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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Gu Yu was frozen with embarrassment, before he could think of how to respond, he heard Cyno command, “You, come here.”

He hesitated for a moment, trying to keep his face calm, he turned around.

He looked at Cyno in confusion, not understanding what Cyno was calling him for.

Cyno’s eyes fell on his red face, “Why is your face so red? Is the temperature adjustment malfunctioning?”

Gu Yu pinched his lips together. At this moment, he was glad that he was a robot in Cyno’s eyes. He shook his head, indicating that he was fine.

Cyno tapped his chin, “Follow me.”

Gu Yu followed Cyno up to the second floor and walked to the first bedroom on the left. The bedroom was large and had an oversized balcony with a sofa and coffee table on it.

The bedroom and the balcony were separated by floor-to-ceiling windows, which were open at this time, and the wind blew into the house through the balcony window, which was very pleasant. Looking out the window, one could see the shadows of trees in the distance.

Gu Yu was looking around when a warm touch suddenly engulfed his left hand.

He froze and looked down, his hand was held by Cyno’s. His fingers traced along his palm, sliding down to intertwine with Gu Yu’s fingers.

The rings on their hands were side-by-side, glinting in the light.

He subconsciously pulled his hand away and took a step back, only to bump into Cyno’s body, while a large hand gently wrapped around his right hip.

Cyno’s voice came from behind him, “Don’t move, it’s almost eight o’clock.”

Gu Yu stood helplessly, only then realizing that Cyno was standing behind him and holding him.

At this point, his back was pressed against Cyno’s chest, and the other party had a hand on his waist, so he didn’t dare to move at all.

He rarely got this close to people, and the man’s presence was so strong that he was nervous.

Cyno smiled lightly, satisfied with his obedience. He withdrew his hand on Gu Yu’s waist, bent down and picked Gu Yu up, placed him on the bed, and then he pressed himself against him.

Gu Yu’s eyes instantly opened wide and he rolled to the side to distance himself from Cyno.

But Cyno’s left hand was intertwined with his throughout the process, and he could only roll 180 degrees. He was lying on his stomach, ready to continue getting up, when Cyno’s left hand exerted a little force, and he was pulled back and could not turn over.

He tilted his head sideways and watched in horror as Cyno approached him and placed his hand on his back.

Gu Yu made a fist with his right hand, raised his elbow, and was about to slam it back when a warm yellow glow suddenly emanated from the ring on his left hand and his fingers warmed slightly.

Cyno’s voice came from the side of his ear, “It’s eight o’clock, the breeding period begins.”

Gu Yu did not understand and was about to turn over to ask, when the arm around his waist tightened and his whole body was picked up and spun around. In the blink of an eye, he was in a sitting position on Cyno’s lap and leaning in his arms.

He attempted to get out of this position, but his body only slightly leaned forward because his waist was tightly held by Cyno.

Cyno warned in a deep voice, “Be quiet, from now on, we have to keep our hands on each other for at least an hour, and after that no more than three meters away from each other.”

Gu Yu was puzzled, thinking over what Cyno just said. What does it have to do with the  ‘breeding period’?

But even if their hands were intertwined, it didn’t have to be in this position! He bit his lip, carefully patted Cyno’s palm, then pointed to the empty seat beside him. 

Cyno’s eyes darkened slightly. In this position, he was too close to the artificial female’s neck, and the light and pleasant scent of female glands continued to spread, making his body tense.

What’s more, the artificial female was restless, moving on his lap, which was too tempting.

When he saw Gu Yu’s gesture, he did not hesitate to release him.

Originally, Cyno had thought that an artificial female would be unaware, and that this position would not have the least impact on him. He even thought that he would look at his files while doing so. 

Although he was under control, he still had wandering thoughts. He had underestimated Green Source’s technology. 

The artificial females actually gave off the scent of female glands for a prolonged period of time!

