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Will you spend the rest of my life with me?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo is kinda sad that this is the last chapter :’(

Three months later, all work on post-war reconstruction had basically come to an end. The last person who was infected by the Zerg also recovered and left the hospital. After all the damaged buildings were repaired, people’s life finally got back on track.

The long lost public suspension device was running again, and the shops on the street were opening one by one. If we have to say, this short and influential war against Zerg, the last one, has left us nothing but scars

Downtown Lower Urban City, on the huge advertising screen suspended in the air. 

At this time, an interview with Guo Er Shisi was being broadcast. The black and white panda smiles at the camera, and countless passers-by stopped to watch.

“Mr. Guo Er Shisi, many fans are very interested. What have you been doing in the past one year’s retirement?”

“I think you all guessed it,” said the panda, sheepishly stretching out his paws and touching the tip of his nose. “In this year, I lived with my ancestor, Anchor Gu. I am YuanYuan. About ten months ago, when I went to Takk to find my ancestor, the starship I was on broke down, and I became a baby in the lifeboat…”

Just a few days ago, the Guo family submitted an application, and then officially changed the family name to Gu, which caused quite a stir in the whole star.

The well-known name “Gu YuMian”, besides “human who had saved countless lives”, “the only possessor of SSS level powers other than His Majesty”, “member of the royal family” and “popular anchor”, had finally added another meaning.

The ancestor of the panda family.

However, though it was really unexpected, it was still reasonable.

Because just three months ago, in the last live broadcast led by Gu YuMian, when the Zerg suddenly began to disappear and everyone panicked, the pandas who had great influence in all fields came out for the first time.

In addition, the variety show that was forced to be interrupted before could be watched.

The host’s response to Guo Er Shisi was not surprising.

“Can you tell us something about the manager?” The host held the card, “In the questions we collected, this question was asked the most times. Presumably everyone is very curious.”

It was just time to get off work. This interview was planned by some influential media and was being broadcasted live to the whole star. If you say, the appearance of Guo Er Shisi just attracted many people’s interest. So after this question was asked, whether it was the people who were rushing on the street, waiting for the bus on the platform, sleepy in the suspension device — everyone couldn’t help but look up at the nearest light screen.

Anchor Gu.

There was no one who did not know. The reason why the second Zerg war ended so quickly and without much harm was that His Majesty’s correct judgment and powerful force defeated the Zergs in the shortest time.

In addition, they owed it to that human, Gu YuMian. It was he who first discovered a cure for the infection.

In case of the emergency afterwards, when all Zerg began to disappear spontaneously, he used his own mental power to control the situation in time with His Majesty. But after that, Gu YuMian fell into a coma. Although his coma was diagnosed as not life-threatening, they did not know when he would wake up.

Fortunately, after the modification of the law of causality, it was unnecessary to use Gu YuMian’s mental power to change the energy distribution in the Zerg meat, and the infection could be cured by eating the Zerg meat directly. So, in the end, the progress of healing was also taken over by the Academy of Sciences.

“If the anchor didn’t take care of it, the consequences would have been unimaginable. The infection would have also continued to spread.”

“The credit to their family is not small.”

“I don’t know if Anchor Gu has recovered? I really want to see him live again.”

On the street, people standing side by side, watching the interview, chatted casually.

The wind in early spring and evening was very warm. It blew softly in their ears and experienced the baptism of war. They knew more about this insipid and stable precious place.

A little boy in a street style T-shirt and shorts stood in the crowd. He had curly hair, which was a bit messy and was very cute. He looked at the panda on the screen and listened to the constant praise from people around him for Anchor Gu, His Majesty and the several members of the Gu’s family. He could not help nodding with satisfaction and pride.

The person next to him looked at him for a while, and suddenly he wondered aloud, “Eh, you are…”

The little boy quickly lowered the brim of his baseball hat and disappeared into the crowd.

On the other side, the interview continued.

The round panda reached out his claws, “Our family? There are many members in our family. In addition to the pandas of our ancestor and Guo families, there is a snow leopard, little fox and a stupid husky.”

Guo Er Shisi — now called Gu Guo Er Shisi — glanced at the sight of dusk softly settling outside the window, and his thoughts stopped for a moment.

He was thinking about something and expecting something.

On the street, everyone was entranced.

After a long time, Guo Er Shisi finally breathed out a sigh of laughter.

