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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Merlin reached out and touched the back of the white tiger, then turned into a large spotted tiger, lying next to the white tiger, his big head rubbing against the white tiger. The white tiger’s watery blue eyes curved, and its tail swept the spotted tiger’s tail.

KiKi turned into a long-haired rabbit, jumped onto Merlin’s back, turned sideways, and rolled along the curvature of his side to the middle of the two tigers.

Cilo turned into a leopard shape and lay on the other side of the white tiger. MoMo turned into his Tira form, walked to stand between the necks of the white tiger and the clouded leopard, wings spread, lightly resting on the two necks.

The five of them were next to each other, posing.

Orson and MoMo’s caretaker’s eyes lit up, It was so cute!

They were very regretful that their job description did not include taking pictures!

Merlin touched paws and took a bunch of pictures in a row.


Cyno was listening to the technical department’s report on the progress of the new mecha in the military office when the terminal vibrated slightly.

He looked at the group photo sent by Gu Yu, his expression instantly softened, and he typed: [Baby is beautiful.]

He looked at the head of the technical department, and commanded, “Continue.”

The team leader’s face froze in shock, and it took him a moment to realize that he must have just been blinded!


In November, the temperature on Splendor dropped a bit, but it wasn’t cold, around 23 degrees, so it was comfortable to wear a long sleeve.

It was the first day of the new term of the female school, and there were no classes, leaving time for students to arrange things. Many students went home for the holiday, and did not come to school for a month, so they needed to organize their dormitory. Also, some students had not seen each other for a month, so the first day of school was just time to meet.

Also, the school had built a new ballroom and other facilities during the holiday, so students could use the first day to get familiar with it.

Gu Yu read the message in the group and went straight to the billiard hall.

Halfway there, he ran into Elou, who was dressed in a black suit. Elou was walking with his eyes half-closed, and unlike his usual way of walking, he looked especially energetic. He smiled and greeted him, but Elou brushed past him and continued forward a couple steps before reacting.

Elou turned around and rubbed the back of his head, calling out “Yu, good morning.”

Gu Yu smiled, “Good morning. You’re going out?”

Elou’s eyes drifted for a moment, smiling happily and with nervousness, “Mn.”

Gu Yu did not delay him and continued to walk to the billiard room.

When he arrived, all four were there. Merlin and Cilo were playing a game, and KiKi and MoMo were watching something, chatting as they watched.

KiKi asked, “Is it really okay if we don’t go with Little Bear? He’s not going to fall asleep halfway, is he?”

MoMo also couldn’t help but worry and glanced in the direction of the school gate, “I don’t think so, right?”

Gu Yu laughed, “I just met him. He seems to be in good spirits, but he also seemed to be a bit nervous.”

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have realized he had said hello only after he brushed past him.

Merlin hit a shot and stood up, his hand casually on Gu Yu’s shoulder, “His father and brother are coming today, to meet with Kevin.”

KiKi popped over, “Today Little Bear might just become Mrs. Kevin.”

Cilo bent over, the tip of his cue aimed at the ball, “Not maybe, definitely.”

It was too easy for Kevin, as an outstanding member of the Foreign Ministry, to get goodwill from Little Bear’s loved ones, not to mention that Little Bear had already chosen him.

Merlin inclined his head to look at the desktop, “Cilo, did you practice in secret?”

Cilo raised his eyebrows gently and stood up, “No, I’m talented. You lost.”

Merlin let the robot tidy up the playing field, “One more round!”

KiKi handed Merlin a bottle of water and Cilo had a faint smile on his lips, “Mn, as a matter of fact, I asked His Majesty for advice. He is a master of billiards.” Cilo leaned against the table and said something about billiard skills, “Practicing by yourself is not as fast as being taught in person, and it’s easier for a spectator to correct mistakes.”

Merlin’s mind suddenly flashed back to his billiards teacher and he shrugged his shoulders, “Then teach me.”

Merlin took a sip of water and walked toward Cilo.

“MoMo, let’s play a game?” KiKi inquired.

MoMo, wearing the thickest clothes, was a little white, but in pretty good spirits. He shook his head and pointed to the seat next to him, “I’ll sit down for a while and eat something.”

His pregnancy reaction was strong. It was easy to throw up, and only by eating fruit would he feel better, otherwise not having an appetite to eat. He didn’t even attend the last party of the holiday, and had a half-day cold war with Roald about his returning to school.

The result was obvious, MoMo managed to continue his schooling.

Hearing that he wanted to eat, all four of them smiled, and Cilo looked at him, “Have the caretaker bring you anything you want to eat.”

MoMo smiled and nodded, “Yeah.”

He felt very relaxed and at ease with his friends and his appetite was much improved.

KiKi handed Gu Yu a cue, “Let’s play a game.”

