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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


After Gu Yu signed the contract, Herman asked, “Do you need a custom song written for you?”

Gu Yu shook his head, “No, I don’t think so.”

He wanted to sing songs he wrote, and if the number was too small, he could cover modern songs. There were a lot of modern classics that he would love to share with the Interstellar world.

Herman was very straightforward, “That’s fine. Send me every song you make. The company technicians will create stage effects based on your songs, and when you want to do a concert, there will be much less work to prepare.” He smiled, “You and I sing in different styles, but the stage effects technicians can completely handle it. You just have to sing well and stand still, but you still have to exercise a little bit to make sure you can physically sustain singing for more than two hours.”

Gu Yu knew this was to reassure him, fearing that he was afraid of the stage. He smiled and nodded, “Okay.”

After Herman left, Gu Yu couldn’t help but grab Cyno’s hand, his eyes shining, “I used to think that a concert was out of reach, but now it feels like it’s close at hand.”

Cyno kissed him on the forehead, “You’ve been working hard. You’re going to be a great singer, and I’m a big fan of yours.”

Gu Yu blinked and was a little embarrassed, “I wrote a song, inspired by you. Tomorrow Merlin and the others are coming to hear it. Do you want to hear it first?”

“Sure!” Cyno said with surprise and delight in his eyes. He hugged Gu Yu, “I want to be the first audience for all your songs, especially the ones written for me!” He nibbled on Gu Yu’s earlobe, “It’s a good thing you mentioned it, or I would have punished you.”

Gu Yu’s ears immediately reddened and his cheeks were blushing. He rested his forehead on Cyno’s shoulder, “I wanted to tell you last night, but I was just a little embarrassed.”

The song reflected his innermost thoughts. His unspeakable emotions were written in the song. And in keeping with Brilliant Splendor’s habit of writing words, his lyrics were particularly straightforward. He had read them many times and each time several words came to mind, earthy love story.

So it was a little embarrassing.

Cyno kissed him on the side of his face and carried him upstairs, “I’m even more curious.”

The last time he listened to his little mate’s song, his little mate was just worried about not being perfect, but now he was embarrassed.

Because the song was written for him.

He couldn’t wait at all and wanted to listen to it immediately.

Gu Yu held his shoulders, “Go to the holographic room.”

When he got to the holographic room, Cyno put Gu Yu down. Gu Yu walked to the instrument rack in the corner, picked up the guitar, and pointed to the couch, “You sit there.”

Cyno sat down on the left side of the couch, Gu Yu carried the guitar and sat down on the armrest on the right side of the couch, perched a little higher than Cyno on the horizontal side. Cyno raised his eyebrows as his eyes swept the distance between them, but he did not move position, his eyes focused on him.

Gu Yu, with his toes on the floor, lowered his head to ease his emotions, and then looked up at Cyno before smiling softly at him. At the same time, he strummed his guitar, and soothing, deep music was played. The intro was not long, and Gu Yu did not take long to sing. His voice was warm and mellower than usual because of his emotional energy.

At the climax, all the emotions reached their peak.

“You’re like a light. I’m no longer frightened when I meet you.

The world became wide, my life force began to be tenacious and I also had courage

You are the best in my eyes

You are my light, the direction I aspire to

You are the light shining from the starlight that illuminates me

Always chasing you with my eyes

Ah ~ you are my light and I am willing to go crazy for you”

When the last word fell, Gu Yu’s eyes darkened and his chin was tilted up by Cyno, followed by a frantic kiss. The guitar strings were squeezed, emitting a buzzing sound that was a bit harsh, yet it did not affect Cyno’s movements at all. Cyno just backed away from his body a little so as not to hurt his little partner.

Half a second later, their lips parted.

Gu Yu’s right shoulder was leaning against the back of the sofa, and his mouth unconsciously was slightly open, gasping for breath, and he looked a little confused.

Cyno’s eyes were dark, as his thumb brushed against Gu Yu’s crystal lips, and the soft touch he felt on his fingers made him feel the urge to press down heavily. He restrained himself and rubbed it very gently before taking the guitar away and throwing it on the sofa, picking up Gu Yu and heading to the bedroom.

