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Chapter 35: Korean BBQ

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo wants to hug the little cutie Baby Panda


As soon as the broadcast began, a large number of barrages arrived. Since the live broadcast at noon only lasted for one hour, many people were still in the mood, and they began to crouch for the broadcast by 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

[Yesterday and the Clear Sky: Today’s kung pao chicken and crystal shrimp dumplings really surprised me at a glance. I tasted a little bit, and strongly ask you to do it again later!]

[There’s a Family in the Mine: I’m so happy to watch it twice a day!!! If only Mian Mian could broadcast twice a day every day.]

This time, as usual, they were watching from the baby panda’s perspective and Gu YuMian set up privacy protection settings.

Gu YuMian looked at the rapidly rising number of people and many bullet screens and was very grateful. His lips were curved, “I went out this afternoon. I came back late. In order not to starve the children, we can cook something tonight and eat it soon. This is called Korean barbecue. In addition, we will make a dessert for TuanTuan and YuanYuan.”

Gu YuMian had just fed YuanYuan some milk. At this time, the chubby baby panda was lying on Gu YuMian’s knee, touching his snow-white belly, licking the milk stains on the corner of his mouth from time to time, and making a satisfied grunt.

The little snow leopard pushed the head of little Tangyuan away and lazily raised his chin before helping Gu YuMian push the container of food materials. In his eyes, this showed he was the head of the family.

Gu YuMian rubbed the heads of two children one by one, and his heart melted.

“Let’s not talk. Let’s start.” Gu YuMian moved the barbecue plates, portable oven and small table to the sunroom so that they could sit on the wood floor with soft cushions.

The audience could see that there were many kinds of raw materials on the ground:

There were fat and thin synthetic pork belly, synthetic Kobe beef, a small bowl of shrimp, vegetable mushroom, Flammulina mushroom, onion, ginger, garlic, and cucumber, as well as a plate of bread slices and a pile of white, soft-looking glutinous things.

At first glance, it was a beautiful sight.

[South China Tiger will Never Blind Date: Eh, was this barbecue what you made in Takk before?? After that time, I eat it all the time, but I never really liked it. I’m looking forward to it!]

[Vivian: What, it was done on Takk before? I’m jealous. I can’t find videos of the anchor before he came to Capital Star.]

“Barbecue and Korean barbecue are different in taste and procedure,” Gu YuMian nodded. “But they are a bit similar. They are very convenient. You can try them at home.”

The little snow leopard pushed a small bamboo basket over with his claws. There was fresh lettuce in the basket. He sat proudly in place, with his head up waiting for his human’s praise.

The baby panda sucked his pacifier and looked at the basket curiously.

Gu YuMian rubbed his head and bent his eyes, “TuanTuan is great.”

The little snow leopard’s long tail moved, squinting his eyes lazily, showing a somewhat satisfied look.

The baby panda, “Chitter.”

Gu YuMian filled a bowl of water and he also kissed his head, “YuanYuan is also great, and he has been very good at home.”

The little snow leopard’s face gradually darkened, “…”

Audience from baby panda’s perspective: “!!!”

[Lin Shen Sees Deer: Fuck, Mian Mian praise me, kiss my forehead, I’m dead!!!]

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: I’m new, what’s so exciting?? I opened the screen and was hit with a critical hit decreasing my HP, aaaaah!]

[Schrodinger’s dog: When the anchor looks at me with a smile, all the stars in my sky want to be picked for him!]

Gu YuMian started broadcasting a little late this evening. There was no doubt that the overall popularity within the two days made him place first in the rookie’s competition, but it was not so today. However, half an hour after the broadcast, the distance between him and the first place of the day had been narrowing. So far, the online audience had reached three million, about to surpass the first place.

One hour at noon and half an hour at night could let him surpass the second-placed RMB broadcaster who drew prizes to accumulate the popularity for most of the day.

Let alone the rookie competition, he was above the normal top anchor. Even if he used the high traffic from a Saturday, it was a good result.

“Okay,” Gu YuMian said after putting the ingredients in different categories. “There’s basically nothing to deal with. Let’s cut and marinate the pork belly and Kobe beef.”  1

He cut the pork belly into slices. The slices cut by Gu YuMian were slightly thicker than normal, so they would be tender and chewy when barbecued. As for the high-grade Kobe beef, it was first cut to remove the arteries and other inedible fats, cut into thin finger wide slices against the grain, and then gently patted with the back of his knife to make the meat softer.

