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Chapter 37: Direct Promotion

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo wants to touch Baby Panda’s soft fur


The sound of rain rang out in the night.

There were only a few night lights in the room the light was not bright, just enough for Gu YuMian to see the fur on the baby panda and his various tools. Gu YuMian picked up two combs and brushed the baby panda, cleaned and dried him. This kind of light gave people a sense of security, and Gu YuMian’s voice was soft.

“If you don’t love to shower, you’d better comb your hair regularly.” Gu YuMian explained as he rubbed his homemade conditioner in the palm of his hand. “It can remove dirt and parasites on the hair, and also promote blood circulation, which is good for your health.”

For example, Gu YuMian combed the fur of the little snow leopard at least once a day. Even if he removed the falling fur to prevent it from being eaten by mistake, Gu YuMian didn’t often show this on the live broadcast because it took a long time.

The smell of the conditioner was like an autumn wind, full of leaves and pine trees, and had a slight bitterness and fresh fragrance. It was light but inexplicably impressive. The baby panda sniffed Gu YuMian’s hand, his round eyes were big, and his head was askew in the soft palm.

He liked the fragrance.

Gu YuMian’s five fingers gently rubbed over the baby panda’s head, and the baby panda’s soft fur ran through the long fingers. The familiar touch made him bend his eyes, “Does YuanYuan like the smell of leaves, too?”

Almost none of the pandas he raised didn’t dislike them. Big Wok especially liked to collect dead leaves for him in autumn. 1

The word ‘like’ attracted the attention of the little snow leopard, who nodded slightly and squinted.

No one in the barrage realized the details.

[I like the scent, too!] 

[I prefer Mian Mian’s touching. Wuwu.]

[Sending fireworks, crazy sending fireworks, I feel so happy now.]

Even in this slower paced time, because there were more than thirty million people online, there were also a lot of bullet screens. This was the amount that many anchors couldn’t even reach for several years, and this number was still being updated.

——However, Gu YuMian’s ranking on the real-time popularity list actually rose two places, and his popularity ranking on that day was also rapidly approaching the top ten.

“I’m going to help YuanYuan brush his hair. First, I’ll wipe him with a hot towel, then brush his hair and dry it,” Gu YuMian said, touching baby panda’s ears. “YuanYuan, you must tell me if it feels wrong, okay?”

The baby panda gave a positive sound to show that he understood. The hair of the adult giant panda was actually coarse, while that of the young giant panda was much softer. Gu YuMian had the baby panda in his arms with the little snow leopard dozing off on his shoulder. It was hard to tell whose fur was softer.

It was a sweet trouble.

——From the start, as soon as Gu YuMian said that he wanted to groom, many new audience members on Capital Star immediately began to hesitate to pick up their holographic device.

They were a little afraid of suffering from being brushed, but were also reluctant to leave this atmosphere that let them feel nostalgic and relaxed.

[A Piece of Cool Breeze: I’ve been on the edge of exiting the holographic mode again and again. But I couldn’t leave as soon as the anchor touched me. I loved it very much! QAQ]

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: Sorry, I risked turning on the holographic device. orz. I can also watch the flourishing beauty of MianMian on the light screen, because I’m really afraid of the pain, Wuwu, and I’ll smash a firework first.]

[Vivian: I can’t bear to risk it up. I’ll fight for MianMian!!]

Old fans: “…” Risking it? What were they risking?

It was fine, just have fun.

In order not to let the little snow leopard feel cold, Gu YuMian also took a small hot towel for the little snow leopard to play with. The little snow leopard was still jealous, but he could barely control it. Gu YuMian couldn’t help but smile and fold the towel that he twisted after soaking it in hot water. He held the baby panda loosely in his arms. The hot towel was used to wipe Tangyuan’s forehead to his back along his hair, accompanied by a gentle touch and massage.

A few days ago, Gu YuMian used some materials and bought some online in order to mix several bottles of conditioner and shampoo. Gu YuMian had tried the mixes again and again, and he was not allergic to it nor was it harmful to the body.

Today’s hot towels were soaked in warm water with bath additives.

He used the hot towel to wipe off the dirt on the surface of the body first. After soaking in the bath mix, the hair became soft and moist. The mix would detangle the hair when combing and help get rid of any pain. More importantly, it helped make the baby panda relax.

