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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


During his college years, Gu Yu didn’t have concerts, but he kept on creating and releasing new songs every year. His instrument ability was getting better, and his singing and composing skills had also improved a lot.

After graduating from college, he started his second Star Alliance tour, but the schedule was different from the first. All of the concerts were held during vacation time, and thus a full tour took two years. At each of his concerts, Nate was there to see them all.

In 2393, after a gap of five years, Gu Yu gave his second concert at Yas.

The venue was the last stop of his second tour.

“Sorry, King Yak is out hunting, and unable to greet you personally.” The official who came to greet him had an apologetic face.

Cyno raised his eyebrows, and Gu Yu smiled, and it was as if time had gone back in a flash.

Five years ago, when he arrived at the planet Yas, King Yak also did not appear because he went out hunting.

The official breathed a sigh of relief, “King Yak has instructed us to ensure the safety of the marshal and his party, and has arranged for your accommodation in the palace. Please follow me.”

Cyno looked at Gu Yu, saw Gu Yu smiling, and did not hesitate, “Many thanks.”

Gu Yu had a very good impression of King Yak’s Palace. It was very comfortable. It was as if he was at home. The marshal’s residence now used the same security equipment instead of guards and it was very comfortable.

King Yak was obviously very attentive, and the residence of Gu Yu’s family was the same as last time. The fresh-faced boy stood in the garden as certain memories came to mind. He inclined his head to look at Gu Yu, “Dad, I came here.”

Gu Yu smiled and nodded, straightening the boy’s bow tie, “Yes, that’s when Nate was lying there.” Gu Yu pointed to a place, and his smile deepened, “Later when I was talking with your father, you ran after a firefly.”

The memory gradually becoming clear, Nate’s eyes slightly brightened, “I met a beautiful uncle, King Yak.”

Gu Yu rubbed his hair, thinking slightly, “You should call him Brother, he is still very young.” Gu Yu finished and hesitated, “This is also not right, because then I should be older than his generation.”

He said with a slightly bemused look.

People are too long-lived, sometimes to find the right name really burned brain cells.

Cyno’s eyes flashed a smile, no matter how long together, he still thought his little mate was super cute. He said, “It does not matter, Nate can call him anything. There’s no kinship, call him whatever you want.”

After dinner, Cyno accompanied Gu Yu for a walk, and Nate suggested that he wanted to wander around. It was safe, Cyno and Gu Yu could keep track of Nate’s movements at all times, so it was reassuring to let him go.

Nate walked forward along the route of memory, passing several places he had explored, surprised to find that nothing seemed to have changed. King Yak’s Palace was almost exactly the same as it was when he came five years ago. He stopped behind a tree, a little excited, still the same as five years ago?

He inclined his head, a flash of silver light scattered into his eyes, and his eyes instantly lit up.

Euphoria exploded in his heart.

He ran towards the silver, and just as when he was a child, he saw the beastly male with silver scales all over his body. The male waved his tail, which lifted and landed in a silvery arc. The male did not make other movements, the huge body slightly undulating, leisurely basking in the moon.

Nate’s feet hesitated for a moment before continuing to walk forward, stopping in front of the male.

The silver eyes opened with a calm look.

The corners of Nate’s mouth curled slightly, “Brother King Yak, we meet again.” He paused, eyes expectant, “Do you remember me?”

The male took human form and sat casually on the ground, one leg bent and one hand resting on his knee, “Cyno’s son,” King Yak said exactly who Nate was, sweeping his eyes over him, “Grew up fast.”

Nate held out a hand, “Five years, not fast.”

Silver eyes moved slightly, “Five years is long? It doesn’t feel like it.”

Nate felt at this moment that King Yak was really a strange brother.

Silver eyes fell on him, “Do you want me to take you back?”

“No,” Nate looked at him curiously, “Brother King Yak, what is hunting?”

The boy’s voice was soft, his skin was fair, and he stood quietly, looking especially well-behaved.

No one could have refused to answer his question.

King Yak, “It’s like hunting in the ancient days of your Splendor Star.”

Nate couldn’t resist asking, “To fight with beasts?”

“Yes,” King Yak’s voice had little rise and fall, “but with no weapons when hunting.”

Nate drew a breath. He had seen many fierce beasts and knew how strong they were. His eyes shone, “Can I come with you?”

King Yak’s eyes flashed with surprise, “You would be scared to the point of screaming, and maybe have nightmares.”

“I won’t!” Nate said without even thinking. No one wanted to be underestimated as a boy of his age.

King Yak, “It’s not important. If your father agrees, I will not refuse.”

Cyno heard Nate’s request, with some surprise, but knowing Nate’s curiosity, it felt very normal. “Yes, you can go if you want. You shouldn’t always follow King Yak. He is very powerful. Do not get hurt.”

Many years later, Nate’s ears still rang with this sentence and then he’d remember the scene of the silver beast and the beast fighting. The silver beast’s front paws slapped the vicious beast, and half of the beast’s neck snapped. That numbing click sound in his ears, while on his face passed a warm feeling, and his nose filled with the rich smell of blood.