Gu Yu hurriedly moved to an empty seat and sat down, however his hand was still held by Cyno. He couldn’t fully turn his body and had to face the wall.

It was a face-to-face position with Cyno, but the two of them were not on the same surface, so it looked a bit awkward.

Gu Yu pointed to the ring and looked at Cyno in confusion.

Cyno leaned back against the bed and raised an eyebrow, “You were refusing the marriage procedure earlier and now you don’t even have common sense programs like the breeding period implanted?” 

As Cyno said this, he looked at his left hand. Because of the posture, the palms of their hands did not fit perfectly, there was a slight pulling sensation on his fingers. Due to the artificial female sitting on one side, it was hard for him to ignore such a position where the glow could be seen.

Reading the documents was out of the question, so he had nothing better to do than to explain to Gu Yu, “To ensure the fertility of the young, newlywed partners must have intercourse every day during the three days after their new marriage. It is the duty of every citizen to raise offspring for the Empire.”

He raised his hand, “This token is a witness of the partner’s identity. Because you are in human form, I bought a ring. The ring is sent to the Partner Registration Center in advance, and the center will fuse the personal terminals of both partners to the ring, and then the private property and rights of both partners are interchangeable.”

He raised an eyebrow, “The initial three days, so that the newlywed partners do not refuse to fulfill their obligations, the ring has the duty of supervision to ensure that the two sides engage in intercourse activities during the breeding period. Otherwise, it will be investigated by the relevant investigation team to determine whether the two sides are falsely married. Of course, if the breeding period does not include intercourse, they will lose credibility, have a high probability of forced divorce, and both parties will be punished.”

Gu Yu froze as he listened. New to the laws here, he still felt that it kinda made sense in a country that valued birth rates. He looked at their interlocked fingers, pointed to the ring, and moved the fingers of his right hand.

If the rings touching together was enough, why not have them wear them on opposite hands? It would be much more comfortable for two people to sit side by side while holding hands.

Cyno was surprised at the artificial female’s intelligence to make the offer.

He swept his eyes over Gu Yu’s flushed face, “You want to wear it on your right hand so that we can hold each other’s hands more easily?”

Gu Yu pursed his lips, he did mean that, but when Cyno spoke it aloud, it sounded like he wanted to hold hands with Cyno.

He nodded, a little embarrassed.

Cyno lifted his chin towards the ring, “It can’t be taken off, and after determining where the token is worn, you can’t change the position unless you encounter special circumstances to apply for a change at the registration center, or you get divorced.”

Gu Yu looked at the ring in surprise. He had turned it before, but did not try to take it off. He had been completely unaware that it could not actually be taken off.

He reached out and tried it. the ring could move within the space of his knuckles, but would not move further. It was indeed impossible to remove it.

Cyno observed his surprised expression, his black grape-like eyes were slightly rounded, looking extra cute. He laughed lightly, “Do you know why they need to be worn on the same side?”

Gu Yu looked at him and shook his head honestly, with a puzzled look in his eyes. Was there a special reason?

Cyno was tantalized by his confused expression, ran his hand along Gu Yu’s waist, then moved his body until his back was touching his chest and held their two left hands close together again.

Cyno whispered in his ear, “Because, in the position of intercourse, with them on the same side, the rings will be next to each other, just like we are now.”

Gu Yu’s expression froze. As Cyno’s meaning became clear, his whole face blush deepened until the red spread down his neck, and even his collarbone became tinged with a layer of pink.

Cyno’s eyes narrowed, sensitive to the fact that the female scent was even stronger. He looked down and because he was quite a bit taller than Gu Yu, he could see inside Gu Yu’s collar. His breath hitched.

He originally only saw Gu Yu’s expression as amusing, however now he had the impulse to tease him, even forgetting the other party’s identity.

Unexpectedly, he reacted even more strongly than the person he was teasing.

Gu Yu slapped Cyno’s hand in a panic and struggled, his feet stomping around and his elbows slamming back.