He was talking about his most precious and proud family members. He couldn’t hide the happy expression.

“I love them.” Guo Er Shisi slowly and seriously told the audience about the time he had spent together for so long.


On the side of the street, the bookstore owner instructed the small machine to put down their boxes, beat their slightly sore waist, and watch the interview on the light screen with the passers-by. On the other side, the little curly haired boy got into the bookstore, stooped stealthily, took a new book from the bookshelf that had not been officially put on sale, and ran to the independent checkout counter when the boss didn’t notice.

“Hello! You!” By the time the boss responded, the little boy was already scanning his pupils for payment.

The boss looked at the book that the little boy was holding, which was the popular author Ling Xiao’s much anticipated transformation to a new work, Room Full of Stars, which told a story about family and love.

It was agreed that it would be released at 8 o’clock in the morning. He had a good relationship with the printer before he got the latest batch. If the little boy bought, how could he get it!

The boss was so angry that he wanted to catch the little boy.

However, he didn’t know how the little boy had changed back to animal shape. He ran away from the boss’s encirclement with his book in his mouth, and was about to continue running away.

Fortunately, at the last moment, the troublemaker was picked up by his collar.

“Er’er — I knew you were making trouble again.” The young chief in the white coat held his stupid brother and sighed. The little boy was angry at first but when he saw the young chief’s face, his anger dissipated. He asked for credit and handed him the book.

Yes, the little boy with curly hair in front of him was Er Ha from Gu YuMian’s family.

A few months ago, when the book was still in its infancy, Gu YuMian was busy, but he also made time every day to accompany the little husky for a while.

Gu YuMian said that when the book was released, he would be the first reader of Er’er’s work.

… But now that the book was on sale, he still hadn’t woken up.

As the author of this book, little husky could ask the printer directly for sample books, but he had a strange persistence that it didn’t count.

That’s why the little husky was here. He wanted to help Gu YuMian buy the first book on sale. Looking at the cover of the book, the boy guessed what was going on. He reluctantly confronted the little boy for a while, compromised and looked at the boss with some regret, “I’m sorry to have caused you trouble, but this book is of great significance to us. Besides, this guy is the author of this book. I wonder if he can buy it himself?”

“You, you are, you are God…”

Even if he doesn’t recognise the human figure of Er’er, the boss clearly recognised the head of the famous Academy of Sciences, who was one of Anchor Gu’s children.

With this premise, negotiation was much easier.

Is it not easy for the author to buy a book written by himself? To put aside the principle, Er’er was the author of this book, just because they were the children of their families, and the green light boss was willing to open it.

The bookstore owner finally asked for the autograph and photo of the two people, and sent them out of the door with a smile.

Out of the bookstore, the boy put down his stupid brother.

When the parent was in a coma, as the elder brother, he should take the responsibility of teaching. He just wanted to reason. Suddenly, the two optical computers flashed at the same time, which was a communication set with a special ring.

The boys looked at each other, and then answered together, “Hello? It’s me, uh — huh?! Really?”

Their hearts started beating faster and faster. They were not willing to delay for almost a moment, and their steps soon changed to running, running towards the suspension device!

On the other side, interview the video studio.

“Sorry, just a moment.” Hearing the exclusive ringtone, Gu Guo Er Shisi didn’t want to delay for a moment even though he was being interviewed, so he picked up the phone.

The audience could only see the round eyes of the panda gradually open wide because of excessive surprise——

Gu Guo Er Shisi, stood up! “Sorry, today’s interview is here first, I, I……”

You were wondering, what’s the urgent matter that could make Guo Er Shisi so anxious that the live interview was ignored?

Then he said, “I’ll see my ancestor!”

Ancestor? Ancestor!

Gu YuMian woke up??!

In less than half a minute, the good news quickly spread to every corner through the satellite network.


All the stars were boiling!

A week later.

New ephemeris 246, early spring.

Just this time, last year, was the day Gu YuMian arrived at the star age and went to the Starry Sky live platform to report. It’s a sunny day after the rain. It was about 4 or 5 p.m. in the evening. Under the bright blue and golden red sky, the white dove spreads open its wings.

At the corner of the wall, the Platycodon grew clumps.

Capital Star Upper Urban District, the Royal Palace.

The soft light of dusk passes through the window and falls gently.