Gu Yu took it, “Okay.”


Kevin finally picked up Elou from school after a series of identity verifications.

Elou sat in the passenger seat, “Where are my father and brother?”

Kevin smiled reassuringly at him, “They’re already at the teahouse. Don’t worry.”

Elou hmmed, he was nervous and excited. Thinking about meeting his father and brother soon, he couldn’t help but want to talk. “Father and brother are always very busy. They want to visit me but are not able to ask for leave. This time, because I started school, they got leave.”

In fact, if they took the intercity speedy shuttle, they could get there soon, but the ticket price was very high. When he was sent to Splendor City, the ticket and accommodation costs had already cost a lot of money.

He looked at Kevin, “They didn’t mean to delay until now.”

Kevin smiled and rubbed his dark hair, “I know. Did your father ask you to explain it to me?”

He had offered to meet with Elou’s parents shortly after the blind date, but it was delayed until now because Elou’s father was unavailable.

Elou nodded very matter-of-factly and cocked his head in confusion, “Why do you need them to explain? They really don’t have time.”

Kevin smiled, “Maybe they were afraid that I would misunderstand and think that your family wanted to hold me back and make me a spare tire for a better-qualified partner you were looking for. Or mistakenly think that they don’t pay attention to you.”

Elou was surprised, “You would think that?”

“Of course not,” Kevin stated.

Elou gazed at him and blinked his dark eyes, “Aren’t you, like, a little nervous?”

His smile wasn’t as natural as it usually was.

Kevin was a little surprised, not expecting him to notice, “Yes.” Seeing his confusion, he said, “Sorry, I’m used to overthinking. They have perfectly valid reasons for taking time off if they’re happy with me.”

Elou was confused, “What?”

“Your wedding,” Kevin analyzed, “They came to Splendor City to witness our marriage. That would be the most reasonable reason to take time off. But they didn’t use that reason. Which means they haven’t accepted me yet, or they don’t feel comfortable leaving you in my hands. I’m nervous because they came today, and knowing their main purpose is to examine me.”

Elou’s eyes shone brightly, “You’re great!” He smiled, “They’ll be very pleased with you for sure.”

The corners of Kevin’s mouth curled up, “I’ll try my best to perform.”

When they arrived at the teahouse booth, Elou pounced on Hank as soon as he saw him, “Father.” Then gave Bear a hug, “Brother.”

Hank and Bear were tall, both had simple faces and appeared to be honest. They both greeted Kevin with some formality.

Kevin’s attitude was natural and cordial, “Please sit down, it’s been a long journey.”

Hank smiled nervously, “It was okay.”

Kevin casually asked the two about the places they passed on the way, and talked about the scenery on the road, and finally mentioned Bear’s hometown with a sincere tone of praise. He guided the conversation, all familiar subjects to Hank and Bear, and the atmosphere quickly warmed up.

Mentioning that Little Bear had become a natural female, Kevin expressed his sincere admiration for Hank, whose lottery eligibility was all based on his courageous actions.

As they were talking to each other, Elou sat next to Kevin, with his eyes shining brightly.

Kevin was not at all like the males he used to know. They would always mock him for being stupid and bully his father for being old and nice. He had never seen his father talk so happily with anyone before. His father was usually very brief, even when he communicated with people who did things with him.

By noon, Kevin warmly invited the Hank family to lunch, and after the meal he excused himself for a while.

Hank looked at Elou with a complicated expression, “Little Bear, you really are so much smarter than before. You actually chose such a good partner.”

Bear was blushed slightly, after drinking some wine, “I can see that Kevin is good. Little Bear has a good eye!”

Elou’s eyes seemed to gather light, “Right! I think he’s great too. He was worried before that you guys wouldn’t be happy with him!”

Hank laughed and quickly became serious again, “Father is a rough man, nothing much, but after living for so many years, my ability to see people is still very accurate. Kevin is very smart and loving to you. I approve of your marriage. His family is in good condition, and our family is not in good condition, but you should not compromise yourself because of your family background. We don’t want anything from his family, as long as you live a good life.”

Elou nodded, “Mn, don’t worry, Father, I won’t condescend to myself.”

Hank patted him on the shoulder, “Although you are a natural female, you must also be self-reliant. Our family does not rely on others for support. You have a good opportunity to learn now, study hard and earn money for yourself later.”

Elou was a little confused. He did not expect to have to make money, but still nodded, “I will remember Father’s words.” He waved his fist, “Make money to buy Father good food.”

Hank’s eyes showed relief, “You call Kevin back, then your brother and I will accompany you to register, and then later go back.”

Elou was a bit reluctant, but knew that accommodations were expensive. He blinked, “Kevin has something to do. Is it okay to wait?”

Hank sighed, “He’s not doing anything.He deliberately walked away to give us a chance to talk alone.”

