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Chapter 102: Went all the way

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo is begging for a Kleenex (Part 2) 


Nine o’clock in the morning, from the snow covered planet for years to the satellite planet with continuous magma eruption, from the once bustling city center of Capital Star to the ground floor of grey Saturn’s devastated mine — hundreds of millions of optical computers flashed at the same time in the whole interstellar space, and countless light screens unfolded to project the same picture.

Countless people raised their heads and heard the words, from vagueness to clearness, through the sound of electric current…

“Hello, my name was Gu YuMian. We are now in the Second Affiliated Hospital of Capital Star’s Academy of Sciences.” This self-introduction was not “anchor Gu YuMian”, but Gu YuMian. This time, the young man was no longer standing here as an entertainment anchor, he had more on his shoulders.

It was hard to imagine that this was a human anchor that was still unknown a year ago and was not favored by the public.

The background of the live broadcast was almost pure white. This should be an isolation ward of the hospital, because there was little time to prepare and arrange. In addition to Gu YuMian, there were two researchers and doctors who helped with the data — and a full circle of media around them.

Nonsense, this was a “live broadcast” concerning the security of the world. Moreover, Gu YuMian could be the only human who has been stamped “royalty” in so many years. No matter from which point of view, this was an event that could not be missed by a media reporter!

If you can’t film His Majesty, it was okay to film His Majesty’s family. Besides, they were a very popular anchor. Do you know if His Majesty will show up at this time?

Almost all the reporters who could come came, and the sound of the shutter rang from time to time. The audience was nervous, the doctors who came to help were nervous, even the fox and husky who were watching were nervous.

Gu YuMian was the calmest one, “I won’t say more opening words…”

Gu YuMian took his gaze back from the direction of his friends. He couldn’t help wanting to laugh. He smiled a little, but you could see the outline of the smile clearly from his eyes. “Through the research and data analysis of the Academy of Sciences researchers, as well as some practical case studies, we have found a way to cure people infected with Zerg —”

Everyone’s heart was in their throat.

“It is by eating the Zerg.”

Everyone, “…”

Everyone, “Ah?”

To be honest, all the people present there were not Gu YuMian, but no matter the authority of multi-industry, they were all expected to immediately receive a lot of questions and, “How can you make fun of this kind of thing?”

[Baabaabaa: Did I hear that correctly?]

[Funeral spring: Really? I don’t read much. Anchor Gu, don’t lie to me. How can I eat them? QAQ]

[asffa: I’m sure I’ve already scolded people for saying this!]

Gu YuMian also knew the impact of the news, which didn’t confuse them for long. He quickly went on to say, “Of course, it’s not simply a direct meal. Don’t worry, I’ll show it now.”

Gu YuMian’s eyes were slightly bent, and the tiny light spots were flickering in his eyes through the hospital window pane. It was enough to let most of the audience’s hanging hearts fall down a little bit. Although he was just an anchor, the impression he gave was extremely reliable and trustworthy. The natural feeling like breathing made them suddenly feel that this state had lasted for many years…

Everyone was quiet.

The working robot put a refrigerator with a high-precision lock on the table. After pressing the button, the lock creaked and opened to reveal the contents——

This was a part of the Zerg’s forelimb. It had been simply cooked and looked less terrible.

“First of all, you must have noticed that there are still dead Zerg bodies in the street now, right? Please do not use molecular weapons to deal with them for the time being, and do not approach them. Leave them to the military.”

The micro-headset buttoned on Gu YuMian’s auricle was connected with the internal line of the military department. You could hear the reports of the leaders and officers going to different places, occasionally mixed with one or two brief and careless instructions of Shuo Han.

“The Zerg meat contains a lot of energetic particles,” Gu YuMian said as he demonstrated the processed products to them. “We can’t absorb such a large number of energetic particles, and it is virulent. But if, after processing, some guidance is given to the energetic particles in it —”

The shelled meat was almost the same as the crab meat. Gu YuMian held the small glass plate in his palm and lit up the fluorescent blue light. The light gathered into small pieces of pixel shape. The light stuck out a “tentacle” to wrap the whole plate.

The flow of light could be seen clearly.

Creatures who had awakened could control the quantum energy, but few of them could turn the energy into something visible to the naked eye. The scene in front of them was almost dreamy.