The white and handsome young man’s nose slightly moved and his eyelids were drooping, casting a fan-shaped shadow on his cheeks. No servants were allowed to approach His Majesty’s bedchamber. All matters related to Gu YuMian were to be taken care of by His Majesty.

After a while, the young man’s eyelashes slightly trembled and opened a little, facing the bright sky outside the window.

It felt like a trance.

“It’s been a year since I came here…”

Gu YuMian just woke up seven days ago. His consciousness in these seven days was not clear. He had been waking up and sleeping. His waking time was less than five hours a day. From the day before, he was able to get out of bed and walk.

But today, it should be over.

——In any case, the war three months ago was to modify the law of cause and effect, and Gu YuMian, as a person who awakened the “consciousness”, had to bear this part of the consequences.

Three months’ sleep was nothing compared to many people’s lives.

It’s just hard for Shuo Han and the kids at home.

Gu YuMian thought of the scene when he just woke up two days ago, and couldn’t help laughing.

Next to his pillow was the book sent by Er’er. He had read a little bit of it in the past seven days. It was a story that made people who read it, have their hearts filled with bubbles of happiness.

The flower bouquet in the bedside vase would be renewed every day. The plush dolls sent by fans from all over the world and bought by the cubs were put all over the place. It was not hard to guess Shuo Han’s unhappy and sour expression when sorting out a large number of new gifts every day.

… Gu YuMian even once saw Shuo Han go to the STARNet forum to post a help post similar to “What to do if your wife is too popular?”

But how could he have a wife? This was still a matter of uncertainty, Gu YuMian thought. Maybe he was on it.

Today’s vase was unusual. It only had one rose.

The thorns had been carefully removed, and the petals with dew were bright in color. Gu YuMian reached for the flower and looked at it for a while. Suddenly, he was in a good mood.

“So, Shuo Han and the children?”

When he woke up for the first time, the bed was full of people, and then Shuo Han forced him to ban it. Even Gu YuMian really wanted to stay with them, but his body couldn’t bear it.

Every day after that, Shuo Han was there. In addition, either Er’er came to read with him, or Gu Guo Er Shisi and the pandas came to cuddle and beg for hugs, or the fox told him what happened in the past three months carefully.

But after waking up today, no one? Just as he was thinking about it, there was a gentle knock on the door and then the door opened.

Gu Guo Shi’san came in.

“Ancestor? You’re awake.” When the panda in Tang suit saw Gu YuMian sitting up, his round eyes suddenly brightened and he walked to Gu YuMian happily.

“Shi’san.” Gu YuMian touched the panda’s head with a smile, chatted for a while, and then asked, “By the way, do you know where Shuo Han and them are?”

“Well, His Majesty and little 24 have gone to the downtown area,” the eyes of the Guo Shi’san moved a little. “To pack up.”

Their first home in Capital Star was in the lower city, where there were many memories about them. But for many reasons, they may not be able to live there for a long time, so they needed to pack up some things for Gu YuMian — of course, the house will remain intact, and they would be able to go back at any time if they wanted to.

Shuo Han didn’t want other people or robots to handle such precious things, so he went there by himself.

Gu YuMian nodded and thought:

“Why don’t I go? I haven’t been out for a long time.” He wanted to go back and have a look. He would also be able to pick up Shuo Han and the children to come back for dinner. The best of both worlds.

“Well, yes. ” Guo Shi’san listened to him, relieved, so there was no need to find a reason to deceive him. The ancestors were so smart, even if they had planned for a long time, they were looking for an excuse to see him.

Guo Shi’san and the other pandas called the doctor in, and nodded after they made sure that Gu YuMian’s mental world and body had fully recovered.

“I’m going to prepare the suspension device — by the way, ancestor,” Guo Shi’san turned to the door and squeezed his eyes. “Do you want to see your live broadcast account?”

His live account? What’s wrong?

By the way, I’ve woken up after such a long time. I should tell all those who pay attention to the live broadcast that they can’t continue to worry. Gu YuMian thought about how he was able to make a foothold in the interstellar space at the beginning, so he had to thank those fans who had supported him from the very start.

During the period of coma, letters and gifts were sent to the palace every day. Everyone really cared about him.

It’s better to have a live broadcast. Gu YuMian thought, and opened his Starry Sky live platform account.

He was shocked at the sight.

