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Chapter 110: Extra 7: Shuo Han takes care of the baby

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo never knew this chapter was very much needed for the heart

An hour later, at 10 p.m., the revelry of the wedding party was still going on, and nothing would happen until the early morning. The drunken guests didn’t notice that the main character of the party had quietly left early. Of course, even if someone noticed it, they would only think it was okay since they were the newly married emperor and empress.

After all, the spring night was worth a fortune.

As for the actual situation——

“Let them develop antidotes, now, immediately.” Shuo Han hung up the communication and put down the light screen.

Thanks to the reagent, the man who was supposed to be worth a fortune with Shuo Han disappeared.

Even the attendants were drinking to watch the fireworks revelry. The huge palace corridor was empty. The night lights cast the lonely shadow of Shuo Han on the ground… That’s not accurate.

He was carrying the little boy in pyjamas.

The boy’s calves were dangling in midair, and Shuo Han had to support them to prevent him from falling. If the difficulty of controlling the particle gun was very high, the difficulty of this action to Shuo Han was about 1000 points. He didn’t know what to do at all.

“Uncle, what was that shiny thing just now?” Little Gu YuMian was a little excited to draw out a rectangle with his finger.

It was clear that Shuo Han’s eyes in the presence of strangers was enough to frighten most children to have nightmares. The little boy was not afraid of him, but also very close to him. Shuo Han had promised to send him home, and he really believed him happily.

Shuo Han, “Light screen.”

The little boy was at a loss

Shuo Han, “Virtual intelligent light screen, an operable screen built by an optical computer simulation projection.”

The little boy was still confused

Shuo Han, “……”

He rationally changed the subject, “At ten o’clock in the evening, you are going to sleep.”

Shuo Han was really not good at dealing with children, especially a child that meant so much to him. Although Shuo Han had a little experience in parenting by taking care of YuanYuan, QiuQiu  and Er’er, how could that compare with this?

He would put the little guy to sleep first. The Academy of Sciences would solve the problem, right?

They turned the corridor and entered their room. There was no one else. It was specially decorated because of the marriage. Shuo Han silently brushed the rose petals off the bed and clumsily took out a blanket for the little boy.

Little Gu YuMian calmed down, obediently got into the quilt and pulled it up to his chin.

Shuo Han looked at him.

The little boy looked back at Shuo Han.

Ten seconds later.

Shuo Han, “… Is there anything wrong? “

The little boy blinked his round eyes.

Shuo Han felt that he saw helplessness and tolerance in the child’s light brown clean eyes, as if he was saying, ‘You as an adult don’t even understand these things.’

“Uncle,” the little boy reached out and touched Shuo Han’s forehead, and reminded him, “You haven’t told the bedtime story yet. I haven’t drunk hot milk, and I haven’t been given the doll. How can I sleep like this?”

The eyes of little Gu YuMian made Shuo Han feel a sense of inexplicable and growing frustration. What “bedtime story”, “hot milk”, “doll?” It was more like listening to the heavenly book.

As an adult, how could he understand these?

I don’t understand.

Don’t understand!

His Majesty grinded his teeth almost invisibly.

There had been a subtle change in mindset.

Gu YuMian could take care of TuanTuan when he was a child. If he couldn’t take care of this little guy, won’t it mean that he lost to Gu YuMian in the “ability to take care of each other”?

… Shuo Han was always puzzling about things related to the person he liked.

The little boy looked at Shuo Han’s expression carefully, and then didn’t know what to do.

He was very sensible and closed his eyes, saying, “No, it doesn’t matter. I’ll go to bed first, uncle.”

“Who says I don’t understand?” Shuo Han said as he raised his face and lifted the little boy out of his bed, after pulling up the sleeves of his shirt

“You wait.”

Ten minutes later.

In the evening, nearly half a year after the end of the war, the advisory team serving His Majesty’s personal affairs received an urgent call notice after a long time. During the whole process from leaving the wedding banquet to connecting to the virtual conference hall, the chief consultant had a lot of speculation in his mind,

In the middle of the night, the wedding night, His Majesty summoned them urgently. Were the treasury’s finances in trouble? Or did the Zerg invade again? Is it possible that even the universe will be destroyed?

Twenty elite consultants were sitting in the virtual simulation conference room, looking at the worry and fear on each other’s faces, and then the consultant, on behalf of them, connected to His Majesty’s communication terminal


After the communication terminal was connected, the chief consultant fell silent.

The man next to him asked anxiously, “What is it? How serious? Do you need to dispatch troops? I just calculated — “

The chief consultant made a ‘stop’ sign, “Bedtime stories.”

Other consultants, “Ah?”

Chief consultant, “His Majesty wants us to simulate a bedtime story in ten minutes, which is most suitable for the four and a half year old boy. And through substantial data analysis, find the optimal temperature for hot milk.”

Silence spread in the meeting room.

For a long time, they couldn’t get back to themselves.


