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Chapter 10: A Hundred ‘Fireworks’

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo Bows to the Little Ancestor Snow Leopard


Crocodile is Not Fierce: This is really the most delicious food I have ever tasted in my life!!

Cool Wind: Is the host human? Human?? Fake?! Why am I so fond of a human?? Am I crazy or is the world crazy?

Pink Envelope: You’re not alone.

【Deer: Eat well, I’ve been a chef for decades, and now I think I’m not worthy of being one. orz】1

Gu YuMian had been on the air for a little over an hour, and the number of viewers had exceeded one hundred and fifty thousand and was still rising. One after another, they could hardly see each comment clearly. They had so many things to say.

One hundred and fifty thousand viewers had broken Cigarette’s record.

Although Cigarette’s average audience could be maintained at one hundred thousand, his peak was only one hundred and forty thousand. At the same time, the same recommended spot, the same food live broadcast, but the number of people in Cigarette’s live broadcast room was only one hundred thousand.

To this end, Gu YuMian’s response was…

No response.

When the audience number exceeded a certain limit, it was only a number in his eyes, and he couldn’t connect this number with the actual one hundred and fifty thousand people. Gu YuMian looked for a while, simply said hello to everyone, and then still did what he planned to.

“Full?” He touched the little snow leopard’s head. “Rest if you’re full. We can eat salad later.”

When feeding the little snow leopard the kebabs, he was stared at by the little ancestor and ate a little. At this time, he was almost full. Gu YuMian prepared a light lemonade for the snow leopard, but quietly mixed himself a cocktail.

This era’s light rum, mixed with lime juice and soda, plus mint and micro sugar, created the classic mojito. 2 After eating a little greasy barbecue, he took a sip of the mojito and thought it was delicious.

The little snow leopard glanced at him suspiciously, reached for the edge of the cup and sniffed, then pushed Gu YuMian on the cheek with its claws.

“Want to drink?” Gu YuMian shook his head, “No, alcohol intake will

The little snow leopard yawned absentmindedly. Just as Gu YuMian was preaching, he took a sip of the drink in the human’s hand from the position he had just drunk at. After a moment, he squinted happily.

The little snow leopard moved too fast. Gu YuMian had his drink sipped from before he could take it back. His heartbeat suddenly skipped a beat!

A snow leopard, after all, was in the cat family. On Ancient Earth, alcohol intake was not good for a cat’s liver and brain, and excessive consumption would even lead to death. Gu YuMian panicked until his heartbeat violently and he was short of breath. After a long time, he slowly realized that this was the interstellar era.

The animals had evolved physically and the alcohol, which once killed cats, was now completely harmless, but he still dared not let the little snow leopard taste it.

The little snow leopard looked at him in a strange way. He hesitated for a moment, stretched his paws and gently pressed it on the forehead of the human. There was imperceptible tension and regret in the gray and blue pupils.

Gu YuMian held his little paw tightly and breathed out a sigh of relief.

It all happened so fast that he didn’t even notice that his audience was discussing the cocktail they had just tasted with the little snow leopard.

Soft: Good drink!! It’s such a good drink!!! What kind of cocktail is this?

Short Giraffe: My roommate heard that I was watching a live broadcast of a human and was enjoying it. He thought I was crazy.

South China Tiger Will Never Blind Date: Ah! The host! I have kissed him indirectly!

The little snow leopard was stunned, and the color was slightly heavy after a moment, “…”

He had forgotten that the audience was watching from his perspective.

“You really can’t drink it. Just now I almost forget it, you little drunkard.” Gu YuMian sighed, shook his head and arranged his mood. He put the glass away and began to make a salad.

It was a salad, but cats didn’t need to eat too many vegetables, so he chose a Caesar salad since it was mainly chicken breast with lettuce, onion, and carrot. The synthetic chicken breast had been cut and Gu YuMian added new charcoal, put tin paper on the barbecue net and began to roast the chicken. 3

“It’s a salad,” Gu YuMian explained. “It’s refreshing. It’s good after a greasy meal or before a meal.”

He poured a little olive oil on the foil, then added the chicken breast, salt, and pepper. Gu YuMian turned it over from time to time and squeezed a layer of lemon juice on both sides of the chicken to make the skin turn a golden yellow.

This process took a long time, and the chicken breast was quickly cooked. Gu YuMian wrapped the chicken breast directly in foil and chilled it for a while.

Lettuce, carrots, and tomatoes were washed, sliced, and neatly stacked on one side, and glass bowls were readied. Gu YuMian mixed the chicken breast with a proper amount of vegetables and put another sauce on it instead of salad dressing.

At this moment, the barbecue tasting was over, and the bullet curtain was quieter. Normally speaking, when a food live broadcast entered this kind of ‘intermittent moment,’ the audience number would inevitably fall. After all, it would normally be over.

However, Gu YuMian’s studio was the opposite, and his audience was growing steadily.