“Number of fans…” The number of digits that followed the first number was almost countless. In the past, the number of audience in the live recordings and broadcasts was a staggering amount.

But even though the last live broadcast had a great influence, did it reach this level? Gu YuMian was a little suspicious. All the people in the whole star paid attention to his live account.

Up to the suspension device, Gu YuMian still thought about this question, and couldn’t help but ask Guo Shi’san.

“Oh, this one. In addition to the last live broadcast, it’s also because of His Majesty’s micro-blog.”

Shuo Han’s micro-blog?

Gu YuMian opened up his micro-blog and soon knew why.

Every panda in the Guo family, Guo Er Shisi, QiuQiu and Er’er’s micro-blog all had the same content:

[Guo Er Shisi V / Academy of Sciences Mingqiu V / Lingxiao V / I’m just a crosstalk V:

Parent @ Gu YuMian V. ]


Oh, that’s what happened. 

Besides, there was still Shuo Han’s. The account with an official authentication had been blank until recently, when a blog like advertisement was posted. After that, news or content related to Gu YuMian would be forwarded every few days.

Limited by his identity and his own proud character, His Majesty couldn’t say anything too explicit on the Internet, but——

It was like saying that “Your Majesty has found a human who he wants to spend his life with together” through the words of the Royal Spokesperson Finnick Dagong; inputting Gu YuMian’s personal information into the royal official website and displaying it on the homepage with great satisfaction; quietly replacing his profile image with Gu YuMian’s like a female high school student secretly in love.

——For fear that others wouldn’t know, he also became another parent to the pandas, the fox and the husky.

Now, for the vast number of star dwellers, it had become one of the daily pleasures for His Majesty to show off his patronage.

Although he hasn’t been officially stamped by Gu YuMian, Shuo Zhao’s heart was well known, which was the most unreasonable “single arrow” in history.

“Well…” Gu YuMian thought, it’s time to send Shuo Han a parent card. But how? Think about it later. Let’s have a live broadcast first.

Gu YuMian thought, after a long time, he logged into the background page and opened the camera. He had not done a live broadcast for a long time, but Gu YuMian found a state of familiarity in an instant, bending his eyes to the lens, “I haven’t seen you for a long time. I’m anchor Gu YuMian. Thank you for your concern? “

Gu YuMian saw the preview page projected by his optical computer had gotten stuck. Was the network bad? Next second——

An astronomical number of visitors came in at that moment, almost exceeding the operation and processing speed of the whole Starry Sky platform server. It almost caused the whole server to be paralyzed!

It was difficult for the naked eye to distinguish the difference between the bullet screen and comments. They were closely overlapped.

[Marshmallow: Me! Just! Saying! Now! I’ve been waiting for a long time, what can’t wait!!! ]

[cat’s meow: aaaaaah! It’s MianMian!!!! Seven days ago, my family grabbed the heart, scratched the liver and waited for your news, but Your Majesty’s a stingy one!!! Just saying you woke up, but not even putting up a picture! No! Get it! Put it out!!! ]

[aufgg: I have to watch the live broadcast of the future Queen’s Highness ]

[There’s a Cloud: How is Anchor Gu? Is there any sequela? Looking at you, you don’t seem to look bad. I want a good family too. ]

Indeed, from the camera, Gu YuMian looked very good.

He did not look like he had suffered from a serious illness, but seemed more lively and energetic than a long time ago when he made his first broadcast.

Many old fans still remember Gu YuMian, who just started the live broadcast a year ago: A handsome, thin human youth, always looks very gentle, but also like a stranger who has nothing to do with the world and could leave at any time.

But now it was totally different.

No matter how slow or hard it was, the light brown eyes were finally filled with stars that belonged to him alone.

“Thank you for your concern. I have fully recovered now. I haven’t read all the letters you wrote to me yet, and the gifts have been received. But you really don’t need to buy anything too expensive, and you don’t need to brush gifts here on the platform…”

Although they were a little over enthusiastic, it was all out of kindness, so Gu YuMian expressed his thanks very seriously.

Because it was a long time since they met again, they had a lot to ask. It would take a lot of time to answer one by one.

“These questions will be answered later. We have a long time. Don’t worry.”

“In addition to thanking you in this live broadcast, I have something else to say.”

Gu YuMian looked at Guo Shi’san and he was looking out of the window. Their suspension device would arrive in the Lower Urban District and their former residence in a short time.

