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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Gu Yu looked through the comments of the song, and was very happy to see that everyone liked it, and felt more confident about himself.

The terminal vibrated, and it was Merlin’s message: [Yu, do you know how Harvey is doing?]

Merlin sat on the carpet in his bedroom, cupping a soft pillow in his hand, looked at the message sent, and tsked.

Since yesterday, when he saw the news about the star robbers on Planet Blue, he had been disturbed after knowing that Harvey had been injured. Always inexplicably thinking about Harvey, he could not stand it, and could only send a message to Gu Yu to ask.

He could not ask his grandfather and brother. They knew his relationship with Harvey, and if he paid too much attention to Harvey, they would definitely think differently. With Grandfather’s character, it was highly likely that he would contact all the people who could help and let Harvey leave Brilliant Splendor as soon as possible. As for the future, Harvey would not want to set foot in Brilliant Splendor again.

Gu Yu thought it was a bit strange, not knowing why Merlin would ask about Harvey’s condition, and he didn’t gossip, but after asking Cyno, he replied, [He’s still in the intensive care unit soaking in nutrient solution.]

[That serious?] Merlin frowned.

Gu Yu: [Cyno said he’s very badly injured.]

Merlin thanked Gu Yu, put the pillow aside, got up and went out to find KiKi. Harvey was at the hospital where Qin Sheng worked, and it would be easiest to ask KiKi to help him, without arousing the suspicion of his grandfather and brother.

With a curious face, KiKi took Merlin to Qin Sheng and was able to visit Harvey without any problems.

Harvey was lying in the nutrition bay, eyes closed, quiet, pale and wild.

Merlin stayed for a moment and then left, looking at Qin Sheng before leaving, “Don’t mention this to my brother.”

Qin Sheng nodded, “Okay.”

Qin Sheng asked Merlin and KiKi to wait for a while, then used his lunch break to send the two home, and after eating together, Qin Sheng went back to the hospital.

KiKi blinked his ruby eyes and looked at Merlin, wanting to say something.

Merlin smiled and pinched his fleshy cheeks, “Ask me?”

KiKi let out a long breath and nuzzled him, “Merlin’s the best,” then he asked curiously, “Is Harvey the male who’s been with you through the rut?”


KiKi leaned in close and whispered, “Do you want to marry him now?”

He remembered Merlin saying he didn’t want to before, but now Merlin had taken the initiative to visit Harvey! He had known Merlin for a long time, and if he didn’t value Harvey, he wouldn’t have done it.

Merlin said dryly, “Don’t want to.”

“Huh?” KiKi was surprised.

Merlin smiled and poked him in the face, leaning back on the couch, his eyes falling on the white ceiling, “Females have to live with males when they get married, and you think Grandfather would let me marry an Other Worlder?”

KiKi argued, “You like him the most!”

“You’re all here. I’m not going to another world.”

One day later, Harvey regained consciousness, three days later he was able to walk, and four days later he was able to move freely. During the four days, he checked his messages from time to time, yet the communication number set with a special alert never sent him a message.

Not even a simple greeting!

His face became increasingly ugly, and in the early morning of the fifth day, he tossed and turned in bed, finally unable to resist dialing the communication. Merlin’s voice was dazed with sleep, “What do you want?”

Harvey gritted his teeth, “If I die, will you sleep better?”

Merlin lifted his head, slightly pulled up the pillow, tilting his head up, “Have the spirit? Looking for me to fight?”

Harvey deflated. While he had been a little angry, once he heard his light voice, his mood suddenly became peaceful. His voice was low, “No quarrel, I just miss you.”

Merlin was silent for a moment, and Harvey continued, “I want to see you.”

Merlin lifted his eyes and swept them out the window, “Sleep, your dreams have everything,” he yawned, “Contact me again at this time in the future, and I promise you’ll be blacklisted.”

With this threat, he hung up the communication directly. Harvey looked at the terminal, his face changed several times, and finally the corners of his lips hooked up, So cute.

He lifted the quilt and lay down, not a moment later he fell asleep.


Since the incident of Belu, Brilliant Splendor became calm. The natural females of Blue Wood Star had left, but Prince Harvey had stayed in Brilliant Splendor for physical reasons.

Gu Yu’s life was calm and comfortable, he just read and created every day, with some simple exercise. He said exercise, but with his stomach getting bigger and bigger, the only thing he could do was walk.

His four friends visited him often during their holidays and Cyno spent more and more time with him, and he was always in a very good mood.

Cyno’s birthday was in May, but with Gu Yu nearing his due date, Cyno was completely unconcerned about his birthday and didn’t let Gu Yu worry about it. He was determined not to let him think about birthday gifts.

The closer the due date was, the more tense Cyno’s face was. He was actually quite expressive in private, but the last two days his face seems to be frozen. Especially at night, when Gu Yu’s legs were cramping.

Once Gu Yu got over them, he noticed Cyno’s serious face and pulled his hand, whispering, “Don’t be nervous.”

Cyno hugged him from behind, his movements were light, like holding a fragile doll, “How about you turn into a beast to give birth?”

His nervousness was completely out of control, and he couldn’t stop thinking about it.

His little mate was the first natural female to give birth in so many years. Before this, beast females gave birth in beast form!

Gu Yu’s eyes went round, “No!”

He had accepted the fact that he could have children as a man, but could not imagine him giving birth in the form of a large tiger.

Cyno noticed that his body tensed slightly for a moment and said, “Okay, okay, no, no, human form birth, human form birth.”

Gu Yu was shocked by his proposal, and now he couldn’t help but want to laugh. He tilted his head to lean on his shoulder. “Don’t you be afraid. Didn’t Orson show us the process? It’s very safe, I won’t even feel any pain.”

