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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Merlin froze in place, “…”

As he balanced on top of the door, he hesitated as he tried to decide whether to continue or to jump down and explain. A second later, he jumped into the cubicle with a cold face and landed in the empty space behind the door.

The natural female was sitting on the toilet, his arm resting on the water tank, and sleeping extraordinarily well. The cubicle had been perfumed and was in perfect condition. But the cleaning robots were too good at their job, Merlin thought as with a bemused face, he grabbed Elou’s ear, “Little Bear!”

Elou shrank his neck, tilted his head, and tried to bury his ears in his arms to hide.

Merlin was about to increase the force when there was a knock on the cubicle door, “Inside, you are surrounded, open the door and give up!”

Merlin’s eyebrows jumped.

“What’s going on?” Guy’s voice came from outside, his voice tinged with anxiety, “Merlin, Elou?”

A soft voice spoke in a whisper, sounding a bit scared, “I just came in, and saw a man flip from the outside to the inside. This is the compartment, ah…”

As he was speaking, the door to the cubicle was suddenly opened and he was surprised.

Merlin stood in the doorway and swept the room with his gaze.

At the front were two guards, behind them was a male with a tiger stripe on a bluemoon, and beside him stood a natural female, who had just been talking.

Guy, Kevin, and Milton were behind them, and as soon as they saw him, all three of them stepped forward.

“What did you do to him?” The tiger-striped male, who was tall, looked in and questioned sternly when he saw the limp Elou.

His voice was loud and his aura was so harsh that Elou, who had been disturbed by the noise, frowned and sat up slowly, only his eyes had not yet opened.

Merlin’s light golden eyes glanced at the male and rubbed his ears, “You’re the first person to yell at me like that.”

“Prince Harvey, be polite,” Guy glared at Harvey, but his expression suddenly became extra gentle as he turned to look at Merlin, “What’s going on?”

Merlin pointed his hand backwards and twisted sideways to see Elou sitting up, his arms folded across his chest, “Awake?”

Elou heard his voice and slowly opened his eyes, raised his hand to rub them, stretched a little, jumped up and turned around, “Sorry.” He scratched his hair, dully swept his eyes at the open door, and scurried next to Merlin: “What happened?”

Merlin curled his fingers and tapped him on the brow, “Isn’t it all because of you? How could you fall asleep three minutes after you came in, Sleepyhead?” He nodded his chin toward Harvey, but the words he was about to say were paused at the other man’s burning gaze. Then he raised an eyebrow, “And I was mistaken for a bad guy.”

Guy stepped in front of him to block Harvey’s gaze, his eyes unkind.

The guards were familiar with the identities of the people present and, fearing a conflict, hastily asked, “What exactly is going on?”

Elou smiled shyly: “I just fell asleep, and my friend came to get me.”

The guard hid his surprise, “So it’s a misunderstanding. Let’s continue with the banquet. This is not a good place to talk.”

Merlin pulled Elou to exit the stall but Elou did not move, and whispered, “Once I sat down, I didn’t get a chance to use it. I couldn’t resist it and directly fell asleep.”

Merlin looked at him in amazement, gave him a thumbs up, walked out of the cubicle, and casually closed the door, “Everyone leave.”

The people in the room were not stupid. Seeing that Elou did not come out, they quickly understand what was going on, and immediately headed out.

Guy stared at Harvey and gestured, “After you.”

Harvey took a step and then paused. Since Guy no longer blocked his view from Merlin, he was able to look back at him, “You are Merlin Joop?”

Guy became alert, “What do you want?”

Merlin pushed back the blonde locks of hair hanging over his eyes, “Yes, but don’t worry. I’m not petty and won’t come after you for what you just yelled.”

Harvey’s light brown pupils widened slightly from excitement. He looked into Merlin’s eyes and suddenly made a fist with his right hand over his heart and bowed slightly, “I’m Harvey. Will you be my mate?”

Merlin gave him a surprised look and pointed out, “No, go out.”

Guy glared at Harvey angrily and pulled Harvey’s arm towards the exit, “Bastard, how dare you hit on Merlin!”

Harvey was a little disappointed, but not discouraged. He was about to say something when Guy angrily snapped, “This is the female bathroom!”

Harvey was forced out the door by Guy, as Harvey’s brother watched the two men in alarm, and then glanced at Merlin.

Merlin smiled at him, “They’re not going to fight. Sorry for scaring you earlier.”

“It’s okay,” the female blushed and looked at him curiously, “You’re good.”

Merlin raised his eyebrows, “Not bad.” He knocked on the cubicle door, “Males are gone, you didn’t fall asleep, did you?”

“No.” Elou returned.

Merlin went to the sink with the other female, and soon afterwards Elou came out. Elou washed his hands and face, and looked much better.

The three natural females did not take long to find the three males and Prince Harvey. Immediately, the three surrounded Merlin and Elou tightly and returned to the couch where they had been sitting before.


Harvey’s eyes followed Merlin. He couldn’t find an opportunity to speak.

“Brother, is he the one you said was your destined mate?” Harvey’s brother asked in a whisper, “It’s my fault. If it wasn’t for me, Brother wouldn’t have yelled at him.”

Harvey rubbed his hair, “No, I have you to thank for that, or I wouldn’t know what he looks like.”

