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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


At two o’clock in the evening, the surrounding area was dark, only a villa was lit up, and in the night it was very conspicuous. Kevin drove the shuttle quickly, approaching the villa. Once his eyes fell on the villa, his face was swept of all tiredness, and looked soft.

When the shuttle neared the carved iron gate, it automatically opened. Once the shuttle was parked, Kevn stepped out and walked into the villa. The living room was illuminated with a night light, the light was dim but very warm.

The door to the study to the right was open, and the bright light inside spilled out. Kevin smiled and walked to the study. There were two seats side by side in the study, and Elou sat in the seat near the door, his full attention on the light screen, as his fingers tapped rapidly on the virtual keyboard.

His posture was very standard, his back was straight. He was extraordinarily spirited. For someone who was usually always drowsy during the day, he was completely different at this time. Kevin stood by the door and knocked on it, Elou turned his head and immediately jumped up from the seat, his black eyes seemed to gather light.

Elou jumped on him and hugged him, “You’re back!”

Kevin hugged him back and brushed his fingers through his hair, “Mn,” he looked at the computer, “how much longer do you have to work?”

Elou let go of him, took his hand and walked towards the kitchen, “I simmered soup for you, it took a long time. You drink a little and then go take a shower. Before you lie down on the bed, I will be able to finish it and sleep with you later.”

Kevin’s eyes were full of warmth, “So soon? Is the new game coming out soon?”

Elou served him a bowl of soup and handed it to him, his eyes bright, “Yes, we’ve been working on the evaluation for the past two days, and it will be over soon.”

He talked about his work as if his whole body was glowing, and Kevin couldn’t help but twist his head and kiss him on the corner of his lips, “That’s great.”

Elou cupped his face and smiled nervously.

When he got married to Kevin, he always remembered his father’s words, often thinking about what he could do for work.

Once, when Kevin had to go on a business trip, he was worried that he would be bored and unsafe living alone, so he was sent back to school to live during the days. At night he was too spirited and bored and would walk around the dormitory. On the class chat group, he was looking for people to chat with, and Yan Yan saw his post and let him hack with him.

That was his first contact with gaming, and he thought the people who could make games were amazing!

Learning that there were very many people playing the game at night, he felt deeply that it was perfect for him. When he knew that one of them was made by the brother of Yan Yan’s partner, he told him how he admired it, and was introduced to Fei by Yan Yan.

Later, when they all decided to enter the university, he made the decision to learn game production.

During his college years, Fei gave him a lot of help, because he met his roommate, who later became Fei’s partner. After graduation, he and his roommate worked together in Fei’s game company.

He’d been doing this job for years and still loved it, and he had become the amazing person he had admired so much from the first, creating incredible games with rows of code.

Kevin drank his soup and went to his room to take a shower while Elou wrapped up his work.

A short time later, Kevin wrapped his arms around Elou and the two lay on the bed. Kevin asked, “Haven’t they come back yet, Father-in-law and Brother?”

Elou smiled happily, “Mn, they went to a lot of planets this time, in order to play outside a little longer.”

After the promotion of the transmutation agent, his father was also able to turn into human form. After he earned money, his father still didn’t move to Splendor City, but he would occasionally come to Splendor City for a small stay, and Kevin would take him back during his time.

He lay on top of Kevin, “You’ve been busy for so long, go to sleep.”

Kevin lay down and held his hand, “Tomorrow I’ll pick up Kerry and go to the restaurant together for dinner in the evening?”

Elou nodded: “Good, Marshal Cyno’s birthday is coming up, but it’s his hundredth birthday, so you can’t just pick a gift like before. After dinner, we’ll go pick a gift together.”

Kevin agreed, “Okay.”


“Dr. Qin, please help me, my cubs keep crying and their glandular breath is not right.” A male was holding a Carter cat with an anxious look on his face.

He was followed by a very nice natural female with tears in his jewel-like eyes.

Qin Sheng’s tone was gentle, “Take it easy for now, I’ll do the examination and hand him over to the nurse.”

The nurse had a mask on his face and a pair of red eyes that were very beautiful. The male handed Carter to the nurse, who skillfully calmed the cub and moved gently to attach the connecting piece to the cub. The natural female saw the cub’s cries diminish and his anxiety eased a little as he looked at the nurse, “Are you Dr. Qin’s mate, KiKi?”

Kiki’s eyes curved and he nodded, his voice steady, “Yes.”

Qin Sheng eyes smiled at KiKi, opened the instrument to Carter to run the test, and looked over the results, then asked, “What has he eaten before?”

The natural female immediately said, “Mangoes, he saw them for the first time and was very curious.”

“He is allergic to mangoes. Don’t worry, just give him an injection of anti-allergen. But you’d better give him an allergen test to avoid this situation from happening again.”

The male immediately nodded, “Thank you, Dr. Qin, we’ll get the test done right away.”

KiKi expertly gave Carter the anti-allergen and rubbed soothingly on the side of Carter’s neck, who tilted his head and rubbed his hand.

