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Chapter 11: Shortlisted

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


As everyone knew, the Guo family was the only family close to humans in the galaxy. Maybe because their old ancestor was human, even if a human’s status in the interstellar era was declining, the Guo family had not discriminated against and excluded humans and would try to help a human in the best possible place.

“Of course not!” Lu Xue changed to a new fork and handed it to Er Shisi Guo, “Try it, er… It may not be so appetizing, but I think it’s delicious.”

The panda’s shape was so cute and round. He sat next to Lu Xue and his short legs couldn’t reach the ground. He took the fork with his soft claw. After a while, his round eyes were slightly enlarged——

“Delicious!” Moreover, for a few moments, he felt that the inexplicable familiarity that seemed to resonate with some kind of love and intimacy inherited from his blood.


“Really! Can I have some more?”

Er Shisi Guo nibbled at the fork with the posture of nibbling bamboo, and could not help but want to taste some more.

In a few minutes.

“Ah,” Er Shisi Guo patted his fluffy belly with his paw and was so satisfied that even his hometown dialect came out. “Good meal! Which chef made this? Maybe I can help him.”

Lu Xue saw that Er Shisi Guo was really approachable. Although he was the most popular superstar, he was not domineering at all, just like an ordinary friend. She said, “Oh, this is not a chef. It’s a human anchor.”

“Anchor?” Er Shisi Guo was stunned.

“Yes, he’s in Takk, surnamed Gu.”

Er, Shisi Guo seemed to only be able to repeat, “Gu?”

Lu Xue nodded, and a moment later, she also responded, “It’s… Why?”

Now there were only a few human beings and most of them lived at the bottom, scattered on various satellites.

Only a few human families had entered Capital Star. Among them, the Gu family had managed to squeeze into the Central Urban District of Capital Star running many generations of their business. The family was a very rich one. Of course, in the eyes of people in the Upper Urban District, it was nothing.

Gu YuMian was both a human and a Gu, which made the panda think more. But since he was the eldest in his family, how could he go to Takk alone? He thought about this at the same time.

After a while, Er Shisi Guo scratched his head and asked, “That… What do you think of the live broadcast of this anchor?”

After all, as an interstellar superstar, Er Shisi Guo’s schedule was very full. Recently, after the start of construction in early spring, his schedule exploded. There was no time to sleep, let alone have fun. But if he watched a live broadcast for more than ten minutes, his agent shouldn’t say anything, right?


At the end of the live broadcast, Gu YuMian did not know that he had set several records in the Takk live broadcast industry. One million-star coins, even after sharing with the platform, he would receive 400,000. He looked at the 400,000 in his account and felt that the world was no longer real.

What did he do? Move into a mansion and became rich overnight?

“Do I deserve it?” He asked, “TuanTuan, I don’t deserve it.”

Snow Leopard, “…” He looked down at the man, and a moment later he reached out his claws and pressed them on his forehead. The two of them were a matching mate-pair, who dared to object?

Gu YuMian was really worried about his conscience. He hesitated for half a minute and clicked on the optical computer to send a voice message to ‘Shuo.’

[Hello, I’m Gu YuMian, the anchor on Star Live platform. You just threw me a hundred fireworks in the live broadcast. I’ve got it, but I’m sorry for taking your money. If it’s convenient, I’ll give it back to you.]

As soon as the message arrived, Gu YuMian heard a clear “Ding Dong” nearby. At the same time, the optical computer on the neck of the little snow leopard’s neck was flashing.

Gu YuMian, “??”

Snow Leopard, “…”


After the last meeting with Fennick, they had dealt with some things. He had changed the optical computer into the original configuration, just to prevent Gu YuMian from noticing the abnormality. The appearance and basic settings were also the same as the child’s optical computer.

Every time the child’s optical computer received a new message, it would have a very obvious tone and flash.

Fortunately, Gu YuMian did not associate ‘Shuo’ with the snow leopard.

“New SMS received?” Gu YuMian held the paw of the snow leopard and thought about it. “Is it a spam message? TuanTuan did you look at it? Do you want me to help—”

The little snow leopard pushed his head away, jumped off Gu YuMian’s shoulder, opened the door with his claws and went downstairs.

Gu YuMian, “…” He sighed.

Was this child in love? A rebellious period? If he couldn’t do what he wanted, would he lose his temper? However, the prompt from his optical computer soon interrupted Gu YuMian’s thoughts.

[Shuo: No need.]

The most common way of communication in this era was virtual video, which could project people directly. Secondly, there were video and voice messages. Only a few people sent text messages.

Gu YuMian looked at the sea in the distance and put it another way, [Thank you so much for your love, but I hope to return it.]

No matter what kind of family, a million wasn’t a small amount of money, right? Moreover, the average age of the people watching the live broadcast was not high, and there were a few young children or even minors.

In half a minute.

[Shuo: No thanks.]

Gu YuMian, […Sorry, is it convenient to talk to me?]

Gu YuMian felt that the other party didn’t understand his meaning, hesitated for a moment, and clicked to initiate an online phone invitation — the other party may not be in a convenient situation for video communication, but a phone call would be okay right?