During the three months of coma, he had followed the “consciousness” to many places.

Therefore, I have seen some things more thoroughly.

[There’s a family in the mine: Go on and say, we’re all listening. ]

As soon as the old audience saw his expression, they knew it was serious. They also tried to calm down from the mood of surprise at the beginning and listened to him patiently.

“Well, of course, what I said may be selfish,” Gu YuMian said, fingering the tip of his nose. “It’s about the so-called ‘albino species’, about the ‘inability to awaken abilities’, and about the ‘inferior race’ as many people call them. As you can see, my partner is biologically defined as an ‘albino’, and I am human myself. My children, from pandas to the husky to QiuQiu, have been treated unfairly because they were unable to awaken or because they have special powers.”

The audience had a strong ability to find the point.

Uh huh? Partner? Did you finally admit it? Did a spoonful of sugar just slip by?

Gu YuMian smiled, “In fact, in the world I have always known, the word ‘albino’ has never been equal to the word ‘inferior’. And Shuo— Your Majesty, he is a snow leopard, a race that is almost extinct now, not an albino species. But that’s not what I want to say. For us, for them, I’d like to use ‘special’ more than ’odd’ or ’alien’.”

Now the world was still like this. It was not a problem that could be solved at the touch of the upper and lower lips. Its twisted and rotten roots were deeply rooted in the vast soil, which has been binding this era for thousands of years.

But now, from the deepest and most fundamental place.

… It was starting to loosen.

Gu YuMian thought of the past and future pictures he saw while following the “consciousness”, and the “proposal for the complete abolition of albino species, people with low spiritual abilities and other related definitions” he had seen in Shuo Han optical computer.

I don’t think it will take a long time.

Even in the near future.

The seeds hidden under the permafrost for several years were about to break out and grow to the sun.

[cucumber chips: MianMian said it very well. I’m crying. ]

[Meiyu: I just heard that “my partner” is not only one of these four words!! MianMian, you’ve got to be clear. I’m in a hurry!! ]

“Am I not clear enough?” Gu YuMian said, “My partner, the person I like is… Hmn? We are here?”

Feeling the suspension device stop, Gu YuMian’s words stopped. He just wanted to ask Guo Shi’san and the pandas, but suddenly found that he didn’t realise when they had left. It should be when he was focused and talking with the audience.

The light in the suspension device went off, and he was in darkness for a moment.

… Gu YuMian finally came to know that today was a special day. Did the cubs plan together to surprise him? Was Shuo Han involved?

[Strawberry: Oh Oh Oh! This kind of feeling as if something important is going to happen!! ]

The audience were all excited, and all kinds of guesses flew around.

“These children.”

Gu YuMian shook his head helplessly and jokingly, groped around with his hand, and pressed the key to open the suspension device door.

The sky was a little dark, and the golden red sunset covered the streets, which he had seen many times.

It was the last few moments of dusk. Every household did not have their lights turned on yet. It was quiet and gloomy. The lights at their home weren’t turned on either.

Gu YuMian stopped and pushed open the door to his yard.

It rained not long ago today.

At the second of pushing the door open, the sound of old records sounded far away. The water puddles reflected the twilight and star lights of the whole city on the ceiling, and the wind with unsealed moisture blew through every corner.

Gu YuMian walked through the path of the courtyard and saw a small black-and-white figure coming out of the corner of the wooden corridor.


He smiled, went over and rubbed the paws of the little guy, just about to pick up the kid.

“Chii!” However, the panda baby was out of the ordinary. He blinked awkwardly, slipped out of Gu YuMian’s arms, turned his head and ran away.

Leaving a rose in his place.

It was the same as the one on Gu YuMian’s bed, with the thorns removed and the petals stained with dew.

Gu YuMian leaned over to pick up the rose. At the end of the rose was a small note, which said:


It was Shuo Han’s handwriting.

When he first came to Capital Star, he ate watermelon with the little snow leopard and the baby panda while gazing up at the stars. Looking up from under the eaves, you could have a panoramic view of the whole golden sky.

When he turned the note around, there was another word on it: 


What kind of medicine were they selling in the sugar gourd?

Although it may be old-fashioned and provocative, Gu YuMian couldn’t help but look forward to it. He looked to the left as instructed on the note.

On the left side of the wooden corridor was the window of the main hall. It was dark and there was no light.

