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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Gu Yu saw Cyno’s serious face and tensed up, He didn’t get it?

Cyno took a step back, pulling away as he mentally reminded himself: This is an artificial female, don’t be confused!

Only then did he think about what Gu Yu had just done, “You mean, you were resting with your eyes closed to preserve your energy?”

Gu Yu’s eyes glowed and he nodded his head.

He felt especially happy that the message he conveyed was understood.

Cyno was shaken by his shiny black eyes and couldn’t help but wonder what kind of material the artificial female’s eyes were made of that was so realistic.

Based on the way he was acting, the brightness should have been adjusted internally to match his expression.

With this in mind, he stepped forward, held Gu Yu’s chin and looked into Gu Yu’s eyes carefully.

Gu Yu’s face, which had just relaxed, was once again flushed. He was embarrassed and confused.

He tried to free his chin with a little jerk of his head, but failed to do so.

Cyno examined his eyes for a while, but didn’t see it, so he reached out, ready to touch it.

Before he could touch it, Gu Yu closed his eyes. His eyelashes stroked his fingers like little brushes, and the soft, incredible touch traveled from Cyno’s fingers to his heart, tingling and tickling.

Cyno caught his breath and he quickly adjusted to make his tone normal, “Open them, let me see what kind of material your eyes are made of.”

Gu Yu’s eyes opened wide in shock, Material? Seeing Cyno’s fingers reaching towards his eyes again, he hurriedly closed his eyes and shook his head.

Cyno’s finger was once again stroked by small brush-like eyelashes and his finger involuntarily contracted, a little annoyed at Gu Yu.

He didn’t mean it! This kind of provocation, challenging his endurance?

Seeing panic on Gu Yu’s face, his irritation dissipated. Inexplicably soft, his voice crooned, “Don’t be afraid, I’m just curious to take a look. I will not remove them to study.”

Robots seem to be extra nervous about their own body parts.

Gu Yu grew more afraid as a series of horrific and bloody images bloomed in his mind. His face turned red and his tightly pursed lips, because of fear, were tinged slightly white at the edges.

Cyno observed the changes and his face filled with confusion. Was his reassurance not helpful at all? Tsk, the artificial intelligence was no match for natural smarts.

He straightened and stepped back, “All right, no more looking. Let’s go eat.”

Gu Yu’s eyes opened slightly, looking up and making sure Cyno had stepped away, before he dared to open his eyes completely.

This careful and cautious look of his, in Cyno’s eyes, was again cute as can be. He sighed in his heart, Kevin knew him too well. This artificial female, he really liked him in every way, and every move aroused his interest.

He turned his gaze away and walked towards the dining room.

Gu Yu followed him and glanced outside. The lights were already on, the grass was as bright as day, and the sky was slightly dark in the distance, so he had slept for a few hours.

No wonder his physical discomfort was gone. It seemed to be as 003 said, he just needed to rest more.

His body was fine, sitting comfortably on the seat to Cyno’s right, eyes glowing at the food on the table as he waited for Cyno to start before also beginning to eat.

Cyno’s glance occasionally fell on him. Green Source’s technology was great, and these artificial females, even their eating posture, were very human like.

One dish was steamed pork. In Gu Yu’s memory, this dish could only be eaten during the New Year. He liked it a lot, but unlike other children who loved to eat meat, he preferred to eat rice noodles.

He took a piece of steamed meat, covered with pink rice noodles. The faint aroma filled his nose causing the corners of his mouth to curve up. On taking a bite, the rich flavor suddenly exploded along his taste buds and he narrowed his eyes in satisfaction.

After eating the meat, he habitually licked his lips. The only bad thing about this dish for him was that the rice noodles tended to stick to his mouth.

He remembered the first time he ate this, he was still very small, afraid to grab meat with the other children. With a small spoon, he scooped up the rice noodles and ate them, causing them to accidentally stick to the side of his mouth, which he did not notice and no one told him.