“This towel is quite soft,” Gu YuMian said softly to the children as he rubbed the paws of the baby panda. “I’ll rub TuanTuan’s feet in a moment, and then you can sleep comfortably.”

“Mn… Tomorrow is Sunday. You can sleep in.” Gu YuMian whispered.

In the holographic mode, the baby panda’s feelings were faithfully reflected to the audience.

His whisper made people feel soft in their hearts. The psychological hints for tomorrow and the future, as well as the comfortable touch of the hot towel, relieved the original tense mood.

Then, with the touch of the young slender fingers, the steam and heat gently wrapped around them. Every inch of the skin that was a little tight or cold was smoothed and awakened one by one. The warm and comfortable feeling permeated every pore. It was like stepping into a hot spring at the beginning of winter. It was not too exciting, but it made people feel stunned, and then all their nerves relaxed.

The audience, who were still hesitant to turn off the holographic device, were stunned.

[User 1793: This feeling… It’s a little comfortable.]

[Fang Yi Meow: it’s really comfortable!!! I’m not going to take off the holographic device. Let’s see what’s going on.]

“Mn, let’s wipe around your eyes and ears.” After wiping the panda’s body, Gu YuMian asked the baby panda to turn around and face him. He held baby panda’s cheek in one hand, and wiped the corner of his eyes, mouth, neck and ears with a warm, wet cotton swab in the other hand to get the small areas.

This part was easy to ignore.

Gu YuMian stroked the baby panda’s forehead with his thumb, “Close your eyes, darling.”

The baby panda obeyed and closed his eyes.

Gu YuMian’s movements were steady, serious and gentle. Although his eyes were closed, the baby panda could feel his attentive and gentle hands that fell on his face at a very close distance. The palm on the cheek was clean, delicate and warm, with a pleasant smell of pine trees and autumn leaves.

The little cotton swab was very small and soft. It fell gently on his face, like a small soft feather sliding from the eye to the nose and corner of the mouth. It felt a little itchy, wonderful and made his whole heart relax.

Audience: “….!!!”

[Vivian: Oh my God?!]

Some of the last skeptics, by this time, were completely relaxed or, in other words, they had no time to think about anything else. There were nearly forty million viewers. Almost all of them were watching the live broadcast carefully and only a few of them had time to deliver a message to the bullet curtain.

“Do you smell pine trees and pine cones? Autumn is coming.” With Gu YuMian’s words, the tip of the nose could really smell the pine trees. The scent was astringent with a slight cool tang, but it smelled good. It was like a gentle night wind in early autumn, which made people want to smell the pine and see the moonlight.

It was a feeling that was hard to describe.

Little Tangyuan sat in Gu YuMian’s arms, closed his eyes and shook his short legs. He made small, comfortable noises. The little snow leopard gently pressed his paw on the nape of Gu YuMian’s neck, and he slightly lowered his eyelashes to cover his gray-blue pupils.

——Whether it was the audience or the baby panda, all the feelings and emotions were ready at the right time.

Gu YuMian put down the towel and picked up the first comb. Because the hot towel had roughly gotten rid of the possible dirt and fleas, Gu YuMian directly took the wide comb with the tooth end, which he had grinded into a smooth, round and blunt shape. He bowed his head and kissed the baby panda’s forehead peacefully. The comb fell gently.

The baby panda’s hair was still too long and needed to be combed in layers. The first comb went through his fur, from the back of his ear to the side of his neck. Gu YuMian combed very slowly. If he met knotted hair in the middle, he would comb it gently from the inside to outside, hardly pulling at the skin. On the contrary, it was a very comfortable feeling. He could feel that the messy hair had been patiently smoothed out.

If the knot was serious, he would take a pair of small scissors with a blunt head to cut it off, trim around it and make it blend in so others couldn’t see where it had been cut at all.

Gu YuMian held the baby panda in his arms. The way he combed his hair was similar to a massage. First, he combed the back of his head to his neck, then down to his shoulders and back, then turned to comb his chest and belly. The other hand was carefully placed on the baby panda’s nape and gently held him.

The special feeling of the blunt head comb was very comfortable, with a little light wood fragrance. There was no discomfort.