Say it

“This window seems to have been damaged many times by Er’er.”

The little guy never liked to go through the front door. When he was excited, he would bump into the door and hit the window. He would stick half of himself on the window and grin. If I remember correctly, I have taken several pictures of this silly child before.

Maybe it’s a heart.

Just the same second Gu YuMian thought of little Er Ha, a dark shadow came to him with the wind!


“……Er’er!” The little husky jumped into his arms excitedly. The window opened at the same time, and the huge momentum knocked Gu YuMian and his cub into the room from the window!

Gu YuMian was falling to the ground, but he immediately protected the back of Er’er’s head.

Fortunately, he didn’t fall to the ground. Soft pillows and cushions lay underneath the whole window. Shuo Han must have prepared them in advance. When he opened his eyes, the yellow night light was switched on.

Little Er Ha bit a rose and shoved it into Gu YuMian’s hand. He turned around and went up the stairs.

“Er’er, where do I go next? Can’t you tell me?” Gu YuMian shouted behind the little guy, and little Er Ha’s footsteps stopped, showing a very tangled expression.

He looked at him pitifully and cried twice, but he left.

Gu YuMian rubbed the corners of his mouth, hiding his smile.

… In fact, he was also very happy but just wanted to play a trick on Er Ha.

What kind of surprise was it?

Sure enough, there was a note at the end of the rose, which said:


Their home.

Gu YuMian used the dim yellow night light to see the place where he and his family had lived for so long.

The cubs had beaten the sun warmed blankets. On the rest day, the family would huddle together on the sofa to watch movies. When their eyes were closed, they would smell the delicious food in the kitchen.

The kitchenware belonging to QiuQiu, the racket picked up by Er’er, the quilt of YuanYuan, and TuanTuan’s exclusive pillow.

In the glow of the setting sun, all the scattered little things were plated with a warm light.

The most unique treasure in the world was shining.

“A year…” Gu YuMian closes his eyes and could smell a unique smell at the tip of his nose.

Like old furniture, old books, pine, mixed with a bit of early spring berries and rain dust, the soft and warm notes of old records became clear.

By the way, it was just a year since he had come to the star age. Was it celebrating this?

Gu YuMian thought, opened his eyes, turned over the note and saw the words: 

‘Record Player’. 

He went to where the sound of the record player came from.

Little fox was sitting at the back of the record player, waiting for him. Under his claws, he carefully pressed a rose

“Jii.” The little guy looked up at him, his big eyes wet.

“QiuQiu,” Gu YuMian hugged the fox, “What do you want to write on my rose?”

“Jii!” The little fox was also a treasure who couldn’t hide things in his eyes. His eyes were very shy. Because of the surprise, he was so shy and nervous that he just wanted to extend his paws to cover his face. The little fox left the rose and ran after YuanYuan and Er’er.

On the note of the last rose was written: 


On the back, it said, “Collect three cards and honor the prize on the balcony”.


How naive!

But it was lovely.

It’s like Shuo Han and his children’s work. Just thinking about Shuo Han’s cold face, commanding several cubs to decorate the layout at home, Gu YuMian felt it was adorable.

The sky grew a little darker, and at this time, the last ray of gold and red in the sky gradually converged.

The open platform from the interior to the roof originally had a long and narrow wooden staircase.

It’s like a premonition that Gu YuMian closed his eyes when he opened the corridor door.

Close your eyes and open them again.

The old wooden corridor disappeared. Instead, it was the open air corridor paved with transparent steps, spreading all the way to the sky.

Go up the steps, and the whole Capital Star will be illuminated at your feet. The more you go up, the closer you will be to the stars.


“After all…”

Gu YuMian breathed out a little, and when he stepped on the first transparent staircase, the brilliant blue light gathered at his feet, lighting up the stairs.

The unknown magician came to the world, and the simple melody from the piano keys being pressed gently came to his ear. The light screen floating on his side cast the first picture:

When the little snow leopard first arrived, he lay on Gu YuMian’s shoulder and looked around. The dense sunset and time overlapped at this time.

It was their first encounter.


Gu YuMian stopped for a while, stepped on the second step, and then stepped up gradually.

It was like he was stepping on a piano. The notes in his ear gradually intertwined from simple to pure. All the notes accompanied him, hugged him and surrounded him, until the whole world was swept by fireworks and torrential rain!