Later, after eating, the children all laughed at him, saying that he was so greedy that even the rice noodles got caught before reaching his mouth.

Since then, he ate the steamed pork with great care.

Cyno’s gaze swept over just in time to observe this scene, the pink tongue nimbly sweeping over the lips, and abruptly hiding within the lips. Even with just a glance, he could see that the tongue was incredibly soft.

His eyes darkened slightly and he couldn’t move his eyes away.

Gu Yu and Cyno were not far from each other, and they could see each other in the light.

He didn’t pay attention to Cyno’s occasional gaze, but at this moment, Cyno’s stare was so long and intense that he could hardly ignore it.

His hand holding chopsticks paused, and he tilted his head to look over, realizing his eyes were on his mouth. He became embarrassed, pursed his lips, and then reached up to touch the side of his mouth. Did the noodles stick to his face?

Cyno’s eyes grew even more pensive before he got up abruptly and walked out.

Gu Yu froze, his heart was stuffy and uncomfortable, Was he hated again? He put down his chopsticks, got up and crossed over to Cyno’s seat, took the napkin from the corner of the table and wiped his mouth carefully, but found it was clean.

He stared at the paper and pursed his lips. Although he was used to being hated, somehow, he still felt aggrieved in his heart.

He returned to the living room and looked around, not seeing Cyno.

Gu Yu had just finished eating and didn’t want to sit down straight away. He wanted to go out for a walk around the grass while the morning star’s light had dimmed and didn’t have to worry about getting a bad sunburn.

Only when he reached the door did he see a tall white figure pass in front of him and run off into the woods to his left. He froze before realizing that it was the white tiger!

He was almost certain that the white tiger was not wild and had been raised by Cyno, but he was unsure of the white tiger’s temperament and worried that if he met with it on his walk, he would be attacked.

After all, to the white tiger, he was just a stranger.

He thought about it and decided to not go out, instead walking around the wide living room. Occasionally, he would glance outward as he passed the door, and twice more, saw the white tiger dart past.

On one of these occasions, the white tiger turned its head towards him, but without any intention of attacking, it turned its head again and continued to run.

Gu Yu guessed that it was exercising.

Cyno did not like to exercise vigorously after meals. Even though it would not affect his body, he did not enjoy it. He preferred to eat and then feel the scent of nature with his beast form, lazily resting on the ground.

But tonight was different. He only had two choices; go back to his room and settle things with his right hand, or settle it with exercise. Of the two, he preferred the latter.

The first three days after the wedding ceremony were considered the newlywed couple’s breeding period, which started at 8:00 p.m. on the night the ceremony was completed. The newlyweds must stay together, except for special periods of combat. Violators will be punished.

Now it was almost seven o’clock and he knew his endurance well. Having been on the frontlines before, he had not relieved himself for a long time, and if he started, it would not end for a while.

If he was still in this mood at eight o’clock, and remained in close proximity to the artificial female, he had to admit that he did not have the confidence that he could control himself.

Although until then, he had felt that such a thing could not happen.

He ran as fast as he could, the wind whistling past his ears, his tiger whiskers being blown back as his thoughts swept through him, his self-control seemingly diminished in the face of the artificial female.

No! He ran to the grass and stopped, walked around in a circle for a while, then plopped down on the ground. As he wagged his tail, he found a more likely cause, he had just been holding it in too long!

As Gu Yu passed the doorway again, he found the white tiger lying on the grass, facing to the right.

He paused, thinking about the Goodwill Point Merlin had given him. After a moment, he stepped outside. He walked very slowly, sizing up the white tiger as he went.

The white tiger heard the footsteps and turned his head towards him, his expression was calm and not at all aggressive.

Gu Yu breathed a sigh of relief, smiled at the white tiger, and waved at it tentatively.

Cyno blinked, not quite understanding Gu Yu’s actions. He cocked his head and wondered if the artificial female would act accordingly to the stimulus, and also initiate the deed?

