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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Ephemeris 23877, Bluemoon


The day after Gu Yu’s first concert, he contacted Merlin and wanted to go out together.

Merlin said, “Come to the hotel where I’m staying. I’m pregnant and my brother won’t let me go out. I want to talk to you.”


The ‘watery land’ of eating and vomiting…so he was pregnant!

Gu Yu told Cyno the situation, and the two took Nate directly to the hotel where Merlin lived. 

Harvey received a report from the guards at Gu Yu’s residence that Gu Yu, Cyno and Nate went out.

Harvey instructed, “Strengthen security. Ask where they are going so you can prepare in advance at the destination. We must ensure their safety.”

When Gu Yu arrived at the hotel room where Merlin was staying, Guy was sitting on the sofa, his expression a little dull, staring at Merlin. Merlin was very calm and relaxed, half leaning against the sofa, drinking juice.

Nate turned into a human form, with short legs lying on Merlin’s knees, watery blue eyes worriedly looking at Merlin. He heard that Guy did not let Merlin go out because Merlin was uncomfortable. He probed on the back of Merlin’s hand and kissed it, “Uncle Merlin is not comfortable? A kiss will make you not uncomfortable.”

Merlin smiled, his hand touched his soft cheek: “Mn, Uncle is not uncomfortable.”

Nate’s eyes blinked and his hand carefully placed on his stomach: “Is the baby inside? Dad said I ran out of his tummy.”

Merlin smiled and nodded, “Yes.”

Once Guy heard ‘the baby’, he again recited what he had been saying for two days, “Oh! God, I can’t believe I brought a pregnant you to Bluewood!” He slapped his forehead, “Once Grandpa knows he’s going to kill me.”

Merlin said soothingly, “No, Grandfather gave me permission to come out and play.”

Guy yelled, “He doesn’t know you’re pregnant!” He got up and spun around in place a few times, “No, I have to go find that asshole.”

“No, I wasn’t being forced,” Merlin called out to him, raising an eyebrow, “You’re not happy to have a nephew? Or can’t I afford it?”

Guy froze and suddenly lightened up, “You’re right.”

Merlin looked to Cyno and Guy, “You guys go to the next room, I want to talk to Yu.”

Once Guy heard, “I guess they want to say the secret words between females,” took Cyno’s shoulders and said, “Accompany me to drink, I’m sad.”

After the two went out, Gu Yu sat down next to Merlin, saw him frown slightly, and mildly asked, “Are you afraid?”

Merlin shook his head, “No,” he looked at Nate who was listening obediently to the two men, “I just ……” He frowned, “What I just said to my brother was my initial intention, pregnancy is so-called, just give birth, I can afford it. It was only when I did become pregnant, what floated in my mind was Cyno playing with Nate, Roald and his baby panther playing.” He rested his palm lightly on his abdomen, “I realized that before I was thinking too simplistically about my kind of intentions and it wasn’t fair to the baby. When I found out I was pregnant, I was surprised, but also surprised. I want to give him the best, and do not want him to have a lack of anything.”

Gu Yu asked in a warm voice, “Do you like Harvey?”

Merlin froze, “How do you know it’s Harvey?”

Gu Yu smiled, “It really is the same. You asked about Harvey before. And before, Harvey came to me and asked if my best friend came. He should want to ask you, but probably was being scrupulous to not mention your name, and asked very vaguely.”

Merlin shifted the cushion slightly, rested his hand on his chin, and raised an eyebrow. “Like. If not, I probably wouldn’t have chosen him.”

At first, after selecting many fine males, every one of them repelled him, except for Harvey.

He tapped his finger on the side of his face, “But I don’t want to marry on Bluewood, Ree is too strange. All my family and friends are on Splendor, and I like Splendor.”

His head tilted slightly, “In fact, I feel great that he and I saw each other once every two months before. I was free and unrestrained. But marriage will be different.” 

“You need to talk to him. Negotiate the mode of getting along after marriage?”

Merlin shrugged his shoulders, “He wouldn’t agree. He’s very possessive.”

“Not necessarily, maybe it is because he is not married, so he is suffering and wants to hold on tightly.”

Merlin was slightly sad, “Reasonable! Yu is really powerful!”