Cyno exhaled, “Mn, it’s very safe.”

Early in the morning of June 12, Gu Yu was trying to get up, but when his upper body was only halfway up, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his stomach. He winced and his body fell back down.

Cyno was the first to notice that something was wrong with him, hugged him, and opened the terminal to contact Orson, his voice quavering a little, “Xiao – Xiao Yu has a stomachache.”

Orson and Kona arrived quickly and saw Cyno’s panicked face, and reassured him, “It’s okay, we’re all set.”

Orson gave Gu Yu a shot, the pain gradually dissipated, but Gu Yu was a little nervous, “Will it be bad for the baby?”

Orson replied calmly, “No, we talked about it.”

Gu Yu nodded and smiled shyly, he was too panicked.

The whole labor lasted for more than two hours. Gu Yu was not too sore, it was only slightly painful, he just bled a lot.

“Ahhh…” When the baby’s cry came, Gu Yu had little strength left. He lifted his eyelids to look, saw the white arms, and his heart was relieved. The baby was in human form! The corners of his mouth curved slightly, and he fell into a drowsy sleep.

Cyno’s face was very white, even whiter than Gu Yu’s. For the first time, he found that he was afraid of blood.

Seeing Gu Yu’s eyes closed, he pounced on the bed, “Little Yu!”

Kona cleaned the child and then wrapped it, while Orson checked Gu Yu, “Don’t worry, he’s fine, just too much physical exertion.”

Cyno’s face eased as Kona handed the baby to him, as he tried to hide his excitement, “It’s a natural female.”

Cyno raised his hand, paused as he reached for him, then carefully held the baby in his hands. The baby was waving his arms, he had the same black hair as Gu Yu, soft against his scalp. His father’s scent made the baby feel safe, and his cries subsided, then his closed eyes opened to reveal clear, watery blue eyes.

Cyno’s eyes inexplicably warmed up, and his heart was touched in a way it had never been touched before.

Kona was very excited, “Has the Marshal thought of a name yet? He is the first natural female to be born naturally by Brilliant Splendor in so many years.”

Cyno declared, “Nate Bruce.”

He and his young mate had long ago discussed using this name for both males and females.

The media were waiting outside the villa area, all wanting to be the first to get news of the marshal’s baby. However, the security was so tight that they couldn’t get anywhere near the villa, so they eventually found out from the marshal’s terminal.

Half an hour after the baby was born, Cyno placed the baby next to Gu Yu, and then he also laid down, took a selfie of the three of them and posted it on Wide Word.

[Nate Bruce: Hello everyone.]

After Cyno posted the wide message, he ignored the comments and held the baby, carefully feeding him. He had fed Gu Yu as a baby white tiger for a month and was very skillful at feeding the baby, only his body was slightly tense.

The baby was too small and his skin was very soft, so he was afraid of accidentally hurting the baby. He was exceptionally well behaved, with cheeks puffed out, and eyes staring at him curiously. He let out a soft burp when he was full.

Orson taught Cyno to pat his back, and Cyno was about to change the baby into a different position when the baby suddenly turned into a tiny white tiger.

“Oh, what a strong baby!” Kona exclaimed.

Cyno, with soft eyes, saw the baby’s droopy eyes and laid him next to Gu Yu. Within a few moments, the little white tiger fell asleep next to Gu Yu.

The cleaning robots tidied up the room, and Kona and Orson took the baby’s examination results and went to the living room to discuss the baby’s food arrangements.

Cyno sat by the bed and looked at Gu Yu and the little white tiger with a very gentle expression.

When Gu Yu woke up, he froze when his eyes scanned around and saw the little white tiger laying on the side of his neck. He clearly remembered seeing an arm!

Cyno leaned down to look at him and asked softly, “Are you uncomfortable?”

Gu Yu thought about how he felt and said, “Yes, I’m just hungry,” his eyes fell on the little white tiger whose breath was rising and falling, “Was he… Was he in human form when he was born?”

Cyno smiled, “Yes, he is now unstable in his transformation. As long as the body has enough energy, he will automatically become a beast form.”

Gu Yu settled his heart down, and then Cyno helped him sit up, fed him a nutrient, and asked Da Yuan to send a bowl of chicken soup. Da Yuan came to the room, followed by a string of people. Merlin, Cilo, KiKi, MoMo had all arrived, except Merlin was accompanied by Guy, the rest all had their mates.

The group of people did not enter the room, and KiKi poked his head in, inquiring, “Yu, are you feeling okay?”

Gu Yu smiled, his voice a little soft, “Very well.”

Cilo said, “You eat first.”

His Majesty said to Cyno, “Bring my nephew out for me to see.”

It just so happened that the little white tiger smelled the scent of food, squinted his eyes and lifted his little head, shrugging his nose toward the scent.

Gu Yu’s heart was soft, as his hand stroked the little white tiger’s neck. The little white tiger smelled the familiar scent, tilted his head and rubbed his palm.

Gu Yu laughed, “You guys come in, he’s going to eat too.”

Upon seeing the little white tiger, KiKi couldn’t help but marvel, “So small! So cute!”


The author has something to say: Thank you for your support (づ ̄3 ̄)╭? ~


Little white tiger: Ao~


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I wonder… If Harvey decided not to be Merlin’s fb anymore, would Merlin be able to imagine being that close with anyone else? It’s when we lose something that we sometimes realize how much it meant to us.

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Apparently the author has never seen a newborn human before. ‘Saw the white arms’… newborns aren’t white. They’re red, wrinkly, slimy, and extraordinarily hideous. There’s nothing cute about them, without some strong maternal instinct interfering in perception. Even then, they couldn’t be described as ‘white’. The same goes for kittens, though they get cute a lot faster.

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