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Chapter 111: Extra 8: Shou Han takes care of the baby part 2

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo loves the interaction between mini-Gu YuMian and Shuo Han

The night was getting longer. The consultants who had just been able to discuss one or two sentences were as quiet as chickens. They tried their best to minimize their sense of existence.

This was really… really…


It was a little stupid.

Shuo Han glanced at his reflection in the French window, then took back his gaze and looked at the little guy in front of him.

The little boy rubbed his finger against the tip of his nose, a little embarrassed and expectant as he waited for Shuo Han’s reaction.

“……” Shuo Han asked him, “Do I look good?”

Little Gu YuMian quickly said, “It’s very beautiful!”

Shuo Han, hmm.

This funny little thing suddenly made him fall in love all over again.

Who made him his human? What else could he do?

Pat him.

The consultants watched His Majesty bear the pigtail without expression, put down the bottle, and pick up the little boy

No, strictly speaking, it’s not “without expression”. Looking carefully, there was a little pride in His Majesty’s eyes. The whole picture seemed more and more incredible. The fire dragon, who was capable of levelling out half of Capital Star when he was angry, even tied on an apron to nurse the baby carefully.

The consultants were struggling to rebuild their worldview.


Shuo Han reached for a page on the light screen, and the content of the fairy tale displayed in the rainbow piece had updated. Just as he was about to read on, he suddenly remembered something. Squinting at the little boy, he asked, “Who taught you to tie this?” 

Little Gu YuMian didn’t know why he was asking this, “I learned it.”

Shuo Han’s gaze was fixed, “From who? Boys or girls? “

Think about it carefully, it was obviously the way to tie a girl’s hair. What could a boy do? Did he fall in love?

His Majesty quietly began to eat vinegar from a thousand years ago.

“It’s the teacher.” The little boy didn’t understand this at all. He felt his cheeks a little sheepishly. “The teacher tied this for other children. I saw it and learned it.”

Shuo Han’s back relaxed again.

Time flew by.

A bottle of milk has been drunk. Although the story had not reached one-tenth, little Gu YuMian was too sleepy to open his eyes. The poor consultants were finally able to go to bed after work. As soon as the meeting was over, they found that everyone was in a cold sweat.


In the room, Shuo Han put out the light. Only the moonlight outside the window came in, and the light was shining all over the ground.

“Sleep.” The almost omnipotent Emperor did not light up the trick of coaxing children.

Shuo Han clumsily stretched out his hand, like how Gu YuMian used to coax him to sleep, to pat the little boy on the back. Worried about the poor grasp of his strength, he patted the little guy’s ribs.

Suddenly getting such a little baby, it was really with fear of holding or fear of falling.

Little Gu YuMian lay on his side and curled up in the quilt, with his wavy hair on his cheek. The alternating light and dark moonlight gently fell on the boy’s cheek. His milk white skin was soft and delicate, the tip of his nose was slightly wrinkled, and his cheeks were red when sleeping.

Like out of a fairytale book of the naive little prince who “does not know the world”.

It was also like a dream Shuo Han had.

Shuo Han watched the dream for a long time.

Suddenly, the little boy stretched out his hand and grabbed at the air. It seemed that he was looking for something but his hands came empty.

“Well…” What was Gu YuMian muttering?

Shuo Han suddenly understood that he was looking for something to hold.

There were many dolls at home, in any size, whether they were sent by fans or bought by Gu YuMian for the cubs before.

But Shuo Han didn’t want to give them to his baby.


The whole night’s banquet was not over yet. There was a faint voice in the distance, but it wasn’t noisy.

The snow leopard stretched out his claws and pulled open the boy’s quilt. He snuggled into the boy’s arms. The plush ears rubbed lazily against the boy’s neck.

A whiff of milk and a little sweet scent; it was quite different from the taste of the human youth.

But the feeling had not changed.

Whether it was the adult Gu YuMian or the little Gu YuMian, the space left in his arms was just enough for TuanTuan.

There could be no less and no more.

Occasionally, things like this were not bad.

The little snow leopard licked his paws in satisfaction and closed his eyes.

In a few days, little Gu YuMian soon conquered the whole palace.

Originally, Gu YuMian in adulthood was enough for everyone to like. When he was smaller, he was more lovely. He was not only cute but also sensible——

If this was not the palace, and there was no Emperor to watch out for him, he might be stolen.

“Ancestor, come and eat sugar.” Guo Er Shisi the panda adored Gu YuMian, let the little guy lie on his soft belly, and touch the little boy’s head.

“YuanYuan, thank you.” The boy said thanks in a soft voice. He grabbed the marshmallow, blinked at the baby panda, and whispered, “Don’t tell QiuQiu. He won’t allow me to eat too much sugar.”

Then he winked at the panda.

“……” Aaaah!!!