Gu Yu only had time to look back at the guitar lying on the couch.

A long time later, Cyno gave Gu Yu, who was covered with traces, a bath, dressed him in light and soft pajamas, and kissed him lightly on his forehead, “Go to sleep.”

Gu Yu closed his eyes and said in a small, helpless voice, “I haven’t finished singing yet…”

The word ‘yet’ was still in his mouth, but he had already fallen asleep.

Cyno’s deep and focused gaze filled with chagrin. He was too eager! But he could not restrain himself at all. His little mate’s song, every move made his body heat up. He swore that this was the most beautiful song he had ever heard in his eighty years, enough to drive him crazy. Soon the chagrin in his eyes dissipated, and he wrapped his arms around the waist of his little mate and closed his eyes to sleep.

He would just listen to it again tomorrow.


The next day, Gu Yu was reluctant to sing again. Gu Yu blushed slightly, his hand subconsciously on his abdomen, and pursed his lips, “I’m not singing,” he whispered, “I’ll sing it to you later.”

Cyno’s reaction yesterday was too strong, and he was worried that Cyno would not be able to resist reacting again after hearing the song. Although his body was much better than before, he was pregnant after all – two days in a row – and it was still early in the morning! He couldn’t sing.

Cyno knew what he was thinking just by watching his movements, and was silent for a moment, not mentioning it again. In front of his little mate, his self-control was too poor. He hugged his little mate and kissed his forehead, “Don’t be nervous, just sing later. I’m going to the military.”

At ten o’clock, Merlin, KiKi and MoMo came to the villa together to find him. They sang and chatted, and ate lunch together before the three of them left.

During his vacation, Gu Yu lived a very regular life, exercising in the morning, studying after lunch, then helping transform until the evening, and then practicing writing songs. He went to Merlin’s house to play once in the middle of the vacation.

Since the matchmaking session, Merlin was interested in all kinds of ball games, especially those that can be played by a single person.  Grand Duke Joop built him a billiard room, basketball room and bowling room on the third floor of the mansion.

There were two billiard tables in the billiard room, and Merlin invited them to play as soon as it was finished. Billiards does not consume physical energy, even if he and MoMo were pregnant.

The five of them were also able to chat while playing, and although all of them had poor skills, they had a good time.

When Cyno heard about it, he proposed to get one at the villa as well, as there were plenty of empty rooms anyway, which he declined.

After the dinner walk, the two went to the exercise room.

Gu Yu jogged on the treadmill while Cyno used the equipment for strength training. Gu Yu couldn’t help but look at Cyno as he ran. Cyno’s muscles were not exaggerated, but very strong, and he knew how they felt to the touch just by looking at them.

He had touched them many times. Cyno was always restrained when he did it with him, so his muscles were always taut. Cyno’s mouth slightly hooked up, pulled up the hem of his vest to casually wipe his sweat, before dropping the hem, still slightly rolled, just to reveal his neat abs.

Gu Yu’s gaze was frozen, his mind suddenly stopped. Blushing, he abruptly withdrew his gaze, aware of his body heat, and looked embarrassed.

He’s gone bad!

He adjusted his breathing to calm himself down, but the heat continued to rise. He gasped and turned off the treadmill, resting his head against the edge of the console, panting down and reaching up to pull at his collar.

He frowned slightly, feeling that something was wrong, that this was not the same as starting his heat. His body heat continued to rise while his whole body’s muscles were swollen, as if they contained a lot of power and wanted to burst out.

“Not feeling well?” Cyno quickly went to his side and put his hand on his shoulder, wrinkling his brows inquiringly. He didn’t touch him recklessly for fear of hurting him.

Gu Yu stepped off the treadmill and leaned his head against Cyno’s shoulder, “Hot. Muscles swelling.”

He paused, suddenly realizing something, and looked up at Cyno, who said, “Try changing into beast form.”