Before Gu YuMian, the only case should be His Majesty, who could turn a large number of energetic particles into ice and snow.

[Silver ADF: Wow! Gu anchor is worthy of being His Majesty’s “family member.”]

[despondent Astin: look to the left, the safety rating of the instrument has changed.]

Sure enough, it was just in a blink of an eye. The instrument was testing the food safety level. When it was not shelled, the light was purple, indicating ‘extremely high risk.’ After shelling, it turned into a light orange of ‘to be determined,’ and now it turned into a light green of ‘to be determined: tend to be safe.’

The reason was still to be determined, because the mentally processed insect meat was similar to a new material, and its relevant data was not recorded in the instrument for analysis.

If they wanted to eat that kind of Zerg meat directly, they would still have a lot of psychological burden. 

“This is the Zerg meat from the advanced Zerg. I took care of it a little.” Gu YuMian thought about it for a long time before he decided to take out the prepared insect meat, “Because the evaluation of the instrument is yet to be determined, I will taste it myself first to make sure it will not be harmful to the body at least, and then give it to the patient.”

Gu YuMian was thoughtful. This was indeed the most suitable method under the limited time.

They just didn’t expect that Anchor Gu would be willing to take risks. For the safety of patients, he could even force himself to eat the meat of the Zerg. Even many people who were still biased against human beings have to admire… Uh huh?

Everyone looked at the insect meat after the legendary “simple cooking”.


Considering that it was for the patients, Gu YuMian didn’t use the way he used the Zerg to make spicy crabs for the soldiers.

After removing the toxic sharp shell, there was a translucent shell inside. This shell did not need to be removed. Taking that translucent shell, and stirring it in water, then placing the Zerg meat in a hot oil pot with garlic — the translucent shell was fried to a crispy yellow, marinated with wine and then braised with salt. The crispy and delicious meat was soaked in garlic and wine…

[Bow: Yes.]

[Passerby B: By the way.]

[afuhcz: @ Academy of Sciences, are you still short of people to try? I can also, I can also pay for accommodation!!!]

[User 12878: Who can’t do this? To be reasonable, I’m even beginning to envy those patients.]

[All the way north: Well, it’s not necessary?!]

Of course, people say so, but in fact, even though it looked really delicious, the ingredients used were such that even if you really wanted to eat, most people would still hesitate. After all, it was the fierce and poisonous Zerg in everyone’s impression.

What’s more, even Gu YuMian didn’t even try to use his spiritual powers to guide before eating. Will it be harmful to the human body? In case something went wrong with him after eating… But now wasn’t the time to hesitate any more. He picked up a piece with his chopsticks and just bent his head.

A flash.

There was a sound of cooling around.

A snow-white figure slowly leaped up the table from the corner, with a long tail sweeping through Gu YuMian’s wrist and a small chin on his back. In an elegant and arrogant manner, he took that mouthful of Zerg meat from Gu YuMian’s chopsticks.

After eating, he squinted with satisfaction, looking as if he wanted to lick his paws but holding himself back.

Gu YuMian was speechless.

Was this ancestor really not worried about being discovered? In the face of him before, he clearly covered his vest with water, but now he was so unbridled.

Gu YuMian couldn’t help looking behind the door.


[Cat’s Meow:!!! It’s TuanTuan!!! TuanTuan long time no see!!! Aaah! I came here to grab food at this time. I was worried that it would be dangerous for MianMian to eat this. So would you try it yourself first?]

[Yogurt Cake: TuanTuan is still as awkward and arrogant as before, and is more protective of MianMian than anyone else]

[TUA: I’m a little confused. Anchor Gu is the royal family member who has been branded by His Majesty. The royal family has been cats since ancient times, and His Majesty is an albino leopard. It seems that the little guy who has been living with Anchor Gu is also a kitten and leopard… Is that what I think it is?]

[user 1287: what?]

With the exception of a very small number of insiders, including the audience, media reporters and doctors, most people had the same question in mind:

Was TuanTuan His Majesty’s illegitimate son?


Gu YuMian guessed how much they would think, but didn’t guess how big their brain would be.

However, it was not surprising that there was a big difference between Shuo Han and TuanTuan. Although TuanTuan was also proud, there was still a soft side, especially in the face of Gu YuMian.