The surrounding pandas, including Guo Er Shisi, began to take deep breaths, and the maids around them couldn’t help but cover their eyes and worry about the health of their hearts.

Guo Er Shisi covered his heart and fell back.

How lovely!! He was so cute! Such a reliable ancestor became small and so cute.

Little fox had specially done his homework. The human teeth would not change until he was about five and a half years old, so now little Gu YuMian couldn’t eat too much sugar — but even the serious chief of the Academy of Sciences couldn’t resist it, and the bottom line in front of little Gu YuMian retreated again and again.

“Aow!” The little husky put his nose on the palm of the boy’s hand to tell him to play with him.

If anyone was not affected by the harvest of the same sprout, it was only Er’er. The little husky, who had always been thick, didn’t even find any difference in Gu YuMian. This was because no matter big or small Gu YuMian, this little guy liked him very much.

But that night, the fox, who came back from the Academy of Sciences, brought a piece of bad news.

“He can’t come back? What do you mean?” Guo Shi’san scanned a table of sluggish pandas and asked on their behalf.

Shuo Han had learnt the news in advance. At this time, he was not at the dinner table. They did not know where he went with little Gu YuMian.

“That is to say, the reagent is actually a semi-finished product before the clinical trial,” the fox sniffed, and the whole person fell into a sense of helplessness. “It is likely that he will remain a child, and not become an adult again.”

Wang Shu, who gave the reagent to Gu YuMian at the wedding banquet, happened to have a relapse and was still sleeping in the hospital bed. So he had to go to the study of the deputy group leader. Little fox still remembered how he felt when he went to the Academy of Sciences today to ask about the progress and heard the conclusion.

“Because the situation of Anchor Gu is very special,” the deputy leader took the dark blue reagent and said, “and unfortunately, it’s this reagent.”

Because Gu YuMian was a special being, a human being and a spiritual power awakener… And it was a time warp. General reagents would have a different effect on him. After so many days of research, he still couldn’t come up with a solution.

It was possible that he would remain like this, forget all the things that happened before with them, and grow up slowly from the age of five. What’s more, the reagent had affected his mental power. Gu YuMian may even return to his own time and space. His spirit originally came from thousands of years ago. It was not easy to say what would happen to his unstable state.

There was silence at the table, and no one could speak.

Little MianMian was so cute that they wanted to give him everything.

But if they had known this was the price…

“What does His Majesty say?” He asked.

Little fox shook his head. He hasn’t seen Shuo Han since he came back.

Could he accept this fact?

Shuo Han and Gu YuMian went to the Academy of Sciences and the hot spring villa to watch the sunset. The last trip was back to their old house in the Lower Urban District. By the time they arrived, it was close to bedtime.

Apart from taking away some things, the rest of the place remained the same — Shuo Han successfully proposed here not long ago, and the traces of that time were still there. Although there was no memory, the little boy still liked it here.

“It’s a familiar feeling.” He said holding the pillow on the sofa.

Shuo Han said, “Sleep here tonight.”

“Here?” Little Gu YuMian looked around with a little hesitation.

Shuo Han, Hm?

“YuanYuan, QiuQiu, Er’er…” The little boy felt that the language was a little difficult for him to express his ideas exactly. He counted them with his fingers.

“Worried that they’ll stay there bored?”

The boy nodded.

Shuo Han was quiet for a while. His gray-blue eyes were half open in the moonlight. They were always careless, but they seemed very gentle somehow. He touched the little boy’s head. “It’s only you.”

Even if I don’t remember anything, I don’t forget anything I miss.

Even if you are no longer a parent, you still subconsciously remember the children at home. Even if you’re sleepy, you still remember to leave your arms open and wait for him.

Also remember to hold him.

“It’s not early. I’m sleeping.” Shuo Han was now proficient in making warm milk. The bedtime story was still not finished. He would tell more of it every day. Before long, he was in his former bed. The boy’s eyes closed and he fell into a deep sleep. As expected, he reached out to hug him subconsciously in his sleep.

The little snow leopard curled up in the boy’s arms, closed his eyes and didn’t want to sleep.

In the quiet room, the moonlight gently streamed in. At this moment, a soft dream-like voice suddenly rang, “… TuanTuan.”

The little snow leopard’s ears moved.

“Snow, well, I call you Xue Tuan? How are you doing?”

What is this guy talking about?

The little snow leopard couldn’t sleep any more. He stretched out his paws and pressed them on the boy’s lips. His gray-blue pupils stared at him. But the boy’s breathing was still even and steady — still sleeping, it seemed to be a dream.

After that, he didn’t say any more words, obviously he went into a deeper sleep. The little snow leopard was quiet for a while.

Another moment, the little cub broke away from the boy’s arms and sat beside him, a little frustrated and helpless as he looked at him for a while. Shuo Han was not afraid that Gu YuMian would not change back. He could grow up with him at the age of five or four.