There was not only no discomfort, but also a feeling of relaxation. The sound of rain came from afar, the gentle breath of the youth and the sound of rain mingled. The brush on his body was comfortable and left a little itchy feeling, and the warm water from the towel relaxed his side.

Until near the end of the day, there was still much to be desired. After Gu YuMian finished and replaced the dense comb for further combing, the bullet curtain gradually grew from a few comments to more, and then it exploded crazily!

[A Piece of Breeze: Aaaaaaaaaaah! I’m dead!!!!]

[Vivian: It must be a fake comb. Why doesn’t it hurt and doesn’t pull? It’s very comfortable and addictive?! When is the next grooming? I will live in this studio until then.]

[Maine with white feet: I’m lying on the bed with the whole cat in salted fish position, belly up]

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: ???  It’s very comfortable??? What did I miss?! Do I have time to wear a holographic device now]

Gift effects exploded on the screen in turn, and the number of viewers increased many times faster than before, making it into the top five of real-time popularity.

And it was not over yet.

“Let me brush YuanYuan.” Gu YuMian pulled out the little brush to brush his hair. “YuanYuan, your fingernails, are you fine if we polish them?”

Gu YuMian put the small round disc in the palm of the baby panda’s hand. His instinct was to grind his claws. Actually, it was better for him to do it by himself than let others do it. Little Tangyuan curiously held the small disc. Gu YuMian showed him how to use his claws on it and the baby panda found it was okay and played happily.

“Do you want to play too, TuanTuan?”

The snow leopard yawned lazily and swung his tail to circle Gu YuMian’s wrist, which was a silent urging. Gu YuMian knew that the little snow leopard was not satisfied with the lack of attention. So he took the little snow leopard off his shoulder and put him into his sweater, letting the little brat stick his head out from the neckline, and bowed his head and kissed him.

“After combing and brushing, we can finish and go to bed with some hot milk, okay?”

The bristles of small brushes were soft, medium and hard. It didn’t hurt and brushed away all the hair that had just fallen off from the body, so it wouldn’t itch. Gu YuMian held the baby panda in one hand and brushed a little along the direction of his fur with the other hand.

It felt softer than the comb.

The heavy rain on the midsummer night accompanied by the wind encircled the surroundings, forming a warm and isolated space indoors, with clean and moist soil, and the smell of grass drilling into the tip of the nose.

This kind of time was most suitable for staying with close family members, listening to the rain and accompanying each other.

Gu YuMian sat cross legged on the soft mat, and the little snow leopard had his head sticking out from the young man’s collar. He buried his head in the young man’s shoulder, and lazily closed his eyes. The baby panda sat on Gu YuMian’s arms, ground his claws, yawned and slowly hugged Gu YuMian’s palm.

All the tiredness was released and he wanted to spend time idly and sleep until dawn.


After a while, the barrage exploded again!

[Junior B: !!!! Shit, what is this?? Why am I very satisfied and very relaxed? It’s a very safe feeling, but isn’t it just combing hair??!]

[One Ride for a Thousand: Fuck, I just want to sleep now!!!! Aaaah! I have been sleepless for ten years. Why am I sleepy?! And comb and brush more!! Aaaaaah!!!]

[Golden Retriever is Not Very Soft: I bought a twenty thousand star coin hairdressing and bathing service in the middle of the city yesterday. As a result, I cried and I wasn’t combed completely. When I got back home, I realized I lost too much hair!! The shopkeeper also lied to me that the whole world is like this. Just bear it?! How can the anchor’s combing be super comfortable! Aaah!!]

[Throwing Cosmetics: I’m going to sleep. It’s really comfortable.]

[There’s a Cloud: The anchor’s ability to create the atmosphere and control the rhythm is still as strong as ever. I feel very happy and am sending more than ten fireworks.]

Gu YuMian could hold the rhythm of the whole studio firmly, neither rushing nor slowing down. He would never start something abruptly, or end anything abruptly at the highest point. Every time, he started from a dull mood and brought it to the top, and then ended with gentle satisfaction.

It was a wonderful feeling for the audience.