Elou obediently sent a message to Kevin, and sure enough, Kevin came back in a short while.

Hank declared, “Bear and I will accompany you to the registration.”

Kevin’s heart leaped and he laughed, “The bride price for Elou…”

Hank waved his hand, “You just give it to Elou, you just make your own day.”

Kevin hesitated for a moment, but seeing his look of determination, did not insist. Then accompanied by Hank and Bear, he and Elou registered.

Hank’s eyes were slightly red, and Kevin smiled and hugged him, patting his shoulder, “Father-in-law, I will take good care of Bear, I have an empty house in Splendor City. Why don’t you guys move over?”

Hank was relieved, “No, I’m used to living back home, but I’ll stay there when I have time to come back to Splendor City to see you guys again.” He took a step back, “We have to catch a bus, so we won’t stay much longer.”

Kevin looked at his father-in-law with some helplessness and admiration.

After the increase in the number of civilian natural females, there had been many rumors of ‘selling their children’. This father-in-law, who had outright refused offers to send him, not even giving the opportunity to buy a bus ticket, clearly did not want to take advantage of his family one bit.

Doing so was simply because he did not want Elou to be criticized.

He and Elou sent Hank and Bear to the transportation station, and then he got off the shuttle and stood to the side, giving them space to chat.

Hank instructed Elou, “Little Bear, remember, study hard and find a good job later. If you make money and buy a house, your father and I will move to Splendor City.”

Elou’s eyes lit up, “I’ll work hard!”

Sitting in the car on the way back, Bear asked Hank suspiciously, “Father, Little Bear is a natural female, he can live well without working, and Kevin’s family is well off, so why do you keep telling him to find a job to earn money?”

Hank looked out the window and sighed, “There will be more and more natural females, and they will have less and less preferential treatment as the noble males will have more and more females to choose from.” His eyes were worried, “That silly boy doesn’t know how long he can hold Kevin’s heart. It takes skill to get a foothold.”

Bear rubbed his arms, “Father, you think too much. Are you worried about Kevin and Bear getting a divorce?”

Hank fretted, “Believe it or not, the future divorce rate will rise year by year, and Little Bear is a silly boy…”

Elou was completely unaware that after he had chosen such an excellent partner, he was still silly in his father’s eyes. He went back to school and joyfully shared the happy news with Merlin, then went back to his dorm room to pack his things. He would have to live with Kevin from today onwards.


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June 26, 2021 12:04 pm

Cyno’s duality; business and selfies 😁
It’s true to life that once anything, be it a person, object, or experience, becomes regular and more common, it is no longer special or as treasured. I hope that will not be the case for Elou or any of the group… I cannot imagine it, so think Hank is worrying too much.
Thank you for the chapter.

June 26, 2021 12:09 pm

Awww, I hope it doesn’t end with a divorce. I can’t help but feel a bit sad.
Thanks for the chapter!

Audry Gazali
Audry Gazali
June 26, 2021 12:11 pm

So happy for Bear. Hank’s prediction is very reasonable. But I hope it won’t happen to Bear. Kevin is a nice and decent guy. Though he is wellbeing and from high social family, he didn’t look down Bear and his family even a little bit. And for him to get nervous, it’s just cute! 😊

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Sue R
June 26, 2021 3:04 pm

Another one natural female was done, still one more to go from this group.

June 26, 2021 9:06 pm

So happy for Elou and Kevin..but papa Bear is right😍😅😍😅😍😅

June 26, 2021 10:27 pm

Father Bear is probably right, but let’s hope nothing like that happens in Gu Yu’s circle of friends. Congratulations to Kevin and Elou! And all the best to MoMo, who is having heard time being pregnant.

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June 27, 2021 3:24 am

Thanks for the chapter! Even if it keeps on being a loving marriage, being financially independent & having his own career are excellent advice. My mother gave me the same advice back in the day. A fulfilling career will help you thrive, & no matter what life throws at you, you’ll be more ready to handle it.

June 27, 2021 4:38 pm

Love little Bear and Kevin! Amazing! I hope they will be fine, and don’t divorce! But I know Little bear will work hard and become independent even if he has Kevin! Cyno’s expressions between jobs and his mate are hilarious lol

June 29, 2021 10:03 pm

I’ve been thinking for a while that the divorce rate will increase once more there are more natural females, but not because natural females will lose their novelty.

IIRC, the artificial females Gu Yu received at the beginning of the book were essentially meant to keep him company after he married a beast female.

November 7, 2021 10:19 am

Kevin is a good man, it’ll be fine

November 18, 2022 7:54 am

I truly hope that Elou and Kevin can maintain their happiness and not divorce but his father is saying some very true statements.

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Hank’s advice is priceless. Every half of every couple should be able to support themselves if there is a split. Financial security is crucial to survival.

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