Due to the high amount of viewers, Gu YuMian’s live studio had now been on the ‘Most Popular of the Day’ list, which was also a highly exposed recommendation. The live studio on this leaderboard would be randomly displayed on the homepage, not only with the title of the cover and the live studio but also the content of the live studio could be previewed directly by the audience.

And the content of Gu YuMian’s studio was so special and attractive. There was no deafening background music, no dazzling advertisements.

——The sky was a very beautiful golden red 4 with the sea breeze passing over the ear. From the preview, the audience directly followed the little snow leopard sitting on Gu YuMian’s shoulder, their ears touched the human’s soft hair, and their heartbeat began to slow down with the youth’s even breathing, entering a gentle rhythm.

Gu YuMian was very organized. Even if he was just frying chicken breast and making a salad, it gave people a sense of familiarity and attachment. Just looking at it was a kind of enjoyment.

Ten seconds later, many viewers couldn’t help but click [Enter Live Room.]

“The vegetables in the salad can be matched to your taste,” Gu YuMian said as he filled the bowl. “Ah, so can the sauce.”

The snow leopard sat on Gu YuMian’s shoulder, with a serious and elegant manner, waiting for Gu YuMian to feed him. Gu YuMian took the chicken breast and tomato and fed the leopard two mouthfuls. At first, the snow leopard was a little reluctant to eat vegetables. After chewing two mouthfuls, he opened his eyes slightly.

——This was a way of eating that had never been seen before.

The roasted chicken breast meat was tender and crispy, mixed with the flavor of the sliced tomato, it cleaned the greasy feeling left in the mouth after the barbecue. And the sauce was the finishing touch, solved the contradiction so that the delicious chicken breast meat and tomato complemented each other.

There were many complicated cooking methods in the interstellar era because there were many cooking books handed down from Ancient Earth, but they were all written by human cooks. The simple things, such as barbecue and salads, were lost.

Since the beginning, new audience members had been pouring in. After tasting the flavor of the salad, this group of doubting new audience members had been completely won over.

Marshmallow: Ah, ah, delicious!!! I don’t like vegetables but now they seem good to eat!!!

I love Immortals: This taste is awesome!! So refreshing and not greasy at all!!

Liang Feng: I was looking forward to it when the anchor was doing it. It didn’t disappoint me.

Pink Envelope: I’m sorry, I have no culture, but I can only say that it’s really delicious!!

Immediately, the audience began to give gifts, and the barrage was piled up again.

At this moment, Gu YuMian took a look at the number of audience members and was a little surprised. He remembered a line said for weekend traffic, “Don’t send too many gifts, if you want to, it’s okay, but it’s not needed…”

Since everyone was so supportive, why didn’t he show a little?

Gu YuMian fed the snow leopard salad, thought about it and said, “Thank you for your appreciation. I’ll draw ten viewers in a moment, and each of them will be sent a salad.”

After hearing this, the little snow leopard suddenly became unhappy. Grey and blue eyes stared at Gu YuMian unpleasantly. It was made for him. What was with the lucky draw?

Gu YuMian, “??”

However, the audience and the little snow leopard’s mood was exactly the opposite, the bullet curtain had exploded!

South China Tiger Will Never Blind Date: Ah!! I can finally eat the dishes made by the host!!!

There’s a Cloud: Fool, wake up, ten out of 170,000 people?

Puff: What if? What if?? I really want to get it!! 555

What Gu YuMian didn’t know was that there was a rule in Star Live. According to the rules, people who gave more gifts to the audience in the live room were also more likely to win the lottery. As a result, the special effects of various gifts occupied the light screen for a while.

After all, everyone wanted to increase their chances of winning.

The little snow leopard was even more displeased. He looked at the special effects of the gifts and narrowed his eyes slightly. After a while, where Gu YuMian couldn’t see, a light screen unfolded, and the little snow leopard reached out and pressed something on the light screen.

The next moment.

——An extremely gorgeous special effect occupied the whole interface, first there was a Firework that exploded, and then a Meteor Shower fell!

User ‘Shuo’ presents 100 Fireworks to the anchor Gu YuMian, triggering a half-hour platform lottery. Everyone is welcome!

Gu YuMian, “???”

One firework was worth ten thousand stars, one hundred was a million stars.

Almost all online viewers and anyone on was shocked.

Takk was just an edge satellite and this was the first time since Takk’s live broadcasting platform started that this happened. 

Cigarette waited for a long time. He was waiting for Gu YuMian to be removed from the recommended position, he waited for the news, and his face turned green with anger with every passing moment.

Although, his idea was very simple.

The little snow leopard glanced at Gu YuMian. In this way, he was the most likely to win the prize. Maybe even ten of them were, so——

Gu YuMian stared at the screen, but before he knew it, the screen was still occupied by the special effects of the gift, and the bullet curtain could not be seen.

“It’s too expensive,” Gu YuMian was worried about whether the audience was shaking their hands and pressing the wrong button. “Is this a bug in the system? A hundred fireworks?”

Liang Feng: To be honest, I am as shocked as the host.

