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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Gu Yu’s transformation into a human form took almost all his strength, so while he was in good spirits, his arms and legs were weak.

Cyno changed his clothes and carried him downstairs to eat.

The first half of his first meal when he regained his human form was the same as when he was a little white tiger, all fed by Cyno, except that he didn’t need to use a bottle to drink water.

The second half of the meal he regained some strength and was able to eat by himself with a spoon, while Cyno pushed the processed food into his bowl. He ate slowly, chewing each bite many times, his cheeks puffed out, and he looked very relaxed.

Eating on his own was more comfortable, and human form was much more convenient than animal form.

He was chewing the fish ball that Cyno put in his bowl, but when he saw that Cyno wanted him to eat more, he put his left hand over the bowl and shook his head.

“No,” he added after swallowing the food in his mouth, “I’m full.”

Cyno took back his chopsticks and reached out to rub the side of his face, “You’ve eaten very little. You’re too skinny.”

Gu Yu: “It’s not bad, one bite doesn’t make a fat man.” He pinched the side of his waist and pulled out a little bit of meat: “I’m fatter than before.”

After he came to Brilliant Splendor, except for the first two days when he didn’t eat well, he had a very good life after that. His diet was nutritious and delicious, and he had gained almost ten pounds since he first arrived.

Cyno poked at the skin he was pinching and said with amusement, “It wasn’t easy for you to find this meat.”

Gu Yu bent his waist in the opposite direction, and the tickle on his waist made him laugh out loud. He touched his waist himself without issue but when anyone else, especially Cyno, gave it a light poke it was too ticklish.

Cyno looked at him. The teenager’s eyebrows were curved, and his black eyes were shining in the light, clear and clean.

He also flashed a smile in his eyes, rubbed Gu Yu’s waist, and poured him a glass of water, “No more if you’re full. Want to go for a walk? Or back to the bedroom?”

Gu Yu answered, “Take a walk.”

Now that he had regained a lot of strength, he had no problem walking.

He took two more sips of water and went for a walk in the garden with Cyno.

The garden was very quiet. Cyno held his waist as the two of them walked slowly, and the atmosphere was very warm.

Because of his pregnancy, Gu Yu’s breath was very soft, and Cyno couldn’t help but sniff the side of his neck, looking very relaxed.

Gu Yu shrank his neck and blushed slightly.

Cyno kissed him lightly on the ear, and didn’t make a fuss. He asked, “Why don’t you not go to school tomorrow and rest at home for a few days?”

Gu Yu knew he was worried about his health, and he subconsciously touched his hand to his belly: “Okay.”

He thought about it, “After my body has fully recovered, I want to go to school in the morning and then help the beast females transform in the afternoon.”

Most of the main classes at school were in the morning, and most of the afternoons were elective classes.

It was enough for him to go to the morning classes. Usually in the afternoon, he worked on exercising and stage sense in his apartment, all of which could be moved to the evening.

He would be practicing his voice in the afternoons when he helped the beast females transform.

Cyno agreed, “Yes, but from now on, at the end of each batch, stop for two days.”

Gu Yu smiled: “It’s okay, I have to practice at home too, it’s really just a change of venue.”

“There is a difference,” Cyno responded, very seriously, “When you are at home, you can practice at will, and do not need to consider the length of time and if you are tired, at any time you can rest. But when helping them to transform, it is different.”

The corners of Gu Yu’s mouth curled slightly. He felt Cyno’s concerned care, and his heart was very warm. He nodded, “Okay, I’ll do as you say.”

Cyno was satisfied and kissed him on the side of his face. His little mate was so good.

At night when Gu Yu went to bed, now that he turned into human form, Cyno didn’t want to mess with him, but just couldn’t resist kissing him.

Suddenly, Cyno thought of something. Cyno’s movements stilled and then he asked with a hoarse voice, “Good boy, lie down. I want to see your beast mark.”

Gu Yu’s eyelashes trembled slightly, before very obediently lying down, letting Cyno pull down his collar. He himself was curious. Did he really have a beast tattoo on his body? What did it look like?

According to the legend, would it be the same as Cyno, a white tiger? He suddenly remembered the image of certain bosses in modern films and was slightly embarrassed.

He propped his hands on the bed, raised his upper body slightly, and turned his head to look back.

The skin on his back was white, and there was nothing on it.

Gu Yu froze. The legend is false? “No?”

Cyno’s hand was over the middle of the butterfly bone [efn: Editor’s Note: The top bone in a person’s cranium is shaped like a butterfly, and is called the sphenoid bone. So Cyno’s hand is on the top of Gu Yu’s head /efn], “Yes, I’ve seen it.”

He recalled the information about the Son of the Beast God in the palace, lifted Gu Yu’s chin, lowered his head and kissed him.

Gu Yu mewled, his face gradually flushed, and his body temperature gradually rose.

After that sound, Cyno let go of him, lightly caressing his fingers down Gu Yu’s back, his eyes dark: “It appeared.”

Gu Yu came back to his senses, turned his head, but could only see part of it.

Cyno opened the terminal and took a picture for him to see.

When Gu Yu saw the fierce white tiger, he was stunned and couldn’t help but exclaim, “Cool!”

He remembered the first time he saw Cyno’s beast form. He had been so scared that he had trembled. Now when he saw the roaring white tiger, he wasn’t scared at all, but could appreciate it.

Cyno’s eyes deepened at his praise. He took a dark breath, rubbed the side of his neck, and jumped off the bed, “You sleep first.”

His little mate had only just turned into a human form, and must recuperate for at least two days.

