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Chapter 135: Eighth World (18)
Translated by Zombie Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations
Editor: Sulo

After experiencing a comfortable and tangled ‘first time sex’, Bai Duan and Nie LanLei formally entered into a harmonious and happy cohabitant life. The husband and wife worked together to upgrade their ‘farmhouse’, showing their will to live in seclusion for a lifetime.

Bai Duan got all kinds of seeds from the market. He couldn’t wait to open up a few more fields and unlock more food recipes. While he was busy farming, he also found out who the ‘mysterious snail’ that helped him take care of the fields was.

Although he didn’t entrust the land to them before leaving home, the dogs and monkeys, who were already intelligent enough, instinctively understood Bai Duan’s care of the land. In the days when Bai Duan was gone, they learned how to water the farmland by imitating Bai Duan. Although they stumbled and trampled on several plants, it was enough to support the crops that had been raised by Bai Duan’s esper power and those that had a strong vitality to survive until Bai Duan returned.

When Bai Duan opened up a new farmland, the monkeys and military dogs often came to help, and with Bai Duan’s help, the proficiency greatly improved. Just one ‘person’ could take care of several fields easily and leisurely.

While Bai Duan worked hard to farm, Nie LanLei who was inside the Jeep was not idle at all. They went on a special trip to a large shopping center, they did not only bring back mattresses and furniture, but also a variety of household appliances and hardware tools — since after the apocalypse, most areas had been cut off from water and electricity.

Outside, Nie LanLei installed a solar powered water heating system and then placed solar panels on the entire roof. Although these panels came from different manufacturers for the convenience of collection, Nie LanLei easily connected them all together and made a complete electricity supply and consumption system — after all, he had been through countless worlds, he could even build starships and machine armour. Why would he be defeated by such a simple circuit transformation?

In addition to solar panels, Nie LanLei also added a back-up wind powered and diesel powered electricity system to the circuit to ensure the stability of the power supply. With sufficient power, electrical appliances naturally came into use as well.

The refrigerator, water heater, air conditioner, induction cooker… With these household appliances, the rural life of Bai Duan and Nie LanLei became more and more comfortable and convenient, it almost felt like they were on a vacation unlike in the last world.

What’s more, in order to avoid his little lover’s boredom, Nie LanLei even secretly collected LCD widescreen color TV sets, game consoles and high configuration computers filled with various novels, TV films and games to hang on the wall — as for the origin of these novels, movies, and games, the system which had a low existence had the most contributions.

Every day, Bai Duan looked after the farmland with the help of the animals. He repelled insects and exterminated weeds, promoting the growth of crops

Nie LanLei was responsible for all the housework, plus the maintenance of the power supply system.

After finishing the work, Bai Duan and Nie LanLei, who had no other responsibilities, naturally spent their time as they wanted. When they were in good spirits, they rolled on the big bed for a few rounds and ‘exercise’, since it was ‘good for physical and mental health’. When they were too lazy to move, they leaned on each other to read novels, watched movies, or picked up the game handle to play games.This kind of life was like a fairytale. At least after the first batch of crops matured, Bai Duan had already gained little weight that could be obviously seen with the naked eyes, and looked like he had been taken care of very well.

After harvesting the crops, Bai Duan, who had been in the mountains for several months, was finally ready to move from his nest and go down the mountain to visit the military base where Headmistress Bai was.

With daily necessities and all kinds of fruits and vegetables ready to be sent to Headmistress Bai, Bai Duan and Nie LanLei drove down the mountain — the military off-road Jeep had also been transformed by Nie LanLei into a vehicle that used ‘clean energy’, so there was no need to worry about gasoline.

On the way, they were very lucky to meet a group of soldiers who had just completed their mission and were returning to the base. The soldiers readily agreed to send messages for Bai Duan to ask the Headmistress to leave the base and meet them.

Within an hour of waiting at the gate of the base, Bai Duan saw headmistress Bai. She seemed to be in good spirits, with a kind smile on her face. Seeing Bai Duan, her eyes brightened for a moment, and even her steps accelerated.

In front of Bai Duan, headmistress Bai held Bai Duan’s hand and looked up and down for a moment, then smiled, “You got fat!”

Bai Duan scraped his own nose awkwardly and gave Nie LanLei a look. While Nie LanLei only smiled, happily thinking about his sweetheart being soft and tender to the touch.

Headmistress Bai looked at the two lovers with a smile, only to find that their relationship seemed to have gotten even better and she was particularly glad.

“Headmistress, how are you doing at the base?” Bai Duan was a little embarrassed by headmistress Bai, so he quickly changed the topic.

Headmistress Bai smiled and nodded, “I’ve had a good time in the base! There are a lot of orphans in the base. Xiao Ting helped me out and asked me to continue to take care of the children,” Her tone was very happy, obviously very satisfied with the job, even with a little bit of pride, “In the past, some young girls were in charge of taking care of the children. How could I not be more experienced than them? Plus, I got my teacher’s license before the apocalypse. I can make the children behave, and also give them simple compulsory education for at least nine years. I have no problem with doing any of that at all!”