After Cyno’s birthday party, he had inquired for quite some time before he learned that the female in heat at the party was from Joop’s family. He had seen Guy on quite a few occasions, but had never met Merlin. When he realized that the blond teenager was Merlin, he could no longer take his eyes off of him.



Elou sat down, scratched the back of his head, and peered behind him, “Merlin, that male has been staring at you.”

Merlin raised his eyebrows at him, “Why are you so aware now?”

Elou smiled nervously, “Our clan’s five senses are very sensitive when they are awake.”

Merlin reminded him, “You’re smiling too big.”

Elou’s face stiffened slightly, and he curbed his smile, forcing his face to be expressionless other than a faint smile.

Kevin pushed the rose-shaped cupcake in front of him, and smiled gently, “You look good just as you normally are. Try it, this tastes good.”

Elou froze, peering at Kevin’s smile, This is the perfect smile that his father and brother spoke of!

“Thanks,” He stared at Kevin.

Kevin asked, “What’s wrong?”

Elou blinked his round black eyes and recalled the pick-up line, “Can I get your personal number?”

Well, that sounded just right! Can’t be too pushy, or it will make a bad impression.

Kevin’s smile deepened, “Sure.”

The two exchanged contact information.

Milton looked at Kevin, then at Elou, and reached out, “Shall we exchange them too?”

Elou shook his head, “No, you’re duplicitous.”

Milton’s mouth twitched, “How is that duplicitous?”

Elou glanced at Kevin and blushed slightly, “I’m already courting him.”

Milton’s left hand shook, spilling champagne onto the back of his hand, and inclined his head to laugh.

Kevin was stunned, but reacted perfectly and smiled lightly at Elou, “My pleasure.”

Elou leaned over to Merlin, “What should I do? I’m suddenly a little nervous.”

Merlin was amused, “Brother Kevin has responded to you. What are you nervous about?” He thought for a moment, “You guys are quite a match.”

Kevin was very smart, had a good temper, and always wore a smile on his face, which perfectly fit the criteria of Elou’s choice of partner.

As they were making small talk, the matchmaking event began.

In order to let males and females get to know each other and have a chance to get along at the same time, the matchmaking event was specially arranged. The event was very simple: the males replaced the robots in various positions and served the natural females.

The building where the ballroom was located was very large, and the floor above the hall had various entertainment activities, including food, shopping, and sports, etc. When the natural females roamed, they would come in contact with the males at each post, and if they met a match, they would be successfully paired.

Guy looked at the information, “My job is not bad. Second floor cafe as a waiter.”

Milton said, “Bowling instructor on the third floor. Not bad either.”

Kevin added, “Jewelry guide on the fifth floor.”

Guy asked Merlin and Elou to write down the exact location of the three, and handed them over, “Contact us if you need anything, or ask for an escort.”

Merlin nodded, “Mn, don’t worry.”

While Guy and the three of them went to their respective posts, Merlin and Elou looked at the building’s directional map together and discussed what to eat and what to play. The rest of the natural females in the lobby, like them, were whispering with their companions about what to play.

Merlin pointed to the second floor, “There is a restaurant next to the cafe, how about we go eat first, then go to brother’s place for coffee, and after that go to the upper floors for a stroll?”

Elou immediately nodded, “Okay.”

Neither of them had been officially shopping since they transformed into natural females, and they were quite excited.

Merlin was playing and messaging the group, [Cilo is great! The blind date is fun.]

Cilo was the mastermind behind the matchmaking sessions, and he was slowly getting in touch with the female school.

KiKi looked at the tour map with envy, [I want to go shopping too.]

When Merlin arrived at the restaurant, the waiters were tall and handsome, and Merlin knew the man who served them food, a very young councilman.

“Please enjoy and keep me informed if you need anything.” The congressman was very attentive.

Merlin replied, “Thanks, don’t need anything else for now.”

After eating, and ignoring the councilman’s reluctance, the two went to the cafe.

As he drank his coffee, Merlin watched Guy, who was standing at the counter and making coffee skillfully. He was very happy to find that Guy was extremely popular. Quickly, he dragged Elou to the third floor.

“I can’t stay there, or my brother will always think about taking care of me, and I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to find a partner.”

The two of them went to the bowling room for a while, Merlin didn’t want to leave. Finally, Elou said, “I’m going to find Kevin.”

Merlin usually received whatever he wanted and had little interest in shopping, so he sent Elou to Kevin on the fifth floor and went back to the third floor. He was interested in sports, and the third and fourth floors were sports-oriented, with various ball courts, many of which he had never played and wanted to take the opportunity to do so.

Bowling, baseball, tennis, ping pong, badminton… Merlin played from the third to the fourth floor one by one. He was sweating, but felt extraordinarily happy. He looked at the screen guide map and saw that the most marginal court was the billiard court. He followed the instructions and walked quickly to the entrance of the billiard hall. He was a little surprised, it was too quiet.

He walked in and a tall male was leaning against the pool table on the left with a cue by his side, holding his chest.

Hearing the movement, the male looked to the door, his pupils instantly went from vertical pupils to normal.

Merlin’s footsteps paused, “Prince Harvey, is your planet usually so tense?”

Ordinary customers would be absolutely shocked as soon as they enter the room and immediately turn around.


Not to mention that today’s customers were all natural females.


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