Gu Yu’s eyes curled up. The way the white tiger cocked its head was cute, and more importantly, it was a response to his greeting.

He measured up the white tiger, which was a size larger than Merlin. It seemingly had a high IQ, and he wondered if it was also a beast female.

No, if the white tiger was a beast female, since Cyno raised it, then when he got married, he should have chosen the white tiger.

He approached and carefully leaned closer to the white tiger, making sure it was calm all the time, squatted down beside it and tentatively touched its fleshy front paws.

Cyno’s eyes snapped open and scanned Gu Yu quickly.

Damn it! Did this artificial female think that the command to turn off the seduction program didn’t count when he was in beast form?

Gu Yu was startled by the white tiger’s narrowing eyes, but his smile deepened when he saw the white tiger’s wagging tail, which was friendly.

Cyno saw Gu Yu’s smile, and his heart sank. His beast form would be more comfortable than his human form, but his beast form’s thinking would be affected, more instinctual, and in his opinion, had a plummeting IQ. The human form was more intelligent and wise. The ancestors were able to change from beast to human before society began to develop by leaps and bounds, to the point where the werebeasts were now more inclined to call themselves human.

Once Gu Yu felt at ease, he raised his hand and gently rubbed the white tiger’s neck. He saw the white tiger’s eyes squint comfortably, smiled and continued rubbing.

Cyno couldn’t help but think, artificial female coquettish procedure? I can’t believe that even the beast form has been taken into account. The designers of Green Source are so detailed!

He hesitated for a moment and decided not to stop it. He rested his head on his paws, enjoying Gu Yu rubbing his fur and he began flicking his tail.

He felt a long-lost sense of contentment that he had felt only when he was very young.

When his grandmother was still alive.

Gu Yu looked at the Goodwill Points +1 prompt in front of him. His eyes lit up and he opened the system to see an additional line in the table on the Goodwill Points screen, Cyno, 1.

He froze. Cyno…because the white tiger was raised by Cyno, so it was counted as Cyno?

“Mrs. Marshal, it’s 7:30. Time for you to change your clothes.” Da Yuan called out as it stood at the door.

Gu Yu turned around and saw Da Yuan was holding two sets of clothes. By the look of the colors, they were the two sets he had picked out.

He was a little confused, he didn’t understand why he needed to change his clothes, but Da Yuan told him to change. It must be Cyno’s intention. He got up, waved to the white tiger, turned around and walked back.

He took the clothes from Da Yuan’s hand, went to the guest room, and took a shower. When he was changing, he froze, he hadn’t bought underwear!

He pursed his lips and looked at the underwear he had changed out of, which were already wet with water. Even if they weren’t, he wouldn’t want to wear them, they were already dirty.

He could only wear the casual clothes without any undergarments. The good thing was that the fabric was very soft and the discomfort was very light.

He washed the clothes he had just changed out of, before he left the room.

He found Da Yuan and thought about how to tell it to buy underwear. He hesitated and pointed to the wrist Da Yuan used to surf the Internet, and then pointed to his own pants.

The blue light in Da Yuan’s eyes flashed, “Mrs. Marshal, you are satisfied with the pants and want to buy another pair?”

Gu Yu shook his head. He was still a little shy, even though it was a robot across from him, he bit his lip, then starting from his waist, gestured the shape of his underwear and looked at Da Yuan expectantly.

If Da Yuan still couldn’t understand, he would have to go back to the guest room and bring out the hanging underwear.

Before Da Yuan could respond, Cyno’s voice came from the stairs behind him, “Buy him a bunch of underwear.”

Gu Yu’s face instantly reddened, all the way to the base of his neck, and he didn’t dare to turn around.


Cyno raised his eyebrows. There were still five minutes to eight o’clock, so as not to miss the time, he went downstairs to look for Gu Yu. He did not expect to see such a scene.


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