Qin Sheng looked at Carter’s body values and nodded, “That’s fine.”

KiKi picked Carter up and handed him to the natural female, who listened to Carter’s soft purr with a grateful face, “Thank you so much.”

KiK said, “You’re welcome, it’s what we’re supposed to do.”

After the female left the clinic, rubbing the head of the cub in his arms, his mate sighed, “No wonder the neighbors with cub illnesses like to go to Dr. Qin, Dr. Qin and his mate are great.”

The male took him by the shoulders, “You’re great. You won an award for your design.”

The female smiled, “That’s great, I never thought life would be so exciting before when I couldn’t transform into human form.”

The male looked at him, “I never thought of that.”

Probably just like the news report said, they were the luckiest males.

After the morning shift, Qin Sheng and KiKi returned to the shared lounge.

KiKi took off his mask and washed his hands while discussing with Kevin what to eat for lunch.

There was a knock on the lounge door and Qin Sheng headed outside the washroom, “Please come in.”

“Father.” Standing in front of the door was a teenager who looked seven times similar to Qin Sheng, only much more boyish, but with a very similar and gentle temperament. The teenager was carrying a lunch box in his left hand and holding a snow-white, long-haired rabbit in his right hand.

The rabbit was a white mass, you could only see the round tail, his head buried in the gap between the teenager’s arm and body, the little face did not show.

Qin Sheng smiled, and before he could say anything, he heard a colleague passing by the door admiringly say, “Your kids are bringing you lunch again!”

Qin Sheng smiled, greeted the colleagues with a couple polite sentences, and closed the door.

Once the door was closed, the rabbit held by the teenager moved its hanging ears, lifted its head, rolled its red eyes and jumped to the ground.

In the blink of an eye, it turned into a white and soft teenager with baby fat.

“Father,” the teenager cried, then leaned against the teenager who was much taller than him, “Thank you, Brother.”

The two looked very similar, only one male and one female, one gentle and one cute, with a big difference in size.

Qin Chen smiled at his brother, “Little Jing, you don’t have to be polite.”

KiKi went to the two, hugged them separately, and kissed them on their cheeks.

Qin Sheng took the food box and asked, “Have you guys eaten?”

Qin Shen shook his head, “Brother asked us to go to his house for a barbecue. He is going back to Bluewood after attending Uncle Cyno’s birthday banquet and said we should get together more often before then.”

KiKi pulled his hand over to the sofa to sit, while looking at the clock, “You have an appointment?”

“Two thirty.”

KiKi reminded, “You are only six years old, and not allowed to drink.”

Qin Chen and Qin Jing nodded good-naturedly, “Don’t worry, Dad, we won’t drink.”

The brothers stayed until 12:02 and left, KiKi was eating and thinking, “Have you thought about Marshal Cyno’s birthday present?”

Qin Sheng shook his head, “Let’s go pick it out together tonight.”


Warm and lovely decorated kindergarten

The class bell rang, but the pups resisted the instinct to change back to beast form, maintained their human form, and walked outside with short little legs.

When they reached MoMo at the door, they all meekly greeted, “Hello, Dean.”

Even the most mischievous male pups were all docile.

MoMo’s half-length dark green hair softly draped over his back, and his eyes were curved and especially gentle, “Hello children. Line up and go slowly to the canteen, oh.”

The children followed the serial number and lined up obediently.

A lion cub passed by MoMo with eyes full of expectation, “Brother Rona will come again?”

MoMo can’t help but laugh. This cub was a kindergarten bully, not too respectful of the teacher and him, but was very skinny.

His son, Rona, once came to him at noon, and after arriving, went with the cub out to ‘play’, and ever since, the cub had been looking forward to Rona returning to the kindergarten.

“Miss me so much, huh?” The dark-haired teenager approached, his narrow eyes showing a look of pride, “Were you not scared and cried last time?”

The cub puffed out his little chest, “I didn’t cry!” He blinked, “Brother Rona, will you play with us later?”

Rona waved his hand, “No.”

The cubs were disappointed, their eyes dimmed, and Rona smiled, “Later is fine, I have to go to a dinner party later,” his eyes shone brightly, ” Xu will also bring a brother, oh.”

A cub in the front made a long whistle, “Oh? Brother Rona’s prospective mate?”

Rona pointed to the cub, and asked MoMo, “Dad, your cubs here, are they too mature?”

MoMo smiled, waited for the cubs to enter the cafeteria, and groomed Rona’s slightly longer hair, “You knew even more than they do when you were little.”

Rona hooked the corners of his mouth, “I’m smart!”

MoMo skillfully knocked in the middle of his forehead, “You’re smart, so don’t scare the little King, and don’t always be noisy like Nate. The rest of the males, which is not spoiling them?”

Rona retorted, “I’m very spoiled, but you’re afraid they are bored?” He waved his hand, “Lunch is on your office table. It was prepared for you by Father, oh. He’s on a temporary mission, so I’m going to Iriel’s.”