It was hard to associate the word “soft” with His Majesty.

He just didn’t know what the relationship between TuanTuan and Anchor Gu was. It was only reasonable that same-sex and cross race couldn’t have children, and this was not the dog blood novel of “The tyrant Emperor: the little wife, the experienced anchor runs with the ball” by Lu Jinjiang

No matter how much gossip was on the Internet, at this moment, the Affiliated Hospital and live broadcast were advancing steadily and orderly. TuanTuan just took that bite from Gu YuMian’s chopsticks. Fortunately, there was nothing wrong with it and the physical examination was correct. Otherwise, Gu YuMian may regret it for a lifetime.

After that, Gu YuMian also tasted it himself, so he gave another processed meat to the doctor and asked them to feed it to the infected patients.

This was the closest place to the Academy of Sciences. Almost all the patients with the deepest infection in Capital Star were concentrated here. Of course, patients could choose whether to try or take the risk voluntarily.

Gu YuMian was worried at first that people would not like to. But unexpectedly, several patients hesitated for a while, looked at each other, and then someone came up to take the plate and tableware from the doctor in protective clothing.

Whether they were forced to go nowhere or it was out of trust in Gu YuMian, Gu YuMian was very grateful and relieved. Several patients finished eating the Zerg meat on the plate with a fork. One of them hesitated for a while, as if to ask something.

The next doctor immediately asked, “Any questions?”

The patient touched his nose, “Can I have another plate?”

Everyone, “…”

“Even if this is the last meal, it’s worth it.”

Another patient sighed and nodded.

… How could we make fun of this kind of thing? Was this patient a little bit second? But was it really so delicious? The doctors around couldn’t help wondering.

Those patients were seriously infected. Some of them clearly already had the various characteristics of the infection. If the drugs developed by the Academy of Sciences had not delayed the spread of the infection, they would have been completely brain dead.

They had been ready to die.

Soon, all the patients finished eating. The next thing was the key.

All the gossip on the Internet had stopped.

Suddenly, one of the patients shook and fell back!

“What’s the matter?” Doctors, researchers and the media personnel all changed their expressions. Was there any problem with the insect meat they just ate? Gu YuMian stood up at once, his heart raised to his throat.

If something goes wrong here, he would never forgive himself

What made him most nervous about this “live broadcast” was not the several viewers, the many cameras, or even how significant it was, but that he needed to bear responsibility for so many lives, and only he could bear them here.

At this stage, I finally understand a little bit. That second became a little longer, the sound in my ear became silent from noise. Although I was standing in the sun, I felt like stepping into some isolated gray space.

Until his ears felt warm and soft.

The little snow leopard’s expression was flat and unreasonable. His two claws pressed Gu YuMian’s ears and the side of his neck, forcing him to look at himself. Gu YuMian looked at those gray-blue eyes, and his heart spread with something.

It didn’t wait for him to grasp the fleeting thought. Not far away, surrounded by the crowd in the middle of the circle, came a small sob.

Gu YuMian had a heart attack.

Then, the sobbing sound became louder and louder, gradually turning into a burst of cheers and cries, and finally occupying the whole room which was not spacious!

A reporter grabbed the doctor running by, “How is it?”

“Success, success, success…”

“Successful? What’s the matter? Then why did that patient faint?”

The doctor couldn’t hide the color of joy, so he managed to clear his mind and said, “The infected patient is in a brief coma due to the quantum disorder, but the vital signs of the parasite in the body have completely disappeared.”

After so many years.

They finally, finally, defeated the Zerg completely!

[bright moon and clear wind: aaaaaaaah!! ]

[Wheat: What does that mean? From now on, no matter whether the Zerg will revive again or not, there is no need to be afraid but there’s a question. What’s Anchor Gu’s ability? It’s the first time I’ve seen the ability to change the distribution of energetic particles in Zerg meat. Other people can’t do it. ]

The little snow leopard had been lying lazily on Gu YuMian’s shoulder for a long time, with the expression of “Look, I said it will be OK, I don’t know what you are nervous about”.

Gu YuMian was acting little cute again, holding TuanTuan’s paw and pinching it.


There was still a doubt in his mind, and he always felt that things would not be so simple.

