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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Gu Yu blushed even more when he met Cyno’s eyes.

Their left hands were interlocked with their fingers in the same direction, and he was facing Cyno in order to give him a towel.

At this moment, his was sitting on his knees between the left side of Cyno’s body and his left arm. It looked like he was being held by Cyno.

He pointed to Cyno’s eyes, raised his right hand to his own eyes, spreading his palm with four fingers together, and then his thumb and palm came close to each other.

When the fingertips were next to each other, his right eye was closed at the same time, signaling Cyno to close his eyes and rest.

Once he finished, he lowered his hand and opened his right eye, looking at Cyno expectantly.

Cyno was struck by a blow to the heart, how could he be so cute? The thoughts that had been dispersed by Gu Yu suddenly rushed back like a tidal wave, even stronger than before.

This artificial female, he must have done it on purpose!

He didn’t close his eyes. Instead his eyes burned even more as he stared at Gu Yu, and his thoughts struggled again.

Possess him! He was an artificial female! Possess him… It was on an infinite loop in his head.

Gu Yu’s heartbeat suddenly increased. Cyno’s eyes made him feel vulnerable and uncomfortable. He averted his eyes, wondering if Cyno didn’t understand.

He bit his lip, glanced at Cyno again, reached out his palm and gently covered Cyno’s eyes.

He should be able to understand this, right?

The soft white palm near his eyes, emitted a faint fragrance. Cyno’s eyes narrowed. This was the fragrance of his shower gel.

All the rooms in the villa were equipped with the same shower gel.

He quickly understood. No wonder the artificial female took so long to change clothes, he also took a shower.

The artificial female was quite clean. As he was holding him from behind, his attention had been focused on the fragrance of the glands, not even noticing the scent of the shower gel.

Cyno imagined him in the bath, and certain impulses became even more uncontrollable.

Gu Yu waited for about five seconds, then, to see if Cyno had closed his eyes, he started to lift his hand away, but before it had hardly moved, Cyno grabbed it.

Cyno’s palm was a full size larger than Gu Yu’s, almost completely wrapping around his hand. Feeling the heat from the palm of his hand on his, his heart shuddered violently.

He jerked his hand hard, unsuccessfully. His hand was grabbed by Cyno and pulled down. His eyes met Cyno’s, then dropped away quickly.

Cyno’s eyes made him nervous and panicked. He couldn’t meet Cyno’s gaze for more than a second.

Starting at Gu Yu’s hand, Cyno’s fingers trailed all the way down, stopping abruptly when they reached Gu Yu’s abdomen. He suddenly let go of their hands and said in a deep voice, “Turn around.”

Gu Yu hurriedly took his hand back and looked at Cyno in confusion.

Cyno glared at him fiercely and warned, “No matter what happens, no remembering it, forget about it all! Turn around.”

Noticing Gu Yu’s eyes resting on his forehead, he grabbed the towel and casually threw it to the bedside table, “I’m not sick.” He said, sitting up, curling one leg up and sliding his hand down.

Gu Yu stared at Cyno’s hand hidden under his pajamas and suddenly realized that Cyno’s previous look had actually been a lustful one.

Instantly, he blushed, about to burst into smoke.

He turned around in a hurry, and instinctively tried to leave, but his left hand was held hard. He looked back, and remembered that he and Cyno were still under supervision.

He stood still as a statue, his back turned to Cyno.

No one in the room spoke. The sound of clothes rubbing together and ragged panting became more and more pronounced, stimulating Gu Yu’s nerves. He only felt his left palm being held tighter and tighter, his palm sweating.

Suddenly, his back was rubbed by Cyno’s leg, and he froze, his heart thumping so hard he could hear the sound.

The air in the room was getting hot and stuffy, Gu Yu was nervous and anxious, he was growing heated and he knew exactly what was going to happen to his body next.

He was no stranger to such reactions, but neither was he familiar with them. Although he was twenty-one years old, he had done very little to relieve himself.

Most of his thoughts were on his studies and part-time job, and once he knew his sexual orientation, he was even more afraid to think about these things. Only occasionally, in the morning, would he react inexplicably.

He opened his mouth slightly and exhaled gently, trying to calm himself down.

But it was too difficult, the sound of panting behind him seemed to make the whole room smell heavily of hormones, and the owner of the voice was Cyno – a handsome man who perfectly matched his aesthetic.

He didn’t dare to move. His forehead was covered in a fine layer of sweat, and he was afraid to reach out and wipe it, just in case he drew Cyno’s attention.

Cyno tilted his head slightly to keep Gu Yu out of his view, when suddenly, a faint scent of female glands came to him. His eyes narrowed slightly and he studied Gu Yu.

Gu Yu’s back was facing him. He could see Gu Yu’s flushed cheeks, his small face and body were tense and his thin, petite appearance looked inexplicably pitiful.

His gaze fell on Gu Yu’s neck, leaving only a bit of bare skin between his hair and T-shirt. His eyesight was so good that he could clearly see the thin layer of sweat on the white skin.

He did not stop moving, leaning forward slightly, he gently sniffed close to Gu Yu’s neck. The smell of glands paved the way for him and he let out a muffled grunt.

Gu Yu was startled by the muffled grunt near his ear. He leaned forward and turned his head, with round eyes, wondering when Cyno had got so close to him.

Cyno stared back at him with a complex expression of insatiable satisfaction and annoyance.

The release felt good, but breaking the record for the shortest amount of time in years made him depressed again.

It was all because of the female gland scent, nothing to do with his body!

Thinking about it, he frowned, “Turn your head.”

