduced version of the tool to install the left wing.

Cyno didn’t make a sound, worried about startling his partner.

Gu Yu fixed the left wing with screws and shook it with his hand, but it was very stable.

“It’s great!” Cyno praised him at that moment.

Gu Yu, at first, subconsciously reached out to block the model, but quickly realized that this action was meaningless.

Cyno had already seen it.

Cyno went to his side and squatted down, taking in his chagrined look. He smiled and cupped Gu Yu’s chin and kissed him on the lips, “This is for me?”

Gu Yu nodded and pursed his lips, “I wanted to give you a surprise, but I was too slow putting it together.”

He had been working on it all afternoon and thought he would be able to finish it before Cyno came home.

Cyno grazed his fingers over the side of Gu Yu’s face, then lifted the model with both hands to examine it, “I’m surprised!” He put down the model and suggested to Gu Yu, “Next time, you can lock the door behind you or tell me in advance not to enter the room.”

Gu Yu confessed, “I was afraid you would worry,” he pursed his lips and smiled, “I will consider your offer later.”

Cyno wrapped his arms around him, “Why do you suddenly want to give me a gift?”

Gu Yu told how he sold his song, bit his lip shyly, and lowered his eyes, “This money is very meaningful to me, and I wanted to do something meaningful with it.”

Cyno’s heart was moved, “I like the gift.”

He put the model on the shelf in his study, where he could see it when he looked up, and then joined Gu Yu for dinner.

“I’ve recovered physically, so I’ll start school tomorrow and help transform the beast females from 2 to 5:30 in the evening.” Gu Yu said during the post-dinner walk.

Cyno took him by the shoulders, sniffed and rubbed his soft black hair, “Okay.”

Gu Yu went to school for the first time in human form and was enthusiastically surrounded by his classmates. It was a good thing they remembered what Cilo said and kept the crowd at a distance, so they didn’t bother Gu Yu.

KiKi hugged Gu Yu’s wrist and was very happy, “Has Yu’s body fully recovered?”

Gu Yu nodded, “Yes.”

KiKi smiled, then squeaked, “Yu, you seem to have grown taller.”

Gu Yu became motionless for a moment, subconsciously looked down at the shoes on his feet, which were the most common sneakers, with flat soles.

Merlin stood closer and compared, “Yu does seem to be a little taller.”

Cilo opened the terminal and brought up the height measurement software, “I’ll measure you.”

Gu Yu stood still, Cilo quickly finished measuring, “177.”

Gu Yu’s eyes lit up and he held up two fingers, “Two centimeters taller!”

MoMo guessed, “It has to do with having the ability of the marshal, right? Will Yu be as tall as the marshal in the future?”

Cilo shook his head, “I have read the information of the Son of the Beast God. He will not be as tall as the marshal, just taller than before, and the physical quality will be much improved.”

KiKi was envious, “That’s great! I want to grow taller too.”

Merlin touched his white hair ponytail, “You are cute. Smaller is more suitable for you.”

KiKi’s eyes lit up, “Really?” He looked from friend to friend, and when they nodded one by one, his eyes curled up, “Then I won’t grow taller.”

The five of them chatted idly and arrived at the classroom a minute before class started. All of a sudden, all eyes were turned towards them.

“Yu, thank you.” The red-haired teenager quickly stood up and bowed towards Yu, then the rest of the students immediately followed.

Gu Yu hurriedly stood up, somewhat at a loss and a bit helpless, “You’re welcome. I’ll be uncomfortable if you guys are like this.” He smiled, “From now on, we are all classmates. Please give each other guidance.”

The classmates all laughed in a friendly way, seeing him blush, and sat down.

A week later, when the classmates saw Gu Yu, their attitude was already very natural.

Since he had to help transform the beast females in the afternoon, Gu Yu returned to the villa every day at noon, so he did not apply for a dormitory. Instead, he went to Merlin’s dormitory living room to read or rest when he had an empty class.

The day before his day off, Merlin extended an invitation, “Tomorrow you guys are coming to my house for a barbecue! I used to be so jealous when my brother would throw parties, but now I can do it too!”

KiKi’s eyes lit up with a whoosh, “Yes, I want radishes, not all meat.”

Merlin immediately assured, “Anything you want to eat.”

Gu Yu, Cilo and MoMo were also looking forward to it; none of them had ever attended such a gathering of friends.

With the increase in natural females, they were not as much in the spotlight as when they were first converted, and were much freer than before when security was first established.

The party at Merlin’s house was a great idea.

Merlin cautioned, “None of you are allowed to bring a mate! You have to do your own grilling. If they come, we’ll be deprived of the fun.”

He wanted to party with his friends, not watch them show their love!

KiKi agreed, “Okay, I won’t bring Sheng.”

Gu Yu also nodded.

That evening, Gu Yu told Cyno about the barbecue party. His voice could not hide his excitement and Cyno kissed him on the cheek, “I’m off tomorrow, I’ll go with you.”

Gu Yu bit his lower lip, “We agreed not to take our mates.”

He repeated Merlin’s words.

Cyno’s eyes narrowed slightly, “Okay, I’ll send you and not stay with you.”

After Gu Yu fell asleep, Cyno contacted Guy, “It’s been a long time since we’ve hung out. Let’s get together at your house tomorrow?”

Guy replied, “Sure! His Majesty and Dr. Qin are coming too, so it’s a good idea to join them.”