He thought that the key to the problem was time. Because it was less than twenty-four hours from being infected to becoming brain dead, so many patients would die before they could eat the Zerg meat after it was processed by him. But now this problem has been solved by the drugs developed by the Academy of Sciences — Gu YuMian and little fox had been on the phone for a long time, just asking about it.

Now in this situation, he just had to work a little harder, take the time to deal with the meat of the Zerg and give it to the patients. But what was the meaning of the letter that appeared in his dream and read “after the worm” then?

Gu YuMian always had a good sense of crisis.

The idea just flashed in his mind when, and before the whole star could see the live audience cheering and starting to move, suddenly a small exclamation came from Gu YuMian’s micro-headset.

One of the officers who was recovering the Zerg carcasses at Capital Star said, “What’s the matter? They’re disappearing!”

Gu YuMian didn’t understand at the beginning. Disappeared? What was disappearing?

The little snow leopard, who yawned on his shoulder, suddenly opened his eyes.

At the same time, a lot of the audience in the whole planet gradually discovered the clue——

Originally, after being attacked, most of the Zerg either died directly, or became extremely vulnerable and sluggish. However, the streets and alleys were full of dead Zerg. Just now they learned that the key to cure the infected was the Zerg.

And currently, visible to the naked eye, the corpses of the Zerg on the street were disappearing!!

It seemed like the Zerg were being attracted to something. They start to atomize a little bit from the edge and disappear in the air in a short time.

All of a sudden, everyone panicked.

If all the Zerg disappeared, even if they have found a cure, they would not be able to return to the sky.

Gu YuMian seems to understand what the meaning of the “Zerg Queen” appearing in the dream was. Was this revenge? Or, the key to saving everything?

Most importantly, what should they do now?

The little snow leopard and Gu YuMian looked at each other.

Time was very crucial, and things were currently too unexpected. They must have some effective information in their hands, but there was no time. Time, time——

I suddenly think of a way to delay time. When Gu YuMian closed his eyes and opened them again, he had entered Shuo Han’s spiritual ocean. The flow of time in the spiritual world was much slower than in reality.

This time, I didn’t sink to the bottom of the sea again. The soft cloud in the mid air seemed to want to catch him.

Gu YuMian just hesitated to step down, when he was held by hands in the cloud. Shuo Han lazily laid his head on his neck and took a breath.

It seems that two people had a connected heart.

Gu YuMian, “……”

Wait, how could Shuo Han get in and out of his own spiritual world? Not long ago, he had vinegar from another TuanTuan in the dream world. He really didn’t remember anything about this place, or did he pretend?

Gu YuMian looked at Shuo Han. Shuo Han looked back at him inexplicably, and his brow rose lazily.

… This scheming kid.

“You didn’t know him the first time.” A faint voice sounded.

Gu YuMian was stunned and looked around, but did not see the extra person.

Gu YuMian asked, “Shuo Han, did you just hear that voice?”

Shuo Han was quick to respond to what was going on, and his expression was very unpleasant, “Yes.”

“I’m not in His Majesty’s spiritual world,” the voice coughed, as if afraid of Shuo Han. “I live in your spiritual world, Gu YuMian. Don’t remember me? I have written to you several times.”

Oh. That’s a little impression. It was the witch.

This made Shuo Han even more dissatisfied. After all, some people dared to live in Gu YuMian’s spiritual world without permission, which was intolerable for a certain Majesty who would feel unhappy when anyone else was within five meters of Gu YuMian.

“Please don’t blame me. I’m just a wisp of consciousness. I will go away when it’s over.” The voice said, she wanted to find something to distract His Majesty’s attention. Suddenly, she was in a hurry, “Speaking of it, there seems to be a lot of speculation outside that ‘TuanTuan’ is Your Majesty’s illegitimate son, saying that he was exiled outside and was picked up by the anchor…”

Except for the illegitimate child, it’s a little out of line.

Shuo Han pondered for a moment, suddenly felt a little better, and turned to look at Gu YuMian. He leaned in slightly, and next to Gu YuMian’s ear, he whispered, “When can I have one? One that is not a bastard.”

Gu YuMian was speechless. In Gu YuMian’s stable life, he had never met anyone so bold. Well, he didn’t like anyone else other than Shuo Han.

Of course, it was just a joke. There was no such saying and possibility of same-sex children in the interstellar age.

