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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Merlin’s message instantly enlivened the small group.

KiKi: [I saw the news, many people have confessed to you! You’re so popular. There are a lot of good males in Splendor City. Don’t you have a favorite?]

Cilo: [Tell me about your ideal partner? I’ll keep an eye out for you.]

Merlin sent a questioning emoji: [I don’t know. How did you choose your mates?]

MoMo: [When Roald hugged me, I felt very, very secure, and my heart told me that it was him.]

Merlin: […That’s it? Do I have to let someone hug me to feel it?]

Cilo: [Most likely it won’t work.]

KiKi: [I met Sheng when I was visiting the doctor. He’s very gentle, and I’d never met a male as nice as him.]

Merlin sent a fretful emoji: [I think many males are very nice, but they all feel the same as a brother and I have no idea of getting married.]

Gu Yu looked around for a while: [Then you haven’t met the right one.]

Merlin continued to fret: [Grandfather said that if I don’t get married, he’ll have to set me up on a blind date, and that it’s not good for my health to keep using inhibitors.]

Cilo: [This is not a problem for you alone, President Kona and I have discussed it. There are close to 600 unmarried adult natural females in the school, and many of them have been taking inhibitors for more than a year, which is not good for their health.]

Gu Yu: [What about that?]

Cilo: [We’re thinking of having a massive blind date event, with the parents’ permission, of course.]

KiKi: [Wow, that sounds good, Merlin can go!]

Merlin: [I’ve basically met all the males who could go on the date, right?]

Cilo: [If there’s a matchmaking party, the males who can attend must be very special, but you may not have met all of them. There are many good males who have not settled in Splendor.]

Merlin: [You all have partners, and I don’t want to go alone.]

Cilo: [There are many other students, and your brother is also a single male, so he can go with you.]

Merlin: [Okay, I’ll go and see.]

KiKi: [I hope Merlin finds a partner of his choice.]

Gu Yu followed suit and copied the sentence, followed by MoMo.

If females didn’t have an estrus, Gu Yu thought it would be perfectly fine for Merlin not to go on a blind date, he was still very young after all.

The next day the school holidays began, and after Cyno went to the military headquarters, Gu Yu watched the news on the couch.

Entertainment headlines: “Sweet Love” opens in theaters today.

Gu Yu was a little surprised that the release was much faster than he thought. He clicked in to read the specific report and saw the last line that it opened at 7 p.m., with ticket sales starting at 10 a.m. There was also a short video at the bottom, the preview he had seen.

The news had a lot of comments: [Read the original, the teaser was great, looking forward to it!]

[I heard there’s a surprise, I wonder what it will be.]

[The original is super sweet, I must grab the tickets and take my partner to see it.]

Gu Yu’s heart moved, but thinking about the special nature of his identity, he bit his lower lip and inquired about the film’s resources. It was not safe to go to the cinema, but it was fine to watch it at home in the holographic room. However, the results disappointed him, the film was released a month before the film could be purchased to watch at home.

He thought about it and looked up nearby theaters. There was a theater on Ping’an Avenue, five minutes away by shuttle. He looked at the theater’s description and there was a family room as well as a private room for couples. He had some expectations, it should be okay to go to the private room, right?

He thought about it for a while, timed it on the terminal, and then started reading the book.

At ten o’clock, he grabbed two tickets for a private room.

After lunch, he contacted Cyno, “Didn’t disturb you, did I?”

“Noon break,” Cyno’s voice was tinged with laughter, “Miss me?”

Gu Yu was a little shy, and only after a brief pause did he say the reason for his call, “Can we go see a movie together tonight?”

Cyno asked, “Sweet Love?”

Gu Yu replied, “Mn,” he added, “I bought a private room ticket. But if it still causes trouble, I won’t go.”

Cyno’s heart went soft, his little mate invited him to the movie! “It’s okay, you can do whatever you want. I’ll arrange it.”

The corner of Gu Yu’s mouth curled up, “Okay, I’ll wait for you to get off work.”

Cyno’s voice was soft: “Mn, it’s time for you to take your lunch break.”

Cyno returned to the villa by six o’clock, had dinner with Gu Yu, then changed into a shirt and slacks, and the two of them went to the theater together. Cyno drove himself, and Gu Yu looked back and forth. There was actually no escort.

Cyno soothed, “Don’t worry, I brought someone with me.”

Gu Yu pressed the brim of his duck-tongue hat down, “With you around, I’m not worried.”

The corners of Cyno’s mouth lifted, and the shuttle pulled up to the special access point, where he exited the shuttle, came around to Gu Yu’s side, and swept him into the theater.

On the way to the private room, the two did not encounter a single person. Gu Yu felt something was wrong. Even if it was a VIP lane, it should not be so empty. He bought tickets when the tickets were almost all snatched.

He sat on the soft sofa seat and pulled Cyno’s sleeve and asked in a whisper, “You’re not clearing out the space, are you?”

Cyno rubbed the top of his hair, “No.”

Gu Yu sighed with relief, he did not want to affect others because of him. He smiled, guessing that the guards had cleared the path they passed in advance.

The film was shot exactly as the original book, and at the beginning, it was a very powerful scene, very real, with no mosaic at all. Gu Yu blushed, hanging his eyes, not daring to look at the screen. But with the gasping from the film and the atmosphere in the room, it gradually brought the fire.

Cyno grabbed him and let him bury his head on his shoulder then sniffed at the back of his neck, his voice smiling, “So shy?”

Gu Yu shrank his neck and moved his head towards his neck.

