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Chapter 69: Dragon Shaped Jade Carving

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Lin Mo only heard about the process of entering the palace and receiving the seal. But even if he couldn’t remember it, it was okay. The courtesy officer was in charge. Cheng Yan and Lin Mo just need to do what they said. Even if Lin Mo had used spiritual water in advance, he could not bear it now. Not only the heavy clothes, but the accessories on Lin Mo’s body were also heavy.

Lin Mo was led by Cheng Yan to walk down the white jade steps. Just after walking down the last step, he heard a strange sound in the distance.

The sound of weapons colliding? Lin Mo looked sideways at Cheng Yan beside him, silent.

“It’s time to see your brother in the main hall.” Cheng Yan murmured.

Today was a great day for him and Momo. No matter who they were, they couldn’t make trouble.

“Okay.” Lin Mo nodded. Since Cheng Yan didn’t care, he didn’t need to ask more. And the Royal shadow guard, who had been hidden in the dark, had awe in his eyes after hearing the subtle sound.

The next second, the shadow flashed by. Before long, the original noise gradually disappeared. After cleaning up the people, the shadow guards picked up the few people who were still breathing slightly and left. The remaining shadow guards cleared the scene traces, and then hid back in the dark, waiting for the next wave.


On the outskirts of the Imperial City, Fu Yunchang, dressed in armor, waited with a longsword in his hand. Before long, a group of soldiers came out of the woods.

“General, the Prince of Qi was taken away. We only caught a woman beside him, who claimed to be the first daughter of the Prime Minister.” Some of the soldiers who arrived stopped before him and said respectfully.

“Prime Minister’s daughter?” Fu Yunchang raised his eyes and glanced at the woman whose mouth was blocked and was struggling. Her eyes were cold.

A commander perceived the general’s gaze and explained, “My subordinates saw her close relationship with the Prince of Qi, so they took the liberty to…” 

However, this was not the reason why he tied up someone without permission and blocked her mouth. It was the woman who was too noisy.

“Take her down and take care of it.” His cousin had told him to catch the woman. Although he didn’t know the reason, the woman couldn’t escape even if the Prime Minister wasn’t involved in it it this time.

“Yes, general.”


Following Cheng Yan to the main hall, Lin Mo saw only four people. Emperor An Chenglin and their grandfather, General Zhenguo, stood in the middle, with An Jinyuan and Zero One on both sides. Lin Mo, who was a little nervous, was relieved. Imperial Brother, A-Yuan and Zero One, he and the three had been together for a long time.

Lin Mo was often visited by An Jinyuan and the old general of Zhenguo. Lin Mo stood next to Cheng Yan with a smile in his eyes, trying to show his cleverness in front of his family.

As the Emperor, An Chenglin said a few words, and then gave the right to speak to his grandfather. General Fu didn’t say much, just a few words, and then gave Cheng Yan the red sandalwood box he had been holding.

“Grandfather, this is?” Cheng Yan took over, with some doubts in his eyes.

“When you were young, Luan’er went to the national temple to ask for blessings for the three of you. This is what Abbot Ji Yuan specially gave for you, saying that you were related to this thing.” As General Fu talked about it., he couldn’t help but miss his little daughter.

Lin Mo glanced at the red sandalwood box in Cheng Yan’s hand, his brow slightly wrinkled. For some reason, he felt a little uneasy in his heart, and his heartbeat was disordered without any warning.

When the old General Fu took out the thing, his attention was attracted by it.

Zero One faintly noticed that there was an energy in the box, which was homologous with Lin Mo.

But General Fu seemed to know what Cheng Yan wanted to ask, but he didn’t wait for him to speak, and then he said, “Abbot Ji Yuan said that you have killed too much in your life. If you can’t find someone to defend in your life, this jade plate would not need to be given to you. If you find your person, you will hand it over to the person you are with. Just drop a drop of blood on it. Here… The rest you will know. Just do what Abbot Ji Yuan said.” General Fu waved and said nothing more.

Lin Mo’s uneasiness grew stronger and stronger, and he couldn’t help saying, “Cheng Yan…” 

Cheng Yan could hear the slight tremor in his voice. Although he didn’t understand what Momo was afraid of, he still reached out and held his cold hand under his sleeve.

“Let’s go back to the palace first. It’s almost time.” Cheng Yan led Lin Mo away from the main hall until he came out of the Imperial Palace, but he did not hear Lin Mo speak. Cheng Yan held his hand tight. “Momo, what’s the matter?”