Shortly after Guy hung up, Roald contacted him as well. Guy froze, thought of Merlin’s comment about a gathering, and quickly understood.

The next day, after dropping their mates off at the back garden of Joop’s mansion, the males of each family gathered in unison in the recreation room on the second floor.

Cyno pointed to the window and asked Guy, “It’s good for your health to get some morning sun, can you move the couch? That’s a good suggestion, I’ll put it back in place when I leave.”

Roald didn’t say anything but stood up straight away, and His Majesty smiled gently as he stood up too.

The corners of Guy’s mouth twitched and he waved his hand, “Whatever. Why don’t you guys just let me transfer the garden monitor?”

Cyno explained, “Merlin was instructing the Security Room to turn off part of the garden surveillance when I dropped off Little Yu. He didn’t want his friend disturbed.”

Guy shrugged his shoulders, “No wonder.”

The men were extremely strong and easily moved the sofa and coffee table, until it was pushed against the window. Guy adjusted the window surface mode so that those on the inside could see out but others couldn’t see inside.

Guy sat down, and with a glance, noticed that all the other eyes were focused outside the window.

“Hey, is this what you guys look like for a party?” Guy was speechless. Then his eyes lit up, “Forget it. I’ll go help Merlin with the guests.”

Cyno raised an eyebrow and didn’t say anything.

A little later, Guy arrived downstairs, only to be greeted and then chased away by the excited natural females. They wanted to barbecue on their own, without help.

KiKi took the skewered carrots and nibbled on them while grilling. He glanced at Gu Yu who was dipping the chicken wings in sauce and wiggled his nose, “Smells good.”

Gu Yu laughed, “You can taste it later.”

A burnt smell came, and Cilo picked up a blackened meat skewer from the grill, a faint look of  embarrassment showing on his face. He stared at the blackened meat skewer for two seconds, then slowly moved it closer to his nose and sniffed it.

His Majesty’s face changed slightly upstairs. Do not eat it! It will give you diarrhea!

The next instant, Cilo’s cold face changed. His eyes were disgusted and he very decisively threw the burnt meat skewers into the trash. Then he looked at the row of food, carefully surveying it, deciding which one he could competently grill.

His Majesty breathed a sigh of relief, then smiled gently. Cilo was usually very calm, and this was so cute.

MoMo grilled the corn, which gradually gave off a rich aroma. KiKi put down the radishes, carried the wings Gu Yu gave him, and scurried next to MoMo. His eyes glowed, “It smells so good.”

MoMo smiled, “It will be ready soon.” After continuing the test for a while, he picked up the corn and put one on KiKi’s plate and put the rest aside.

KiKi took the corn, thanked him, and went back to flipping the carrots. As he roasted, he inquired, “One more week of classes before the holiday break. What are you going to perform for the holiday celebration?”

Brilliant Splendor had four quarters of classes per year, with two months of classes and a month off each quarter. Before the holidays, the school would hold a celebration, and this was the first one for the female school.

Gu Yu had it all figured out, “I’ll sing.”

He was a little nervous, but looking forward to it. The audience this time was mostly natural females. Unlike before, this time the beast females would all attend in human form, which was a challenge for him. At the same time it was also an opportunity. The festival was different from a concert, because entertainment participation was the main focus, so it was a good opportunity for him to exercise.

Merlin inclined his head, “Yu sings very well. How about we help you as an accompaniment?”

MoMo said, “If the song is not difficult, I can try.”

KiKi added, “I can do it too, I practice piano every day!”

Cilo also volunteered, “I can do it too, I know guitar.”

Gu Yu was stunned. He didn’t expect Merlin to suggest accompaniment. But the thought of performing with his friends at the school holiday celebration was exciting. It would be a very precious school memory for him.

He smiled, “Okay! The song is not difficult. I’ll write it down this afternoon, and we’ll practice it together in the next few days.”

The five continued to chat and grill, and after ten minutes, Gu Yu looked at all the finished dishes, “Let’s eat first before we grill more or there will be too much.”

So the five paused their grilling and gathered around the middle table to share what they had grilled.

Gu Yu had grilling experience and grilled the most and the best. MoMo and KiKi grilled all the vegetarian dishes, and except for the leafy vegetables, the rest were not bad. Everything Merlin grilled was meat, all kinds of meat, and every piece was big, while Cilo grilled only ham.

Merlin poured a glass of orange juice for each of them, and after they all clinked glasses together, they ate.

The ingredients Merlin bought were very good, and the sauce was also prepared by the chef, so unless it was half-cooked or burnt, the taste was not bad. To eat with friends added a filter and the taste was invariably more delicious.

KiKi’s cheeks puffed up, “Delicious!”

Merlin tasted his own grilled meat, “Not bad, you guys try it.”

He used a knife to cut a piece, the center of the meat had a little red blood, and was not fully cooked, but he did not care too much. He used to eat things raw. He smoothly gave a small piece of the cut to MoMo, “Taste it.”

MoMo smiled at him, before he put it in his mouth, but he frowned furiously, bent over the garbage can and spat it out.

Merlin was startled and patted him on the back, “What’s wrong?”

The rest of the group gathered around.


The author has something to say: Thank you for your support (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭? ~

KiKi: Barbecue is fun \(^o^)/~


Cilo: Barbecue is so hard _(:3∠)_ Ham is awesome!


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