A dark, muffled grunt sounded near his ear, and Gu Yu moved with fright… he had injured Cyno?

Gu Yu had hit Cyno in a crucial area. It was not painful, but was bordering on a different feeling! He sucked in a quiet breath as instinct and reason warred in his head. Get close to him and possess him!

No, he’s an artificial female, not even a creature!

Gu Yu didn’t realize Cyno’s predicament and nervously craned his head to see what was happening to the other.

Halfway, his waist was released by Cyno, followed by a palm against his head, then Cyno’s dark voice warned, “No turning your head.”

Gu Yu turned his head back, Cyno repeated, “Close your eyes.”

Gu Yu pursed his lips, not understanding why Cyno wanted him to do so. He was a little worried about accidentally hurting Cyno yet he deliberately did not let him look.

He had some regrets as he realized he shouldn’t have struggled. Cyno just seemed to be merely explaining to him, and had no intention of doing anything.

Although, he did not know why Cyno had to demonstrate the posture, even if only by describing, he could understand it!

The more he thought about it, the more uneasy he felt. He tried to turn his head again to see Cyno’s situation. Before his head moved, he was reprimanded by Cyno, “No turning your head, close your eyes.”

Cyno’s voice was still dark, but the volume was much higher. Gu Yu was startled, but relieved. He was so full of energy, so he seemed to be okay.

He obediently closed his eyes and sat quietly.

Cyno made sure his eyes were closed, then rolled over on the bed, the scent of the female glands became distant, leaving his heart empty. He inclined his head in the opposite direction of Gu Yu, trying desperately to suppress the urge.

He moved his right hand, heard the tiny breathing sounds coming from Gu Yu, and he clenched his fist violently.

No, even if the other party was an artificial female and not a creature, he couldn’t settle his erection in front of him!

He sulked and tried to calm himself down, but it was too hard! His five senses were sensitive, and every time he settled down, the faint scent of a female swept into his nose, and the slight sound of breathing rushed into his ears.

Everything made it difficult for him to calm down.

As the sound of increasingly heavy breathing came from behind him, Gu Yu’s heart jerked. Was he hurt?

He bit his lip, opened his eyes, and quickly turned his head. Seeing Cyno’s flushed profile, he rushed to reach out his right hand, touching Cyno’s forehead.

Cyno opened his eyes and saw Gu Yu’s tender face with a worried expression. The gentle touch on his forehead made him understand Gu Yu’s intentions.

The surprise in his eyes flashed, artificial females were so smart?

Gu Yu tested Cyno’s temperature, and then backhandedly tested his own. His brow furrowed. Cyno’s temperature was obviously higher than his.

Seeing Cyno’s eyes open, he hurriedly pointed to himself and then towards the washroom.

Cyno didn’t understand what he meant; as far as he knew, artificial females had no physical needs.

His thoughts were distracted by Gu Yu, and he felt better, realizing that laying in silence was not a good idea, so he might as well find something to distract himself.

He got up and took Gu Yu to the washroom, watching Gu Yu’s movements.

Gu Yu was relieved to see the towel hanging on the side wall of the sink, only it was too high. He lifted his hand, stood on his tiptoes and took down a small washcloth. With difficulty, he wetted it and wrung most of the water out with one hand until it was just damp.

Laying Cyno on the bed, he carefully placed the towel on Cyno’s forehead, slowly arranging it into a long shape so as not to block Cyno’s eyes.

Cyno’s forehead felt the cool touch of the towel, and he looked slightly moved.

This artificial female, thinking he had a fever, was treating him.

Gu Yu’s Goodwill Points +1 prompt appeared in front of his eyes, and he froze, smiling bashfully toward Cyno when he saw his Goodwill Points 2 in the system.

He had always been hated, and to see someone’s Goodwill so bluntly made him happy and shy.

Cyno’s eyes darkened. Did this artificial female not know that he will burn more when he smiles like this?


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Cyno: My artificial female is too smart!


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