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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


MoMo blushed, took the water handed over by Gu Yu, rinsed his mouth and wiped it with paper, raised his lips and smiled, “I’m fine.”

When his eyes fell on the meat, he couldn’t help but dry heave again.

The moment MoMo vomited, Roald, on the second floor, stood up and looked at Guy, “Is there a doctor?”

Guy stood up and walked out, “Yes, I’ll contact him now.”

The rest of the group also got up and went downstairs.

MoMo realized why he was reacting this time, and reached over to push his plate away, “I’m sorry, I don’t know why, but I don’t feel good seeing meat.”

Merlin quickly moved his plate as far away as he could and pushed his own over, blaming himself, “I must not have cooked it properly.”

MoMo soothed him, “It has nothing to do with you.”

“MoMo,” Roald walked over quickly and Gu Yu moved out of the way. Roald looked down at MoMo, “Where do you feel uncomfortable?”

MoMo shook his head, “Why are you here?”

KiKi took Qin Sheng’s arm, “Sheng, you didn’t go back?”

Cyno walked to Gu Yu’s seat, picked up a chicken wing and nibbled on it, raised an eyebrow at Gu Yu and gave him a thumbs up.

Guy told them, “This is the family doctor, let him take a look at MoMo.”

MoMo wanted to say not to bother, but Roald had already nodded his head.

The doctor smiled reassuringly at MoMo, “It’s okay, if you have a disease, we’ll treat it, and if you don’t have a disease, then you don’t have to worry.”

MoMo sat down, and the doctor examined him. The rest of the group watched the doctor and observed his expression. When the doctor looked at the results, his eyebrows jumped and he looked excited. Just when everyone thought he was going to say the results, he paused and started to re-examine.

Everyone in the room couldn’t help but get nervous. If it was okay, he wouldn’t be re-examined.

MoMo looked at the doctor, “What’s wrong with me?”

The doctor looked carefully at the results of the two tests and spoke in a high tone, “You’re pregnant! Oh my God, I personally confirmed the diagnosis for a pregnant natural female!”

MoMo froze, Roald’s cool facial expression blanked for a moment, and the next moment he carefully wrapped his arms around MoMo and kissed him lightly on his dark green hair.

“He just threw up. Is he sick?” Roald’s voice took on a rare note of tension.

The doctor asked for specifics, then smiled, “He is healthy. Pregnancy vomiting is a normal reaction. If the pregnant husband’s physique is different, the reaction is also different.”

MoMo looked at his abdomen and grabbed Roald’s hand. Because he was so surprised, it was a bit like a dream. He looked at the doctor, “Really?”

Doctor, “Yes, I’m sure.”

KiKi shouted joyfully, “Great! Congratulations, MoMo!”

The rest of the group offered congratulations, and both MoMo and Roald were delighted.

The doctor said the Do’s and Don’ts and left. The males stayed in the garden while the females ate what they had already grilled and talked while the males did more grilling.

After the barbecue, the group watched a movie together again and then went home separately.

Shortly after MoMo and Roald returned home, MoMo’s exclusive caretaker arrived.

Gu Yu returned to the villa, mimeographed the song he was going to perform for the celebration, and then sent it to each of the four.

After receiving the song, the four practiced it at home every day. Two days before the celebration, when the teacher asked for volunteers for the performance, Gu Yu filled in the names of the five people who would perform the song “Friends”.

That evening, the five gathered at Cyno’s villa to practice their coordination. The five did not care whether the instruments matched perfectly or not; they knew few instruments and could not be perfect, they could only try their best to arrange them.

The main thing, in their opinion, was that they performed together.

It was the first time they heard Gu Yu sing Friends, and when they heard the lyrics, everyone’s gazes lit up.

KiKi exclaimed, “This song is great!”

The rest of the group nodded their heads and praised it greatly.

Gu Yu smiled, “It’s a song from my hometown and it’s very popular.”

After two consecutive nights of practice, on the third day, the third quarter holiday celebration of the female school began. The celebration took place in the auditorium and officially began at 9 a.m. Many school celebrations started in the evening, but the female school deliberately held it in the morning in consideration of the safety of natural females.

Those attending were not only female school students, but also female family members. Only those relatives who had been previously identified were allowed to attend. The auditorium was large, and Gu Yu and Cyno couldn’t help but feel nervous as they sat down in the front row, their fingers clenched tightly.

Although it was not a very formal occasion, it was a big event, and the number of participants was comparable to a large concert.

Merlin sat on his left hand side and leaned close to his head, “What should I do, I’m actually a little shaky.”

Merlin usually had a lot of guts and rarely got nervous.

Gu Yu listened to this, and his own nervousness was oddly reduced. He smiled at him, “It’s okay, there are five of us together. We’re not afraid.”

Merlin really looked calm and looked at the stage, “Cilo said there are thirty six acts in total, ours is the twentieth, after the fifteenth, we have to go backstage to prepare.”

Gu Yu hummed, “Hmm.”

After the festival started, the auditorium was dimly lit, the lights were gathered on the stage, and Cilo walked out in a white suit with a calm look. He was the main host of the celebration, responsible for the opening and the first twelve performances of the curtain call, and would be followed by two other hosts to take over for him.

Cilo had a calm and steady temperament and the opening speech was very smooth. His face, which usually had little expression, also carried a very standard smile, “Please enjoy the first program, the chorus, performed by all of the fifth class.”