After walking for a while, the uneasiness in his heart still hadn’t disappeared, but Lin Mo still kept up his spirit.

Today was his big marriage with Cheng Yan, which couldn’t be disturbed by those unexplainable emotions.

“Nothing.” Lin Mo shook his head.

Hearing this, Cheng Yan pursed his mouth and didn’t speak again.

One day, he would ask Momo to say the things in his heart without reservation.

It was not the time. His heart needed time. Cheng Yan kept repeating those words in his heart until he put down his gloomy mood.

Waiting for Wang Ye and Wang Fu to come out and sit in the sedan chair. And for the welcoming team to lift up the sedan chair, beat the gong and drums, and walk towards the direction of Prince Cheng’s mansion. The buildings on both sides of the road had hung up red cloth and red lanterns. The whole street presented a festive atmosphere.

Red silk strips and red lanterns were hung in front of every household in the Imperial City, adding some joy to their wedding. When the welcoming team returned, the old general and the Emperor had been waiting in the hall of the palace. In addition to the officials of the imperial court, there were representatives of the families who had been close to the Lin family before their defeat.

Even Lin Lan, the third sister of the Lin family, was present. Lin Lan and Yan Ningxi, each holding a child, stood beside Father Lin and Mama Lin. Everyone in the room watched the two men coming in from the gate, holding the red cloth in their hands.

The Prime Minister’s business had been settled. Fu Yunchang, who had just changed his clothes, stood by. Looking at his cousin with a cold face, his eyes were extremely soft at the moment, and Fu Yunchang’s tense face was also a little loose.

He’s got a family. If aunt knew about it, she would be relieved.

After entering the palace to and right to the last step of the chapel, Lin Mo was taken back to their room by Cheng Yan, and was finally relieved. Lin Mo sat beside the bed, and his straight waist bent.

“I asked the servant to prepare some food. Remember to eat. I will come back soon.” Cheng Yan pinched his palm and said.

“Good.” Lin Mo sat up straight and looked up.

Cheng Yan raised his hand and played with the gold tassel on Lin Mo’s head, whispering, “… If you think the ornaments on your head are heavy, take them off.” 

Cheng Yan knew that Lin Mo didn’t like to dress up. He usually tied his hair in a ponytail or with a simple hairpin like him. Today’s look was the first time Cheng Yan had seen it. It was a little bit gaudy and cool. When Cheng Yan went to the Lin’s mansion to greet him, he was amazed at Lin Mo’s appearance at first sight. Especially the moment when his eyes glanced at him, Cheng Yan’s brain was blank for several seconds.

To be honest, Cheng Yan didn’t think he could see enough of Momo like this.

“I know. Well, you still need to accompany people.” Lin Mo reached out and pushed him.

Although they had done more intimate things, the look on Cheng Yan’s face made Lin Mo feel hot. He said that he would go back soon, but Cheng Yan still delayed for some time. Even if he could push off the wine that others offered, the wine from his father-in-law and several uncles was still needed.

Fortunately, when Cheng Yan was at the border, he often drank wine with the soldiers to warm up. When he finally got rid of those people and went back to the room, he was only a little red faced, and could still walk steadily. Cheng Yan raised his hand to touch the red sandalwood box placed in his lapel. He still had some impressions about the jade pendant placed in it.

The jade pendant was worn close to Cheng Yan’s body until he was seven years old. Then, because his grandfather was stingy and thought this gave him superficial favor, his jade pendant was put away.

At that time, Cheng Yan didn’t know the reason, but now, Cheng Yan knew it.

Only because the jade plate was a dragon shaped jade plate with the word ‘Emperor’ on it.

If that man knew the existence of this jade pendant, he was afraid that both his mother and his grandfather would not have escaped suspicion, especially since his father, the Emperor, had wanted to take back the military power of his grandfather at that time.

However, now this jade pendant was for Momo.

He just didn’t know why he needed to drop blood on the jade plate.

When he walked through the door of the room, Cheng Yan pressed down his mind and pushed the door open. After drinking Heying wine, Cheng Yan stood behind Lin Mo, undid his hair and combed through it, gathered it behind him and tied it with a red hair band.

After changing clothes, Cheng Yan and Lin Mo sat on the bed.