A horrible and cruel scene that should have been a nightmare, and while he was indeed stunned, he did not scream and did not have nightmares. Every time he thought back, the words of his father were in his mind, as well as the red eyes he saw after the beast fell to the ground.

Father’s words were very right.

After that Gu Yu’s concerts were very regular, and Nate kept following him, meeting with King Yak once every two years. King Yak was very quiet, dealing with official business, researching high technology, and hunting, almost his entire life.

Nate did not feel the least bit bored. He especially liked to stay with King Yak. King Yak was a quiet and reassuring male, and there were too few like him. He stayed by his side, and King Yak never forced him leave, making him very happy. But when he went to the planet Yas at the age of seventeen, his happy mood was all gone.

King Yak had accepted a match arranged by the minister.

His happy mood was swept away when he saw King Yak eating with a natural female. He returned to his residence and did not meet with King Yak the entire time he was on Yas. He felt alarmed as well as sad.

Perhaps the next time he heard from King Yak there would be the news of his marriage. He did not understand why it was difficult to think of, and he instinctively avoided the question.

The secretary-general shivered, “King Yak, the duke’s son left in tears.”

The silver-eyed youth’s face was cold and lingering, his displeasure evident.

“Let him be,” he grimaced, “Take matters into your own hands. You can step down.”

“I dare not.” A cold sweat broke out on the Secretary-General’s forehead.

King Yak frowned, “Marshal Cyno and the others have already left?”


Silver eyes showed disbelief. Why hadn’t Nate sought him out and told him about the departure? Why was he unhappy, as well as flustered?

He pondered on that question, but his mind was full of Nate.

Suddenly, his pupils contracted.

He liked Nate!

He brushed himself off and rushed out of the office, quickly standing in the hallway again. It was too irrational, he could not catch up with Nate, but he could contact Nate. He opened the terminal, when the words of the secretary-general’s escort outside the promenade came into his ears.

“Alas, the king has failed in matchmaking again. It was obviously so excellent.”

“What’s the use of being excellent, it’s too boring. Natural females are so delicate. Who wants to live with the elderly? No entertainment at all.”

“Also he does not like to talk, so they have to be bored to death.”

“Yes, in fact, before they start dating they are the king’s admirers, but the result after being around him is that they have changed their minds.”

“There can’t be a natural female who can stand the King’s personality.”

“Hey, where’s the king?” The secretary general gasped and ran out, didn’t see King Yak and asked the guard.

The guard exclaimed, “What! The king came out?”

“It’s finished. The king converges his breath, we can’t feel it at all.”

The silver beast rushed into the forest, and after a long time returned bathed in blood. He turned into human form, his expression returned to calm. Bathing and changing clothes he began to read documents, as if nothing had changed.

It was not until two years later that his calm face finally rippled when he saw the invitation sent by the Secretary-General.

The secretary-general measured his expression, “Marshal Cyno’s 100th birthday banquet is particularly grand, if you do not go, it would not be very good.”

King Yak was quiet for half a second before he spoke, “I’ll go.” 


Stardate 2485.5.18 7:00 p.m.

The banquet hall of Splendor Palace was brilliantly lit up, with pyramid-shaped giant crystal lamps hanging from the high ceiling, were bright and dazzling. The banquet hall was filled with the fragrance of wine and desserts. At a glance, the hall was full of prominent figures of the Star Alliance and their families.

It was the 100th birthday dinner of Marshal Cyno.

In recent years, the relationship between the Star Alliance had become more and more friendly, and many people in the field knew each other. Even if the banquet had not yet officially started, the field was also lively. The guests chatted with each other, and the topic of conversation turned to the marriage of their sons without a second thought.

“The son of Marshal Cyno will be married next year, I wonder who will win.”

“I don’t know if my boy has that fortune.”

“Don’t think about it, they grew up together in a group and their parents are close friends, how can they give others the opportunity?” The man sighed and quickly changed the subject to talk about the excellent single males and females of each family.

On the right side of the room, shone silver vertical pupils of a male sitting alone, as he listened to the conversation everywhere. There was no expression on his face, as he held the champagne in his hand, drinking it sip by sip.

“Are you sure that King Yak is here?” Nate asked the Da Yuan in a whisper into the terminal.

“Yes, Master. My information is very complete.”

Nate clenched his fist, obviously usually very calm, but when he heard that King Yak was coming, he still couldn’t help but be nervous.

“Nate, are you ready?” Gu Yu had accompanied Cyno to open the show and came to the lounge after it was over.

Nate turned off the terminal, nodded, and followed Gu Yu to the banquet hall.

Cyno was talking to his majesty, and the guests around were each chatting.

Suddenly, the light dimmed on the stage at the front of the hall, and all eyes looked around. The next moment, the light turned bright, highlighting the beautiful face of Gu Yu sitting at the piano. The dark black eyes of Nate leaned against the piano, and held a guitar.

The man’s eyes fell precisely on Cyno and smiled lightly, “Forever Love” to my partner Cyno. Happy Birthday.”

