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Chapter 36: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo wants to adopt the Baby Panda PLEASE


Full of food and wine, twilight had settled in. Gu YuMian was satisfied with his own food. He sat cross-legged on the mat, and the little snow leopard nestled in his arms. He dozed off without moving his tail.

The baby panda was at a very active age lately. He probed under the wooden table and came out with a bowl that he had accidentally dropped. He put the empty glass bowl on his head and looked up curiously. Through the pattern of the glass bowl and the transparent dome of the sunroom, he saw stars all over the sky in the midsummer night.

The baby panda was dazed with his round eyes widening a little bit.

There were stars in the bowl!

He watched for another half-minute to confirm that the stars were still in there, and then offered his treasured empty bowl to Gu YuMian, and tried to put his chubby self and bowl into Gu YuMian’s arms, whining twice.

Gu YuMian, after all, was a person who had raised the two wok babies from Big Wok. He soon understood the meaning little Tangyuan wanted to say: This bowl is very good-looking. It is a good thing for you.

He couldn’t help but touch the baby panda’s head, put the ordinary glass bowl he bought from Star Network into a box, and put it in the valuables cabinet at home. The things in the cupboard may not be very expensive, but they were all important to Gu YuMian. They were only for the three of them.

For example, his small half-bag of tea, the hairball made of the silver-white hair that the snow leopard dropped when Gu YuMian first combed his hair, the optical computer that the baby panda brought when he came, and so on. Now there was another item in it.

The baby panda was very happy. He liked to give all his valuables to Gu YuMian.

The little snow leopard was very dissatisfied. But he couldn’t figure out what he could do to make Gu YuMian feel happy. Gu YuMian only seemed to get happier at the stupider things he did. He was very depressed and bit his tail and lay down.

After a while, he reacted and went stiff. He quietly loosened his tail and curled up to hide.

Gu YuMian, “……” He came back to the sunroom just in time to see it.

Help! The two babies in the family were lovely. Gu YuMian felt that he was also critically hit and needed a blood transfusion.

[Little Game Enthusiast: Is this an albino species of leopard? Just lovely! Hahaha!]

[A Piece of Breeze Coos: Anchor’s attitude towards children is so equal and respectful. It’s because they’re children that many don’t take them seriously. It’s too much for me.]

[There’s a Family in the Mine: I love the atmosphere of the MianMian’s family so much! Wuwu! I feel very free and happy every day. I don’t want to live in the mine. How many mines does the Mianmian family need to buy me?]

“Well…” Gu YuMian coughed, “Let’s finish the barbecue with a rice cake.”

This was Gu YuMian’s favorite way of eating and it was not authentic or anything. He didn’t like most of the popular rice cakes on the market. He went out once in a while to have a barbecue and baked two rice cakes at the end. He was shocked by their delicious taste. And when it was hot, it was delicious. When it was cold, it was not bad. It could be a snack made at any time.

“I made a little rice cake yesterday, and I will make another one today. It’s very simple, so I’ll do it just to show you the process.”

After Gu YuMian washed and disinfected his hands, he first mixed sticky rice flour and glutinous rice flour evenly, poured in water and the proper amount of edible oil, stirred evenly to form bubbles, and then kneaded the dough directly.

“The amount of glutinous rice flour and sticky rice flour is one-to-one. Knead the dough and directly steam it until the dough becomes… Like this.”

The only convenience of cooking in the interstellar age was shortened time. Some things developed for military use in the past could be transformed into civilian use, which could greatly shorten the time for cooking, freezing, curing, etc., the basic principle was related to molecular diffusion.

It used to take more than twenty minutes to steam, but now, in a flash, the rice flour in the small pot on the stove became translucent. Gu YuMian took out the dough and put it on the oiled board. He took a small rolling pin and beat it while covering it with the oil.

“This is called a rice cake.” 1

Gu YuMian gave the rolling pin to the baby panda and the little snow leopard. The little snow leopard didn’t do anything, but the baby panda held the rolling pin and played with the rice cake innocently, which was very enjoyable.

