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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Kona’s tone was sincere, “Thanks to you. If there hadn’t been data of various races of natural females for reference, we would not even have had a specific direction, and the research would have been very difficult.” He continued, “The specific results will have to be verified many times before it works, so it will take some time. When the production is successful, you will not have to work so hard. You do not need to worry. No matter what, your body is the most important. After six months of pregnancy, regardless of the success of the transformation agent, you need to take a break.”

Gu Yu smiled, feeling that he understood why Kona had told him.

“Okay.” He consented.

Although helping with the transformation wasn’t tiring, it was just practicing singing and learning an instrument for him, but he had to move places. He was pregnant for the first time and had no experience at all. All he knew was that his belly would get bigger and bigger, and in six months it would be different from now, so he was afraid the transfer would not be as convenient as it was now.

After hanging up, he continued to look at the light screen.

With the school holidays, his evening workout had moved to the morning, but taking into account his health, he would not exercise for more than an hour a day. The rest of the time he spent reading books, organizing modern songs, and composing.

He was writing a song. The lyrics were finished, but he wasn’t quite satisfied with them, so he was always revising them. He was staring at the lyrics and thinking about them when his terminal vibrated and Merlin sent a message to the small group.

[I’m going on a blind date tomorrow!]

KiKi replied very quickly, [Do you want me to help you choose clothes?]

Merlin: [No, my living room couch is already piled up, Grandfather and Brother are arguing about which set is better, I’m hiding in my room.]

Gu Yu couldn’t help but laugh, [Your partner better live in Splendor City, or you’ll be followed.]

Duke Joop and Guy wouldn’t be able to let Merlin marry far away.

Cilo: [I also agree with you marrying a male from Splendor, otherwise it’s not convenient to meet later.]

Merlin: [It’s not certain if I can meet them. I’m attending the matchmaking session to avoid my grandfather rushing me. This time all the males in good condition will attend, and he won’t have to move to give me a match in the future.]

MoMo: [Do you have a date with a natural female companion?]

Merlin: [Well, I asked Bear out, and of all the people we know well, Bear and I are actually the only ones who are single!]

Cilo: [There are more than 20,000 natural females in a branch, and less than 600 are single. You are usually always with us and don’t hang out with many others, it’s good to know another single natural female.]

MoMo: [Is it a dinner party? It’s okay if it’s a dinner party, Bear says he’s in good spirits at night.]

Merlin: [No, it’s a luncheon, it’s not safe at night. I’ll keep an eye on Bear, he promised he wouldn’t sleep.]

Gu Yu felt a little worried, this promise didn’t seem very dependable.

As Gu Yu thought, it didn’t work.

Before the luncheon started, Merlin and Guy went to pick up Bear from school. Little Bear was wearing a black suit, tall and long-legged, and was in good spirits, but his eyes were blurry, as if he was going to fall asleep in the next moment.

Merlin pinched his face, “Little Bear!”

Little Bear’s eyes regained their clarity and he smiled with great innocence.

Merlin introduced him and Guy, who gave a gentleman’s salute, “Hello, I’m Guy.”

Little Bear was stunned and scratched the back of his head, “I’m Elou, just call me Little Bear.”

When the three of them got on the shuttle, Elou looked at the vehicles escorting them in front and behind, and his eyes rounded, “Merlin, they are right, your family is really rich.”

Merlin ruffled the short blonde hair that fell over his eyes, “It’s rare that you actually listen to people gossip.”

Elou smiled nervously and scratched his hair, a little nervous, “Your family is so well off, what kind of partner do you want?”

Merlin said, “I don’t know. What about you?”

Elou’s eyes lit up, “Excellent! My father and brother said this is a good opportunity, because the people who participate are excellent, and I can’t choose the wrong one any way. If I were to choose someone by myself, I might be cheated.” He continued with a touched face, “Dean is so kind to plan so much for us.”

Guy couldn’t help but laugh out loud from the front seat.

Natural females, they are really cute!

Merlin: “…The matchmaking club is not worried about us being cheated. They are worried that too much use of our inhibitors is bad for our health. After we get married, we won’t need them when we have a male partner.”

Elou stared blankly and thought for a moment, “So the males are marrying us for our health! They’re so nice.” He raised a smile, “I’ll treat the males well.”

Merlin’s face was torn. Not so!

He thought for a moment, his lips twitched, but gave up explaining.

Guy couldn’t stop laughing in the front seat, Merlin patted the back of his seat and turned his head to ask Elou, “What do you think of my brother?”

Elou thought hard for a moment, “He is very handsome and has a good personality. My father said that people who like to laugh can’t have a bad personality.” He paused, “But the smile is too outgoing and not too calm.”

Guy choked. Merlin fretfully looked at his brother, and then looked at Elou in amazement, “What do you mean by ‘outgoing’?”

Elou collected his smile, looked at him expressionlessly, then the corners of his mouth curved up slightly, very subtle. He laughed nervously, “That’s it.” 

Merlin thought he might be out of his mind, actually thinking that Elou’s expressionless appearance was very haughty and cold!

Elou looked like he thought of something and quickly patted both cheeks, “You can’t smile like that. Father said you have to smile like you just did to attract your own kind.”