Gu YuMian had forgotten the previous memory, leaving only Shuo Han to remember it alone. So Shuo Han would remember it very well and wait until the day when Gu YuMian grew up to tell it to him.

No matter how many times he came back, Shuo Han would definitely make Gu YuMian like him again.

… The only thing he was afraid of was Gu YuMian leaving.

Even if that was a good thing for Gu YuMian — he could go back to his hometown and his relatives. But that’s where Shuo Han couldn’t go. He wanted to hold Gu YuMian’s hand forever. He knew it was selfish, but he did.

But if Gu YuMian has to go——

The snow leopard hesitated for a moment, and pressed his paw on the boy’s forehead. He lowered his head to make a soft voice in his ear, “…Chi.”

When Gu YuMian was an adult, the little snow leopard couldn’t make a sound even if he was alive or dead. The sound as a baby cub was too unrefined, but it was not the same now.

The little snow leopard seemed to open the dialog box, and he called out again and again in the sleeping boy’s ear. He seemed to be talking to the boy, telling him the truth.

To this hard-earned baby.

Serious, awkward, unreasonable but gentle, he said one sentence after another with endless words.

For example,

“Don’t fall in love early, neither boys nor girls. I will be jealous.” 

“Don’t get too close to other cubs, either.”

“You must grow up safe.”

Another example,

“I’ll wait for you in the future.”

“…… I love you.”

“If you meet a little snow leopard with a bad temper in the future, you must remember to take it home.”

There was a sigh.

Finally, the room fell into a soft silence, and the sleeping boy was covered with white light.

The little snow leopard’s eyes became confused. Even if he was prepared, he couldn’t accept the real thing…



“Don’t go…”

“Don’t go? Where can I go?” Gu YuMian yawned, reached out and nudged the big man who held him tightly, without pushing. Gu YuMian had no choice but to say: “Are you still asleep?”

Shuo Han, “?”

He looked at Gu YuMian. The handsome human youth of Qing Jun, with hazel eyes, was also looking at him sleepily.

He was back.

Changed back???

At the same time, the hospital of Upper Urban District. 

The researcher surnamed Wang, on the hospital bed, opened his eyes. He had just woken up and dozed off, then heard his subordinates call for a communication report:

“Team leader, we are in trouble. Before that, you asked Your Highness to give the reagent to the chief. He took it by mistake.”

Lao Wang scratched his head and said, “Oh, he took it by mistake. That’s a pity. “

Subordinates: ???

Wait a minute, such a serious matter, His Majesty’s side will be furious and kill people. Why didn’t the leader who made a big mistake not only run for his life in a hurry, but also talk about it in a tone like “it’s a pity that the cabbage price has not been cut yet and there is no time to rush to buy it today”?

Lao Wang, “You can drink it. By the way, has he changed back now?”

Subordinate, “What changed back?? Isn’t that the gtx05 you brought to His Highness? There are no clinical trials…”

“How could it be?!” Lao Wang was about to blow his beard as he stared at his subordinate. He quickly interrupted him, “How would I take that dangerous thing out of the lab?? Don’t insult me, will you? I took the most common gtx01!”

The reagent he took had been in use for many years. It was used in Guo Er Shisi’s life-saving capsule before. What’s more, it was diluted. The effect would last for only three or five days.

“It looks like it’s all blue. I can’t tell clearly at night. It must have been mistaken.”

“Who told you not to make it clear?” The subordinate was also speechless. “We can’t see the specific color when we tune the monitor. You were in charge of this research before. Come on, then you’ll explain to His Majesty. “

His Majesty??? Lao Wang was flustered when he thought about the causes and consequences:

“Wait, why am I? His Majesty will kill me. You can’t — “

“Du — “

The phone was dead.

Half an hour later, Gu YuMian finally understood the causes and consequences.

But his focus was a little off the mark, “When I was a kid, I made a little pigtail on your head? Did you take pictures at that time? “

Shuo Han, “……”

The more Gu YuMian thought about it, the more interesting he felt it was, “Did you tell me a story? Feeding?”

Shuo Han, “……”

Gu YuMian, “Did you just cry, eh — “

I’d better kiss him until he can’t speak. Shuo Han thought with a straight face.

After the marriage and what felt like a long time, their lips connected, and the two people’s breathing was disordered.

Shuo Han picked up his human and walked to the bathroom.

Gu YuMian bent his eyes, looked at him for a while, and said softly,

“Bad temper…”

“But I don’t mind.”

“Don’t worry,” Gu YuMian leaned over and kissed Shuo Han’s lips. “Again, I’ll pick you up.”

The silver haired monarch looked away awkwardly and kissed on his human’s clavicle. After a long time, he answered the human’s words in a low voice, “… Good.”

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