“It’s fun, isn’t it novel?” Gu YuMian rubbed his head.

[Cat’s Meow: This rice cake is fun, but it’s more fun for MianMian to touch my head! Crazy hint!]

Now the audience didn’t understand what Gu YuMian was doing, but instinctively followed his rhythm. After a big meal, it was not boring to watch Gu YuMian do such trivial things, but it was a very leisurely life, light and tasty. Many viewers couldn’t help collapsing into the sofa in the most comfortable position and watching the live broadcast with relish, even if it was just the simplest content.

The numbers continued to rise.

After the rice cake was finished, Gu YuMian formed the rice cake into a smooth and elastic disc shape, and put it into the device to cool it. This time, they could be taken out and cut into pieces very soon. It was a good new year’s cake. 

“I like to eat sweet baked rice cakes,” Gu YuMian said, “with osmanthus honey.”

Gu YuMian changed a piece of barbecue paper, spread some oil on the bottom of the baking tray, and put the small New Year cakes in the tray. In order to prevent the New Year cake from scorching and sticking to the pot, Gu YuMian would turn it over from time to time, wait for small golden bubbles to appear, turn it over, and brush a thin layer of osmanthus honey on it at the same time.

The osmanthus honey was made a few days ago. He saw the sale of osmanthus petals on Star Network, and thought of this idea for a while. Many pandas loved honey very much, and the right amount of honey could moisten the intestines, and was good for cardiovascular health.

It was not good to eat too much sugar, so Gu YuMian didn’t add extra white sugar, and used very little oil.

In a short time, the rice cakes on the baking tray were cooked. Gu YuMian took his chopsticks and put the rice cake into the white porcelain plate one by one, poured a thin layer of osmanthus honey on the surface, decorated them with the small and clean osmanthus petals. It looked delicate and attractive.


At this moment, the surface of each golden and lovely crisp rice cake had a layer of transparent and lustrous osmanthus honey, and the color of honey was fried into the inside. The sweet honey and the fragrance of osmanthus mixed with the hot steam and spread wantonly.

The baby panda stayed still for two seconds, slowly climbed to Gu YuMian’s knee, stretched out his claws to touch YuanYuan’s rice cake on the baking tray. Fortunately, Gu YuMian took his claws back.

Many of the paralyzed audience members sat upright.

After eight o’clock in the evening, most people had supper, but now they had no resistance to such a baked dessert. Looking at and smelling the fragrance would not help the tongue stop salivating.

“Be careful of scalding yourself,” Gu YuMian cooled the rice cake and fanned it, then carefully fed each of the two children a small piece. “How about the taste? If it’s a little light, let’s pour a little more honey on them.”

Three seconds later.

Innumerable barrages burst out.

[User 37649: !!! I’m fried out. This is… aaaaah!!!!! Aaaaah! I screamed and my mother ran into my room!!!]

[There’s a Cloud: It’s flexible but chewy. It’s delicious. Send some fireworks]

[Vivian: Isn’t this honey too delicious??? Ah, I’m dead. It’s sweet but not oily at all. It’s delicious to eat! This rice cake.]

[Junior B: I just thought, I’m so full, I really don’t want to eat any more… Now that there are three things I can eat, I will!!!]

——The outer skin of the cake was fried to golden yellow, till it was spongy and slightly crispy. It was crispy and refreshing upon first bite and had a soft texture inside, which was extremely spongy. It was immersed in sweet and fragrant osmanthus honey. After eating, it was sweet but not oily, with an eloquence that generated a delicious flavor. After eating, they wished to continue eating more. 

The thin slice of rice cake would hardly burden the stomach after dinner. Although it was fried, Gu YuMian’s technique was well controlled and it didn’t become greasy. It was suitable to eat at this moment.

The little snow leopard’s tail swept over Gu YuMian’s neck, expressing his satisfaction aloofly. The baby panda hugged Gu YuMian’s elbow and asked him to have another bite.