The Palace

It was almost twelve o’clock when Cilo finished his school work.

There was a knock on the study door, and when Cilo opened it, he saw his son Cesar standing outside in a stylish blue suit, looking elegant and gentlemanly.

“Dad, Iriel invited me to the party. I’m going out.”

Cilo walked to the door, took his son by the shoulders, walked to the closet and chose a blue T-shirt and casual pants, “With friends, no need to be so formal.”

Cesar stood with impeccable standard posture, “If people see?”

“What do you fear about that?” Cilo slightly raised an eyebrow, “You are a prince, but you have a private life.”

Cesar’s eyes shone slightly, took the clothes and changed.

When His Majesty came home, he saw Celo sitting in the living room with a slightly wrinkled brow, and he put his hand on Cilo’s shoulder, “What’s wrong? The new school is tricky?”

Cilo took his hand, “No, I want to talk to you about Cesar, you are too strict with him.”

His Majesty defended, “You can’t blame me for that, he has the same personality as you. He is too serious and wants to do his best in everything he does.”

Cilo thought for a moment and wrapped his arms around his neck, “My character like this was also developed later in life. Could it be that he is too stressed out?”

His Majesty kissed him on the lips, “Most likely, shall we have another one?”



After Guy’s marriage, Merlin stopped living in the Joop residence when he stayed at Splendor Star, and built a villa not far from the Joop residence, at the insistence of the Grand Duke Joop. The villa was very large, with a garden, pool, parking, and airport. It was very luxurious.

The garden has long been arranged, surrounded by grill bits, the middle was a long marble panel dining table, with four seats on each side.

A slightly curly, light blonde haired, muscular, teenager leaned against the door, waiting for his friends to arrive.

The first to arrive was Carey, who ran up to Iriel and bumped their fists.

Carey raised a smile, “Brother Iriel.”

Iriel pinched his face, “That’s a good boy, really still young and cute.”

“Is that so?” Rona walked in with his hands in his pants pockets, his narrow eyes slightly raised, “Am I not cute? Or is Nate not cute?”

Out of the group of close friends, Nate and he were the oldest.

Nate entered the room behind Rona, his voice was androgynous and much softer, his tone calm, “I’m not cute, I’m your brother. I can’t be described as cute.”

Iriel kicked at Rona, who dodged it.

Iriel took Nate by the shoulders and led him to the couch, handing him a glass of juice, “Haha, Nate is cute even as a brother.”

Nate said thanks, smiled at him, quietly drinking juice and quietly surveying the surroundings.

Qin Sheng walked in holding Qin Jing, who had transformed into a shaggy rabbit, and Rona scurried over and reached out to hug Qin Jing.

Qin Sheng dodged, “Rona!”

Rona rubbed his hair and locked eyes with him, “I’m not going to bully Xiao Jing.”

Qin Jing jumped to the ground and turned into a teenager, half of his body hid behind Qin Shen and greeted in a small voice, “Brother Rona.”

Rona smiled, “Little Jing is so good? Do you like carrots? Let’s go, I’ll help you roast.”

Qin Jing’s eyes lit up.

At that moment Cesar walked in and greeted Iriel, “Sorry I’m late.”

Nate got up and patted him on the shoulder, “Not late, still three minutes to time,” he smiled, “You’re looking good today.”

“Brother,” Cesar’s eyes were bright, but embarrassed.

Iriel waved his hand, “Everyone’s here, let’s go, let’s go to the barbecue.”

Ever since they were ten years old, they would often hold barbecue parties and everyone was very good at their craft. Nate and Qin Jing were no exception, however the two did not have the opportunity to do it.

Qin Jing sat next to Nate, his eyes curved and happy. “Brother Nate, your new book is great!”

Nate smiled, “Thanks for liking it, Xiao Jing will soon be going to college. Have you thought about what to major in?” 

The fleshy face of Qin Jing tangled up and sounded a little lost, “I’m too timid, I can’t seem to do anything.”

Nate soothed, “How come? Little Jing is excellent in school. Many can not get along with people’s work, ah.”

Rona put the carrots and wings and the first batch of baked goods in front of the two, “Whatever, just pick what you like, eat first, and think about it when you’re full.”

Qin Jing said, “Thank you, Brother Rona.”

Rona raised his eyebrows and smiled, “So polite?”

Qin Jing’s eyes curled, “Dad said to be polite.”

Rona hooked his lips, “I’m not just anyone.” He pointed to the food, “Eat, it’s not good when it’s cold.”

After the group ate their fill, Rona had things cleaned up, led Nate and Qin Jing to their lunch break, and then asked the males to play ball on the court. This was the usual activity of their party. Sofa stools were placed next to the court, specially prepared for Nate and Qin Jing.

Nate and Qin Jing were lazy after eating, and turned into beast form and slept on the carpet in the back garden.

A white tiger and a long-haired rabbit lay next to each other, the wind gently blowing, white fur slightly swaying and mixed together, serene and warm.

The youngsters on the ball field played together, each of them with high spirits.


This was youth.


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