——Many years ago, Gu YuMian wrote this melody to Big Wok. After Shuo Han’s adaptation of this melody, it became so warm and silent, so proud and soft, such a thrilling look.

The light screen in the air flickered on and off, and all the past and future years stayed at this moment.

The first meeting in Takk, songs sung in a spring night, spending a long summer together, taking the first photo of two people in autumn, and finally gently touching hands in winter.


The beating of his heart became clear to the ear.


Gu YuMian walks up step-by-step, and countless brilliant blue lights converge on the transparent steps under his feet, like the flowing light and stars, gradually interwoven into a vast river of stars like a ribbon!

As he went on, the lights of the bustling city went out.

From the most bustling downtown, it spread until he reached the last step; until the whole city fell into a quiet darkness.

Until everyone couldn’t help but look up and look at the only bright star in the night sky.

The music in his ears was about to reach the most surging movement. Before everything came, there was a short and quiet blank.

The man who stood with his back to Gu YuMian, finally turned around at this time and looked down at him.

All the years that have been and will be together finally overlap at this moment.

Stars, home, love.

This was what Gu YuMian gave Shuo Han.

And since this was Shuo Han, he would take the rest of his life to give Gu YuMian something.

His heartbeat raced a little too fast, and he even felt a kind of dizziness similar to hypoxia. In the past, he never felt the blood flowing in the blood vessels so clearly. He even had some sour eyes.

Gu YuMian heard his voice and asked,

“Prize, what is it?”


The man’s lips gently raised a little arc.

Next second.

Whew — bang!

The city lights went out completely, until the brilliant flowers burst out in the silent night. Countless unreachable lights finally encircled the whole world and were reflected in Gu YuMian’s eyes, one by one.

The resonant music suddenly played in my ear completely drowned everything. My heart beat, my breath, the burst of cheers and screams of the crowd

It was like a rainstorm with stars, like the first summer they passed together, when the time pieces overlapped and separated, and then turned into sparkles and fell to the earth again.

After a long time, Gu YuMian was able to hear Shuo Han’s voice from the excessive noisy pulse.

He answered Gu YuMian’s question, “It’s fireworks. And…”

Shuo Han, facing Gu YuMian, kneels on one knee and raises his head.

He held a ring in the palm of his hand. It was in the shape of a star and was the size of Gu YuMian’s ring finger, which he had coveted countless times with his eyes.

Shuo Han looked at Gu YuMian carefully.

His eyes, which finally could no longer be covered up with arrogance, were filled with so much tension and excitement that was about to overflow.

For the first time, he called him, “Mr. Gu. I love you.” Shuo Han said, “Would you like to spend the rest of your life with me?”

“……” How cunning, Gu YuMian thought.

Whether it was TuanTuan or Shuo Han, from the past to the future, he has never successfully refused him.


This time, it’s the same.

——End of main text——

ADDIS YOU CAN DELETE THIS IF YOU WANT, UP TO YOU, I’M JUST EMOTIONAL, WOW THIS CHAPTER (Addis: Dude, I’m keeping it. Your over excitement makes me laugh.)

Sulo: Still screaming over how BRILLIANT that was! Go Shuo Han! Gu YuMian! My precious cubs! Gods, I love this chapter. The confession scene was so beautiful, the whole walking up the stairs, the coming together of the memories from when they first met, all tying up to start a whole new beginning together, and forever — QAQ

Addis: Thank you everyone for sticking with us to the end of the main story for Cubs! We hope you liked this novel as much as we did, even without a concrete plot. 🙂 There are still eleven extras, so please stick around for them.

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March 9, 2022 8:09 pm

I’m dead, killed by the arrow of sweetness and love. Rip.

But seriously thank you guys for translating. It’s a perfect ending to the main story. The proposal, their romance, the found-family, augh, it’s such a tremendously charming and moving story. Definitely one of the favorites! Idt any story can top this one.

I’ve got to work early in the morning, but damnit, onto the extras!!

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September 3, 2022 9:10 pm

SO CUTE AAAAAA Can’t wait to read the extras thank you for the translations!

matcha lover
matcha lover
May 29, 2023 1:46 pm

sigh… i love this book too.. tqsm for bringing us this wonderful book, addis and exr team.. and special shout out for the author, tqsm for the hardwork.. we appreciate it so much, tq..

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