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Chapter 103: Seventh World (7)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

It was not easy to let out his anger so Bai Duan stayed for another night and then finished making the required charms. The next day, he was a little depressed. But at least he was energetic, so it would not affect the next steps.

Just after arriving at school, Bai Duan’s cell phone rang rapidly obviously, someone on the other end of the cell phone couldn’t wait.

A few minutes later, Bai Duan and the boys threatened by the pen fairy sat in the library cubicle.

The two boys looked excited and looked at Bai Duan as if they were looking at their Savior. Heaven knows that they had tried countless ways since they were entangled by the ‘pen fairy.’ They even went to the most efficacious Taoist temple in this city, but they got little help.

At first, when their roommate gave them the amulet painted by Bai Duan, they didn’t believe it very much. After all, they never heard that Bai Duan knew these types of things. But with the attitude of trusting what they had seen and trusting what they didn’t, they kept the amulets well, and were surprised by the result.

Last night, they didn’t meet any ghosts again. They even managed to get some sleep and woke up safely. Suddenly, the image of Bai Duan rose in their hearts.

If it wasn’t for fear of affecting Master Bai’s rest, the two probably couldn’t bear to wait and call him until school time. But when they sat face-to-face with Bai Duan, their hearts that had been hanging up all the time, relaxed.

Listening to the two boys’ gratitude, looking at their deep dark eyes, Bai Duan didn’t feel too much sympathy and pity it was their own fault that they had self-inflicted themselves with trouble, “Are you two the only ones affected?”

The two boys choked, looked at each other, and shook their heads carefully, “Besides us and the third person who died, there is one more, Zhang Bin. Zhang Bin is from this city. After the third person jumped, he dared not stay in school and ran home. After getting the amulet last night, we tried to call him, but the phone never connected. We… I dare not go to him…” After licking their lips, the two boys were worried and sorry, “We don’t know how he is now…”

Bai Duan frowned and felt bad subconsciously, “Do you know where Zhang Bin lives?”

“I know! He invited us to his house, and I remember his address!” A boy nodded repeatedly, took out his cell phone in a hurry, found the address in the memo, and handed it to Bai Duan.

Bai Duan wrote down the address, “I’ll go to him in a moment. Now I’ll deal with the two of your problems first.”

Hearing Bai Duan’s words, the two boys felt relieved as if they had solved a big problem. They sat up in a hurry and stared at Bai Duan with burning eyes.

Bai Duan took out two little people made of yellow paper from his school bag and handed them to the two boys, “Drop blood on them respectively.” Since this was the first time he was using this kind of avatar, Bai Duan was not sure what the effect would be. He simply added another sentence, “Several drops.”

The two boys didn’t know that Bai Duan was still a fledgling. They respectfully and tremblingly took the paper man from Bai Duan, took out their Swiss Army knives and cut their finger tips without hesitation. All of a sudden, the red blood dropped, and in an instant, the yellow paper man was dyed bright red.

“Almost done.” Bai Duan nodded, took both the paper man back to his hands, and silently recited the Dharma mantra that he had just learned last night.

The two boys tied their wounds with bandages. Fortunately, since they were attacked by the pen fairy, they had been carrying a lot of first-aid items. Then they stared at Bai Duan’s action for a moment, and watched the paper man soaked in blood dry harden at an absolutely abnormal speed. Their trust in Bai Duan was deepened and layered with awe.

The two boys could only see the changes on the surface of the paper men, but Bai Duan himself had a deeper feeling.

He could feel that there was a breath emerging from the two paper men. As recorded in the ancestors’ notes, they gradually took on the aura of the living people. In this way, he should be able to cheat the ‘pen fairy’ who judged the target according to the ‘aura.’

To be honest, although the paper men were made by himself according to the records, Bai Duan still thought it was quite magical. Fortunately, he remembered that the occasion was not right. He tried to restrain his impulse to turn the paper man over and over for a good study. He put the paper men away in an enigmatic way and then took out two spells.

“This is the breath gathering talisman which can temporarily cover up your breath. As for these two paper people, your avatars, if the ‘pen fairy’ wants to find you, it will follow the breath of the paper people and ignore you while you wear the breath gathering talisman.” Bai Duan looked at the two boys who couldn’t wait to put the breath talismans in their chest pocket and said, “In order to avoid accidents, you should not run around today and stay obediently of course, don’t go back to your dormitory and other places where you often stay. Find a place where you don’t often go, but where there are many people and the security is high.”