The ring was long and loud for a whole minute. Just as the phone was about to hang up automatically, it was picked up.

‘Shuo’ seemed to be close to the sea. Gu YuMian heard the gentle waves and wind in the background. For a moment, neither of them spoke. After a while, the other side spoke first, “Any questions?”

It was a wonderful voice.

The deep voice was like an expensive cello. When hearing it, it made Gu YuMian feel like he drank a glass of mellow wine and was slightly drunk. His voice was so low that he could hear some tension, unnaturalness and intimacy from the cold tone.

Gu YuMian suddenly forgot what he was supposed to say.

The microphone conveyed the breath of two people, deep and shallow, blending in the gentle night.

“I see,” after a long time, Gu YuMian smiled helplessly. “At least… Allow me to thank you, Mr. Shuo. Did you like the salad tonight? I’ll send you a separate one.”

Gu YuMian decided to make this salad seriously.

Shuo closed his eyes and said, “Okay.”

Gu YuMian, “If there’s nothing else—”

Unexpectedly, Shuo heard this and interrupted Gu YuMian, “Don’t hang up.”

Gu YuMian was slightly shocked.

On the other end of the phone, someone’s lips were slightly pursed, with no explanation.

This duplex had the best sea view in the whole Haiyi Yue area, surrounded by the sea on three sides. Therefore, in the initial design, a lot of terrace facilities were made to facilitate sea viewing. At this moment, there was a glass of vodka on the balustrade of the second floor.

The man’s knuckled fingers were holding the glass, and the other hand was on the edge of the balustrade. The sea breeze melted into the night and blew gently. At the other end of the phone was the man’s shallow and even breath, which was a rare moment in his life.

He gazed down at the light wine, and after a moment drank it all, frowning slightly.

It was not as good as Gu YuMian’s.

It was a wonderful feeling of silence. Gu YuMian was even a little sleepy. Holding the optical computer in one hand, he thought to himself, where was Xue Tuan? Was he drinking in secret?

He gently opened the top garden door and went down the stairs.

Gu YuMian made a big circle on the second floor, but didn’t see the snow leopard anywhere. When he saw that the wine cabinet in the living room on the second floor seemed to have been opened, he doubted for a moment and called out in a loud voice, “Xue Tuan? Are you on the terrace?”

Shuo, “…”

When Gu YuMian entered the terrace, the air stagnated for a second.

There was movement——

First, Gu YuMian saw the glass on the railing. Then, Gu YuMian saw his little ancestor sitting on the table, with a serious and indifferent face. The glass had nothing in it.

“Drunkard.” Gu YuMian pinched the face of the snow leopard. “A child will be stupid if he drinks too much wine. Do you want to be stupid?”

The little snow leopard gave him a cold look.

“It’s pretty good.” Gu YuMian looked at the residual liquor at the bottom of the glass, smelled it, and said, “Vodka? Gu Xue Tuan, your prohibition life has officially started. I will lock up the wine cabinet in a moment.”

Snow leopard, “…”

Gu YuMian was annoyed by the snow leopard who was secretly drinking. He began to preach and the snow leopard listened coldly.

Gu YuMian gradually felt that the little snow leopard was probably doing this intentionally, because the more Gu YuMian talked about it, though he had a flat face, the long tail waved and intimately wrapped around Gu YuMian’s wrist.

The more Gu YuMian worried and preached, the more the leopard cared about him and liked him.

It was a long time before Gu YuMian remembered that he had just called someone else.

He looked down at the optical computer, and did not know when the call with Shuo had hung up.

Same evening.

After Gu YuMian fell asleep, a message was sent to the little snow leopard’s optical computer.

[Fennick: Your Majesty, this is a thorough investigation. As you guessed, the Gu Family’s original successor is indeed master Gu YuMian, whose father died when he was eighteen. The reason why young master Gu, who should have inherited the family property, was forced to go to Takk alone, was that other members of his family behaved badly, and they…]

It was true that the family members were not fuel-efficient lamps for Fennick, who was in the middle of the power vortex, to say “extremely despicable”. The screen’s fluorescence was reflected in the little snow leopard’s gray and blue pupils. He narrowed its eyes slightly and looked through all the words one by one.


After a few days of good sleep, Gu YuMian suddenly received a notice that he was shortlisted for the new anchor support project.

In the new anchor support project, Takk had only one spot, but shortlisted ten other anchors. In the end, who would get the spot was decided by the average popularity and reputation of the live broadcast in the next few days.

[If you succeed in getting the spot, you will get 200,000 star coins as a bonus, multiple endorsements, exclusive recommended seats and other benefits. Meanwhile, the anchor can go to Capital Star to communicate with new anchors from the whole star and compete in the next round (full reimbursement of travel expenses ensured).] The message said.

Seeing the words “go to Capital Star”, Gu YuMian didn’t feel anything, but the little snow leopard’s ears moved. He was dozing off lazily. When he woke up, he first jumped onto Gu YuMian’s shoulder, then pushed his head with a small paw pad seriously.

He had been thinking for a long time about what excuse to cheat Gu YuMian to go to Capital Star. Now, he had a reason and someone handed it over on a silver platter. This spot must be obtained!

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