But it’s too, too??! Besides, how could Shuo Han be sure that he was on it? Although Gu YuMian lacked both theoretical and practical experience, Shuo Han was not so good.


Gu YuMian coughed for a while, then he managed to calm down and asked the voice seriously, “I’m sorry, but let’s save some time. How much do you know about the sudden disappearance of the Zerg?”

“Most of it.” The voice directed at them was filled with suspicion. But it’s important that the voice decided not to tangle with this anymore and sighed, “Because, in a sense, this is also my own cause and effect. Anchor Gu, I seem to have forgotten to tell you that you and I are from the same era…”

Things were neither long nor short. To sum up, this “witch” was not a real existence in a strict sense. She, or “it”, was more like some kind of “awakened consciousness”. Gu YuMian was living in a time when great changes of all kinds met, and there were many opportunities for the world to develop in different directions.

It’s a coincidence that Gu YuMian’s last wish before his death was “to see the Guo’s growing up”, which awakened the consciousness of determining the future.

So then the environment deteriorated, and the animals awakened, and so did Gu YuMian, who took the place of the other Gu YuMian that killed himself in the interstellar age. And because of Gu YuMian’s desire, this “consciousness” had been protecting the Guo family.

If it’s just like this, it’s still good.

But consciousness, after all, was consciousness. It does not distinguish good from evil or good. It was just like a child who was born but controls the fate of the world. It gives the Earth many benefits, powers, technology, resources, but energy is conserved; the more it gives, the more it steals invisibly.

As a result, the “consciousness” that received many malicious thoughts from the interstellar residents awakened the Zerg and gave them the ability to regenerate and multiply again and again.

Gu YuMian asked, “So you did all this?”

The voice, “You can’t say that. In a philosophical sense — well, I did it. “

“Don’t talk about it. I want to know what’s the solution?”

“I said that before,” sighed the voice, “it’s you, or your past.”

At the beginning, the consciousness was awakened by Gu YuMian by chance. What Gu YuMian did also affected her.

“I’ve been following you ever since you woke up here.”

What Gu YuMian taught her was…


Good and evil, and good and bad were hard to define. But love and being loved can.

Without the experience of living together with his family in the past year, the invasion of the Zerg would have been more tragic and have a wider range of influence. Even if there was such a strong presence as Shuo Han, it was impossible to end everything in such a short time.

The last law of cause and effect left to the world after death——

Even if they found a solution to the infection, they couldn’t get what they wanted, and they would see the opportunity pass by. The consciousness had seen too much malice and injustice. Although it had improved after Shuo Han ascended the throne, it had accumulated too much over the years.

They discriminate against humanity.

They discriminate against albino species.

They discriminate against the race that can’t absolutely awaken the power. Soon, they began to discriminate against the race that can’t absolutely awaken the low-level power

“Please teach me to be loved together.” The voice said.

The function of the law of cause and effect could only be offset by the law of cause and effect.

“I will send you there in a short time, so we must hurry up.”


“Wait —”

What does you mean to teach you to be loved?!

Gu YuMian didn’t have the time to ask. He felt an extremely strong traction that dragged him forward

Be loved, be loved.

Gu YuMian thought about these two words.

The first time should be from Grandma.

He didn’t live with his parents when he was young, but he lived in Jiangnan with his grandparents who owned a pet hospital. Grandma had good cooking skills. In winter, he couldn’t forget the taste of the dumplings she made at home.

And then?

Gu YuMian opened his eyes, and his surroundings had changed a lot.

Was this what consciousness called the past? So it seemed that this was the old house of the Guo family.

The war had just died down, and the visitors from Earth just settled on this planet. At this time, the relationship between human beings and animals was still in the same situation. At this moment, a large number of pandas were cleaning up the room for Gu YuMian under the command of the 2nd Wok.

“The bed should be shorter, and there should be green plants by the window,” said the Big Wok commander, who could see the signs of aging. “Reading lights, reading lights, the ancestor loved reading.”

They had been busy for several days. But there was no sign of fatigue on their faces. They were not forced to do these things by anyone. If there was any unhappiness, it was…

“Would he really like such a room?” At that time, 5th Wok was very small.

2nd Wok didn’t immediately answer “yes” or “no”, but bent down and picked up the little ball, “Grandpa didn’t know if he would like it.”