Barrages were pouring in one after another, and the gift effects were even more crazy than last time. The number of spectators almost rushed over forty million in a blink of an eye, then soared to fifty million. Just two hours after the start of his broadcast, Gu YuMian’s live studio once again made the top ten list for the popularity of the day, and it came with a fierce momentum. As soon as he was on the list, he once again surpassed the two most popular anchors!

There was no doubt that the first round of the rookie competition would be won by him.


Starry Sky Headquarters, Rookie Project team. 

One of the responsible people sent a message to each team member: [Anchor Gu YuMian doesn’t have to participate in the popularity calculation for the next five days during the first round of the rookie competition. He’s been directly promoted to the next round.]

Now that Gu YuMian had run over everyone, the other players could peck at each other.

The group leader helplessly rubbed his forehead, [In addition, in order not to let the rookie competition lack visibility, we will have him do a hidden task in advance.]


Upper Urban District, Academy of Sciences.

Even the researchers who had to work overtime on weekends and evenings were completely relaxed. After watching the live broadcast, they chatted with each other and went out to eat with a take out box.

“I’d like to invite the anchor to visit the Academy of Sciences,” Wang Lizhen chatted with the younger generation of their group. “It’s just that we’ve been asked to follow the people-friendly line recently. We need to let the people know what we’re doing and publicize more… By the way, it would be better if he could help make a meal.”

The younger generation wanted to say something and suddenly looked at Wang Lizhen in horror.

Wang Lizhen’s heart leaped and turned to see the youngest and most serious chief of the Academy of Sciences. He seemed to hate to confuse scientific research with entertainment and news. He was adamant that scientific researchers should keep their ears off the window.

Would he object?

The boy’s thin body was dressed in a white coat, stood quietly for a while, and his voice flatly uttered, “Invite him.”

He turned to his seat, thought about it and then turned around, adding, “You’d better hurry, please.”

Wang Lizhen and the younger generation, “???”


It was time. Although the audience were reluctant to part with him, Gu YuMian said goodbye and ended the live broadcast at the usual time. It was a good habit to go to bed on time, go to bed early and get up early. Gu YuMian didn’t want the audience to stay up late to watch his live broadcast, let alone a large part of his audience were students and office workers.

“Come, TuanTuan, let me wide you down and then we will go to sleep,” Gu YuMian yawned and held the snow leopard in his arms. “Is YuanYuan sleepy? Sleep if you’re sleepy.”

The baby panda looked sleepy, whimpered twice, lay on Gu YuMian’s knee, and soon breathed evenly. The little snow leopard curled up in Gu YuMian’s arms, squinted lazily, enjoying the gentle touch from the human holding the warm towel.

He was still thinking about something. Gu YuMian didn’t hide much in front of him and many things were not hard to guess. For example, his human was not from this era, or….

The hot towel that fell suddenly stopped.

The little snow leopard glanced up lightly. Gu YuMian held him in his lap, his eyelids drooping a little bit. He struggled to stay awake for a while and then fell asleep.

“…” The snow leopard stretched.

When he opened his eyes again, the little snow leopard disappeared and was replaced by a tall man. He threw the fat baby panda to the foot of the bed and let him sleep with the pillar in his arms. Then he leaned over and picked up his human.

His gaze swept over the cabinet, which was filled with a pile of fragmentary iems. A small half bag of tea, a silver fur ball, and the optical computer that the stupid thing brought with him and now the bowl.

Would Gu YuMian be happy if he gave him his most precious thing?

The man’s lips slightly pursed, his gray-blue eyes squinted for a while, a moment later he became unhappy and down.

He couldn’t give Gu YuMian, Gu YuMian.


Shuo Han took Gu YuMian to bed, and a light screen was suspended in the air to show a shopping list.

He asked his human, “What do you like?”

Gu YuMian was asleep, of course, there was no answer.

So someone pressed all the items, purchasing everything without any burden.

Same evening.

The largest express company of Star Network worked all night, since some customer bought tens of billions of luxury goods on the major shopping platforms of Star Network in the middle of the night, including several sets of real estate and a new suspension device, which was the most luxurious one that ordinary people couldn’t imagine having in their life.


The next day, Gu YuMian yawned as he opened the door.

Then he was flooded by all kinds of express packages like a little mountain.

Gu YuMian, “??????”

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