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Chapter 26: Video

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo wants to touch Little Ancestor Snow Leopard’s soft paw


Unlike Takk, the live broadcasts on Capital Star had developed for many years and were approaching a mature and stable period. To some extent, stability also meant class solidification and polarization a large amount of traffic was firmly fixed by the most popular anchor, and the rest of the anchors could only barely drink the rest of the congee.

Of course, the government had tried to control this situation, but it had not achieved much.

In terms of the popularity list of that day, this list was to select the top ten live broadcast rooms with the highest overall popularity every day to display on the home page recommendation position. For four months, no new faces had appeared on the popularity list of the day. It was only occupied by the popular anchors of the ten or so districts that came and went, and at most, the only change would be in their popularity positions.

It was inconceivable that Gu YuMian, as a new anchor who just passed the rating assessment and had his first live broadcast on Capital Star, was able to make it to the popularity list of that day. What an astonishing and incredible thing.

The discussion of melon eaters had spread from the microblogs to the Starry Sky forum, and the post-bar was not immune.

[1L: This anchor was recommended by ‘There’s a Cloud’ before because he is a human being, I had made complaints about it. But I didn’t think he was going to catch fire.]

[2L: On the first day, he directly parachuted into the top 10 of the popularity list of Capital Star. Let’s not talk about the problems of a human and the countryside. The data is too strong. Shall we witness the rise of a new generation of top current gods?]

[3L: Don’t rush to a conclusion. The rating result hasn’t been released yet. He may not necessarily be B-Rank. Besides, his race is really hard to not notice, let’s see the final results of the rookie.]

[4L: His live broadcast is really good-looking! I’ve been suffering all day now. I want to eat everything.]

[5L: His live broadcast itself is unique, and the last fireworks!! After a whole hour, my girlish heart completely exploded and cracked. Although the fireworks should have nothing to do with the anchor… But really, even though it was a coincidence, it was also beautiful! 1551]  1

At the same time, the micro blog’s “fireworks for a person” tags had also fired off a wave of popularity.

[@Things in Love V: I will contribute, and put thick code here. Today, I was watching the live broadcast of a new anchor. The anchor said that he wanted to see fireworks. He was immediately beaten by a gangjing and said that there could be no fireworks blah blah blah at this time. As a result, everyone saw that the fireworks were really set off at 9 o’clock last night!! For an hour!!]

“Generally, fireworks will be announced in advance and would start at six or seven o’clock. This time, the fireworks were very sudden. And the anchor had the best viewing position! It’s like, these fireworks were only for him! QAQ It’s so romantic and sweet.”

But soon, everyone felt that this statement was just nonsense. His Majesty had just arrived in the Lower Urban District, who could get the permission to put on such a large firework display at this time? Was it His Majesty’s order? That was even more ridiculous. 2

The biggest possibility was that a politician in the lower city just happened to let off fireworks to please and welcome His Majesty.

When Gu YuMian was broadcasting, the number of fans had increased from thousands to tens of thousands, and many gifts had been received. At that time, his popularity was high, and the audience was very reluctant to part. But Gu YuMian was going to sleep with the children. Finally, he said he was very sorry and turned off the broadcast.

The summer night in the mountains was tranquil. There was only a small yellow lamp left in the tent. Gu YuMian lay in the quilt and could hear cicadas and water from afar. The baby panda had a very optimistic and naive character and soon fell asleep holding Gu YuMian’s hand.

The little snow leopard was nestled at Gu YuMian’s neck and firmly occupied his vision and arms of Gu YuMian. He fell asleep freely and lazily.

In the tent, only Gu YuMian was still awake.

“TuanTuan, how did you know the fireworks were going to go off?” He reached out his hand and scratched the chin of the snow leopard. His voice was so light that he asked himself, “Or did that even happen? Why do I feel that you are hiding a lot from me…”

The little snow leopard moved his nose in his sleep. A moment later, he unconsciously kissed Gu YuMian’s ear. Gu YuMian could feel the slight wet touch on his ear itching a little bit. This little guy seemed to be trying to please him and let him not worry.

Gu YuMian couldn’t help but want to laugh, and some of his thoughts suddenly disappeared.

——His little Xue Tuan had always been very smart. This little thing was nothing. He went through recent events in his brain and planned for the future. Gradually, he fell asleep, and the only sounds were the even breathing of the snow leopard and Tangyuan.


This live broadcast also let Starry Sky’s Operation Department see the commercial value of Gu YuMian’s videos. It was hard to say just what an anchor as him would be rated. Gu YuMian could appeal to the public judges, and not necessarily the audience. But the popularity of this first live broadcast was enough to represent the fact.

——Most of the Starry Sky audience liked Gu YuMian!

Also, president Fang Lena was helping Gu YuMian apply for the review process of an S-level anchor.

If it passed, Gu YuMian would become the first S-class anchor ever!

Several people in charge of operations held a brief meeting to discuss the publicity and training for Gu YuMian. So, in the afternoon after camping, Gu YuMian’s temporary agent, Sugar Sugar, found him.