After returning to human form from the little white tiger, the two read all the information about the Son of the Beast God from the palace. His current feeling was very similar to the information about the Son of the Beast God’s physical quality once stabilized, the first time he turned into an adult beast form.

Cyno picked him up, and lay him across the sofa, squatted down and caressed his cheek, “Don’t be afraid, I’ll stay with you.”

Gu Yu looked at him with surprise. He had tried very hard to look calm, and didn’t expect Cyno to see his panic.

Although he had lived as a little white tiger for a month, he had only had one experience of turning into his beast form. He smiled at Cyno and concentrated on the transformation, all he could think of in his mind was Cyno’s beast form.

The back of his neck began to burn, and his muscles felt like they were being squeezed from the inside out, not painful, just swollen. He couldn’t help but move, turning over on his back and reaching out to touch the back of his neck.

In a trance, he felt that the back of his neck was going to burn, his vision changed abruptly, and the swelling sensation instantly dissipated.

His whole body was limp and weak, but his spirit was good. He blinked his eyes and saw white fluffy fur in the afterglow. He looked down and two large white paws were close at hand. He lifted his right hand slightly and watched his right paw lift upwards.

The change was successful.

He tilted his head and met the eyes of Cyno crouching next to the sofa. Unlike when he was the little white tiger, the sight was much more normal.

Cyno hugged his head and kissed him on his forehead, “You are very beautiful.”

Cyno’s hand involuntarily stroked back along his head. The white tiger’s fur shone brightly, and was smoother than silk. Gu Yu felt his limbs, having had the experience of a small white tiger, he quickly grasped the feeling of being a white tiger.

Feeling Cyno’s hand getting lower and lower, and further down, about to touch the tiger’s butt, his eyes widened and his tail flicked, curling around Cyno’s wrist.

He yelped softly, his eyes wide, shaking his head shyly.

Cyno let out a soft laugh, “Okay, no more downward.”

Gu Yu let go of his tail and Cyno rubbed at the nape of his neck, the soft touch making him love it. He grabbed Gu Yu’s front paws and rested them on the fleshy pads, “Aren’t you tired? I’ll help you take a bath.”

Gu Yu blinked and decisively changed back to his human form, “I can wash myself.”

Cyno lowered his head and kissed him on the lips, “Really? Can you stand up now?”

Gu Yu propped his hands on the sofa, but when he raised his upper body, his hands went limp and he fell down again, landing in Cyno’s arms.

Cyno carried him back to the bedroom and into the bathroom, “The initial deformation is very physically demanding, after a couple of days you will get used to it and will be fine.”

Just as Cyno said, on the third day of being able to transform, Gu Yu could already transform between human and tiger form very smoothly.

When Merlin, KiKi, MoMo and Cilo found out, they made an appointment to come see him together. The four of them sat on the sofa, their eyes shining brightly as they watched him transform.

Gu Yu was slightly embarrassed, and smiled at them, as the back of his neck glowed red, and he turned into an adult white tiger in a flash.

KiKi swooped over and threw his arms around the white tiger’s neck, “Yu is so beautiful!”

He laughed, “Let’s take a group photo with our original forms, shall we?”


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June 25, 2021 12:01 pm

Transformation complete. Now Marshal’s family has two white tigres with little tiger on the way. But how is Gu Yu able to talk in his beast form? Or is this the way beast females communicated before? Hmmm…

Thank you for the chapter!!!

Sue R
Sue R
June 25, 2021 12:04 pm

The group photo must be very very very cute. I’m so happy with all of them.

June 25, 2021 12:07 pm

I’m going to die from all this cuteness- Man I can’t wait till the baby is born!
Thanks for the chapter! <3

June 25, 2021 12:52 pm

Adorable! The group photo is going to be awesome! Transformation good! A beautiful white tiger just like Cyno! ❤️❤️ Cyno’s self control is so thin when it comes to his mate! The song was beautiful! ❤️❤️

June 25, 2021 7:38 pm

White tiger😍😍😍

June 26, 2021 11:39 am

This story is just so sweet and lovely.
Gu Yu and Cyno are a great couple and with all their friends, make fir a great read.
Thank you for translating.

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