As usual, the shrimp were peeled and their veins cut out. The other vegetables were washed and cleaned with water.

“Mix the dip and the marinade.”

The little snow leopard and the baby panda didn’t see Gu YuMian for most of the afternoon. Now they were very sticky the performance of little Tangyuan was more direct and intimate, while the little snow leopard inadvertently circled his own place of belonging with his tail.

Gu YuMian was afraid that they would run around and touch the ingredients or sauce and smear it around with their claws. He simply picked up the baby panda and put him between his knees. Then he fished up the little snow leopard and stuffed him into the collar of his sweater. He put his chin against the little head of the little snow leopard to keep him in place.

“The main taste of the marinated meat in the soy sauce and the dipping sauce is salty, spicy, and smooth.”  2 Gu YuMian found a chili sauce that had a light taste, on the market. At this time, he mixed the chili sauce with cooking wine and soy sauce. Then he added a small spoon of sugar, mixed it with a certain amount of sesame oil, and then put the Kobe beef cut into thin slices into it. He then put it into a special vacuum high-pressure device which could shorten the marinating time, and cook the meat directly once it was done.


The dipping sauce was ketchup with chili paste and soy sauce. Gu YuMian sauteed the minced ginger and garlic for a while before adding them to the dipping sauce with sesame oil and finally adding three spoonfuls of sugar to taste.  3

In this way, the color of the dipping sauce was rich and bright, and the audience could smell the sweet scent of the carbonated water, and the fragrant stir-fried ginger and hot sauce.

[Throwing Cosmetics: Wow, this dip looks good and smells good.]

[User 187874: I’m new here. Why does the anchor spend so much time on a dipping sauce? Can’t you start earlier?]

Gu YuMian just smiled and didn’t answer the question.

The soul of Korean barbecue was the dipping sauce, which was far more simple than having a good appearance or smell, but these words were not clear. In the few minutes of waiting for the meat to cook, Gu YuMian was not idle either. He lit the stove under the table and started to put oil in the hot pot, spread some mesh he had found to replace the barbecue grate, and then sprinkled another layer of olive oil on the surface.

Maybe his movement was a little big when he lit the stove. Gu YuMian’s neckline was a little crooked, revealing a dark red rose on his upper clavicle. He pulled up the collar soon after.

[There’s a family in the mine: ?? What did I just see?! Does MianMian have a tattoo?]

[Throwing Cosmetics: I saw it too. It’s still a little red. It’s new!!! It’s like a rose. It’s a strange match with MianMian!]

It matched perfectly.

The little snow leopard raised his chin with great satisfaction.

Just when the meat was marinated and the pot was hot enough, and before more people found out about his tattoo, Gu YuMian coughed twice and attracted everyone’s attention, “Well, we can start cooking.”

Gu YuMian picked up his chopsticks and spread pieces of beef on the barbecue grate. The red and white Kobe beef with evenly distributed fat formed a marbled pattern and was marinated until it was just right. Gu YuMian spread the beef and brushed it with oil and sauce, then turned it over and brushed it again. 4

The pan was slightly tilted and had holes to allow the oil on the meat to slide down, so as not to make it too oily and too greasy. The beef was roasted very fast, taking almost less than a minute. The two sides of the roasted Kobe beef were slightly burnt golden, making a sound of crackling oil in the tray. The sauce was beautiful in color and had a very attractive luster on the surface.

An appetizing smell spread quickly!

The audience just couldn’t stop swallowing, watching Gu YuMian put the roasted beef onto the plate one by one, and the number of bullet screens and audience members soared rapidly. The little snow leopard’s tail swept around Gu YuMian’s wrist, quietly expressing his urgency and expectation, while the baby panda’s eyes were bright and could not help making a whimper.

Gu YuMian originally wanted to make a complete set of authentic food. When he roasted the shitake mushroom, he wrapped them in lettuce together with the hot pepper ring and roast beef. At this time, he couldn’t stand against the children’s urging. First, he picked up two pieces to cool them. Then he dipped them in the sauce and fed each little piece to the snow leopard and the baby panda. 5

The air was still for nearly ten seconds.

Gu YuMian was starting to feel a little uneasy. Wasn’t it delicious? He used to eat it like this regularly. Maybe people here were not used to the flavor?

After a long time.

After a long time of stupidity, the baby panda arched in Gu YuMian’s arms with great force, making a surprised sound, while the little snow leopard pressed one claw on Gu YuMian’s wrist, even unconsciously slanted his head against Gu YuMian’s palm and rubbed his head, urging him to give him another bite.