“That’s right,” Bai Duan agreed, “In the past, when the children in the orphanage couldn’t keep up with the progress in school. It was the Headmistress who helped them to catch up.”

“So this job suits me very well.” Headmistress Bai patted Bai Duan on the back. “The base will pay me for my labor, which is completely enough for an old lady’s life, and Xiao Ting will take care of me too, so don’t worry.”

“Um.” Bai Duan answered casually and raised his eyebrows. “What about Bai Ting? How is she doing?”

——In truth, Bai Duan didn’t care about Bai Ting, he just wanted to know if she could continue to take care of Headmistress Bai.

Hearing Bai Duan mention Bai Ting, the smile on her face faded and sighed softly, “Xiao Ting… She’s doing well too.”

“…It doesn’t sound like she’s doing well,” Bai Duan frowned.

“In fact, she isn’t having a bad time…” Headmistress Bai shook her head. “Xiao Ting is an esper with a special light-type healing power, so the base treats her well. She also found a good-looking and powerful esper as her boyfriend. I was able to take care of the orphans because Xiao Ting used her boyfriend’s influence in the base. The problem is… her boyfriend is an excellent person. There are a whole lot of girls who like him. Although they had already established a dating relationship, there are still other girls with ambiguous attitudes around him. Xiao Ting is very sad about that, but she is not willing to break up with him either. She seems to have lost a lot of weight because of that…”

Hearing this from Headmistress Bai, Nie LanLei snorted and smiled softly. His voice was full of gloating, he was obviously enjoying her suffering.

Headmistress Bai didn’t hear him hum, but Bai Duan did. He stared at Nie LanLei without being too obvious, indicating that he should restrain himself so as not to make Headmistress Bai feel worse.

Nie LanLei received Bai Duan’s stare and silently adjusted his expression.

“Headmistress, sister Bai Ting always knows what to do. You don’t have to worry too much.” Bai Duan comforted her by turning around and taking the prepared things out of the back-seat of the Jeep and handing them to Headmistress Bai.

Headmistress Bai was shocked, “So many things? No, I’m an old lady. I can’t take these!” She waved her hands.

She glanced at the contents of the bag, then showed an even more surprised expression, “How did you get vegetables and fruits?”

“You can sell or exchange what you can’t use for other supplies. We grew the vegetables and fruits ourselves.” Bai Duan chuckled in a soft voice. “You’re old. Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables is good for your health.”

“I really don’t need them.” Headmistress Bai shook her head and refused, “There are farmlands in the base as well, and I can eat fresh vegetables from there. You don’t need to give me these!”

——It was true that there were farmlands being cultivated in the base for a long time, but the farmland areas could not provide for the whole base. Only the higher-ups of the base and espers with great strength could enjoy them. Because Bai Ting was a healing type esper and had an influential boyfriend, she could get some shares and would send some to Headmistress Bai to improve her life. As a result, Headmistress Bai was even more aware of the rarity of fresh fruits and vegetables and was unwilling to accept such a ‘precious’ gift.

Unfortunately, Bai Duan was not so easily fooled. Although he had been away for a long time, he knew more about the situation in the base than Headmistress Bai. Naturally, he knew how much fresh fruits and vegetables in the base were in short supply, “Headmistress, I am a wood-type esper, and I have cultivated several fields by myself. We can’t eat all of them ourselves anyways.” He forcefully shoved the bag into her hands, “Look at me, do I look like I am deprived of food?”

It has to be said that Bai Duan’s ‘berating himself’ worked very well. Looking at Bai Duan, whose lips were red and teeth were white, who was full of energy and even got fatter, Headmistress Bai couldn’t help but smile and didn’t refuse anymore.

Seeing that Headmistress Bai took the things, Bai Duan was a little relieved, “Headmistress, the bag is not transparent. Others don’t know what’s in it. I also attached a layer of spiritual power to it, so you can temporarily hide it from the entrance check-up personnel. You are a lonely old lady, if you suddenly get these materials, you might get into trouble. Don’t tell anyone — not even sister Bai Ting. ”

Headmistress Bai didn’t understand what Bai Duan said about ‘mental power’, but she knew that “wealth can invite all kinds of evil”. She nodded her head solemnly, “Don’t worry, I was a businesswomen in the early years, and I have seen a lot after the apocalypse, so I know that people are dangerous.” Then she said, “But, Xiao Duan, you and Nie LanLei have already found a place to settle down? I thought you were going to other cities…”

“In this world, no matter which city you go to, there is no difference,” Bai Duan shrugged. “We’ve found a place with few people and few zombies. We’re having a good time.”