Lin Mo watched Cheng Yan take out the red sandalwood box that made him feel uneasy, and his eyelids jumped. “This…”

“I used to wear the jade pendant for several years when I was a child. At that time, my mother who was a concubine made sure I would not remove it at any time.” Cheng Yan rubbed the rune on the edge of the box with his fingers, and showed he missed his mother with his eyes.

Abbot Ji Yuan was a mysterious monk. No one knew when he appeared or when he disappeared. Anyway, despite how he would appear and disappear, the words he had spoken were still believed by Cheng Yan.

When he was six, something happened that almost killed him. Cheng Yan didn’t remember what it was, but he knew that when he woke up, the dragon shaped jade pendant on his neck changed from white jade to light red.

When Lin Mo heard the words, he could only suppress his uneasiness and listen to his stories about the jade pendant. But when Cheng Yan opened the rosewood box, Lin Mo finally knew the reason for his uneasiness.

At the first sight of the jade pendant, Lin Mo’s heart suddenly quivered and the color on his face faded completely. Lin Mo had a pale face and his hands on his legs shook uncontrollably.

That jade pendant… It was the same type as his medium jade pendant in his spiritual space.

“What’s the matter?!” Cheng Yan was shocked by Lin Mo’s violent reaction and quickly held the man in his arms.

“This… This jade pendant…” Lin Mo’s voice became unusually hoarse.

“What’s wrong with this jade pendant?” Seeing Lin Mo’s mood getting out of control, Cheng Yan was very anxious.

Lin Mo had too many secrets, and Cheng Yan knew that he had been trying to forget them. However, after Lin Mo recovered, there were always people or things stimulating him. If there was a thorn, when the wound was just healed, it would open the scab without warning until the flesh and blood were dripping again.

In Daling village, the time Lin Xiu came back was the beginning of Lin Mo going out of control. Then on their way back to the Imperial City, he was in a coma for nearly a month. The last time he was alone with Zero One, he had also reacted strangely, and now, it was the same when he saw this jade pendant.

Feeling the fear of the person in his arms, Cheng Yan only felt that his heart had been cut. Lin Mo, who was held in Cheng Yan’s arms, tightly held his clothes, and his nails turned white with great force.

Lin Mo only felt that his brain was in a trance, and the shadow brought by the space jade plate had not disappeared. Even if it was just an ordinary jade pendant, Lin Mo would still be scared at first sight. Let alone when the jade pendant appeared, it aroused the resonance of his spiritual space.

Lin Mo was in a state of extreme panic at the moment. Will the appearance of this jade pendant destroy everything he had now? Just like in the past, with spiritual space as the guide, people around him suffered from accidents one after another.

Cheng Yan closed the box and put it aside, caressing the back of the man in his arms silently until the restless breath around him gradually dissipated. Lin Mo pressed down the emotion in his heart, as if remembering something, rose abruptly from Cheng Yan’s arms and asked in a hurry, “Has this jade pendant touched your blood?”

“It should have touched it. It was originally white jade.” And Cheng Yan woke up with a big cut on his forehead, which took a long time to heal. Cheng Yan saw that Lin Mo had lost his mind again after listening, and understood that the jade pendant had a great impact on him.

“Since you don’t like it, I’ll put it away.”

“Cheng Yan, is Abbot Ji Yuan still in the temple?” Lin Mo asked suddenly.

He specifically told him to drop blood on the jade plate. Ordinary people wouldn’t have this idea at all. Lin Mo didn’t know what Abbot Ji Yuan knew. Did he know that this dragon shaped jade pendant was extraordinary?

“No longer, no one knows where he disappeared to.” No one knew if Abbot Ji Yuan was still in the world.

“Must we drop blood?” Lin Mo’s eyes fell on the red sandalwood box, and the light of the red candle fell on his pale face, which made Cheng Yan’s heart stagnate.


“What happened to the Prime Minister and Prince Jing?”

“They had intended to rebel today, but my brother and I had them ambushed. They are now in prison.”

Although the Lord of Qi was rescued, their peace with Qi for many years was torn. It depended on the Emperor’s choice whether the two countries would fight or not.

“… What about Su Qingran?”

“In prison, too.”

Lin Mo thought for a long time and finally said, “Bring the jade plate here.” 

Lin Mo estimated that the Prime Minister could rebel. Abbot Ji Yuan made it clear that Cheng Yan should keep the jade pendant and drop blood on it. When Cheng Yan was young, it indicated that his life was too important for him to die.

Abbot Ji Yuan must have known something.

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