——At the beginning, they tasted the sweet and spicy flavor of the sauce, wrapped with sweet and delicious Kobe beef, which was roasted to the outside and tender on the outside. It was full-bodied and delicious after one bite, and it was crisp and easy to chew unlike in other ways.

The finishing touch was to dip in the ingredients, which was not strong in taste or noisy. The sweet soda water brought out the taste that sugar did not have, and the tiny bubbles still leaped on the tip of the tongue and impacted the taste buds, further improving the taste and flavor of the tender beef with slight oil on the surface and a strong roasted flavor.

This roasted meat had a very distinct sense of hierarchy. It took one a long time to savor it. No wonder everyone froze.

It was only then that the barrage began to flow out crazily!

[Junior B: Aaaaaaah! Japanese!!  6 Yummy, I’ve just died!!!! This roasted meat and that sauce match absolutely, the steps are so simple!!!]

[There’s a Family in the Mine: It’s a bit sweet and spicy at first. It’s weird. Two seconds later, it’s okay. The third second: WTF! Aaaaah! Immortal cooking!! Hurry up, I have to eat more!!! I almost called my neighbors to curse them!!! Five fireworks for my favorite MianMian!!]

[There’s a Cloud: It’s sweet, spicy, and appetizing, with an endless aftertaste. The roasted beef was also very delicious and excellent! Send some fireworks!]

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: I almost swallowed my tongue. It’s delicious. Aaaaaaaah!]

Countless gift effects exploded on the screen, too many fireworks triggered several platform-wide sweepstakes. He had only been broadcasting forty minutes, and the number of viewers had reached an incredible five million, not only surpassing the first place in the popularity of the original rookie competition but also leaving the other side far behind!

Gu YuMian’s live studio also took this opportunity to squeeze into the top three real-time popularity in the living quarter, and then it was almost on the platform’s general list. After it was on the general list, the popularity would usher in another round of people.

“Let’s grill the pork belly and vegetables,” Gu YuMian pinched the face of the snow leopard, “and try the traditional Korean way of eating.”

Gu YuMian chose fat and thin pieces of pork belly, which has an even amount of fat and the compactness of lean meat. Gu YuMian changed the barbecue plate he had used to roast the beef into a new one, put the sliced pork belly onto the barbecue plate one by one, and then placed a circle of St. George’s and enoki mushrooms beside the pork belly.

It was fun to roast the pork belly. 7 The baby panda clumsily tried to use his small paws to hold the chopsticks. The little snow leopard didn’t care about the hot surface. Gu YuMian wanted him to try it himself so he also gave him a pair of chopsticks.

Gu YuMian didn’t add a lot of extra oil this time. The audience was wondering why. Soon, the pork belly was roasted to a golden color, releasing a snapping sound. What’s more surprising was that the pork belly roasted in the oil it created itself and flowed into the nearby St. George’s mushrooms.

The white St. George’s mushrooms stuck to the pork belly and gradually turned yellow and fragrant. Gu YuMian picked up a small one with the spoon, blew it cool and fed one to the snow leopard, and one to Tangyuan.

The audience opened their eyes.

The St. George’s mushroom had been roasted in the delicious oil, the surface was slightly crisp and soft inside. They bit down and on the tip of the tongue was the feeling of fresh hot soup, which was very surprising. But that was not all.

After the pork was roasted, Gu YuMian took two pieces of lettuce leaves, put some St. George’s mushrooms and enoki mushrooms on them, put a very small amount of stir-fried garlic to improve the taste, then sandwiched the golden pork into it. He brushed a layer of dipping sauce and made a taste tester for each of the two children.

The taste of lettuce was crisp and refreshing, and then when one bit into it, there was the burst of flavor from the fragrant roasted pork belly and the unique St. George’s mushroom and enoki mushroom. The taste of the pork belly was really fresh, smooth, tight, and chewy. It was unique with the sweet and spicy dip sauce.

So many ingredients were combined together, but the taste was not messy at all. On the contrary, the combination of each phase made it successful. The whole taste was fragrant and strong, and delicious, which made people feel numb.

Gu YuMian and the children were roasting food and eating. He poured himself a glass of beer and gave little Xue Tuan and little Tangyuan fruit-flavored bubbly water.

[Vivian: I was killed. The beef is delicious, and the pork is delicious. How can a piece of lettuce and mushrooms be so delicious? Wuwuwuwu!!]