Headmistress Bai was always at ease with Bai Duan. She nodded at his words, but she couldn’t help saying, “You two should be careful when you are alone. I heard the espers who often go out say that it is becoming more and more chaotic and dangerous outside. There seems to be a Zombie King in the center of the city that can control other zombies. In the western mountainous area, there are also a lot of animals with esper abilities, which are very fierce.”

Bai Duan and Nie LanLei looked at each other, they reassured Headmistress Bai and assured her that they would come back to report that they were doing well every other time, and dispelled Headmistress Bai’s concerns.

After saying farewell to Headmistress Bai and returning to the Jeep, Bai Duan frowned slightly, “It seems that the military base is beginning to pay attention to the animals in the western mountains. And what about the Zombie King in the center of the city?”

“A Zombie King is inevitable,” Nie LanLei said calmly, “Most zombies are not smart at present. They are all scattered and need a leader urgently — of course, I believe this is not the only Zombie King in the country. As for the animals in the western mountains… they are probably not going to be quiet for long either.”

Nie LanLei had seen several worlds being invaded by mutation factors already, so his “prophecy” naturally came true.

Gradually, there were many more Zombie Kings popping up in different cities all over the country. Basically, there was one in every big city with a large population. Under the leadership of the Zombie King, the scale of the zombie army also turned from small to large, and the competition between the Zombie Kings and humans in the active area was becoming increasingly fierce.

During this period, the animal population had gradually become stronger, more intelligent and with a longer lifespan. Bai Duan didn’t know whether these animals found out the role of the crystal cores by themselves, or whether they learned the magic of crystal cores from other animals, especially from the free flying birds. In a word, more and more animals learned the way to get crystal cores from zombies, which resulted in conflicts with the Zombie Kings, who had generated wisdom and were aware of the threat of animals.

For such a development, human beings were happy to watch the tigers fight on the mountain, but before long, they were also involved in the war — because besides crops, animal meat was also one of the main food sources for human beings. Today’s human beings did not have surplus food to feed and raise animals, so if they wanted to get meat, they would need to hunt the animals outside, and then through the new research methods, eliminate the Apocalypse Virus in the animals, so that the meat that could be eaten by adults.

The animals that have evolved and become more intelligent after the apocalypse were obviously not willing to be the food of human beings. In the process of hunting and resistance, the animals made the discovery that human espers, like zombies, also had the crystal cores they needed.

So a complex food chain unfolded: Zombies fed on human flesh and blood, but were coveted by human beings and the animals for the crystal cores. Animals were human food, but they also attacked humans and zombies alike to get crystal cores. With the gradual evolution of zombies, their rotten old bodies were replaced by new organs, and they also gradually started becoming edible prey for animals.

This war based on food and for the purpose of evolution would last for a long time, and even the fittest would be eliminated, leaving behind only the strongest with more powerful and stronger viability. Every race was making every effort to survive, but who would be the winner was still unclear.

The military dogs raised and trained by human beings had been raised by Bai Duan since childhood, so they did not join in the conflict between human beings and animals. However, the golden snub-nosed monkey left Bai Duan with a growing number of monkeys several years later, and became one of the leaders of the animal community by virtue of his intelligent and developed mind.

Of course, occasionally, he would bring his monkey grandson to visit Bai Duan in the western mountainous area. Because of its existence, although Bai Duan and Nie LanLei were human beings, they were still able to live in peace and freedom in the western mountainous area which had evolved into an animal base, while other human beings were completely expelled by the animals.

——Of course, Nie LanLei would not admit that he had been sheltered by the golden snub-nosed monkey. He insisted that even without the golden snub-nosed monkey, he could guarantee his and Bai Duan’s safety, and would not be harmed by the animals.

Headmistress Bai has lived safely in the military base for more than ten years, and finally died — she was nearly 80 years old, which was regarded as quite a long lifespan among the non-espers after the apocalypse.

At the time off Headmistress Bai’s death, Bai Ting had already gotten married with her boyfriend, but she still quarreled occasionally because of third party involvement. It’s not clear how she was after the death of Headmistress Bai, because Bai Duan never went back to the military base since then, and had been living with Nie LanLei in the western mountains for the rest of his life.

After seeing his lover off, Nie LanLei arranged his observation notes in this world and transmitted them to the gray space.

A person wearing a white gown that replaced Nie LanLei as an observer, carefully read his notes, “…………”

——To be able to survive in the apocalypse as if it was a farming holiday, these two are really op.

World 8: Apocalypse (Ch. 118-135)
Seme: Nie LanLei (聶蘭磊)
Uke: Bai Duan (白緞)

Golden Snub-nosed Monkey (金絲猴)
Bai Ting (白婷)
Headmistress Bai (白院長)

Maintainers (維護者)
Dao contract (道侶契約)
Gray Space(灰色空間)

Simmons mattresses (席夢思)
Espers (異能者)
Crystal cores (晶核)
Zombie King (喪屍王)
Zombies (喪屍)
Apocalypse virus (喪屍病毒)
Dimensional Esper powers (空間異能)
Farmer’s market (農貿市場)

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