“But if he stands here, he will say…”

——”I can’t like it better.”

——”I can’t like it more.”

Many years later, Gu YuMian, who was watching everything, closed his eyes and said the same thing as 2nd Wok.

… Be loved.

How could he not like being loved so seriously by his children?

For the first time in Gu YuMian’s life, he gave love and got a lot of love for a long time.

Gu YuMian looked at the rolling pandas in the past.

He hadn’t had time to watch more videos. It turned out that 2nd and 3rd Wok were long like this.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion or a reality created by the spiritual world. He wished he could stay here for a long time.

“Look out, change places.” However, the voice was an untimely reminder.

Gu YuMian nodded helplessly, and the surrounding environment began to change again——

He was a little surprised by the familiar furnishings.

This was no other place.

It was their home in the Lower City of Capital Star…

Looking out of the window, it appeared to be night. At this time, there was still a small light in the room.


Gu YuMian stopped and went towards the bright place.

“Snore, snore…”

The little husky had a pen in his mouth, his paws were tapping softly and rapidly on the keyboard, and printed papers were scattered around him.

He was such an unreliable little guy, but his typing was very quiet, for fear of waking up his family.

Gu YuMian wanted to laugh a little bit. He squatted down and looked at the paper.

How to describe that story?

It was different from all the stories that little Er Ha had written. It had no thrilling plot or trick. Its protagonist was a human being, a snow leopard, a panda, a fox and a husky.

The little husky wrote very carefully, and Gu YuMian could see that every word was being considered repeatedly.

Gu YuMian didn’t know if the story would sell well, but it didn’t seem to matter anymore. The little husky was no longer the “orphan” who needed to write constantly and study hard to cater to readers’ tastes to earn a little living expenses; the one who was rejected by many families.

At this time, the little husky finally finished the last line of the novel. Unable to support his sleepiness anymore, he yawned and moved into the bedroom step by step, and fell asleep.

The last line was… 

“To my favorite family.”

“…… Snore… ” Before the husky could move to bed, he fell asleep.

The little fox, who woke up in the middle of the night and had a big furry tail, reached out his claws and rubbed his eyes, but looked at Er’er helplessly. After a while, the fox jumped out of the bed and pulled husky onto the bed.

The little husky’s dream was in full swing, but the little fox couldn’t sleep. He got up and went into the study to help the little husky sort out the papers. He turned left and right, and found half of the materials he had just read in the daytime

On wormholes, big explosions and space-time jumps; there was little research on space-time in the interstellar age. This paper was unearthed from Ancient Earth a long time ago. Little fox could only obtain this through acquaintances.

Time and space jump, why study this? Gu YuMian walked in a little and looked at the little fox’s reading notes.

The key words “time machine”, “2019” and “21st century” had been repeated, with the annotation of “Ancient Earth” and “China”. No wonder the fox seemed so tangled up a while ago.

He guessed where Gu YuMian came from, so he wanted to study the jumping of time and space, so that Gu YuMian could return to his own time and space to fulfill his wish, but on the one hand, he was tightly held by many people.

The child… 

The picture in front of them faded and faded a little.

Finally, someone took his hand.

Without turning around, Gu YuMian could guess who it was.


The man was silent for a while and asked him, “Are you waiting for an affectionate confession?”

Gu YuMian almost smiled again before he recovered from the emotion.

Affectionate confession? Maybe it doesn’t fit in with the style of some duplicity.

“I love you. You are the only one in my life. I can give you everything I have… Will others say that?”

Gu YuMian told him, “This was how it was written in the novel.”


Shuo Han hummed casually, “I can’t say that.”

Gu YuMian, What would you say?

The Emperor lowered his eyelids and looked at him with those beautiful gray-blue eyes.

“I’ll say,” Shou Han looked a little unskilled, his gaze was not steady. “I’ll cook your meals, and I’ll bring your children. I will protect you, I will accompany you, I will have you. And — I belong to you.”

In the eyes of cats, ownership was too important.

Shuo Han belonged to Gu YuMian.

This was what he could say, the highest level…

Love talk.


So what’s Gu YuMian going to say?

It was almost a matter of no thought. The deep sea of the spiritual world. The consciousness that coalesces in the shape of a cloud was watching, as it has been doing for so many years. It was a non-conscious creature, and it was easy to get any color.