[Sugar Sugar: Mian Mian, we have discussed carefully here at Starry Sky. We can’t let you know, but we can give you some advice in advance. Your anchor rating is very high. You may even have a chance to reach a higher level in the future.]

[Sugar Sugar: So, we’d like to wait for you to cut out the video first, then make an advertisement, and then we’ll have an official publicity together. The shooting time is preliminarily set for next Friday afternoon. Are you free? The information about the advertisement has been sent to you. Please let me know if you are dissatisfied.]

Advertising? Gu YuMian was stunned. He didn’t think that one of the new support projects was advertising rights.

“It turns out that I am almost an internet celebrity,” said Gu YuMian, who sat on the carpet along with the baby panda since the little snow leopard went to school.

Little Tangyuan was playing the ‘clapping game’ with him happily. When Gu YuMian asked him questions, he laughed in a daze and made a small sound.

In his last life, the primary income of online celebrities actually came from advertisements, both hard and soft. Advertisements were very lucrative. Gu YuMian, as a high school student,  happened to know this. A multi-million dollar advertisement would give someone six figures and let them rent a house in the center of Shanghai for two years.

But it was strange to go straight to the anchor to shoot an ad. Advertising should be about star artists and models, right?

Gu YuMian couldn’t figure it out. He was a little worried that he couldn’t do it well. After all, he had no relevant experience. Gu YuMian went to ask Sugar Sugar again, and then he understood.

[Sugar Sugar: This brand is very good. It also has relevant cooperation with the Imperial Academy of Sciences. There is no problem with the quality of its reputation, but the publicity and exposure can’t keep up. What’s more, the director of this ad is too strict. Recently, both the traffic and the stars can’t get into the director’s eyes, so they wanted to find an anchor… Then we sent all the information about some anchors, including you. The director picked you. Maybe it’s just right for you.]

[Sugar Sugar: It’s alright. It’s also an opportunity. You don’t need to be too nervous, just try it. The chance of success is not great. If it happens, it’ll be good for you.]

[Sugar Sugar: It’s more than ten days before the rookie competition. Your main task now is to stabilize your live’s popularity and shoot the video when you have time.]

This brand was really good. Sugar Sugar had seen the process of picking people, so she tried to help Gu YuMian win. But because the product positioning was really biased, finding several tens of millions of pink net bloggers for a promotion was almost impossible.

Therefore, when Gu YuMian got such an opportunity, Starry Sky’s top-ranking anchors didn’t have any objection. Several of them were still secretly waiting for Gu YuMian’s to fail.

——Now that Sugar Sugar said that, Gu YuMian’s heart settled down.

He had seen the materials and the advertising plan, and thought of what it would be, then set his mind to create his video. The technical threshold of interstellar editing was much higher. As long as there was an optical computer, it could be cut without learning a new program.

But the core was the same.

On Friday afternoon, the little snow leopard still went to school, and only Gu YuMian and the baby panda were in the villa.

“First of all, I have to have an artistic cell brain,” Gu YuMian said, looking at the video he had been struggling with for several days, but he was very helpless. “YuanYuan, I don’t think I am the artistic material.”

The footage of the video was from the last live broadcast. From three hours of footage of his live broadcast, it was challenging to extract essences for a few minutes’ video, keep a narrative rhythm and make people understand and feel empathy for the whole story. Gu YuMian thought this touched his blind area of knowledge.

Little Tangyuan curiously climbed into Gu YuMian’s arms and looked up at the semi-finished product projected on the light screen.

Gu YuMian stayed up for a few days to edit the video. He was so sleepy that he put his chin on baby panda’s head to rest. As a result, his eyelids grew heavier and heavier, and he was finally overcome with sleepiness.

Five minutes later.

The little boy with the appearance of a nine-year-old in back belt pants sat in Gu YuMian’s arms and looked around blankly. He first felt that he was held in the arms of Gu YuMian, like being held by a big brother, which was very reassuring.

Then he saw his fingers eh, he was back again?

This kind of thing of intermittently returning to normal was really a new life and a unique experience. The little boy’s round eyes blinked. After a while, his eyes were suddenly attracted by the circulating video on the light screen.


At first, the little boy just looked at it casually. Then, his expression gradually became serious.

As some older fans knew, Ershisi Guo’s undergraduate study was not in the Department of Performance, but in the Department of Directing. Although it was often said that he only relied on his race’s natural advantages and family background, Ershisi Guo indeed had a real academic background, and the microfilm he directed and acted by himself had won the Rookie Award.

He could tell which was the stone and which was the real thing.

——For example, in the current 8-minute video, professional people could see a lot of loopholes, such as a slight inflection and a wrong time axis, but it could not cover up the fact that it was a piece of jade. Unpolished jade was also jade.

The little boy was really itchy. He couldn’t help making some minor and inconspicuous changes, removing the inflection and rhythm injuries, and trying to maintain the same length of time, so Gu YuMian wouldn’t notice any difference.

In half an hour.

When Gu YuMian woke up, the baby panda was sleeping in his arms, and the light screen had been switched off automatically. He glanced at the video and sighed again. I’ve changed to many versions. I can’t really change it again. I’m going to send it to Sugar Sugar first. I can’t watch it again.