Cilo retired to the backstage, and more than thirty natural females in uniform gowns neatly arranged on the stage, the few in the front row were obviously a little nervous. Of the first five programs, three were choruses and two were group recitations.

Gu Yu couldn’t help but glance to the side. The audience was very serious, clapping vigorously, especially the families, who looked extraordinarily excited.

“Our class.” Merlin tugged on Gu Yu’s sleeve excitedly during the 15th program.

Gu Yu looked at the stage, where a series of vertical rows of fire rings were placed, led by a red-hot bird, followed by various large beasts, such as black bears, lions and wolves.

The firebird quickly flew through a series of fire circles, and the females in beast form behind him jumped up and crossed one by one. The females moved lightly, stretching their bodies during the jump, and their athletic bodies were full of strength and beauty.

The audience erupted with loud shouts of approval, and Gu Yu followed suit, but couldn’t help but laugh. The performance was a bit familiar to him in modern times.

Cyno watched him with arched eyebrows and reminded him in a low voice, “You can’t do this now.”

Gu Yu murmured, “I know, I can’t change my beast form yet.”

“Even if you could change temporarily, you still could not. It’s too dangerous.”

Gu Yu smiled, “I know. I’ll go backstage and get ready.”

Cyno squeezed his hand, “Go, I’m looking forward to it.”

Gu Yu smiled at him and went backstage with Cilo, KiKi, MoMo, and Merlin.

They went straight to the preparation room where the performance costumes were kept. Each changed their clothes, and had their makeup quickly applied by the makeup artist. The staff reminded them to get ready and that it was their turn soon.

KiKi bounced in place, “I’m so nervous!”

MoMo laughed, “I asked Roald to help me video tape it, so I can keep it as a souvenir later.”

Merlin added, “I’ll have my brother video it too!”

“Now, please enjoy the song performance ‘Friends’ with Cilo, Gu Yu, Merlin, KiKi, and MoMo.”

After the host announced the curtain call, the venue immediately resounded with a huge cheer.

These five people were very famous in the whole Star Alliance, and there were two pregnant ones among them! The stage lights dimmed, the staff quickly put various musical instruments on the stage, and when the lights came on again, the five people had already appeared on the stage.

All five were very good looking, wearing a uniform style of white shirts and light colored denim pants. Each person was wearing the same color tie as their hair color, which was very loose, and their shirt collars were not fully buttoned, revealing their white necks. It showed a little bit of student spirit, but also exhibited some rebellion.

Cilo plucked his guitar and played the prelude.

The auditorium suddenly fell silent.

Gu Yu and Cilo looked at each other, and smiled. Gu Yu opened his lips and sang, while the piano sounded at the same time. His voice was gentle and clean, and the crisp piano sound mixed together very beautifully.

At the climax, a variety of musical sounds mixed, and the five people joined in a unison chorus.

It was extraordinarily lively and bloodthirsty.

“Friends for life together… A word, a lifetime, a lifetime of love, a glass of wine.”

The piano and violin ensemble played in the middle section, and Gu Yu went behind KiKi and hugged him, who smiled at him with slightly red eyes. Cilo put his arm around Merlin’s shoulders and they smiled at each other. MoMo, who was playing, tilted his head and the five of them looked at each other and smiled.

The song ended, and to loud shouts, the five walked to the middle of the stage and smiled at their friends in the audience before retiring from the stage.

Gu Yu returned backstage, his heart beating wildly, a feeling of excitement he had never felt before haunted him, making him want to run down the street. Merlin wrapped one arm around him and one arm around KiKi, KiKi hooked MoMo’s shoulders, MoMo and Cilo were hugging each other’s shoulders, Cilo was hugging Gu Yu’s shoulders, and then the five of them were hugging each other.

“That was so cool!” Merlin said.

KiKi’s eyes were red, “I don’t know why, but I kind of want to cry.”

Cilo stated, “I understand why Herman likes the stage so much.”

MoMo added gently, “We are friends for life.”

Gu Yu smiled, “Mn, for life.”

They went back to the lounge, changed their clothes and went to the front desk.

KiKi saw Qin Sheng and hugged him directly, “Did I do great?”

Qin Sheng wrapped his arms around his waist, “Especially great!”

As soon as Gu Yu sat down, his hand was held by Cyno, and then Cyno’s lowered voice came to his ears, “Baby, your performance was great.”

Gu Yu’s ears reddened and his heartbeat went out of rhythm. Cyno rarely called him that, and it was usually in bed. He suppressed his embarrassment, looked to the stage and whispered, “Thank you.”

Cyno laughed lightly, held his hand tightly, and didn’t tease him anymore.

That afternoon, the celebration video was put online. The celebration was banned from live streaming for security purposes, but not from video recording. The netizens were very excited to see so many natural females for the first time.

The chorus of five was even discussed enthusiastically.

[Fantastic! Touched by their friendship!]

[All so good. They actually learned to play instruments so quickly, fantastic!]

[It’s hard, four of the five are married, I decided, from today, to pursue Merlin.]

[Go aside, Merlin will not look at you. Merlin, I love you!]

Merlin sent a speechless emoji in the group, [My brother has been fighting all afternoon. Grandfather won’t let me go out!]


Author’s Note: Thank you for your support (づ ̄3 ̄)╭? ~See you tomorrow!

Merlin: I would like to hit you.


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