Merlin watched his temperament turn haughty and cold in seconds and patted his shoulder, “That’s it, don’t fall apart.”

When they arrived at the ballroom building, the three of them verified their identities and were allowed to pass. Just before entering the ballroom, Milton and Kevin greeted them and waved at them.

Milton’s eyes lit up as he looked at Little Bear and Merlin after he said hello, “No introductions?”

“Elou,” Merlin looked at Elou, his face expressionless, his mouth slightly smiling and perfect, “This is Milton and Kevin, me and my brother’s friends.”

Elou smiled very subtly and nodded, only to squeeze the hem of his shirt tightly with the hand at his side. It was a little difficult for him, he thought.

A few minutes was fine, maintaining it all the time was very hard.

The sweet smell of pastry came to him and his eyes were immediately drawn to it.

Milton smiled, “Let’s go sit over there?”

The five of them sat down on the sofa on the right hand side, and Elou’s attention was completely drawn to the pastry, eating with great concentration.

Kevin sized him up, noting the contrast between his expression and behavior, and the corners of his mouth curled up, “Interesting.”

Elou didn’t pay attention and focused on eating the pastry.

Merlin introduced him to the flavors of the various pastries. While he sipped his juice, he scanned around and noticed the many glances towards them.

“Some males from other planets are attending too?” Merlin withdrew his eyes.

Guy  answered, “Yes, the delegation has applied together and their latest batch of single natural females will be attending.”

Merlin leaned back on the couch and gazed curiously over those from the other planets who had already entered.

Guy’s face was serious as he cautioned, “I think the Brilliant Splendor males are more your speed.”

Merlin waved his hand, “I’m just curious. I didn’t even look closely on the marshal’s birthday.”

Milton complained, “What’s so great about them? It’s better to look at me than them.”

Merlin states, “I see you all the time.”

Milton smiled, took a sip from his champagne and surveyed the natural females making their entrance in the hall. He and Kevin had long since given up on Merlin, knowing that Merlin was not interested in them and that Duke Joop would not approve.

He was just teasing out of habit.

Elou ate five snacks in one sitting, and when his mouth and stomach were full of sweetness, he was so comfortable that he wanted to yawn, and his upper eyelids drooped sleepily. He remembered his father and brother’s expectations, tried to open his eyes wide, and quietly pinched his back, to have some energy.

He couldn’t fall asleep. He had to find a good male to marry, or his father and brother would worry about him. He was well aware that his father and brother had been worried about his marriage and had argued with a number of people over it.

He had to reassure them.

Besides, if he couldn’t get a suitable partner soon, he would need another inhibitor during his rut, and it wouldn’t be good for his health.

Gotta stay awake and abduct a mate before I sleep!

“Merlin,” he whispered, leaning close to Merlin, “I’m sleepy. I’m going to go wash my face.”

Merlin looked at him blinking sleepily and grabbed his hand as he got up, “I’ll take you.”

Guy followed to stand up, “Where to?”

Merlin said, “The bathroom. You shouldn’t follow or you’ll be recognized as a pervert by the rest of the females. Security is well taken care of here, and in case something happens, I’ll contact you.”

Guy coughed awkwardly, “Okay.”

He stepped aside, and waited for Merlin to pull Elou past him before resuming his seat.

Kevin’s eyes retracted from Elou, “Is Elou not feeling well? He seems very sleepy.”

Guy couldn’t help but laugh, “No, he’s a Black Bear and likes to sleep during the day.”

He told him about the daily school life Merlin had shared with him, and Milton and Kevin both laughed.

Milton rested his chin, “Ah, if only the female school took male students too. What a wonderful place.”

Guy glanced at him, “Wake up. At your age, even if they did, it wouldn’t include you.”

Milton’s eyes lit up, “What do you say I apply for a job as a teacher?”

“After two hundred years, I guess.” Kevin said, hand on Milton’s shoulder, “You could always apply for genetic accelerated aging, and age two hundred years.”

Milton gave a snort, “Or forget it, my brain is not broken yet.”


Merlin led Elou to the nearest bathroom. Elou walked to the sink, made a reserved smile at the mirror, then grinned at Merlin in the mirror, “How strange.”

Merlin leaned against the wall, “Very handsome. Now wash your face.”

Elou turned on the water, cupping it in his hands and then splashing it on his face, washing with a very spontaneous atmosphere, even wetting his hair. He wiped the water off his face and hands and exclaimed, “Ah, much more refreshing.”

He pointed inside to Merlin and went into a cubicle.

Three minutes later, Merlin didn’t see anyone come out, and with a raised brow, he went to the cubicle and knocked on the door, “Little Bear!”

There was no response, and his sensitive hearing picked up the sound of steady breathing.

Merlin thought sarcastically, …Washing your face to wake you up can be useful!

He surveyed the cubicle, which had only a gap less than the width of his hand below, and was empty above, only quite high. He thought for a split second, made his decision, backed up to the door, took a running leap and grabbed the top of the cubicle, and everything was going perfectly.

He was about to flip over the cubicle when a scream came from the bathroom doorway, “There are bad guys!”

A petite voice yelled and ran out.


The author has something to say: Thank you for your support (づ ̄3 ̄)╭? ~See you tomorrow!


Merlin: No, it’s a misunderstanding _(:3∠)_


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Sue R
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