Cyno laughed, “These natural females are made with technology, not real people, and it will be over soon.”

When the bell rings and the officer wakes up from his dream, for a moment, Gu Yu’s body relaxed and he returned to his seat, blushing as he watched the movie. Cyno took him by the shoulders, not teasing him, and watched with him. The two of them whispered about the plot from time to time, and Gu Yu would whisper questions when he encountered unfamiliar plants or terms he didn’t understand.

Cyno was very knowledgeable, and whatever Gu Yu asked, Cyno could answer.

The film was sweet and light-hearted, with only the tension of the fight for the natural female setting the final ending off perfectly. As the film ended, lilting, light-hearted music began to play, then a sweet, male voice emerged.

The viewers everywhere had already started to get up, but stopped moving, straining their ears to listen.

Someone couldn’t help but ask, “Whose song is this?”

“Quiet.” Some people were dissatisfied with the noise.

Not a single person left. All stared at the big screen, not wanting to miss the name of the theme song singer.

When they saw the familiar name, the viewing room became noisy, “No wonder it sounded familiar. It’s Little Yu!”

“It’s so good! So sweet! I want to buy this song!”

The first batch of viewers who saw the film left messages on the film’s official website, [The film will be available in a month, but can we start buying the song now?]

[Hurry up!]

Those who have not seen the film didn’t understand, [What’s going on?]

[The theme song is sung by Little Yu, very nice! Listening to it makes the heart sweet.]

[Little Yu is great! I heard him sing at the festival yesterday, and I’m looking for another song!]

Gu Yu and Cyno returned to the villa and washed up straight away, then sat on the bed to watch the news. He was very happy and emotional to see the netizens praising the song he sang.

He was praised for the song he sang! He shook his fist, he had to continue to work hard, and in the future, the songs he composed himself would be popular too.

Cyno saw his eyes shining brightly and touched the side of his face, “You want to have a concert. Do you need me to collect songs for you?”

Gu Yu shook his head, “No, I remember a lot of songs from my hometown, and I also want to compose my own.”

Cyno didn’t mention it again, and Gu Yu continued to browse the news about it.

[Almost missed it, the theater on Ping An Da Road suddenly sent out a notice in the afternoon that the West End had a malfunction. The West End tickets were all refunded, but fortunately sent tickets to other theaters, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to see the first show.]

[I am the same as you, when I saw the refunded tickets I was ready to complain on the spot, but luckily I was sent another ticket.]

Gu Yu looked at Cyno, who had bought a private room ticket in the west section of the theater.

The theater was very large, divided into four areas in the southeast and northwest. There were four main entrances and exits in each direction, and in addition to the main entrance and exit, there were special passages, each area was relatively independent.

After a moment’s thought, he understood.

“What’s wrong?” Cyno asked with raised eyebrows.

Gu Yu pursed his lips and pointed to the discussion on the light screen, “It’s because of me, right?”

Cyno looked at him and didn’t hide, “Mn, I didn’t clear the field, I only secured the west area, it’s safer that way,”

Gu Yu lowered his eyes, he still caused trouble. Not only did he cause trouble for Cyno, he also caused trouble for all the people who bought tickets to the West End.

Cyno took him by the arm, lifted his chin and kissed him on the lips, “Not happy? I’m sorry, I didn’t prepare in advance, and the tickets were already sold out by then.”

He knew very well that his little companion was particularly uncomfortable, saying that he was afraid of causing trouble to others, even if the other party was a stranger.

Gu Yu shook his head, “It’s my bad.”

Cyno pressed his lips against his, “You’re good.”

He was not happy with anyone saying that his little mate was not good, including his little mate himself.

Gu Yu looked at him, when he moved his fingers away, Gu Yu pursed his lips, “I should have told you in advance, but I was just worried about disturbing you.”

If he had told Cyno in advance, Cyno could have completely packed the West End before ticket sales and there would be no need for refunds. But when he had the idea of watching the movie, it was during office hours and he was worried about disturbing Cyno.

Cyno took him in his arms, “It’s not your fault. But whatever happens, you can always contact me. Now that interstellar relations are stable, you won’t bother me.”

Gu Yu hmmed.

Cyno sighed lightly, “You know too much. Tell me what you want to do, and don’t think about the outcome.”

He was heartbroken, his little partner must have had a hard time before, otherwise he wouldn’t have been so careful.

Gu Yu turned around and faced him: “I don’t want to get into trouble and be hated by you.”

Cyno stroked his face and smiled: “I like it when you get into trouble. You can let loose, no need to be formal.”

Gu Yu’s heart moved slightly, Cyno was really nice. He blushed and came closer, kissing Cyno on the lips. Cyno soon turned the tables on him and the two of them flipped positions.


Over the next few days, Sweet Love and its theme song continued to grow in popularity, and the theme song quickly topped the new songs chart.

Gu Yu was a little surprised when he received Kona’s communication, “An awards show?”

Kona answered, “Yes, the Most Popular New Song Award.”

Gu Yu was a bit confused. He used to watch music award shows on TV and always admired the winners. Now that it was his turn, he had a sense of unreality.

Gu Yu thought about it, “I won’t attend.”

This song was one he just covered. If one day, a song he composed won, he would go to receive the award.

Kona was not surprised. After all, the award ceremony was chaotic. He thought Gu Yu was thinking about safety and sighed that Gu Yu really knew what he was doing. After he said this, his voice suddenly lowered a lot, vaguely tinged with excitement, “There’s progress in the transforming agent research!”

Gu Yu’s heart was overjoyed, “Great!”


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