Gu Yu smelled the air, realized what the muffled grunt just represented, and immediately turned his head.

Cyno grabbed a paper towel to clean himself up, wiping his hands in the process. After finishing up, he nudged the side of Gu Yu’s neck, “Your gland scent, how is it regulated?”

Gu Yu’s body was at its most sensitive at this time, so when he was unpredictably nudged in the neck, he lurched forward in shock.

Cyno’s left hand was strong, and his right hand was wrapped around Gu Yu’s waist, so he didn’t fall off the bed.

“That scary?” Cyno looked at his panic and inexplicably felt some heartache. Then he thought of the other party’s identity, and had some doubts.

An artificial female can also be frightened?

Gu Yu bit his lip, not turning around, he backhandedly patted Cyno’s right arm, signaling him to let go.

Cyno, refreshed and clear-minded, felt even more at odds with the idea that artificial females belong to the entertainment products- a small part of the role was the daily companionship, most of the role was in bed.

At the same time, it would satisfy the psychological and physical ‘desires’ of a male in human form.

This was also in the job description of an artificial female. Regardless of the main personality settings, the attitude of artificial females towards their owner was uniform.

Obedient, pleasing, intimate.

Cyno stared at the hand patting his arm, which clearly meant that Gu Yu didn’t want to get too close to him. Thinking back to the previous scenario, this wasn’t the first time!

Gu Yu frowned as he chewed harder on his lips, even though he could not speak, he instinctively felt that he should not even make a sound.

He patted Cyno’s arm again, expecting Cyno to take it away. At this point, he didn’t want to turn around and reveal his expression.

Cyno hid the confusion in his eyes and let go of Gu Yu’s waist. He withdrew his hand casually, with a slight force to move it away, dropping it down and then retrieving it again.

“Mmm…” Gu Yu gave a muffled grunt and bent over. His body was no longer tense and he curled up, but because of his kneeling position, shrinking in on himself was very uncomfortable.

Cyno froze. His touch, coupled with Gu Yu’s reaction, made him understand that it was not an illusion. This artificial female had a physical reaction.

It was normal for an owner to have sex with an artificial female. If the artificial female did not react at all, cold like a wooden person, the artificial female would not be very popular.

But! He stared at Gu Yu. Cyno didn’t touch him. He just resolved it himself.

Could it be that the program was triggered, and after sensing Cyno’s reaction, the artificial female activated the corresponding reaction program?

Cyno’s eyes were complicated. This explanation was indeed possible, but the artificial female’s reaction was not right. Even if he activated the program to react, he should be close to the owner, not pushing him away.

The artificial female in his family was definitely not right.

He began to ponder, what went wrong?

Gu Yu bowed his waist uncomfortably but he couldn’t stand it. He moved his feet and shifted from kneeling to sitting upright, legs bent in front of him, chin resting on his knees, right hand clutching his legs, panting in silence.

Calm down, calm down quickly.

Cyno thought he was a robot and would settle his erection in front of him. He didn’t forget to warn him to keep it in mind he was there.

Gu Yu knew very well that he was human and Cyno was also human. Regardless, he was embarrassed to relieve himself in front of Cyno, and could only force himself to be calm.

The good thing was Cyno did not produce any more movements that made him hot and was silent for a while, until he was eventually able to calm down.

Cyno kept watching Gu Yu, who was holding his legs, his head on his knees, his mouth pursed until it was white, looking very pathetic, and he suddenly felt the urge to hug Gu Yu.

He clenched his palms into fists refusing to act or speak. He opened his personal terminal to enter the light network and searched artificial females.

[Artificial females can react very differently in bed depending on the owner’s personality- shy, bold, hot, seductive, silent. All kinds of models are available, as long as you want, we will provide them for you.]

He tapped onto the shy category.

[Some master’s prefer shy artificial females. Although they may refuse your intimacy, this is not their true thoughts. He is just very shy, you need a little patience, coax him, let him open his heart.]

[Even if he rejects you, he will then approach you because of your behavior. Is it not very amorous? Try again, he will say yes to you, all artificial females, are good at understanding!]

Tch, so many tricks.

Cyno turned off the terminal and looked at the silent Gu Yu. Was he waiting for him to coax him?

The artificial female was just a means for him to cope with having to get married and he wasn’t prepared to spend effort. It was actually quite nice to sit like this for a night, quiet and not being disturbed.

But looking at Gu Yu sitting pitifully while holding himself still, he could not help but feel pain.

Forget it, just coax it. Anyway, it’s only for three days.

Besides, he was also ready to take a bath at nine o’clock. They must be next to each other for an hour and thenstay within the designated distance. They could not continue sitting apart like this since the distance between the bed and the bathroom was beyond the limit.

Cyno had made a good plan in his mind, but was torn while looking at Gu Yu. How to coax him?

Since childhood, it was always others who coaxed him, he had never coaxed anyone.

After thinking about it, he raised his hand…How about a hug first?



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Gu Yu: QAQ I don’t want to be coaxed!


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Omg! Poor GY, he is struggling!! Cyno is also torn! I can’t wait for the next chapter! How will he coax him? So Cyno is his type huh!? I hope he gets to find the happiness he deserves as he didn’t have a relationship prior to his death!

May 1, 2021 9:31 am

Ahh look at Gu Yu! So pitiful! Gosh you need to do a good job coaxing him Cyno! XD
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Sue R
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Give cyno ” how to coax your wife 101 ” author : many experience gong from other fandoms

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Blizzard passing by say hey~
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Hahahahaha Can’t wait until the time comes where Cyno realizes he’s doing these things in front of a real person and not an artificial product lol

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