Ding Dong.

At Starry Sky’s headquarters, Sugar Sugar’s work optical computer lit up, indicating that a new SMS message had been received.

Fang Tang 3 left her desk to pour herself a coffee. The optical computer was still on because she was still transferring a file with a partner.

As it happened, Starry Sky’s server was being updated and repaired. The company’s intranet was pumping. The video sent by Gu YuMian was directly sent to her partner’s mailbox.

Fang Tang, who went to pick up the coffee, was temporarily called away by her supervisor and ordered several things. When she got back to her seat, she was scared by the bombardment of messages from her partner in the chatbox.

[You sent me an extra video. It’s wrong?] 14:40

[I’m sorry, I accidentally started it. Why can’t I close it?! There should be privacy.] 14:43

Twenty minutes of blank, and then——

[Miss Fang, is this video for the contribution to the Rookie Cup?? I’m sure this will definitely win first place!!] 15:00

[If it’s not for contribution, you should advise him to contribute immediately. Just now, our chief judge teacher has seen it. He said, “good” directly. Now he is analyzing the content rhythm and technique in one frame.] 15:00

[Besides, I work in the Academy of Sciences… Well, my friend has also seen it. Now he is asking me who is the person making the video and recording the video. Do you know?] 15:00

Sugar Sugar: “……”

Sugar Sugar: “???”


Upper Urban District, Academy of Sciences.

A handsome young man in a white coat sat expressionlessly in the chief position, watching the video playing on the private optical computer. His appearance was too young. All the staff around him were at least one hundred years old. Several light screens were floating in the air and rolling all kinds of data at full speed. From time to time, there were tube collisions and light instrument sounds. The whole environment was very serious and full of a sense of technology.

This was the Imperial Academy of Sciences.

——The only center of all knowledge achievements of the whole EmpireEmpire, the cutting-edge site of all new achievements, gathered all the talents of the Empire for nearly a hundred years. This young man, who had just reached adulthood this year, was already the Chief of the Academy of Sciences. He was a genius among the geniuses.

He lived on his own when he was very young. Few people, including his parents, knew that this teenager had not eaten for two weeks and lived on the strength of the nutrient solution. It was not intentional, he just had no appetite.

According to the doctor, it was due to the long-term mental pressure and the high-intensity work of the Academy of Sciences that caused him to lose all his desire for life activities, including appetite and long-term insomnia. But now that the work was at a critical juncture, he couldn’t withdraw at this time.

This video was transmitted by a friend. It was only over eight minutes in total. After watching it once, it replayed automatically.

A holographic video, the background music was a very gentle romantic back wave. At first, the picture was just a few fuzzy colored blocks, and then gradually cleared up, and color from the beginning gradually became a rich image.

Twilight, bonfire, mountain wind.

The beep of the soup on the stove, the mountain wind and cicadas in his ears, and the delicious food on the tip of his nose. The young man’s arms gave him a sense of inexplicable satisfaction that could make his heart feel soft, and he became enclosed in a small world that would not be invaded by wind and rain.

The video used color as a clue to connect several small pictures one by one.

Obviously, there was no plot or lines, but it was extremely gripping. With human emotions, it was constantly sinking in and in-depth. It seemed that he could touch the soft and boundless midsummer night in the mountains. After dusk, there were stars all over the sky. Then, there was th=e sweet watermelon and conversation under the night sky. It was a story that couldn’t be told.

But it did not feel complete. Something was missing, something strange, something unfinished. All things were in a hurry to finish before the cicadas’ chirp, with a little bitterness and sweetness.

In this atmosphere, he could taste something subtle and introverted. The mood was affected by this night, waiting for a brewing point to overflow——


The colorful fireworks burst out unprepared.

Numerous color blocks and pictures rushed in, and the piano sound also cut in at this time. The sound of the piano was like the water pouring out, embracing the whole world, like a shower with fire coming into the world. It released all the emotions that belonged to this season and this night at this moment.

The shock of that moment was unspeakable.

After the high tide, the music became gentle again and entered the ending part. The last shot was fixed on a book that had the word “Summer” on the front page.

A pair of slender white hands closed the book, and the video stopped abruptly.


In the Academy of Sciences, the boy closed his eyes.

He could feel the sleepiness and appetite that had not been felt for a long time, and his empty stomach was convulsing and warning, which had not been felt before. He even wanted to go into the video and be hugged by the youth, to taste the chicken, find out whether the thick soup was delicious or not, and then eat frozen watermelon.

This kind of feeling was unexpectedly… very nice.

——After a long time, he finally came back to life.

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Translator Notes:

  1. 1551 =  at first, it only expressed the meaning of “humiliating,” but because it sounds similar to “噫 woo-woo 噫,” it is often used as the meaning of “selling cute cry”
  2. Addis: Hahaha. Joke’s on you. Sulo: OMG, His Majesty is so romantic, I cannot!! TvT
  3. Tang means Sugar, since her nickname is TangTang, comes her username of Sugar Sugar.


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