Gu Yu froze and quickly understood, blushing as he dressed and huddled under a thin blanket, the sound of water rushing in his ears.


Cyno’s hands were against the wall, water spilling over him from top to bottom, and his palms suddenly clenched into fists.

His little mate was pregnant!

Can you do it when you’re pregnant?

He’d have to ask Orson privately, without his little mate, or his little mate would be shy.


The next morning Gu Yu woke up feeling refreshed. His body was full of strength and he clearly felt that he was in better shape.

He and Cyno washed up and then went downstairs to have breakfast together.

After breakfast, Cyno had to go to the Military Headquarters and was giving instructions to Gu Yu when Kona arrived.

Kona sat down on the sofa and looked at Gu Yu: “Great, you look great!”

Gu Yu smiled, “Mn, I feel good.”

Cyno told Kona the schedule that Gu Yu planned to do going forward, and Kona nodded, “This is a reasonable arrangement. Xiao Gu should take it easy now that he is pregnant.”

After he finished, he hesitated for a moment, looked at Cyno and asked, “Marshal, what did you use to find out those problematic caretakers?”

Cyno raised an eyebrow and didn’t say anything.

Kona continued, “I’m curious because I went to see the head of the Artificial Females Lab yesterday. He’s a great researcher. He only asked me one question, how did you find them? He told me how they handled their identities very rigorously and without revealing any breakdowns. The day of MoMo’s accident, even if his identity was exposed, he should have been the only one, because the rest of the people were not suspected.

Kona’s face was serious, “Natural females continue to increase, and the association has to continue to recruit caretakers. The current recruitment process is very strict, but we can’t rule out that someone can slip through, or those who meet the requirements are not correct in their thinking.

He continued with a slight glow in his eyes, “If the War Department has a special way to find unsuspecting people, I would like to know that way so we can ensure the safety of the natural females.”

The caretakers were too important. They were the ones closest to the natural females, and if someone bad got mixed up in them, it would be a huge hazard to the natural females.

Cyno’s expression remained calm as he said, “There is no special way. If you do something wrong, you will leave traces. There being no breakage, was just what he thought.”

Kona wrinkled his brow and insisted, “I heard him say that it was indeed very strict.”

Cyno answered, “President, I can find out. It’s just that I know more information than you do, like Fritch.”

Kona thought for a moment and it dawned on him that Fritch had been working with the artificial female manufacturing side for years and must have had contacts.

He looked at Gu Yu. Originally he suspected it was related to Gu Yu, but thought it was unlikely before asking Cyno.

Cyno’s answer made sense.

He did not ask again, saying with a little regret, “I will contact the psychological experts later, to see if the recruitment process plus a psychological test can work.”

Cyno added, “If a suspicious person is found, the Military Department will step in.” He then leaned down and kissed Gu Yu on the forehead, saying, “Contact me if you need anything.”

Gu Yu nodded with a slight blush.

Cyno looked to Kona, who said, “I’ll check Xiao Gu’s health and have something else for him.”

Cyno nodded, “The results will be passed to me later.”

He had procrastinated quite a bit and would be late if he delayed any longer. Without further ado, he left the villa.

Kona examined Gu Yu, recorded the data, and analyzed the recent data with Orson.

Kona had a smile on his face and looked at Gu Yu with slightly glowing eyes, “Your body is much better than before. The Son of the Beast God is really amazing.”

Gu Yu pursed his lips and smiled, he also felt that his current body was quite amazing.

Kona said: “You can exercise properly now. Your stats are not completely stable yet, and they are still rising, so your physique will become better.”

Gu Yu nodded, his eyes glowing. His body was too weak before. He wished to be as athletic and strong as Cyno.

Kona turned off the data interface and opened a folder, expanding the light screen, “There’s one more thing I need your help with.”

He said, tapping on the ‘teaser’ file in the folder.

All of a sudden, several battleships appeared on the light screen in a melee, and suddenly, one battleship exploded, the rest scattered in all directions, and the lifeboats were ejected.

A battleship and lifeboats were moving away, and then the scene changed to a very beautiful planet.

There was blue sky, white clouds, surrounded by green trees, tinkling streams, and colorful flowers everywhere. It was like paradise.

The officer in the lifeboat woke up, and the moment he opened his eyes, the scenes began to change rapidly.

Scenes of him meeting, spending time with, leaving and reuniting with a very beautiful natural female flashed quickly.

Each frame was extraordinarily beautiful; beautiful scenery, and the protagonist’s face was outstanding. Also the battle and intimate scenes all seemed to be real.

The entire video was just over two minutes long, and ended with the first glimpse of a natural female behind the officer in the woods.

The natural female was bathing in a pool of water, tilting his head as he teased the water. The side of his face was delicate with long eyelashes. The water running through his fingertips was crystal clear.

Black hair was wet against his back, two shoulders were exposed, and the skin was white as if dense with light.

The picture was very beautiful, pure with charm, and finally, the middle of the screen flashed out the words: sweet love.

Gu Yu immediately understood, “The film has been shot?”

Kona nodded, “It’s in post-processing and will be released within a month, the theme song has not yet been decided.” He looked serious, “I still think you are the most suitable to sing the theme song. Your music is great.”

Gu Yu clenched his fingers and his heart was a little excited. When Kona first mentioned this, he was very unconfident and did not dare to agree.

But now, he was eager to give it a try.

He had learned music theory for a long time, and he had been practicing his voice for a while. He felt he could do it.

If Gu Yu was told to compose his own songs, he might still be hesitant. But he already thought of the right song and didn’t have to stress about composing it. He just needed to sing it well.

It was a lot less stressful for him.

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