Gu Yu smiled, “Just think of things in a positive direction. Anyway, there are all kinds of possibilities.”

Merlin concedes, “I’ll consider talking to him.” He said. Then continued, showing disappointment, “Are you going to the next stop? We probably won’t be able to tour Bluewood together.”

Gu Yu replied, “That’s okay, we’ll have a chance later.”

After Gu Yu and Cyno left, Merlin sat on the sofa staring at his stomach for a while and sent a message to Harvey.

The message was simple, the hotel address plus the phrase, “I want to talk to you.”

Harvey sat upright when he heard the special alert beep, and when he saw the address in the message, he jumped straight up and rushed out.

Not long ago, the escort had sent him the address which is where Gu Yu and Cyno had gone.

Merlin sent him the address and intended to be very obvious and wanted to talk. Merlin was in the hotel, and Gu Yu went to see him! He refused to bring an escort, driving the shuttle himself. He arrived at the hotel quickly. Standing at the door of the guest room, he hesitated for a moment and then knocked on the door of the room.

“Come in.” Merlin’s voice was casual, just a little less mid-range than usual.

Harvey walked into the room and didn’t see Merlin for a moment. Hearing the sound of water, he walked to the washroom and saw Merlin wiping his hands, his face was a little white. He quickly approached, hand propped on the edge of the sink, eyebrows knitted as he looked down at him, “Not feeling well?”

Merlin threw the paper in the trash and looked at him with a tilt of his head, very obviously feeling quite happy indeed. He shook his head, “It’s fine,” he said moving out the door and pointing to the couch, “Sit.”

Harvey followed him with his eyes until he sat down on the opposite side, then sat down. Harvey couldn’t help but worry, “Are you sick? I’ll call a doctor for you.”

“No,” Merlin hugged a soft pillow and surveyed him for half a second, “Do you want to marry me?”

Harvey looked at him incredulously, “Yes! You agree?”

Merlin didn’t answer immediately, but said with a serious tone, “I don’t want to live on Bluewood all the time. I like Splendor, and all my family and friends are on Splendor. I don’t like to be constrained, I like to be free.”

Harvey’s face was pale and cautious as he listened. After he thought for a long time, “I have responsibilities in Blue Wood Star, and can not always accompany you. “

Merlin averted his eyes and squeezed his fingers.

Harvey continued, “I’d love to have you as my mate. I’d like to meet any request you have and make you happy, but I can’t lie to you about what I can’t do.” He stood up and then kneeled down on one knee in front of Merlin, “It’s normal for you to like Splendor, and it would not be fair for you to stay on Bluewood all the time.”

Merlin interjected, “Just ……”

“No,” Harvey took his hand in his to keep him from saying what he didn’t want to hear, “Bluewood is my home planet, and I want you to like it.” He looked Merlin in the eye, “Will you stay with me half the time on Bluewood? The other half of the time, I’ll stay with you on Splendor. Bluewood and Splendor are not far apart, so we can stay on Bluewood one month and Splendor the next, or two months in a row or three months each.”

Merlin looked at him in amazement, “You can stay on Splendor for that much time?”

Harvey replied, “That is the longest time I can fight. Of course, I may also need the help of Marshal Cyno. ” His eyes were both expectant and nervous, “Are you willing to marry me?”

Merlin’s golden eyes tinged with a smile, he thought the agreement was good, “Willing.”

Harvey jumped up and reached out to hug him, his voice full of joy, “You really promised me!”

Merlin’s body was lifted up and he was about to push Harvey when the door to the room was slammed open.

Guy rushed in, and when he saw Harvey’s movement, his expression changed abruptly, and he yelled angrily at him, “Bastard, you put Merlin down!”

Harvey’s body stiffened slightly as Guy ran over, looking nervously at Merlin, “Is there any discomfort? Does your stomach hurt?”

Merlin shook his head and slapped Harvey’s arm, “Put me down.”

Harvey carefully put him down, “Are you really sick?”

The doctor who had been urgently called by Guy had arrived, and Guy hastily beckoned, “Come and check.”

The doctor checked Merlin quickly, “The baby is healthy. Don’t be too nervous. Just have to find more food that Young Master Merlin won’t throw up after eating.”