“It’s called osmanthus honey, and it’s good to soak in water or make desserts. It’s very simple,” said Gu YuMian, shaking with the small transparent glass jar full of honey. “In order to thank you for your support today, I will take twenty viewers and send a small jar of osmanthus honey.”

Audience, “!!!”

The atmosphere, which was extremely warm and calm, was pushed to another peak.

[I want this to be the first lottery winner from MianMian in Capital Star.] 

[Super want! Aaah!] 

[Wish I had it! Even if it’s ten out of twenty million people, I want it to be made into a lottery!]

[I want to eat it. Do you want to sell it or not? Wuwu.]

One by one, gift effects burst on the screen in turn, and the top ten traffic in the real-time popularity list of the home page flowed into Gu YuMian’s live studio on a large scale at this time! The exposure from being recommended on the homepage was incredible.

This kind of exposure was for Gu YuMian, which caused his numbers to skyrocket again.

If it was an ordinary and excellent anchor on the home page recommendation list, maybe by the end of the day, the number of viewers could double or triple, and the top-ranking anchors on Starry Sky could increase their viewers by tens of millions in four hours.

But Gu YuMian had only been in the top ten of ‘real-time popularity’ recommendation for less than ten minutes, but his audience showed a rise of about ten million to twenty million.

In the background statistics, the curve representing the increase of popularity in Gu YuMian’s live broadcast room was a thousand, leaving all the anchors far behind in the same period. The coincidence rate of ‘real-time popularity list’ and ‘current popularity list’ was very high most of the time, and they were controlled by the top anchor. At this moment, Gu YuMian was suddenly bombarded. Starry Sky headquarters was focusing on his data and the agents couldn’t sit down before their anchors.

An agent sent a communication to their own anchor, the hottest in the singing and dancing area, [Sister, why don’t you start the live broadcast on Saturday night when the traffic is good? Now the real-time popularity list should be very good. I think there’s a newcomer on it. Your total data today will be compared to newcomer’s.]

[Gentle Rabbit: No, I’m watching it live.]

[Gentle Rabbit: By the way, the anchor, room 1567 (Gu YuMian), is he a new guy? I think his live content is great. I have an idea.]

[Gentle Rabbit: I want to praise him!!!!!]

The agent looked at the series of exclamation marks and was silent for a while.

Should he tell the truth or not?

If she wanted to praise the human anchor, she would not get views although she was the first sister of Starry Sky in the singing and dancing area. After all, the Chief CEO of Starry Sky, Fang Lena, was still in line, holding the number plate since she wanted to hold on to Gu YuMian’s thighs.

Besides, does the anchor need to be praised? Isn’t he the biggest plug-in?? 2


At the end of the barbecue, the rice cake gave Gu YuMian a feeling of a ‘complete ending’.

He left the unfinished rice cakes, the small ovens and other things, as well as the kitchen waste, to the small robots of the home system.

“I haven’t combed YuanYuan’s hair for a long time,” Gu YuMian picked up the chubby baby panda from the ground and pondered for a while. “Is YuanYuan heavier?”

Although on the live broadcast, his children were eating all kinds of delicious food every day, Gu YuMian paid attention to giving them an even nutrition, and would play with the little snow leopard and baby panda when he was not on the live broadcast. What’s more, little Tangyuan mainly drank milk and ate some tender bamboo shoots. Gu YuMian only let him try foods with restraint. His body length hadn’t changed… He was really fat, but not growing up.

Why did you suddenly get fat? It was so sudden.

[Pink Envelope: Hahahaha! YuanYuan has gained weight!! I’m sorry, if I were YuanYuan, I would be fat if I had good food and sleep at the anchor’s house every day.]

[South China Tiger Will Never Blind Date: Combing!! I want!!]

The little snow leopard lay on Gu YuMian’s shoulder and looked at the baby panda with a sneer. Little Tangyuan was very confused. Gu YuMian came to hold him and so he happily arched into the human’s arms and sucked his claws unconsciously.

Being fat was also very good. How lovely… Anyway, there was no fat that would affect his health. A good appetite was a blessing. Gu YuMian, the unprincipled parent, was conquered in a second.