[Pink Letter: I can never make what the anchor does at home. I understand. I’m not short of brain and hands. I’m short of an anchor!!! Anchor, consider coming to my house as a human, I will steal a battery car to support you!!]

[Cat’s Meow: 2333 Another crazy one, please go to the back to get a number.]

[Junior B: This is also delicious! Aaah!!! I’m not bored at all. I’m dead, and I’m going to pay my respects to the anchor!]

Less than an hour after the broadcast, the number of viewers had skyrocketed to over eight million!

Gu YuMian’s control over the rhythm was very relaxed. After the hot cooking and barbecue process, the rhythm and mood gradually eased down for a relaxing dinner. The stove and the low table were on the wooden floor, and Gu YuMian put soft cushions down for the snow leopard and baby panda.

The family sat around the table, chatting, eating barbecue, drinking beer, and bubbly water. In the late evening, the transparent dome let soft rays of light into the sunroom which were sprinkled on the wooden floor. The temperature of the sunroom was adjusted, and the heat was very comfortable.

It was a beautiful evening.

“Why don’t we wait for dessert?” Gu YuMian sat cross-legged, helping the baby panda sit upright, and the back of his hand went along the fur behind the little snow leopard’s ear. “I want to see a movie, does TuanTuan and YuanYuan want to see it too?”

After eating the barbecue and watching a relaxed comedic movie, holding the dessert and drink, anyone watching felt like they could fall asleep in the quiet and happy atmosphere. The little snow leopard lay lazily in Gu YuMian’s arms, and the baby panda held onto Gu YuMian’s palm.

This was a question for the children, but the audience had painted a large piece of “good good” on the bullet screen. 

[Whatever you do, we will listen to you.] 

[Good! Happiness, aaah!] 


At this moment, the live broadcast had been going on for an hour.

Since half an hour ago on the ‘latest live broadcast’ and ‘real-time popularity in living quarters’, the number of viewers had increased by more than one million every ten minutes, which was now close to ten million.

It was eight o’clock in the evening. Gu YuMian’s live studio audience officially exceeded ten million, ranking first in the real-time popularity list in the living quarter, and successfully made the real-time popularity list on the home page.

On Saturday night, the flow of natural recommendations placed on the home page, like the tide, began to continuously lead more audience members to his live room!


The other side.

At the headquarters of Elbet Restaurant, the boss opened the light screen seriously and showed it to the senior managers. They hadn’t gotten the news yet. After a while, they were all speechless.

“Is this the new chef? It seems that he is very popular as an anchor. With so many gifts and audience members, boss, you’ve tricked him, haven’t you?”

“My wife and daughter are watching him live, too.”

“It looks delicious!! Hurry up and recruit him as the first chef. I can go and persuade our shareholders to invest five million more star coins.”

The boss was silent for a moment and took off his hat.

He said, “No, this is your next boss. I just want to show you his face.”

Everyone: “…”

The atmosphere of silence spread.


Academy of Sciences in the Upper Urban District.

The legal time to leave work was 6 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, but there were no holidays for research dogs. Because many people were curious to see the live broadcast of Gu YuMian, when the senior of the Academy of Sciences forwarded it in the circle of friends before, they watched it without any suspense.


For the first time in history, the silent, serious, and representatives of the most cutting-edge science institute of all-star technology, were constantly dripping saliva.

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Translator Notes:

  1. There are 5 grades of beef. Kobe beef, being from Japanese Black Cattle, is one of the highest grades of beef with the best quality. High-grade wagyu kobe can cost up to $200 per pound, and the cows themselves can sell for as much as $30,000.
  2. Typically known as Bulgogi, this style of Korean barbecue beef can be eaten by itself or with rice, on a salad, or even added to potstickers and egg rolls.
  3. This can be called Korean Spicy Ketchup, but its correct name is KOCHUJANG SAUCE. If you do not want to make it from scratch at home, it can be easily found at an Asian market in a bottle. It is the red sauce you would find when ordering bibimbap from a Korean restaurant.
  4. There’s two types of Korean BBQ grates, the one above, which is more like a mesh style and the next one, which is specifically created for Korean BBQ.

  5. This does say Japanese instead of Korean. I got confused too and triple checked it and even had another translator look to check to see if I was losing my mind. The only thing we could come up with was that the Interstellar people are categorizing all Asians into the same category and think Koreans (韩), Chinese, and Japanese (日语) people and foods are all the same.


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