He gave Merlin a nutrient, and after saying some precautions, left.

Guy looked at Harvey, who was standing like a piece of wood, “What are you still doing in there? Get out!” 

Harvey came back to his senses and looked at Merlin, “You – you’re pregnant?”

Merlin nodded and looked at Guy, “Brother, I just talked to him and we decided to get married.”

“Really?” Guy’s eyes widened.

Merlin answered by saying, “I’ll talk to Grandfather.”

When Grand Duke Joop heard the news, he was very angry and expressed his firm disapproval. Merlin told him about his and Harvey’s intentions, as well as his own thoughts, and ideas about the child.

Grand Duke Joop was silent for half a second, feeling somewhat sad and somewhat relieved, “Merlin, you have really grown up. If he can do it, I will agree, but let’s see first.”

Harvey directly moved Merlin to his residence. Guy was originally reluctant, but wanted Merlin to live comfortably, so agreed. Harvey had people looking for a variety of food on the Bluemoon, and found a lot of food Merlin liked to eat and was not earthy food. Within two days, Merlin’s face was much better.

The two did not marry immediately. The Grand Duke Joop insisted they had to meet formally first, and was also testing Harvey.

After the third trimester of his pregnancy, Merlin and Guy returned to Splendor, with Harvey accompanying them.

Grand Duke Joop’s attitude was to very mildly allow Harvey to live in the Joop residence, but wouldn’t let the two have sex. It was not until the New Year that he finally gave in, and in his and Guy’s presence, Harvey and Merlin registered on Splendor.

Meanwhile, the news of Harvey’s big wedding spread on the Bluewood Star.

Merlin accompanied Harvey back to Bluewood, stayed for two months, and returned to Splendor before the spring exams.

Harvey looked at Merlin’s big belly with a nervous face, “It’s not even a month before the due date, why don’t you take the exam in the fall?”

Merlin moved his arms and legs, “It’s okay, the baby is well behaved and I’m in good spirits. I want to take the exam with Yu and the others.”

As soon as Merlin came out of the exam room, he was brought back to the Joop residence by Harvey, the nurse did the examination, and the food and juice were all prepared very completely. Merlin sipped the juice to read the news and frowned when he saw the header ‘Pregnant husband reference’.

When he saw the content of ‘the spirit of the kind of study, worthy of all of us to study’, his face became ugly, Too stupid.

Grand Duke Joop saw his dark face, “Why are you unhappy?” After looking at the light screen, he comforted Merlin, “Don’t worry, it will be gone soon.”

Grand Duke Joop made an angry call and in a moment, all the news about it was gone.

Grand Duke Joop smiled at Harvey with a gentle face, “I can’t bear to see Merlin unhappy, but I’m used to it and can’t change it. You don’t always spoil him.”

Harvey replied seriously, “I like to spoil him. I don’t want to see him unhappy.”

The corners of Merlin’s mouth curled up slightly, and that night he asked Harvey, “Grandfather and Brother are too good in how they treat me. Do you feel a lot of pressure?”

Harvey kissed his forehead, “No, I want you happy. I’m happy to live with you, and from them, I learn how to be good to you.”

He brushed his fingers over his face, “You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

Merlin smiled and wrapped his arms around his neck, “Marrying you was the best decision I ever made.”


Harvey kissed him on the corner of his lips, his eyes focused, “The most beautiful words I’ve ever heard.” 


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Thank you… I hope his majesty and cilo can have a bby too… Kinda imagining now how would they react if cilo is pregnant.. He he he

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The closure! Excellent! ❤️❤️

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I can’t express how happy this has made me!
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July 6, 2021 10:07 pm

And that’s why it’s always good to talk, to make sure both sides are happy with the outcome! Thank you for the chapter!!!

July 8, 2021 8:27 pm

I love how Merlin is written. He is always served the dog food of his friends and saw it isn’t that much different than his family pampering. So he didn’t see the weight of family dynamic. After all Guy is single and grandfather didn’t seems to have alive partner. When he got pregnant, only then he realised he wanted his son to have what Nate had.

Xiao Ying
November 12, 2022 6:30 am

congratulations, merlin and Harvey!

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A good compromise for them both. They’re beginning their marriage on the right foot.

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