Marshmallow: This is a real big guy!

YuYu’s Stomach Rumbles: The host should move quickly!! I can’t wait!! I want a salad, ah!!

Gu YuMian waited for a long time but didn’t see the audience member who smashed one million-star coins come out to say anything. Unable to help the audience’s various urges, Gu YuMian released a light breath and clicked the button to draw ten audience members.

The results showed up quickly.

Gu YuMian looked at the light screen and said, “Congratulations There’s a Cloud, South China Tiger Will Never Blind Date and the others who have won a salad.” 

The special effects of the present finally passed, and ten lucky people were soon envied and hated by everyone. And every time Gu YuMian read a name, the face color of the little snow leopard got darker.

Why didn’t I get it?!


Capital Star.

Lu Xue walked into the studio contentedly holding the tightly wrapped express box.

The little anchor was so considerate. After asking about her as a giraffe, he made a whole vegetable salad and sent it back. Now that the traffic was well developed. It took less than a day to send it from Takk to Capital Star.

“Hello, Miss Lu,” the passing staff greeted her one after another. “Mr. Guo has already started to have lunch first, and will start shooting after eating.”

Lu Xue nodded, “Okay.”

She was a model and was lucky to shoot a public service short film with the most popular superstar in the whole star, Er ShiSi Guo. She was also very nervous and couldn’t eat when she was nervous until yesterday when she saw the live broadcast.

Just thinking about the taste yesterday, Lu Xue couldn’t help drooling. She went backstage and several familiar models came around to talk to her. They were going to start shooting in a while and everyone was feeling the pressure.

Lu Xue wanted to save the salad from Gu YuMian for later, but she hadn’t eaten for a long time, so she couldn’t help unpacking it.

“Ah Xue, you can still eat?” The models were surprised. “What is this? Is this something new from Elbet?”

“This is from a human. Well, in a word, I won the lottery.”

After the bumpy road, the salad was not as good as it was when plated, but because of careful packaging and various protective measures, the taste was not different. Lu Xue couldn’t wait to take a bite and put it into her mouth. It was so delicious that her scalp was numb!


After hearing the word, everyone frowned a little uneasily.

Gu YuMian had just become popular recently. He was not widely known on Takk, let alone the distant Capital Star. Here, the stereotype of humans was still very deep.

“It’s delicious. Would you like some?” Lu Xue said.

“Ah, I still can’t eat, thank you.”

“That, I can’t either. Ah Xue, eat it yourself.”

“Eat less. After work, we’ll treat you to Elbet restaurant. It must be better than this. Cough.”

Several models watched Lu Xue eat the plate of “grass” that looked a bit bad, and couldn’t help but feel sad. See what it was like to starve the child? How dare Lu Xue eat this kind of food?

She said it was made by a human. Didn’t humans stink? What’s more, wouldn’t humans secretly add something bad to the dish?

There was a growing concern.

Lu Xue didn’t care about her companion’s idea. It may be a vegetable dish and she usually ate other things herself, but what Gu YuMian made was so delicious! Gu YuMian had spent a lot of time on the collocation and cuisine of vegetable dishes.

The proportion of tomato and lettuce was just right. All the vegetables were clean and tasty, with the specially prepared sauce… What’s more, she could feel a trace of energy flowing into herself after eating a few mouthfuls!

As a model, her ability in adulthood was ‘posture.’ Her spiritual power rating was not high, but now she can feel her spirit was abundant, and the power had the potential to upgrade.

“…!” Lu Xue murmured, “I don’t believe it, it’s really delicious, and I feel

She would like to recommend this salad to her friends and recommend the host with this treasure she found. However, her friends all declined, which made Lu Xue feel sorry. Just then, she was patted lightly on the shoulder.

“Is it made by a human?” The one who patted her smiled and asked, “If you don’t mind, can I have a taste?”

Lu Xue’s eyes widened slightly and stuttered, “Of Of course!”

Black-and-white fur, round ears, chubby body, two big black eyes that were more and more lovely, just like a plush doll. 5

It was Er ShiSi Guo! 

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Translator Notes:

  1. orz is an emoticon that represents someone who has fallen over or is bowing down on their knees and perhaps pounding their head on the floor. The o is the head, the r is the arms and upper torso, and the z is the rest of the body and legs.
  2. Mojito Image result for mojito
  3. Image result for chicken caesar salad with carrots Closest Ceasar salad I could find with carrots. Most chicken Ceasar salads are romaine lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese, and tomatoes. Random fact: A traditional Ceasar dressing’s main ingredient is actually anchovy and Ceasar dressing was created in Mexico, not Italy. :D
  4. Here’s a picture I took back in Japan, imaging the sky looked like this. IMG_1649.JPG
  5. Baby Panda. Image result for panda young adult Image result for so fluffy meme


Hey all, Founder and Creator of Exiled Rebels Scanlations here. I created ExR back in March 2017 which is when our first manga was released. We started doing novels in July 2017.


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