The snow leopard, “…” He pushed the baby panda’s fat head away with his claws, and then looked into Gu YuMian’s eyes.

“YuanYuan’s nails are going to be cut too. Wait a moment, I will comb him first.” Gu YuMian also rubbed the head of the snow leopard, “Can TuanTuan help me? Push that bucket over here.”

The little snow leopard reluctantly pushed the bucket over.

The baby panda’s physiological age was not yet two-years old, and he was not at the age to start losing his baby fluff. Afraid that he wouldn’t be able to adapt, Gu YuMian hadn’t combed him very much, just bathed and occasionally brushed off the dust. He now needed to think about it.

As for nails, wild animals living in the wild or in conservation institutions could grind their own claws, and had claws to facilitate tree climbing and various actions. But the baby panda couldn’t grind his claws and now his claws were very sharp. He chewed on his claws every day. Sometimes he even had small cuts caused by his claws.

[Vivian: MianMian, can you not brush hair and cut claws? It sounds so painful.]

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: + 1, do I need to remove the holographic device first?]

[Cat’s Meow: I am an old powder. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt at all!! And it’s addictive!]

Gu YuMian nodded, “Ah, I’ll say before I start combing, the frightened audience can take off the holographic device.”

The baby panda scratched his belly in Gu YuMian’s arms, “What do you say?”

The little snow leopard pushed the bucket over unhappily. Gu YuMian picked him up and kissed his ear, “Brother TuanTuan is wonderful. He has worked hard.”

The voice was calming and no matter the little snow leopard or the audience, they felt relieved.

The little snow leopard’s ears were stiff and a little soft. He wriggled down onto Gu YuMian’s shoulders and closed his eyes.

“Aaaaah! Awsl” was filling the barrage along with “I can’t bear to brush my hair again”, “I can do it again.”

“Let me show you what’s in this bucket.”

There were small fluffy brushes, wide teeth combs and small round pieces specially used to polish nails, and bath gels each of which was a set for the snow leopard and the baby panda, which were put in a transparent box with labels.

There were also several bottles and jars.

One was the super comfortable skin care baby shampoo, known as a cream that protected hair and made hair soft, smooth and fluffy. It was absolutely suitable for all races, especially those in the cat family. This was purchased with all the money that Gu YuMian had made and these products were very popular on the Internet. Gu YuMian smelled a pungent alcohol scent after opening them. After trying it on his own self, he had an allergic reaction immediately. How could he dare to use them on the snow leopard and the baby panda? He forgot to throw it away after the trial, and just left it there.

When the audience saw the popular brands, they just thought Gu YuMian had received them to use them as an advertisement for the brand. Until they listened to him casually say, “These are not good products, so it is not recommended to buy them.”

[Gentle Rabbit: Ai, this little anchor is a real man.]

[User 1866: Are you not afraid of offending the brand and then failing to receive a promotion? Hahaha, but these are really difficult to use. All related products are very difficult to use, and most were chosen by the general public from the shortlist.]

“I’ll give little Tangyuan a wipe down first, and then I’ll start… Huh? It’s raining.” Gu YuMian looked out of the window and didn’t know when it had started raining. The rain beat on the ground, and the soil and grass stalks came up clean and moist. This was the weather of summer. The stars would twinkle at one moment, and a rainstorm might pour in the next.

Gu YuMian liked rainy days very much. Especially sitting at home with a few warm yellow lights, listening to the rain take away all the noise of the whole world, and turning pages of a book until he became sleepy.

“It’s the first rain since we came to Capital Star.”

The little snow leopard rubbed his head against Gu YuMian’s cheek and yawned lazily. Gu YuMian curled his eyes, rubbing his homemade conditioner in his hand, picked up the warm towel and opened his arms to let the round panda sit on his lap.

The first rain was very gentle.

The upper right corner of the live room light screen that showed the number of viewers Gu YuMian had was still growing rapidly.

…So far, it was at thirty million.

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