For a long time, it was as black as the Zerg shell.

Now, a little bit of the brilliant blue light has eroded it, enveloped it, and the light was getting brighter and brighter——


When Gu YuMian’s eyes cleared again, the “voice” sounded for the last time, “I see it.”

“Gu YuMian, thank you. The law of causation after the Zerg may be about to be solved. Well, there are still some things I want you to have a look at. In any case, don’t forget…” As the sound faded away, a fluorescent light covered Gu YuMian’s whole sight, and the sound of birds’ wings rang in his ear, and he felt the wind.

Like a lantern, a picture appeared before his eyes.

At first, it was the picture Gu YuMian had seen many times.

The Emperor turned his back to the wave of cheers and walked up step by step. There were so many people around him, but he was like a man immersed in the boundless cold deep sea, separated from the whole world.

They said he was ‘the most outstanding and violent monarch,’ he was ‘albino,’ and he was ‘terrifying.’

Maybe no one would ever love him.

But that didn’t matter to him.


Then, the picture turned into a fat panda in the spotlight.

Loved by many people, working alone and hard day by day, it seemed that everything in life was good and there was nothing to be dissatisfied with.

At the end of the evening, the panda opened his front door and smelled the delicious food from the neighbors. The neighbors were parents who, after picking up the children from school, were happily discussing their plans for their weekend trip.

The panda put out his paw blankly and touched his eye.

No matter how hard he tried, it was hard to fill the small holes in his heart.


Academy of Sciences, this day was another sleepless night for the young chief.

Because he was a ‘genius born once in a century’ with a ‘rare super brain power,’ he lived under the expectation of everyone every day. He couldn’t live up to so many expectations of him. But he often felt that those people never looked into his eyes and there was no him.

The young man in the white coat was wearing goggles which reflected the screen’s fluorescence, and he looked up at the ceiling.

Suddenly… he found that…

In the laboratory of the Academy of Sciences, the moon was not visible.


“I’m sorry, we don’t do charity cases,” said the complaint from somewhere. “This child has not only not awakened, but also likes to make trouble and damage our furniture…”

“Please help him find another suitable family to adopt him, we are really not happy with him.”

“What can you even do with a child that can’t awaken?”

“He’s too annoying. Who can stand him?”

The little husky ran forward happily with his collar in his mouth, but he suddenly stepped wrong and fell into a cold puddle.

He waited for someone to help him up, but no one came.

Finally, he got up himself, licked his wounds, and ran on…


They live their own lives, just like hundreds of millions of creatures in this river of stars.

Until the day they met.

… The Gu’s family had an album of all the photos taken in such a long time.

The first one was Gu YuMian, who signed up for Starry Sky for the first time, standing in front of the camera and smiling at the camera.

The next picture was a spring night. Gu YuMian holding the yawning snow leopard in his arms, and the steaming white steam of shouxiguo jumps up a little. Summer was coming.

In the summer, the baby panda lies in Gu YuMian’s arms, the little snow leopard nests on his shoulder, and the wooden corridor was covered with frozen cut watermelons.

The stars were all over the sky.

Soon they went to the winter of the Upper Urban District.

After the snow battle, the golden red sunset spread all over the hillside, and the little arctic fox, who always seemed to be stiff, was soaking in the hot spring pool with the little snow leopard and the baby panda, leaning against Gu YuMian’s palm, drowsy.

After that was autumn.

The maple leaves of the Berry Festival fell down, the little husky bites the berry pie in his mouth, chases little fox and baby panda around happily, and the little snow leopard looks on from Gu YuMian’s arms in peace.

There were more and more people in the picture.

On the day of the reunion on Ancient Earth, one black and white panda after another squeezed into Gu YuMian’s side, squeezed into the camera, rubbed their eyes, shed tears, and after meeting several years later, took a picture with him


That life was not meant to be, but it was definitely not wasted.

Beneath the spring rain.

Beneath the fireworks of midsummer.

Beneath the winter night, with the smell of congee and the smell of charcoal.

More than three hundred lucky days together…

The gears of fate held the stars that were scattered in the ocean together. Every encounter was too rare. The eternal wind and the silent spark finally collided with the light that was hard to reach.

All of them had weathered this long journey…

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