The youth inclined his head and winked at the frozen Cyno, “Happy birthday, Father.”

Soon, the attention of everyone present was on the song.

The youth’s voice was deep and soothing, Nate was gentle but playful, a song about a partner and a father that moved many people.

King Yak stared closely at Nate on the stage, his palms clenching tighter and tighter.

“Click ……” the wine glass shattered, but he did not care.

Nate glanced toward the right side of the room as he walked off the stage, and his gaze slightly paused. 

It really was King Yak!

But, why keep drinking? He remembered that King Yak was not addicted to alcohol. He didn’t have time to think too much, and was soon pulled away by his buddies.

Rona handed him a glass of beer, “So happy today. Drink?”

Nate thought of the scene of King Yak drinking just now, took the drink and tilted his head and took a big sip.

“Cough cough ……” He coughed so hard his eyes turned red.

Rona jumped in shock, crying and laughing, “How to rush when drinking!”

Cesar patted Nate’s back and handed him a glass of plain water: “Brother, drink a little water to be comfortable.”

Nate drank the water, felt better, but was embarrassed, “Sorry.”

No one dared to let him drink after that, and he couldn’t even if he wanted to. It didn’t take long for him to feel a little dizzy. He got up, “I’m going to the bathroom.”

Qin Jing grabbed him, gazed around and hastily withdrew his eyes, “I’ll go with you!”

Nate laughed and rubbed his hair, “I’ll go by myself. Don’t worry, it’s safe.”

He hadn’t been gone long, but his head was even more dizzy. He stroked his forehead, and suddenly, a man appeared in front of him. He stopped short after bumping into them.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized and took a step back, but his arm had been gently grabbed.

“Not feeling well?” Sounded a soft, worried voice, that was exactly the same as before.

Nate’s body stiffened slightly and his eyes dropped. Covering his slightly red eyes he murmured, “It’s fine, thanks.”

King Yak looked at him and his tone was low, “Not even willing to look at me anymore?”

You are making it difficult for me!

King Yak frowned, “Sorry,” He let go of his hand, “Wait here and I’ll find someone to bring you some lemonade to drink, to help you be comfortable. ” He took a step to the side before his sleeve was pulled. 

“I’m sorry.” Nate’s voice was a little choked and he looked up at him, his eyes red, “I was too rude.”

King Yak, after all, had taken much care of him, and it was right not to like him. King Yak’s face was cold, “Why are you crying? Who has bullied you?”

“No, no one bullied me.”

King Yak looked at him, “The only reason I don’t force myself is because you are happy. But if you are sad, I can’t just sit back and watch. Is it the same person who just made you drink?”

“No,” Nate was a little dumbfounded and hastily pulled King Yak, who was taking a step in the direction of his best friend, “Sh, what do you mean you don’t force it? What do you mean?”

King Yak, sensing that someone had noticed them, lowered his voice, “I like you. But you do not like me so I will not force myself, but you have to be happy.”

Nate’s eyes widened, “You lie, you were obviously matched.”

King Yak’s brain shook, What?! “You …… you thought I was matchmaking before? That is why you did not contact me before directly leaving?”

Nate bit his lip, “Mn.”

The silver pupils dilated, “So, you are ……”

“King Yak,” Cyno’s voice carried a warning, “can you explain what’s going on now? Bullying my son at my birthday party”

Gu Yu took Nate’s shoulder and patted it, “Baby don’t feel bad. This is something to tell Dad.”

Nate nodded and pulled the hem of Cyno’s coat, “Father, it’s a mistake.”

Understanding the specifics was left for after the banquet.

Cyno gazed at King Yak, “I remember someone said that they did not have interest in pups.”

King Yak was honest, “I liked Nate when he was no longer a cub.”

Cyno gave a light hum. Gu Yu tugged on his sleeve and Cyno shrugged.

Gu Yu asked King Yak, “You really like Nate, the kind of like that you want him to be your mate?”

King Yak was serious, “Yes.”

Gu Yu looked at Nate, “What about you?”

Nate nodded his head.

Gu Yu said, “Nate is still young, not even 20, you can fall in love, but not cross the line. Wait until Nate has fully reached adulthood, and if neither of you have changed your mind, then we will consider the marriage, okay?”

King Yak nodded.

Nate was a little shy, voice was very soft, “Thank you, Dad.”

Gu Yu looked at Cyno, who helplessly raised his eyebrows, “As you say.”


That night, Gu Yu whispered and asked Cyno, “Are you mad at me for making the decision?”

“Of course not,” Cyno kissed him, “You were right.”

Gu Yu wrapped his arms around his neck, “I like you. If the people I care about made me separate from you, I would be very sad. I don’t want Nate to be sad.”

Cyno eyes were gentle, “I know, I feel the same way too.” His finger brushed Gu Yu’s eyebrows, “Don’t worry. I know King Yak very well and he is very reliable.” His finger brushed down his face, “We are still very young. Let’s have another one?”


Gu Yu blushed slightly, “Okay.”


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Blizzard passing by said hey~
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