Another ten minutes later, the monarch with silver hair and gray-blue eyes held a bottle in one hand and a soft towel to clean the child’s mouth in the other hand. In front of his left eye was a single rainbow piece, and he was reading out in a very stiff and dry tone.

“’Are you the legendary dwarf?’ Batman said and pulled out his sword. The sword was obtained from the corn forest ten kilometers away from carrot village. ‘It’s an ancient and mysterious prophecy about Hulk.’”

Little Gu YuMian yawned and listened. He almost fell asleep several times. He tried to hold up his eyelids to give the “stupid adult” a face.

This was the story that took the painstaking effort of twenty elite consultants, who had absorbed the essence of all fairy tales from 5000 years ago to the present, including the hot elements of the brave dragon, Cinderella and seven dwarfs, Snow White vs the green giant, and Batman in love with Antman.

They swore to Shuo Han that the charm of the story was enough for all creatures between the ages of three and ten.

… From the hypnotic effect, this boring and long story was very successful. Little Gu YuMian tried to listen, but half an hour later, he still couldn’t understand who the protagonist was.

Fortunately, the milk was good to drink. If there was no real-time heating flame under the bottle, it would be better.

The boy let out a small hiccup.

Shuo Han asked the little guy to sit in his arms for feeding. While telling the story, he carefully observed the little boy’s expression, which made him distracted.

… His humanity, when he was a child, was like this.

As Shuo Han once imagined, the boy was white, soft, and loved to laugh. There was an obvious dimple when he laughed, and there were stars in his eyes.

Imagining how he grew up from such a small child, went to primary school, middle school and work, and finally became the Gu YuMian who walked in front of him.

So cute.

Damn, it’s so cute.

Shuo Han held the bottle expressively, “……”

“Well? Uncle, what happened to Hulk?”

The voice that had been narrating the story stopped. He looked at Shuo Han and pulled at his clothes.

Is the long story finally over? The little boy jumped up a little, and his round eyes were full of expectation. Together with him, there were twenty elite consultants, who watched in crisis, ready to adjust the story’s direction at any time through little Gu YuMian’s response.

Until now, their expressions were dignified. It was obvious that the little highness was not interested in the story. When His Majesty finally responded, their jobs may not be guaranteed.

At this time, the chief consultant finally jumped up, slapped the table, and breathed, “Your Highness is interested in the plot!” He pressed the remote control to zoom into the boy’s lips and eyes, “Look at the micro-expression here, he likes this story!! Lengthen the appearance of Hulk!! “

Twenty consultants were immediately excited and solemn, “Okay.”


Shuo Han came back to his senses and happened to receive feedback from the consultant. He took a fixed look at Gu YuMian and continued to read, “The Hulk who ate the poisonous apple went west all the time…”

Little boy, “…” Ah, it wasn’t over.

The long story went on. Little Gu YuMian rubbed his eyes. His round eyes were shining under the night light. Suddenly, his eyes were attracted by Shuo Han’s hair. This silly adult had beautiful silver hair. The little boy just has a premonition. It was clear that his appearance was cold and impersonal, but the touch of that silver hair must be soft.

He stretched out his hand.

In the pocket of his pikachu pajamas, there was a ring. Gu YuMian took out the ring and stood up unsteadily. Shuo Han subconsciously held him and raised his eyes in an indistinct way, “Hm?”

The boy stretched out his little arm, held the beautiful silver hair in his hand, and tied it up slowly and lightly with the velvet ring.

So the next second.

All the consultants held their breath and watched——

He undid one of the buttons of the shirt. Even if he held the baby with the bottle, he would still be proud, the proud and calm Majesty. He sighed.


“Hiss —”

The impact of the picture was too great.

The consultants couldn’t help but start to cool down, surprised and despaired at the same time.

Having seen this picture, they would be silenced…

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Minnie ford
September 24, 2020 5:03 pm

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Hahaha, I laughed so hard! Emergency call after half year of the end of the war, the “stupid adult” lets his 20 advisors see how he “takes care of little Mian Mian”? Geez, he must be really desperate. Gu Yu Mian can’t be more cute!

September 24, 2020 8:39 pm

I couldn’t stop smiling at SH attempted in taking care of others and his team councellors😂😂

September 24, 2020 9:06 pm

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September 24, 2020 10:05 pm

“The Hulk who ate the poisonous apple went west all the time…” Three stories in one sentense… ROFL!!!!! I seriously can’t take it… this is way to funny XD XD XD I wonder if MianMian will remember any of that. Emperor nanny hang in there! Hahahahaha… this is why one shouldn’t drink any weird potions even when drunk.
Thank you for the chapter!!!

September 25, 2020 12:37 am

Wonderfull! Couldn’t stop laughing. So adorable the little MianMian, but also ShuoHan is so adorable in his akward- and clumsyness but so lovable. Surely another kind of wedding night.
Thank you very much.

September 25, 2020 1:40 am

5000 years worth of fairytales = a hot mess

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September 7, 2022 4:09 am

Ah ues the best story: shoves 5000+ popular srories together. I don’t think that’s usually successful…

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