The two boys naturally listened to this very seriously as it involved their own lives, and they would certainly follow Bai Duan’s words carefully. Bai Duan thought for a moment and decided that there was nothing else to say, so he took the lead in standing up and said, “I’m going to find your roommate.”

The two boys watched Bai Duan leave respectfully and began to discuss in a low voice where to hide. As for Bai Duan, he quickly came to the school gate and raised his hand to hail a taxi.

The passenger’s door was opened, and Bai Duan had just bent in and not yet explained the location when the back door of the taxi suddenly opened. Bai Duan and the driver were startled. They turned their heads. Just as the driver wanted to shout, he heard Bai Duan say, “Liu Tao? Why are you here?”

Liu Tao sat down in the back seat, raised his eyes and smiled happily at Bai Duan, “I was paid last night. Of course, I want to help you to the end. That’s a credit.”

Listening to Liu Tao talk about last night. Bai Duan’s ears turned red in a flash. He moved his eyes away in a hurry, ignoring the sudden peace and joy in his heart, and his tone was deliberately stiff and indifferent, “Follow me.”

After that, he handed the address note to the taxi driver and ignored Liu Tao. Seeing that the two had reached an agreement, the taxi driver stopped talking and immediately stepped on the accelerator.

After the rush hour, the road was not congested. Half an hour later, Bai Duan and Liu Tao came to the community where Zhang Bin lived and asked the guard for the specific location. When he went upstairs and came to Zhang Bin’s house, Bai Duan felt a sense of yin and death before he knocked on the door.

Frowning, Bai Duan subconsciously turned to look at Liu Tao. Liu Tao shrugged. “It looks like we’re too late.”

Bai Duan sighed, and for a while he was at a loss, “What shall we do next?”

As soon as the words came out, he was stunned. It seemed that he could not believe that he would unintentionally say such dependent words. From childhood, Bai Duan had always been very independent, and even his parents often complained to him that they didn’t think it was fun raising and worshiping their son. Because of his precocity and independence, Bai Duan had always only depended on himself. He was used to deciding and solving his own affairs, and he was confident that he could handle everything well.

However, in front of Liu Tao, the relationship between dependence and being independent had suddenly changed. It was clear that Bai Duan didn’t know Liu Tao at all and was alert around him, but subconsciously trusted him and relied on him. What was worse, Bai Duan found that he was even a little lazy and didn’t think for himself, so he directly asked for help.

This… it was so weird.

Bai Duan’s heart was tangled. He turned to look at Liu Tao and suddenly his eyes narrowed. He thought of Liu Tao’s whisper in his ear last night when he was cleaning his gun and going to fire.

[How can you forget how to kiss every time? I have to teach you again?] 

Bai Duan remembered that Liu Tao said that. At that time, he was addicted to Liu Tao’s kiss, so he didn’t think there was anything wrong with this sentence at all, but now in retrospect, he realized that there was a lot of important information in it.

[Every time?] [Forget?] [Teach again?] Bai Duan’s brain quickly turned, and soon linked these words into a love story of a dog’s blood marriage and reincarnation. He could not help but smile a little.

Because cousin Lin Lin liked to read novels on the Internet most, although he was not interested in it, Bai Duan inevitably learned something about it. He always sneered at these stories, but never thought that one day, he would become the protagonist who was splashed with dog blood.

However, even if it was unbelievable, it was also a logical explanation for why Liu Tao was so obsessed with him and had a calm and familiar attitude towards him. And why Bai Duan didn’t hate his way of doing it.

For Liu Tao, Bai Duan was more angry than bashful but just imagining other people doing the same thing to Liu Tao, Bai Duan was sure that he would go on the road of crime, and there would be no residue left of that guy. How could he live like Liu Tao before his eyes?

Bai Duan’s willpower was strong, and he quickly digested and accepted the setting but there was another problem. Even if he was a former lover, after reincarnation, he had lost his memory and had already become a new existence. So what Liu Tao liked was his former self and not who he was now?

Bai Duan felt that the problem was a little unsolved, and he was not going to think deeply about this complicated emotional tangle at present. He looked at Liu Tao who took out his mobile phone, wondering, “What are you doing?”

“Calling the police.” He didn’t know that his lover had thought so many things between the lightning and the flint, and even accepted the setting of two ‘former lovers.’ Liu Tao’s tone was calm and brisk, “Now there’s a ‘murder case,’ and a dead person, so of course, we need to call the police. Let the police solve the problem!”

Bai Duan, “…”

Dear, don’t you think the painting style of the whole plot has suddenly changed? It’s a miracle. You’re going to pull the wool over the police?! This was not a criminal investigation film!

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